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Has the Verizon Unlimited Data Keeping Extravaganza Part 2 Begun? (Updated)

verizon logo note 3

About a month ago, just as Q3 was coming to a close, a handful of our readers noticed that while walking through the upgrade process with Verizon, that they were able to keep unlimited data and not have to switch over to one of Big Red’s new tiered plans. As word got out on that cold September weekend, a flood of upgrades happened since customers of Verizon had been told for over a year that if they upgraded, their precious unlimited data plan would be history. We called it the Unlimited Data Keeping Extravaganza. It was a glorious time.Β 

But as that weekend came to a close, the question remained, “Will Verizon honor all of those upgrades and leave everyone with unlimited data?” After all, we see glitches in systems all the time – assuming this was a glitch at all – and companies tend to use that as their excuse to wipe out discounts or in this case, unlimited data plans. But that wasn’t the case the first time around, as Verizon confirmed to us that they would honor those upgrades that went down during the weekend. They called it a “software glitch,” but were clearly not all that worried about the situation, having locked people into new 2-year contracts.

Update: Β They appear to have patched the “software glitch” again. Party is over, folks.

As of this morning, a number of readers are seeing a similar situation play out, us included. If you walk through the upgrade process on Verizon’s site, it certainly does appear as if you can keep unlimited data (see image below). At no point during my upgrade was I told that I would not be able to keep my $29.99 “unlimited email & web for smartphones” plan. When Verizon’s system doesn’t have this “software glitch,” users will see messages all over the place, notifying them that their plan no longer exists and that it will be going away in favor of something like a 2GB $30 plan.

unlimited data keep

So as of right now, and according to our experience and dozens of others on Twitter, it appears as if that “software glitch” is back and you can keep unlimited data with an upgrade.

With that said, who knows how Verizon will handle this. They already honored upgrades once, we do not know if they would be willing to again. If you’d like to give it a try and missed out on the last extravaganza, the opportunity is yours. Proceed with caution. Also, understand that Verizon would probably love nothing more than for you to lock into a new contract, which this will do. Can we even call this a “software glitch” at this point? Seems like a brilliant move to keep customers, if you ask me.

Oh, and don’t forget to use coupon code “VZWDEAL” on devices like the HTC One or G2.

Let us know how it goes.

  • George Fayad

    Update: As of this morning, my phone has shipped (tracking info sent last night). The info on MyVerizon shows my contract end date is now 10/24/2015 and still shows “xx.xxGB of Unlimited” for the data usage.

    • Billy KingGladfelter

      I made a post above.

  • ericerk

    They’re not honoring it.

    • John

      They are. Did mine yesterday. Thank you Droid-Life!!!

      • ericerk

        Did mine yesterday too, before I purchased it said that unlimited worked.
        They just sent me an email confirmation saying they’ve put me on the 2gb plan.

        • will ber

          u need to call them to fix it, trust they will honor it

          • ericerk

            What should I say? I’m truly at a loss for words at this point, I’d rather lose the phone and keep my unlimited data.

          • will ber

            exactly, thats what u end with but, u start with its not your fault that there webiste made the error and they need to honor the deal of u gettign the phone and keeping ur unlimited. print the receipt and show them the system allowed you to keep your data plan while purchasing the phone. also make sure your speak to a manager, the underlings will repeat the same lines

          • ericerk

            Sounds good, I’ll keep you posted! Thanks

          • will ber

            gl, give em hell

          • ericerk

            I intend to, and thank you very much!

          • John

            Ya man. Remember it all happened so fast that you literally may have ordered with unlimited but the system sent you an email with a different plan. Im not a code or web design guy but they may have fixed the automatic confirmation emails first. could have been seconds before/after they fixed it showing unlimited when the page loads for you then sits there for a while. Good luck man Droid Life is on your side!

          • ericerk

            They said go into the store and activate it w/ your paper work. hopefully attached ( well I have one w/ all my info) counts and helps them believe.

          • will ber

            awesome…I just got my delivery letter a few min ago

          • ericerk

            Were you able to retain your unlimited status?

            Or by letter you mean the email? You probably mean the email.

          • will ber

            when I spoke to the rep after sending the screen shot of the system letting me keep unlimited they said I would be able to. Chris ( the manager) said that he would puch it through and that their maybe an issue with the system changing it to 2gb but if that happened that he would switch it back to unlimited. I have his info so I will be watching, the phone should arrive on tues day
            how did your convo go?

          • ericerk

            It went okay, I sent him my screen shot. He said he’ll call back on Tuesday after I’ve activated. I’m excited!!! I can’t wait to put CM on this thing. I hear the screen is Crazy Good.

            I might ask for the Managers Number Incase it doesn’t go through. By The way If you want more in depth give me your info (G+ via Twitter @ericerk:disqus )

    • will ber

      They honored mine

      • ericerk

        The sent me a confirmation email with the 2gb tiered plan

  • Billy KingGladfelter

    My order confirmation last night stated that it was a 2gb plan… Anybody else who got in on the order see that?

    • George Fayad

      Nope. Mine made no mention of data plan switching. I then received my shipping confirmation email later on last night.

      • Billy KingGladfelter

        I’m looking on the 3rd email i got last night. It had a list of features, and near the bottom it says 2gb data bundle with personal email. This pisses me off. I have a screen shot of my account with the unlimited option, so it’s going to be a fight.

        • George Fayad

          Look through this thread, there’s a post with an “internet orders” department phone number, different than the standard 800 phone number. People have had success with that.

          I only received two emails. First one confirming my order, and a second with FedEx tracking info. As of this morning my contract date now shows 10/24/2015 and my plan shows xx.xxGB of Unlimited for my data usage. Phone tracking number shows it arrives today so i’ll know more after activation. Fingers crossed i don’t end up with a similar email or a switched plan. Best of luck to you!

          • Billy KingGladfelter

            Thanks, I’ll stay posted. I’m chatting with a rep now. I will go out without a fight.

          • will ber

            gl……u got this

  • KRG

    Verizon is not honoring the glitch. I upgraded to a N3 and went through the same flow where the upgrade showed I kept my unlimited data. Once I accepted the T’s and C’s when activating the phone, did they flip me to tier 2G per month. I called and complained. What they did do, is give me 6 G per month for the same price as 2G. Called is a gift for people losing their unlimited love

    • laheelahee

      sometimes you have to call back a bunch of times before they give you the unlimited back. always ask to speak to a supervisor

  • Josh Parish

    Update: I bought a Droid Maxx last week at full price when they dropped the price. I took advantage of the glitch yesterday and bought another Droid Maxx. My unlimited was retained. I picked it up at the store last night. Verizon guy confirmed that the unlimited was still there, but, warned that when the new phone gets activated, it could bump me down to the 2GB plan. I had him activate the new phone with the SIM that I got from my previous purchase. It went through and he confirmed that unlimited data was still part of my plan. He then processed the return for the phone from last week without a problem. Saved me $300.

    • Josh Parish

      Checked last night and this morning. Unlimited is still there. I will be keeping an eye on that over the next few days/weeks.

  • PublicRelations

    While the idea of a lawsuit suggested earlier is probably overkill and not worth it, this “glitch” business really is unfair. During the first round of glitches, everyone was so convinced “oh they’ll have to honor it, it would be such bad PR to tell the people their orders are cancelled”. How does PR from a couple hundred people getting in under a glitch matter more than the PR with EVERYONE ELSE who has been told for years now that they can go buy a 600 dollar phone if they want to keep their data? There is the potential for upset customers on both sides of this equation, and I was surprised when I saw that Verizon cared more about not upsetting the people who took advantage of a glitch and instead risked offending everyone else who has ever purchased at full retail. So basically Verizon, you’re worried more about upholding customer relations with people who are taking subsidized phones from your company that they know they’re only getting because of a computer error, and honest customers who actually follow your contract terms get screwed. I could walk into a Verizon store and the customer at the counter in front of me might be activating their new $99 phone and keeping their unlimited data because they ordered through a glitch online and came to pick it up, and when I step up to the counter you’ll inform me that I can pay three times as much for the same device if I’d also like to keep my data, or drop down to tiered data? Yeah, that sounds like great PR. Not to mention buying at full retail, your monthly contract cost stays the same, even though technically part of your monthly bill is covering the device subsidy. So at full retail you’re buying a 600 dollar device and then also giving money to Verizon every month as if they helped you pay for it. Over two years that would be like you paid full price for your phone twice.

    I’ve been wanting the G2 for weeks but I’m not going to buy at full retail to keep my data while other people are getting in on these glitches and getting the phone for $50-100. Verizon needs to either officially open up a window for anyone else still on unlimited to be able to upgrade (honestly the only fair thing to do considering you’re letting everyone get away with the glitch, you can’t alienate certain groups of customers while treating others differently, it should now be official that everyone still on unlimited is allowed one more upgrade because of these glitches), or I’ll just go to T-mobile where I’ll get the same pricing structure as any other customer, not some loophole where I’ll have it explained to me that my phone will cost me 700 and the guy who just walked out paid 99 for it.

    All anyone is selfishly concerned about is “fair” treatment of people exploiting the glitch, and not fair treatment of everyone else who ever paid or considered paying full retail for a new device. Verizon, if you’re gonna let some people on unlimited data get by with one more subsidized upgrade, you owe it to everyone else who still has unlimited.

    I wouldn’t go to the gas station and agree to pay three times as much for gas as the car that just pulled away from the pump. I won’t be staying with a phone company who is gonna make me pay three times as much as someone else either. Especially when the ones taking advantage of the glitch are technically in the wrong.

    • mog386


      • laheelahee

        me too +1
        next time this happens, even if you dont need a new phone, just upgrade & sell it.. simple as that

  • Total_telecom

    Worked like a charm. Upgraded my daughter from her stratosphere to a 5s. $200 + $30 upgrade and tax. Unlimited 4g. I just did it an hour ago.

    • kali bred

      That sucks I tried about two hours ago and again just now :/ worst part I would have seen this on any other day but since I was off work I didn’t since I switched my schedule no good deed goes unpunished -_-

    • Total_telecom

      It gave clear options to maintain my old plan

  • Marco Mendoza

    Sold the moto X thank you guys for your interest. Thanks droid life

  • andy

    Just wanted share my experience. I just got back from picking up my G2 from the Verizon store. I can still keep my unlimited. I went in, show the order email to the rep. The rep took out the phone from the back. He activated the phone with the new SIMM saying that my current Razr Maxx SIMM showed an error. Anyway, he finished activating my G2. Then I asked him whether he could show me if I still had the same plan. First thing he said that I would lose my unlimited. I told him when I placed an order this morning the screen/system stated that I would be able to have the same unlimited plan. The rep disagreed, but after he and I looked into his system, we both saw that I still had my current plan with unlimited data. The rep was very surprised and said he wasn’t gonna touch anything so I could still keep it on. I picked up my G2 and left the store. When I’m home, I checked my VZ account online and it also my new G2 as my device and my plan is still unlimited. I’m happy!

    So, for the people that pick up in the store, I would say just to go ahead and activate it as long as your screen, when you placed an order, showed that you got to keep unlimited.

  • terry12s

    To get back to everyone about my Verizon experience today. I was able to upgrade to a Droid Maxx and keep unlimited data! WooHoo!!! I ordered the phone online and chose pick up at nearby store. At the store the guys wouldn’t activate and update my plan at first because they don’t offer unlimited data – even though I had print outs of my check out process. So afterwards I left the store and called a Verizon rep and told her the situation. She then said that they couldn’t offer unlimited data on upgrades, I then asked to speak with someone higher up who had more access privileges. After that she put my on hold, talked to her supervisor, and he told her that they would honor the upgrade with unlimited data. I then kept her on the phone and went back into the store and gave my phone to the Verizon rep. and had her talk to him directly on the phone. After she explained to him what happened all was good and I had a new Droid Max (subsidized price) and unlimited data!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks Droid Life!!! My old phone was a Bionic so this Maxx is a very nice upgrade!!!

  • Bigdodge

    I upgraded two weeks ago on my wifes line. She had the promotional 4 gig plan (2 gig + a promo 2 gig) and should have went back to 2 gig plan but when i received my email confirmation from bestbuy on my plan details it still said 4 gig and still does. Its not just working for unlimited.

  • Tad Holmes

    Does this mean no go?
    Screenshot won’t load

  • BigStick7

    I upgraded to the LG G2 picked it up in store, and still have unlimited data. The worker there seemed shocked and almost mad about the situation. I had him check before and after activation and an hour later it is still available on my account. I will be watching it like a hawk for the next 2 weeks, but so far so good!

  • Rome79

    Don’t know if you guys know but you can get on a device installment plan. Its sort of like “EDGE” but you pay for the phone over 12 months instead of 24 which means you pay double compared to “EDGE” but u keep your unlimited because you are not purchasing a new plan plus you can pay the balance off whenever you want or put a down payment of like $200 the price you probably would pay for a phone on a plan but pay the remaining balance over the 12 months… Just another option if you don’t want to pay full price up front

    • laheelahee


      • Rome79

        Yes, its actually called “DEVICE PAYMENT PROGRAM” go to this link: http://vz.to/ZILXBT and read about it. guess i should have put the link on my original post.

        • laheelahee

          hmm i think i heard about this before.. but im always on a family plan so i could just transfer my upgrade to another line (that doesnt have unlimited). thanks though πŸ™‚


    I’m just popping in to say everything worked out just fine. I went the the VZW store, picked up my X with no hassle and just checked to make sure I do still have unlimited data.

    • andy

      Hey Thanks for the info. Stupid question. When you pick up in the store and they activate the new phone for you, how would you make sure they won’t push you into a new data plan and take you off unlimited? If you dont say anything what are the chance that they will get you off unlimited without you knowing. Thanks.

      • ERIFNOMI

        I didn’t have to do anything. She grabbed the phone, scanned the box, I paid for it, she turned it on to make sure it got service, and gave it to me.

  • SilentSpring

    DL needs an email alert system for things like this!!! I missed both! BAAAAAAHHHH

    • laheelahee

      me too aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkkk fml lol

  • will ber

    ok….so I ordered my note 3 and i received an email saying it was on hold for 3 days, i later received an email saying it will be held for 7 days. This is vzw way of getting you to call. They will then say we see your order but in order for you to place it you will have to change your plan to a shared data plan. I informed the rep of the glitch and they are unyielding. I ask to speak to a manager who pretty much tows the same line, he will say the system will not do it due to me not chosing a plan and that the system would only have done it for me if i changed to a shared data plan, I informed him that I have documentation of the system allowing me to do so, I emailed it to him he called back and said they would honor my order..#WIN

    • Don

      I tried just now and they said they could switch me to the 6 gig for 30 if they couldn’t get the unlimited back after activation.

    • Anthony Richard

      I got the same email, called the 866 number. Nothing about changing my data plan, only thing the rep asked was to confirm my name and security info, then said i’ll get two emails, one confirming the order and the second with tracking information.

      • will ber

        Niceeeee…..keep an eye on urdata plan tho

        • Anthony Richard

          Nope, gone. Called back to complain, told me I was SOL. I told them to cancel the order.

  • litobirdy

    OK guys, I spoke to internet order customer service( they are seperate) they saw my order and the unlimited and said if it changes to 2gb, they will honor changing it back to unlimted. Pciked up my G2 and she actually left me a voicemail saying that Unlimtied stayed w/o changing anything. I verified on my account online. My cousin just went to pick up note 3 that he did with glitch too and unlimited STAYED.

  • andy

    For store pickup, can’t you just pick up in the store but not activate the phone. Bring the phone home and activate it yourself? Wouldn’t that be the same as mail delivery? Or you still get pushedback to 2gb plan and lose your unlimited still?

    • I picked up a Moto X today and the woman activated my phone in the back before bringing it out to me. Odd, but kept my unlimited anyway! She was surprised to see that but didn’t try to take it away

      • andy

        Thanks for the info. You’re the lucky one. From the comments here, seems like most people have the problem keeping unlimited when picking it up at the store. I’m trying to decide if i should just get the phone and activate at home or talk to the rep at the store. I placed an order during the glitches for store pickup in Northern Va.


      I also picked mine up in store and kept my unlimited data. I didn’t even mention it. It better stay that way.

    • laheelahee

      they dont let you leave the store w/o activating it first

  • jim

    there are so few of us that still have unlimited data that I doubt they worry about us at all

  • Mattie

    I and several others are considering filing lawsuits against Verizon claiming if they honor any of those “glitches” they have to do it for everyone.

    • Kevin W

      I want to do that as well

    • Really, all the glitch is getting you is a discounted phone… saving potentially $450 off a $650 phone… that’s a lot of money, but would filing suit not cost you more?

    • Jaime Kerr

      Yeah, okay. Because it totally makes sense to put up with the YEARS of time and THOUSANDS of dollars needed to bring up a class-action lawsuit against a billion dollar corporation just so you can save a couple hundred bucks.

  • Kevin W

    Well I have a screenshot saying that I get to keeping my unlimited data. Going to Verizon’s store to pick up my Droid Maxx. Wish me luck!!!

    • Biyobe

      Good luck and keep us posted if it works.. i had no-luck on the in-store pick up

      • Kevin W

        It didnt work for me, so I told them to keep the phone and I will keep my data

        • Biyobe

          yep that’s the same thing I told them… i guess next time I’ll go for delivery!

      • It worked for me, the rep in the store was surprised when she saw my unlimited, but handed the phone over without a fight.

    • derp

      Lol you people are screwing yourselves being impatient and doing in store pick up where they’ll have a chance to fight you. Won’t kill you to wait for it to come in the mail, throw in a Sim card, and keep your data.

      • Kevin W

        Yea I wasnt thinking, it didnt work with the in-store pick up. However the whole sim card wouldnt work for me because I have an old one and not a new micro sim

      • Biyobe

        never done the online in-store pick up before… was thinking (my bad for thinking and it being VZW) it would be as easy as Best Buy… walk in, show receipt, get phone, leave. was hoping I could just go home and handle the rest of setup my self… apparently not

      • ERIFNOMI

        I picked mine up in store without any problem.

      • John

        In store is the way to go. Note 3. Picked mine up and left. Still have unlimited.

  • chris_johns

    This is just absolute bullsh*t! How do i miss this every time!!

  • LionStone

    Nah, too risky to lose our 2 Unlimited lines, I’m fine without any contracts…

  • Jason

    just tried to upgrade and not able to keep my unlimited data

  • srorobs

    So as far as I know, it looks like everything went through. Not sure if it will get cancelled. What is the method of activating the phone that should work? Just throw my GNEX sim into the new phone and activate online?

  • SkylaC90

    Thanx a Billion Kellen, I was already to go to switch to T-Mobile and then read your post and bam, Galaxy Note 3 with my Unlimited Data. This is why I love the Droid Life crew

    • verizon

      Proof that all the F VERIZON PEOPLE I’M LEAVING AS SOON AS I CAN people are actually perfectly happy to sign on for two more years as long as they get data.

      • trixnkix637

        which was the WHOLE basis of those people wanting to leave in the first place. Subsidized pricing while keeping unlimited. Dummy.

      • SkylaC90

        Lmao, I know i’m sorry but hey man, I got a bunch of people to switch to T-Mobile however I can’t yet do it, i’m way to chicken of the unknown and outside world. With Verizon i’m safe, 96GB of Data Used and I still got like 12 days to go

        • laheelahee

          you forgot to erase your phone#

          • Guest

            thanks, I tried to remove it and re-upload but i haven’t yet figured out how to take it down.

          • Guest

            Lmao, I know i’m sorry but hey man, I got a bunch of people to switch to T-Mobile however I can’t yet do it, i’m way to chicken of the unknown and outside world. With Verizon i’m safe, 96GB of Data Used and I still got like 12 days to go.

          • SkylaC90

            thanks so much.

      • SkylaC90

        Lmao, I know i’m sorry but hey man, I got a bunch of people to switch to T-Mobile however I can’t yet do it, i’m way to chicken of the unknown and outside world. With Verizon i’m safe, 96GB of Data Used and I still got like 8 days to go.

  • dglelite

    anyone know how the coverage is for T-mobile in the Philly/Delaware area?

    Contemplating moving from Verizon to T-Mobile for the Nexus 5

    Is it worth it?

  • To our treasured customers,

    Here at Verizon we want the best options for you – our most valuable asset! Computers can be so glitchy can’t they? We have recently discovered a technological mishap at our online store in which customers could keep their existing data plan at the time of upgrade. Thanks to the wonderful guys in tech support, and marketing this glitch has been remedied. So here is the good news – for customers who upgraded during the malfunction, you will get upgraded at no charge to our wonderful share everything plan!

    Imagine all the savings and at a whopping 512mb per 10 users! When I was growing up, us kids had to walk 6 miles in the rain and snow to get our Motorola Bag Phones – and it cost $10 a minute! Isn’t that a fantastic rip-off compared to our beloved Share Everything plan?

    Just wanted to keep you all appraised of Verizon’s continued diligence to serve you, our treasured customers, with 100% satisfaction every day of the week.

    Have a wonderful day ladies and gentlemen!


    L. McAdam
    Verizon Wireless

    • toperspective


    • Kevin W

      How is this “Good News” if this is true I am asking for a refund and using my old phone. This is false advertisement

    • SmilinBob

      haha, I lol’d.

    • Taylor Rosenberg

      bring back unlimited data and screw voice up and make the cheapest plan $80 for a single line no data caps mcadam its a waste and u can also do $80 for 8gb $90 for 10gb and $100 or $110 for unlimited or even do what sprints doing cap mobile hotspot and keep unlimited data even if its $50 a month instead of $30 get real here please

    • trlovejoy

      Yeah, I pretty much got the real version of that email and ended up canceling the order. Nexus 5, here I come!

  • Andrew

    I tried to pickup in store and they said I had to use a new sim and that unlimited would be gone on activation. I asked if I take the phone but don’t activate it until later what would happen and they said I would lose unlimited still. I’m gonna call telesales and see if they can help me to keep it.

    • litobirdy

      please keep us updated

    • Matthew Rebmann

      Just cut down your current sim.

  • Justin

    Worked for me! Picked up in store and the sales guy couldnt believe i still had unlimited.

    • litobirdy

      ok skaman enough with the lying posts. yhou just posted that you did it last week lol if you’re going to troll/spam. at least do a better job of it

    • Same here, the woman was surprised but seemed happy for me.

  • Eddie

    No going to lie but i just recently used my upgrade and was able to keep it. There still is a way and its done through the online process. I did it about a week ago.

    • Dee Mann


    • jimbob

      Go on……

    • Jaime Kerr

      If true, why be coy instead of helping us out

  • aDROIDfreeworld


  • David Narada Brown

    im nervous about leaving Verizon, But i think its the right thing to do. I mean i can save $100 a month on my phone service. Yes i know, the service elsewhere for my location isnt goin to be near as good. But is their service that much better that i would be willing to pay an extra $100 a month for it? I use less than 700 mins a month and under 500 text (i think). I would rather have my $ and search for a signal WHEN I USE MY PHONE! So Verizon, i will not be upgrading or renewing my contract. Instead i will be purchasing a Nexus 5 and enjoying all the apps u tried to block from me. You can keep ur unlimited data extravaganza! No way i wanna deal with u for 2 more years. Its horrible now if i give you 2 more years its no telling what u will cook up to take more of my $.

    • Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out! Enjoy your evil pure Google phone you crazy wife-beater-wearing guy!


      L. McAdam
      Verizon Wireless

      PS: Don’t forget to pay your $4567.99 ETF before you leave!

      • David Narada Brown

        thats not possible, i will be moving at 4g LTE speeds to get away from verizon so the door has no chance of hitting me! lol. What makes the Nexus 5 “Pure evil”?

    • laheelahee

      sell your unlimited!! or better yet, give it to me πŸ˜€

      • David Narada Brown

        sell my unlimited!!!!! now thats an idea. Thanks!

        • laheelahee

          now to thank me for the awesome idea, how about selling it to me? can you email me?

        • laheelahee

          im interested in buying it, can you email me?

  • Rob

    WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS EARLIER TODAY OR KNOW ABOUT THIS? Yes, I was yelling. In my head. Hopefully I’ll catch it early enough if this happens again.

    • laheelahee

      i know!! and i missed it the last time too aaaaahhhkkkk

      • Rob

        Same here. If I have to pay full retail for a phone I would rather wait for some new phones to be released. But at contract pricing I wouldn’t mind an HTC One or S4 or Note 3.

        • laheelahee

          well i was already of planning on buying the Note3, which is why im even more pissed… but i keep telling myself at least i could wait for the pink one… for $300 more!! aaaahhhkkkk!!! lol

  • Anthony Richard

    Was able to upgrade to a moto x (with $50 off) and keep my unlimited. Didn’t think to take a screenshot. But I did it a few hours ago at work. Let’s see what they do this time around.

    • I did the same earlier and picking up was no problem!

  • moozicmon

    I ordered during the last glitch and made the mistake of choosing “in store pickup” vs. delivery. The Verizon employee at the store (Williamsburg, Virginia) was very rude, said they couldn’t find the online order, and tried to redo the order in store (this is so they get credit vs. it being an online pick up). After a week of calling and getting the runaround and despite having an order confirmation, Verizon refused to complete the order as agreed due the fact I had no screen shots of the order screen. Because apparently the average Verizon customer is expected to take screen shots of every screen when ordering. I used to work in the industry and know the game well. This was a complete failure of customer service on Verizon’s part. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    This time I took no chances and covered my @$$. Your move Verizon.

    Anyone who chose to pickup in store, you may be in for a very frustrating experience. Just be prepared to fight back. If possible, use your existing sim card and just swap it out. If you attempt to activate with a new sim, it may bump you to a 2GB. Good luck and enjoy your new toys!

    *Disclaimer: I don’t feel like Verizon owes anyone anything…we are after all taking advantage of a glitch. I just think the inconsistency in how the situation is being/has been handled is a complete failure in customer service.

    • entitled

      Despite your disclaimer, everything you said prior to that IS trying to justify that you had a bad experience despite sneakily try to take advantage of an unintended glitch. You’re like those people who think it makes them blameless to start off a rant with “I’m no racist, but….”. Your disclaimer doesn’t change the fact that you ARE acting like they owe you something when you know you’re just trying to pull a fast one and get approved by a glitch.

      No, Verizon customers are not generally expected to be taking screenshots during every step of the ordering process, but when trying to take advantage of a glitch with a pricing structure that you know the system isn’t “supposed” to be offering you, everyone else certainly did take screen shots during the first round because they knew it might be a fight to keep it. So, that’s on you that they were able to outwork you and kick you out of the first glitch while allowing everyone else through.

      I’m all for people getting one over on Verizon but seriously way too many people have had this entitled attitude about getting through on a glitch that you know isn’t supposed to be happening. At best it should just be “ah well I didn’t get through” instead of F VERIZON I WILL MAKE THIS A PR NIGHTMARE FOR THEM when in reality you know you’re the one trying to work them over and not the other way around.

      • moozicmon

        “Over the past weekend, there was a software issue involving some orders for customers seeking to upgrade their devices. A number of customers who were upgrading devices were able to maintain an unlimited monthly data feature while paying a subsidized price.

        Verizon Wireless will honor those orders that were approved this past weekend, allowing those customers to retain their unlimited plans for the duration of their contract and receive their new device.

        Verizon Wireless corrected this software issue today (9/30). The company no longer offers unlimited data plans and customers who want to retain existing unlimited data plans, must pay full retail price for a replacement phone.”

        You can call me a sore loser, but I don’t think expecting Verizon to honor the terms from a public statement is “entitled” per se. Also, that’s cute you don’t think Verizon isn’t trying to work you (the customer) over. Hell, they work their own employees/third party vendors over. Oh the stories I could tell…

    • Nathaniel_G

      I was able to take advantage of the glitch the first time happened and just received my 5S a couple of days ago. I ran into se issues with trying to use my previous phones sim card. I was able to make phone calls and use data but I wasn’t able to access my voicemail, tether, and my phone was showing up as not being activated on the verizon website.

      I decided to activate using the sim provided and was immediately put on a 2gb plan. I called Verizon and explained how my order confirmation said I would keep unlimited data. He gave me the usual spiel about Verizon not offering unlimited data but he can offer me the 6gb for $30. I stressed the importance of unlimited data and he look at my plan and saw I use on average 20gb a month. He put me on hold for 5 minutes and then gave me the good news that my unlimited data would be put back on my plan.

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    Ordered my mom a new iPhone 5S for xmas, as soon as I heard the good news! It worked like a charm – and she’s still got the unlimited data.

  • Christian Felanopolis

    Yep, no go I tried to upgrade my wife’s phone. No unlimited love

  • Derek Ng

    damn missed this one!

  • Prime7

    I’ve already decided to leave for T-Mobile, but I may reconsider if they bring back unlimited. It will be bittersweet to leave such a great network that I’ve been using for over a decade now, but them’s the breaks for VZW continually screwing us.

  • Mike Hilal

    I already paid retail. Salt in the wounds good sir.

    • yeah

      Yeah, as much as I’m happy for the people who manage to get through on the glitches, it’s really kinda screwy for customer relations that in a matter of minutes, on person can get a subsidized phone and keep their data plan, and someone else who comes along will be told to go buy the phone for full retail price if they want to keep their plan. After the first glitch happened and they decided to let people through, they should have officially opened it back up for one more day to let some people through, and then make sure the glitch never happened again.

      • Mike Hilal

        It’s fine, i guess…as we’ll all get shuffled out if we intend to go VoLTE

        • laheelahee

          exactly my thoughts….
          but if you see this next time, just get a free phone & sell it πŸ™‚

  • sigh

    Hah can’t believe I missed it again. Would have totally got the G2 that I’ve been wanting for weeks.

  • Steven Libretti

    soo when i go to pick up the phone will i be able to keep my unlimited data?

  • Bradley Michael

    i keep missing it!!!

  • ben

    Thanks south! I just got an email saying I ordered my phone and have the 2g plan!! πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

  • CEber

    Did it at roughly 905am pst
    Kept existing plan as an option
    Got confirmation email at 912
    Hoping it works

  • s0uth


    *****WORD OF ADVICE***** to the people that ordered.

    As a precaution. When you get your new phone and sim. DO NOT USE THE NEW SIM CARD. USE YOUR OLD SIM CARD. (IF YOU CAN)

    To avoid getting switched to 2gb plan and to avoid the hassle of calling CS.

    I did this myself on the first glitch. and have learned that some people. well a lot of people who used the new sim got kicked down to 2gb. and everyone who used their old sim were fine.

    UPDATE: be sure to call CS to have your insurance add on if you added insurance. thats what i noticed. but at least its just adding your insurance and not trying to fight for your unlimited back.

    • Derek Ng

      I called Internet Order support and they fixed it right away when it switched to 2GB. I didn’t have an old sim to do it with since my brother’s line was on an iphone4.

      • s0uth

        thats good. and im sure it all depends on what rep you get as well….. i called about 10 times to get the verizon30 applied to my account last time. so im sure it all just depends.

        but im just saying as a precaution.

        • Derek Ng

          originally I called the original Verizon normal Customer Rep, and he had no clue and wasted my hour. I called Internet Order Support the next day, and boom. 15minutes and I was done.1-866-338-7390. They didn’t ask what this glitch was, didn’t care, just asked for the IMEI and the order number.

      • litobirdy

        is that from today? when you did in store pick up?

        • derbo904

          No. this is from the original unlimited weekend.

  • ben

    Got me a note 3 baby! πŸ™‚ Thank goodness for DL!

  • jaredgreenwald

    Even though this is supposedly patched, for some reason I’m being forced into a Share Everything plan…