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Google Servers Struggling a Bit, Might Show Sign-in Errors (Updated)

google sign-in

Experiencing “couldn’t sign in” issues with your Google accounts and services at the moment? Try to remain calm, it appears as if Google servers are struggling at the moment. We’re currently having no issues, but a number of readers have jumped into our inbox and on Twitter to suggest otherwise.

Typically when this happens, Google restores service before long. Hang in there. Let us know when you can sign back in.

Update: Β It’s now happening to the DL staff as well. Come on, Google!

Update 2: We all good now? Seems fine on our end.

Cheers @leelo124 and everyone else!

  • master94

    I still have this problem. It’s sad. I’ve resorted to using my iPhone to get Google services working. Hopefully they fix it soon

  • Sam Rickard

    Still hapening to me anyone else?

  • I was on my way to meet a client, my navigation foreclosed and when I tried to reopen and select my destination if would have then show this.I got lost and I was late. Luckily THIS client was understanding. I’ve had some who would have fired me on the spot.

  • Hunter Stephenson

    Mine did that for a split second too. Weird.

  • Brent Desjarlais

    I’m in Asia at 9:37 CST and Google Chrome isn’t working properly on Google sites like Search and Drive (a huge deal since that’s where I keep my work). Related? Anyone having issues with these sites on Chrome? (tried on Firefox and it’s FINE)

  • HarvesterX

    God bless it… I can’t read through one page ofcomments wwithout hearing something about the Nexus 5 (even in articles that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Google at all). To make matters worse, after the N5 is released I gotta deal with the other half commenting on how much their phones are better than the N5… Lol this phone IS NOT a MIRACLE.. Everyone is acting about that phone how Apple fans drool over the next iteration of their iPhones. πŸ™‚

    • trwb

      What do you like?…so I can tell you I don’t want to hear about it in the comments section lol

      • HarvesterX

        Lol, I’m just picking on everyone who’s overly hyped for the phone. I don’t get too excited anymore for Nexus releases (haven’t in a while), as the N5 isn’t offering me anything my G2 doesn’t do (or can’t). So if I’m not excited, I might as well bust the balls of those who are πŸ™‚

        I’m surprised that you’re the only person to comment on that. I thought by the time I refreshedtthe page I’d have a dozen hate replies and -50 in downvotes…

        • sachindalal

          World Series!(between Boston & St. Louis, but that’s a different topic for a different site…) N5! πŸ˜‰

        • trwb

          Its all good. G2 is a sweet phone too.

  • trwb

    What’s going on with the Google event? I don’t see any info on that right now.

  • Cory_S

    I had just loaded a new ROM and thought it was because of that…then wiped it and started fresh. I’m rather annoyed at myself right now.

  • Emiliano Gomez

    Thats happening to me! :”( un Mexico

  • Rafter

    Update: Sync now works for me

    • spearman792

      Yup, works for me now too. Thanks!

  • Godzilla

    I am hearing that many people at this event are under NDA which expires tomorrow, not confirmed. It would make sense if they announce anything tonight.

  • droidrazredge

    Oh man I was about to throw my phone into the wall until I found out my Tablet was behaving the same way. At first I thought it was a Google Issue, but my uncles Nexus 7 tablet had no issues with Google severs. Then I thought it was because I messed up my 2 step verification on my account and kept allowing and revoking my devices which caused my accounts to bug out. It was not a happy camper because I depend on GV for text messages and was trying to send and receive some important ones. I was about to send a post to Droid Life but after a couple friends had confirmed they had no issues I was left to believe it was just me experiencing it, but now after going to Droid Life I see that was indeed not the case.

  • Tyler Casilio

    It’s not Google’s fault, it’s the “glitches”. You know, the “glitches” that happened with NASDAQ, Twitter, and a bunch of others. “Glitches” *wink wink *WINK WINK*

  • Thor

    I knew nothing good could of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson working at Google.

    • jzwerlz43

      lol well played reference sir

  • Gnex

    Server problems + Nexus 5 launch = win

    • Godzilla

      hope you are right, sadly there is no live stream available

      • grumpyfuzz

        secret event of nexus 5 (i hope)

  • Juan F

    Only down for about 10 min if that.

  • Godzilla

    Hey Kellex, got that NDA in your hand that expires tomorrow?

    • NexusPhan

      It’s been so quiet. It really feels like he may actually have signed an NDA. I just feel like that’s not Google’s style tho. But, they did it with the Moto X event. At least they announced when that event was taking place tho.

    • Larizard

      NO seriously. Not a single post about the Google Play event last night. No speculation to what it could’ve been. No post about a link to the livestream (that never happened). Nada.

      I smell something very fishy here.