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Samsung and the NBA Team Up for This Upcoming Basketball Season


Earlier this year, near the end of last year’s NBA season, Samsung and LeBron James inked a partnership deal that got the Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung brand plastered all over the NBA Finals. This year, Samsung wants to broaden their reach and branch out from one singular player to the rest of the league. 

Through a press release sent out today, the NBA has officially licensed Samsung as the official “handset, tablet and television provider” of not only the NBA, but WNBA and NBA D-League as well. Mark Tatum, the NBA’s Executive Vice President said, “More than ever, NBA fans are connecting with our game across mobile devices, tablets, and televisions,” and that Samsung’s devices would help them bring that experience to them.

Device-exclusive content for viewers is in the works, but Samsung also promised that this partnership would benefit players as well. They will be able to “take their game to the next level” and help fans to engage with them as well. Referees will also be getting Samsung tablets to use so they can stop making so many bad calls to get the calls right.

Expect lots and lots of Samsung commercials during your NBA games this season.

Via: Samsung

  • Jason Brown

    “so they can stop making so many bad calls” LOL!

  • Thomas

    Go Blazers 😉

  • elms

    wonder how that guy feels about samsung.

    • Dre Fay

      Fabulous unicorn king, Lynden B Johnson

    • S.Ober

      man those PS4 graphics look so real.

  • In that image, Lebron is looking at the clip where his head band came off and his hairline was exposed. It’s much worst looking on that 1080p Samsung display…

    • aye_winchell

      And his boys are all like, no no man it looks fine, it’s normal don’t worry about.

  • Adam Truelove

    You know what I want to see.

    “NEXUS: The Official Mobile Device of the NFL/NBA/etc”

  • Bill Hill

    If the big 3 were Galaxy phones.. Lebron- Note 3, Wade- S4, Bosh- Mega

  • Dan

    I wonder how much data lebron uses?

    • KleenDroid

      Ha, rich people are given everything for free even though they can afford it.

      I was a manager at a computer company and they signed a deal with the NBA where a player came to sit for 2 hours and sign autographs around the country. Each player made 60k for 2 hours to just sit there. 2 HOURS…..

      The worse thing was the guy was a total di..ck and didn’t even talk with anyone and seemed real put out. The funniest thing was that maybe only 3 people showed up to see him. 🙂

      • cvgordo

        who was the player

        • aye_winchell

          Metta World Peace…

          • cvgordo

            aw he seems like such a cool guy =/. bummer.

          • aye_winchell

            i was joking, it was based on the fact he was invovled in that malace at the palace brawl, and hes always a little chippy, as i laker fan, i love metta, he might be a little crazy, but he does seem to be a cool guy away from the court.

            I was also thinking latrell spreewell, he was they guy who choked his coach some years ago.

  • Dre Fay

    So excited tomorrow is the first day of the 2014 season!

    • JRUIV

      Go Lakers :'(

      • Dre Fay

        They will make the playoffs again like last year and no one will understand how.

        • No chance without a major trade.

    • Pacers gonna give the Heat a serious run in the ECF this year. Someone screencap this.

      • Thomas

        I down voted your post, but I still love you 🙂

        • Dre Fay

          Lol you down voted Eric!

      • Dre Fay

        Fo Sho! Personally I see the Rockets as the dark horse of the season.

      • Plerisei

        Not if Greg Oden can stay healthy they won’t.

    • Scott Niemczyk

      The bucks all the way just kidding