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Here is Verizon’s Version of the Changelog for New Moto X Update 139.15.1

moto x update verizon

Motorola began pushing out the much-anticipated camera fixing update to the Verizon Moto X yesterday, mostly to members of their Motorola Feedback Network. They gave us an official changelog which listed out the same set of fixes that similar updates for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mo, and US Cellular variants received, however, Verizon posted their own today.

Once updated, Verizon expects you to have a more stable 3G and 4G LTE connection, better voice calls without audio fading, and download files from email without issue. In terms of camera improvements, Big Red says that “Sky Detection” has been improved, HDR will now fire more frequently, and the viewfinder has been improved for more consistent exposure.

Again, this is the update you have all been waiting for. Well, until Google introduces Kit Kat.

  • george

    Update was good. Fixed my volume slider bar on YouTube but it still doesn’t support square payment reader. 🙁

  • sainsy31

    I thought this update was also supposed to include improvements to the voice control and moto assist, as these were listed in a previous article. Does the Changelog above maybe not list all of the updates?

  • joyride1031

    still havent received my software upgrade… anyone else having this problem?

    • F

      Me either. Choppy audio is killing me!

  • jay

    I just noticed that my home screen doesn’t have a semi transparent nav bar. It only goes transparent while going through the gallery and recents. Is this part of the new update? Anyone else notice that? I liked the transparency too. :-/

  • carluverdrm2004

    Glad to see that when I get my Motomaker’d Moto X next month, I won’t have to wait for an update! 😉

  • drjimcooper

    Anyone who’s downloaded and installed the OTA, can you tell me exactly what it says in System Version under About phone?

  • Joe Fischer

    I think this is a good sign for us Verizon moto x users…getting the update before the droid lineup that was released BEFORE the x. Verizon might have a winner here. Let’s see how they do with kit-kat now…

    And before anyone says anything about still being last, it is certainly faster than most other phones on verizon…

  • Fozzybare

    i got it…i just froze the ota apk to keep it away for now. trying to wait for something safestrappable. i want to keep my gravitybox.

  • Capt. Crunch

    I swear carrier updates are so pointless, shouldn’t Moto just push updates out to all Moto Xs regardless of carrier.

  • Cameron Laudick

    My phone will somehow manage to be the last to update on verizon…

  • John Nagy

    I used pwnmymoto for root and ROM Toolbox Lite to remove the all the verizon bloatware, some of the Moto Bloatware — I read somewhere that this will keep me from getting the update? which, having used pwnmymoto, may be a good thing for the time being?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      You can’t update. It will fail. OTA updates require bone-stock software, i.e. no frozen apps (disabled through the apps menu is fine), no missing apps, no modifications to apps (entitlement.apk hack), etc.

      However, unless you flash the stock recovery, attempting to install the OTA will send you into a bootloop since PwnMyMoto boots the system through the recovery to bypass /system write protection.

      Basically, the only way you can update your device is to do a complete stock software flash through RSDLite. Considering the massive improvements I’ve seen on the update, from battery life to camera to general performance, I would strongly suggest biting the bullet and updating. Make sure you have motoroot (not PwnMyMoto, the first root package) working before you update though, as the exploit it uses to gain its initial root is patched (iirc), though the root access persists through the update.

      • John Nagy

        I think my issue has been finding an understandable guide to go back to stock. I’ve been debating on trying to do a Factory Data Reset and see if that would work, but that may just end up wiping my data and not really putting back the apps I removed or removing root.

        Do you know of a good guide that I may be able to use to go back to stock? granted I have to wait until I go home since the administrative locks on my work computer wont allow for the installation of software and I havent used CMD in quite some time – havent had a need to.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Just a factory reset won’t really do anything. Here is a pretty good guide, with links to the necessary downloads:


          Permanent writing to /system has not been obtained for this update, but motoroot does work if you have it installed and running before you apply the update (via OTA or through recovery). Not that is temp root and any changes are wiped after a reboot, but it is better than nothing.

          NOTE: Backup EVERYTHING on your internal storage *to a computer or the cloud*. It will completely wipe your internal storage, and reformat it to a fresh-out-of-the-box state.

          • John Nagy

            I already used TitaniumBackup and pulled all my data, got that part under control. I’ve moved the same data (Authenticator, MSecure, several games) across multiple devices already and am pretty used to that.

            Thanks for the guide, that’s really going to help. I’m hoping that I can get MotoRoot to play just as easy when I go through the process and remove all the stupid bloatware and put back in TitaniumBackup to import my data.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I’m not certain. As I said, any changes made to /system will revert during a reboot, so freezing/removing bloatware won’t stick, it will just come back, so that would really just be a waste of time. Luckily there isn’t a huge amount, but I understand wanting to be rid of what is there. The app data should be just fine, as that is written to /data, which doesn’t have the same write-protection as /system does.

            Good luck!

      • soccerburn55

        What about those of us that are just rooted didn’t change anything only rooted mainly to tether. Will this update put us in a bootloop or mess up our phone. Can we just update and lost root. Wish it was easy to keep root but not that big of a deal not as easy to tether with foxfi but close enough.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          If you gained root using PwnMyMoto, then you will bootloop if you attempt to install an OTA download. If you used the original MotoRoot app, then you are fine. The easiest way to check is to turn off your phone, then hold Volume down + power for 3 secs to get you into the bootloader menu (black screen with multi-color text). Press Volume down to highlight “Recovery”, and press Volume Up to select. If it boots to the system, you will bootloop via OTA. If you get to a screen of a little android, press volume up + power to bring up the recovery menu, then press power to select reboot. The little android means your stock recovery is still booting properly, and you won’t have any problems with the OTA (if you don’t use PwnMyMoto, you can’t permanently change any system files, so the OTA will work even if you changed something).

          • KewlDawg

            So, if we did use PwnMyMoto, what actions should we take to be able to install the OTA update?

  • Greyhame

    Curious about the change users have seen in the quality of the camera. For those of you who’ve received it, is it the drastic improvement you were hoping for?

    • JRUIV


    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It is very different. The “cloudiness” is gone (finally!), and the noise you see has a very different look (I believe it’s now chroma (color) noise rather than luminance (gamma), but don’t quote me). The initial focus time is probably 10-15% of what it was, i.e. when I use the gesture to start the camera the fire off a shot it is actually in focus and properly exposed. The exposure also does not jump around like it used to. In low light, it seems to be very slightly worse. Overall, it is better than I had hoped. If this had been the performance it launched with, I doubt anyone would have a single major complaint about the device in reviews.

      TL;DR: It went from “okay with a few flashes of absolute brilliance” to “good/great with many flashes of absolute brilliance”.

      • Greyhame

        Thanks for the detailed feedback! Those are my main points of contention with the MAXX. I would have loved the svelteness of the X, but I needed the battery life. This alleviates my concern that I should’ve gotten a G2. At this point tho, I don’t think I could live without active notifications and the contextual awareness of this UX. Thanks again!

  • bonix

    Loving the camera update, huge improvement over what was already a pretty decent shooter.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I want KitKat on my new Droid MAXX


  • Paul Hansen

    Anyone check to see if there’s a baseband included and if it adds band 4 AWS support?

  • Adrynalyne

    I can see some updates in there that the Maxx sorely needs.

    • Paul Hansen

      **installs on dev edition max** Profit 😛

      Now if only I could get capacitive keys working…

  • FknTwizted

    like to see the software update / changlog for my fricken note 2!

  • Devon Delcourt

    Any word as to when the update will be available for those of us with the Developer Edition?

    • Richard Jackson

      I figure y’all would be the first to get the update. Now I got to rethink about picking up that unit.

  • zach471

    Thought this was still in soak. But this is good news for everyone if it’s a broad roll out.

    • kendokan

      It got pushed to me yesterday and I did not sign up for soak. I’ve not installed it, though (safestrap+root = no OTA).

  • Shane Redman

    Droid family will never see this update huh…..

    • Jerry Huster

      No, the Droid family will. That’s still VZW’s bread and butter. Moto focused on the X first and are working on the Droid line updates right now. They’ll be out soon.

  • enigmaco

    do have to give them credit, they were quicker than usual to update the phone, still last to do it but it got done.

    • T4rd

      I award them no credit and may god have (no) mercy on their souls.

      • enigmaco

        Hey at least they did something, as much as I hate them and look forward to dropping them like a gold digging kardashian they at least did something close to right in somewhat of a good time frame.

    • Blue Sun

      Do you feel that VZW deserves credit for being less late than normal? As Ricky Bobby stated, “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”

      • jnt

        With all due respect…

      • enigmaco

        I credit them for doing something that is all

      • michael arazan

        For a company making $30 billion a quarter, you’d think their update department would be more than some guy in a closet playing angry birds to test their devices over months at a time.

        Seriously, they can’t spend a few million of our hard earned dollars in their update department with some more employees to get it done faster?

  • Adam Truelove

    I can’t wait to not have to see these stupid software update documents from Verizon ever again!!

  • GCE1701D

    would love the update for my Droid MAXX considering the guts are the same… minor-blur overlay will only add… what 6 months to the update before we get it too? lol

    • Gf1fanatic

      Yep! that’s still a big problem with Android. My wife got to update her old iPhone 4 to iOS 7 right away, but who knows when my Droid Maxx gets its next update.

      • Paul Hansen

        Update is already in final testing for the MAXX

        • Greyhame

          Are you part of the soak test group? Do you work for VZW? How do you know this? I certainly hope it’s coming soon!

          • Paul Hansen

            It’s not in soak yet.

        • Gf1fanatic

          I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m very satisfied with the phone as is, so I’ll wait without complaining!

  • bagheadinc

    So they didn’t fix the audio jack issue for things like Square Register or Fitbit?

    • DJ SPY

      No. I think this might be a Google thing. My nexus 7 2013 doesn’t support then either.

      • bagheadinc

        It’s not exactly a Google thing, but it is a software issue. It should work on the Nexus 7 2013, at least it does on my. The Nexus 7 2012, however, can’t use the card reader because it has no microphone input, so it’s a hardware issue.

        On the Moto X / Mini / Ultra / Max devices, there is a known software issue that prevents microphone input devices from working if it’s not sending audio.

        • DJ SPY

          It doesn’t work on mine. I connect the reader and it does detect it but when I swipe the card nothing happens. It doesn’t detect the swipes.

          • bagheadinc

            Weird. Mine is working with no issues. Are you using the latest stock ROM or a custom one?

          • DJ SPY

            Stock, not rooted.

          • DJ SPY

            Do you get the “this device is not supported” notice from Square when you open the app?

          • LionStone

            I set my girl up with Intuit instead since they were much more Android friendly. Got her the Nexus 10 and a Bluetooth card reader, works great.

        • Ej McCarty

          Yeah I had the X and my girlfriend has the MAXX, we both had paperweights for jawbones until I sold my X and got the note 3. Now I have to let her sync hers on my phone. fail hah

      • I think the devices are not working with the Moto X/Droids because it has the separate processor always listening with the microphone if there is nothing in the jack and it is causing issues. I hope they fix it in time for the Pressy.

    • OMJ

      Hopefully they fix this with the 4.3 update whenever that comes. Its pretty annoying though I keep an S3 in my desk and a sim adapter so I can use square when I need to.

    • athom07

      Fitbit doesnt use an audio jack, what are you referring to?