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Samsung Android 4.3 Update Dates for GS3, GS4, Note 2, and GS4 Active Leaked

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Owners of the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and the Galaxy S4 Active have been waiting patiently to hear about when these Samsung devices would receive an update to Android 4.3. According to a leaked internal document we scored this morning, we finally have some dates to mark on our calendars. 

According to the image, Galaxy Note 2 owners on Verizon can expect the update on November 29, while AT&T customers should be seeing it on November 20. Galaxy S4 users on Verizon should see Android 4.3 on October, while AT&T customers should receive it on November 13. Users still rocking their Galaxy S3 on Verizon should see Android 4.3 on November 22, while owners on AT&T can expect it on November 13. Owners of these devices on Sprint and T-Mobile can see the table below.

Keep in mind that with Android 4.3, also comes support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. In addition, do notice that on the document, all of these dates are subject to change. Best to just pencil these dates in and not use permanent marker.

For a good look at the dates, see below.

galaxy update dates

Cheers Hyphnx!

  • jjjjj

    I hate samsung they can never get they s*** together

  • Bill Smith

    No T-Mobile rollout has ever been released on the first date posted. This is no exception.

  • Coleby

    I’m still waiting for my s3 update. When the 22 came and went, I knew I was going to be waiting for a while. Come on Verizon.

  • GunOwner

    Well the S3 was a flop either Sprint decided to push it a day like a bunch of jerks or they just happen to find a last second issue they dont like….go figure…

  • anthony

    I already have android 4.3 on note II and all I can say it works fine. I like all new features.

  • Jon Dwyer

    Funny how all you people complain over and over about all the wrong verizon does-but they are still the biggest carrier. Are you kidding me, quit your crying and complaining and move on to the next carrier. If not, keep your lips zipped and continue to get screwed and accepting it just like good ole Americans been doing for the last 25 years. You people cry, moan, and groan-but don’t stand up or against for nothing that should be right

  • mel

    Sorry the word I wanted to us was count there money

  • mel

    Nah is just that att the money pit company for gat to test there firmaware there are worry about bean the the money into their account

  • matt

    It’s out now I’ve had it 45 min

  • Rob

    Today is Oct 28, anyone get this updated for their S4 on Verizon?

  • Rob

    And not surprising Verizon is almost dead last when it comes to updated the GS3.

  • joe

    that’s an official internal release like it states dates are subject to change.