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T-Mobile Ushering Out Grandfathered Unlimited Data, Switching Customers to New Plans

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If you currently own a grandfathered unlimited data plan from T-Mobile, prepare to kiss it goodbye. Come November, T-Mobile will begin ushering customers off of those legacy plans and onto new plans with unlimited voice, text, and data. Specific details on new plan options are receiving mixed reports at this time, however, a Howard Forums member who received a letter detailing his plan’s change. He was offered a plan at $45 per month, with everything set to unlimited (though the amount of full speed 4G remains up in the air). The current lowest level Simple Choice plan runs $50 for unlimited everything, with only 500MB of data at full speeds. 

Reports of these changes first surfaced last week, but a T-Mobile spokesperson has now confirmed to Tmonews that the changes are indeed happening as a means to simplify their plan offerings. They even said that for the vast majority, these new plans will be similar or better at a comparable price. Below is the statement:

Maintaining thousands of rate plans is the norm in the industry, but we think it creates unnecessary complexity. Simple is better, which is why we’re reducing the number of older plans in our systems. We’re giving customers on these plans the opportunity to choose a plan that best meets their needs. For the vast majority, their plan will provide similar or better features at a comparable price.

Here is the letter from Howard Forums:


While that’s semi-unfortunate news for long-time T-Mobile customers who loved their old plans, the Simple Choice plans that T-Mo currently offers are some of the best and cheapest in the business. Should Verizon decide to pull a similar move with its grandfathered unlimited data customers, the news won’t be so lukewarmly received.

And on that note, how long before Verizon pulls something similar? Every wireless carrier in the industry seems to want to follow T-Mobile’s lead these days. Dark days could be ahead.

Via:  Howard Forums | Slickdeals | Tmonews

Cheers Scott, Tony, and Justin!

  • data reality

    the truly unlimited data is gone – even with Metro PCS merged with TMobile

  • CLEE

    I’d love to get a letter like this from Verizon so I could kick them to the curb without penalty. I can not wait until my contract is up in 4 months!!!

  • TheTruthKills

    T-mobile service is terrible where I live. I’ll take this opportunity to leave without cost.

  • Louis

    If Verizon decides to do this hope they give me mine back since they took it away when I upgraded in August

  • Randy Lee Martin

    I mentioned this in a few other posts but most people thought I was crazy. I have unlimited Verizon; and although my wife is pissed off at them for poor service and wants to leave, I can’t part from my unlimited. HOWEVER, not if but WHEN Verizon pulls this stunt, then I have nothing to stay for.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      That’s my thought as well. I am with Verizon for their unlimited data on a huge network. Take away the unlimited data or cap high-speed data at the ridiculous current prices, though, and I will have absolutely no reason to stay, so I’ll be moving on.

  • Not really a big deal, I don’t know how many people are actually still grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan. Before they got rid of contracts, they weren’t even offering truly unlimited data. It was years since they did. Plus, I’m pretty sure when I had unlimited back then it cost more than $70/month and I didn’t even get unlimited minutes. No better deal anywhere than $70 unlimited everything (no throttling either)

    • duckmanbill

      There are still quite a few grandfathered unlimited data AT&T and Verizon customers. Not sure what you mean about not offering truly unlimited…. As part of the LTE frequency agreements with FCC, the carriers are not allowed to throttle. So it really is unlimited.

  • Juvet Downs

    I mean, who really DIDN’T see any of this coming? The business is all about competition, and in order to compete, change and sacrifice are necessary animals. *shrugs* Get what you pay for.

  • James Hill

    Verizon will not do this. I think Verizon’s customers on Unlimited are dwindling away slowly or moving to T-mo/Ting/StraighTalk ect.


    If Verizon pulls this stunt, GOODBYE.

  • If anyone else did this people would be up in arms, but because it’s T-Mobile everyone is all for it. It sounds like people are giving up truly unlimited data for “unlimited” data but with a 4G cap.

  • Edwin M

    Verizon knows what will happen if they try to take away my unlimited 4G.

  • coolsilver

    I have Verizon with damn good discount would be same price as that T-Mobile plan of $50 unlimited talk/text + $20 full unlimited data. I’d go for it if they had better coverage in my area.

  • Stephen Cox

    “Should Verizon decide to pull a similar move with its grandfathered
    unlimited data customers, the news won’t be so lukewarmly received.”

    I will be PISSED. No words can describe how livid I would be.

    And not because of the loss of unlimited, that I can live without… but I can’t afford to lose my Talk & Text Plus Data $20 Discount on each of my 5 lines.

  • Droid Ronin

    I guess I can’t keep my legacy cheapo plan from 2005 any more.

  • Mike Hilal

    I’m on month to month with VZ. This would be the final straw for me to leave, unless they figured out some grand gesture to make it right.

  • HarvesterX

    Well, at least I’ll be on a month to month contract with VZW at the start of 2014. I bought my G2 at retail price so if VZW tries to pull any of this anytime soon, I’ll go through every channel that I can with them to see if I can find a way to keep it (once you get to somebody higher up the food chain there and they see that you’ll be able to leave without paying anything, the idea of keep you on unlimited is more appealing to them). If not, luckily I can activate this G2 with any of the other carriers (that I know of at least).

    But I agree with the people here wondering what thee issue is. The only one that I can see is the issue of whether or not you get unlimited 4G on the new plans or not.

    • duckmanbill

      Don’t be so sure about the verizon G2 working on other networks. phonescoop only lists Verizon LTE bands on the verizon model. Furthermore, the AT&T and T-mobile models have different model numbers and FCC IDs. The upcoming Nexus 5 (D820) looks to be the only phone with built-in AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint support. Sadly no verizon.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    pretty sure how the new plans work is you have your base data whatever amount that might be and then you have the option of adding 20 dollars for true unlimited and tethering

  • David Tyler

    There is absolutely no way in hell I would stay with Verizon if the took away my grandfathered plan. I have 2 dumbphones that shared 1400 minutes with unlimited data and 2 basic phones which cost $174 before taxes. If I was to move to the new shared data plan it would cost me $220 before taxes. I would be stupid to pay an extra $46.00 a month. T-Mobile please strenghten your network because I guess in 2-3 years I will be heading over to you.

    • Stephen Cox

      I hear ya. I have 5 smartphones, all with unlimited data, and 1400 minutes w/ unlimited texting and it costs me $220/month. If they screwed me over, I’d lose my data discount and pay a minimum of $250+tax on the 1GB plan.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I’d expect them to phase out all unlimited data plans starting next summer, if not sooner. Or, they may switch to the “unlimited but high-speed cap” plans similar to T-Mobile or MVNOs, but of course with higher prices. Edge is already their first move in getting rid of their contracts, so likely they’ll end unlimited data plans and contracts all at once.

  • A.Miller

    As much as I love my unlimited data from VZW and want to keep it, this cloud over my head is getting old. I know they are going to force me off of it at some point, and when they actually do and I can change to prepaid, I’m going to be OK with it.

  • D.B.

    For those of you on the $30 /month T-Mobile plan. What phone did you go with? Did you have to pay the full off contract price for the phone? Can you bring your own phone such as a Nexus and get this plan?

    • michael bourgoin

      full price nexus 4 – and yes brought it with me. The deal is only for new customers though so if you’ve used tmob before it wont work

  • Sporttster

    Ehh, if it happens I’ll just go back to a dumb phone that’s alot cheaper. Lived without a smartphone for 40+ years, don’t need it now either. I’m not about to pay the farm for some Company wanting to please its shareholders with a higher and higher dividend. Nope….

  • droidrazredge

    For the record usually I like how cellular companies love to follow suit, sometimes it’s good business because competition makes things better for everyone; However, this time I hope for the love of God, Verizon does not make an stupid decision and open the hell gates any further or all hell will break loose, if it has not so already, I know you like to bend us over Verizon, but our butts are already sore enough, just leave us alone with regards to our unlimited data. It’s the last of our sanity we have left before we all go insane with the pitch forks.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I am not sure what the issue is…you keep your unlimited data and you get unlimited talk and text too for $5 dollars less….I have a pitchfork in hand here but have no idea why I should be mad or worried Verizon would copy 🙂

  • Chuck Freyer

    Verizon will probably end grandfathered unlimited data once Voice – Over LTE (VoLTE) plans come.

    • Stephen Cox

      That’s when I am expecting it to happen too… they won’t force you off unlimited, but they’ll make the VoLTE plans incompatible with old handsets, and vice versa.

  • cmbeid

    Looks like I will have to jump ship from Verizon to get the new Nexus. The only issue I might have is when visiting my parents who live in a wooded area. I know Verizon works well in the area, and everyone I know in that area has Verizon. Sprint does not get service, and I believe AT&T and T-Mobile is spotty.

    • James Briano

      Your parents have to come visit you.

      • cmbeid

        Nope, I just cannot see them anymore.

  • TJ

    And so it begins. Once one carrier starts the screw job, the others soon follow.

  • gbenj

    Hoping the $30 unlimited data 100 minute prepaid plan doesnt disappear. I’m planning on buying the Nexus 5 and test driving T-mobile in my area with that plan

  • StankyChikin

    Loving my $30 100 min Unlimited text 5GB/UL data plan!

  • flyinggerbil

    gotta say, i’ve been testing an htc one on t-mobile (current verizon customer) and have been very happy with the service/reception i’m seeing. i live just north of DC and have been enjoying the lte speeds with few if any drops in speed. looks like i may be bouncing from verizon when my contract expires in november.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Silver spring?

      • flyinggerbil

        east of gaithersburg/rockville. so far no issues in or around silver spring the few times i’ve passed through.

  • Sakita

    If Verizon follows i think Riots will ensue. lol

  • DC_Guy


    Dear customer:

    Our Share Everything Plans offer unmatched simplicity. Kiss your grandfathered unlimited data plan goodbye but we have some nice capped data buckets for you as a gift.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Hell they pull my Unlimited Verizon Data and I’ll look at AT&T!

    • DC_Guy

      I’m keeping an eye on Sprint.

      • Nathaniel Newman

        Forgot about Sprint. At least they offer LTE in my small city of 30K.

      • gadget_hero

        Ya they are the ones to really watch, as they have deep ass spectrum holdings and their new overlords [SoftBank] likes to actually force incumbents to compete and keep prices low and that dude has some deep pockets too.

      • T4rd

        They really need to upgrade their 3G network infrasructure (near 56k-speeds in a lot of areas) and expand out their LTE coverage more before I’ll consider them. I’m pretty sure T-Mobile is ahead of them at the moment in terms of LTE coverage and they’re definitely faster on 3G/HSPA+, but Sprint has considerably larger overall voice/1x/3G coverage.

    • Adrynalyne

      I don’t think ATT is the answer in response to losing unlimited data.

      Just sayin.

      • decidedtochangename

        Depends on needs. Some may be fine with the monthly cost and just want freedom of devices while maintaining high speeds and good coverage. For them ATT is a great alternative to Verizon.

        • A.Miller

          That’s why I’m thinking of ATT. The GoPhone plan seems OK, but only 2GB of data…

          • decidedtochangename

            How about ATT’s http://www.aiowireless.com? $70 for 7Gb and throttled afterwards.

          • A.Miller

            That looks fantastic. Service is through ATT?

          • decidedtochangename

            Yes, that’s owned and operated by ATT using their own network.

      • David Tyler

        If you are talking about ATT family plans then you are toast.

  • Shane Redman

    “Going from an OLD unlimited Plan to a NEW unlimited plan?! I never thought that was possible.”

    – Verizon Customers

    • Matt

      My question is whether the NEW unlimited plan has lower tiers for throttling (from what I understand, it’s 5GB or so, though that may be for the $30 plan).

      • Tyson TJ

        That’s only on 3G, it’s against the law to throttle anything 4G or over.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Well someone might want to tell AiO that they are breaking the law if that is true.

          • capecodcarl

            Doesn’t apply to AT&T’s block of spectrum. It only came up because Verizon was bidding against Google for the C block and Google forced the open access issue. AT&T’s block of 700 MHz spectrum is not encumbered by such FCC limitations for open access.

        • Jason Bittner

          Throttle is perfectly legal. The only thing with the “LAW” is that Verizon can not limit access (can not prevent tethering and must allow any device you have that can access the network) to the “Block C” spectrum they bought for use on their 4G network due to FCC regulations.

          • Adrynalyne

            They aren’t allowed to degrade performance either (throttle).

            Block, degrade, or interfere with the ability of end users to download and utilize applications of their choosing on the licensee’s Block C network, subject to reasonable network management.

          • Big_EZ

            Does this pertain to the current LTE spectrum that Verizon currently has? I get throttled, and have to toggle data or reboot to get data for a few seconds when other phones get data perfectly fine. I use an average of 16-18 gb a month now, and I mainly get throttled between 11am-2pm, and 4pm-6pm.

          • Adrynalyne

            It does apply to current spectrum, however your issue is software, tower or device related. A reboot on a throttled line wouldn’t fix it. Your actual service would be provisioned for it.

          • Big_EZ

            I’ve had this issue for awhile. I’ve changed Sims a few times since I first had this issue, and four phones with multiple roms (yours included). While my wife and I both had Razr Maxx’s she would have data when I wouldn’t, and if I swap Sims it’s the same (the one with my sim is throttled). I originally thought it was an issue with my phone, rom, or sim, but the problem persist even after all of those have been changed. I assumed it’s throttling since none of those seemed to be the issue and it didn’t start until I was consistently over 10 gb each month.

          • michael arazan

            You just listed Lunch time and Rush hour, when every body gets off work. Not throttling it seems, just a congested network I’d assume

          • Big_EZ

            Yes, when there is heavy network traffic I get little (today 4g was .22 down and 1.15 up at one point and 1.88 down, .89 up a few hours later) to no data while everyone around me is getting 6-10 Mbps. I get throttled when the network is a little congested. This has happened with 4 different devices (10 total, I went through 7 HTC Thunderduds), 4 different sim cards, and countless roms (including HTC, Motorol, and Samsung stock roms)

          • cg

            That is why I can use my Jetpack (890L) with the $29.99 unlimited data plan. I make sure I get 20-50GB a month on that thing!!

        • Adrynalyne

          Its against an FCC agreement with those using 700mhz.

          It isn’t a law at all.

        • Someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about…

      • socarwolverine

        Yeah their $30 plan has throttling, but their $70 doesn’t. I don’t know what they’ll do to these people though.

      • Skittlez

        Had the $70 unlimited everything plan and used 10GB in a month all on hspa+. No throttling

    • nelliewilliams42

      If you understand what you’re doing, you’re are intelligent.
      Then don’t waste time and move to… bay35.com

    • Nits

      Why bother with Verizon if they have speeds like this… https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/806838

      • Matthew Wilson

        Why compare Verizon speeds to T-Mobile speeds if you can’t get coverage everywhere you can with Verizon? I’d rather have slow data over no data every time.

  • Ive converted like 40 of my friends from Verizon to T-Mobile, i feel so accomplished

    • JBartcaps

      40? Really?

      • no joke, half my church want the nexus 5 and cant stand such a small screen

        • JMonkeYJ


        • Rob

          Hahaha this is an awesome comment.

        • JBartcaps

          That’s amazingly awesome!

        • Ben Landwehr

          Preaching the good word of Android at church. Loving it! Two years ago I had a priest teaching our class about the Galaxy Nexus and how android is superior to iOS. It caused a huge debate.

          • Adrynalyne

            Priest of what?



          • Sporttster

            Don’t think God is ‘too’ concerned about whether Android is better than iOS or not. ‘Little’ bit more concerned with saving souls, ya know?……

          • Ben Landwehr

            Well I guess you’re wrong? Lol, not everything they say has to be strictly about God. We had free time in class and someone brought up the subject so we talked about it. They have free time too and in his free time he’s a big android fan. Nothing wrong with that.

          • Adrynalyne

            Well, Android is great at saving things, so I think we are all on the same page.

    • Daistaar

      I prefer Android to Androrid. Androrid was too buggy last time I used it.

    • ビッググリーン

      You sir are a Prophet. You must lead the other nonbelievers.

  • The day Verizon does this is the day I kiss them goodbye, and kiss T-Mobile hello!

    • Bigsike

      It would take me less than ten minutes to sign with Tmobile if Verizon pulls this crap.

    • jaymonster

      Agreed… sort of. It would certainly be the day I gave VZW the boot, but I sure wouldn’t hamstring myself with the Nations Worst Network instead.

      • Philip J. Fry

        Nations worst? Sprint takes that win easily.

      • cg

        T-Mobile is actually decent in the cities. It’s when you go to Podunk, USA is where you run into problems with service. I have a friend who does peddle T-Mobile and I told him that I would go to him and give him my commission IF Verizon takes my unlimited data away. But when I no longer have unlimited, that’s when I leave.

        • jaymonster

          I live just outside of NYC, so I am in city areas, where all have relatively good coverage. T-Mobile had these incredible holes in coverage where my calls would automatically (not sometimes) drop, and many others where calls just would never connect.

          I don’t know where I will go when I leave VZW, but I cannot afford those T-Mobile holes. I’m happy for those that get good service from them. I just don’t personally know any of them.

          • cg

            I was a former T-Mobile customer as well, and I’ve been with Verizon since 2007 precisely because I was in love with their coverage. I explained this to my T-Mobile friend and he assured me that T-Mobile has gotten better (we’re on the Jersey side of the Hudson.) I know T-Mobile has spent a lot of money improving in areas like NYC. I admit that I don’t know how true that is in real life, but I’m hoping in a couple of years, that’s true if Verizon decides to get evil…

  • DC_Guy

    The Verizon letters are probably being printed at this very moment. I’ll be incredibly sad when they finally yank my unlimited data.

    • hkklife

      I predict it will be yanked in late June/early July 2014. Why? That is the 2 year anniversary of the date when they stopped honoring existing unlimited renewals (otherwise known as the GS3 preorder window). I remember getting in on the pre order for that device by just a few days and being able to renew my unlimited plan and thinking it was the last subsidized device I was ever gonna get from VZW barrong some wild circumstances (adding a new line etc).

      • tyguy829

        but remember they just extended a ton of people 2 years on that glitch…

        • Charlie R.

          It won’t matter. They can change anything at anytime as long as they give you notice.

          • T4rd

            And as long as they let you out of your contract without an ETF since they changed the terms on your plan/account.

        • T4rd

          Not to mention the people who re-newed with unlimimted data by transferring their upgrades to another line. I recently re-newed my contract with unlimited data by transferring my upgrade to another line on my account. If they pull my unlimited data, I walk away ETF free and with new phones to sell.

      • Adrynalyne

        Yeah but they honored it for the glitch recently.

        I doubt they will cancel it for everyone but them (unless they lied about honoring it).

        • Charlie R.

          They don’t have to honor it for the full length of the contract, as long as they give you advance notice before they change it. It’s just a matter of time.

          • Stephen Cox

            If they do that, they have to let you out ETF-free since they are making the change to your service. They don’t want to do that, yet again, I would like to see it happen to watch how much churn will happen at that moment in time.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well, they don’t have to, they could claim any number of reasons falling under their “Good cause” reasons to cancel your service. I’d doubt they would do that, but this is Verizon, so sadly it probably wouldn’t surprise me.

          • Haroon Dar

            well actually i was able renew my contract with unlimited by transferring my upgrade to a feature phone and upgrading that number and switch number back to the account with unlimited so my plan stays intact was able to get the note 3 that way

  • Terrence Adams

    I can see the Verizon email telling me that they are upgrading me from Unlimited Data to 2Gbs to support my needs for better service smh.

    • Adrynalyne


      “You only average 2GB a month. Allow us to remove this burden of unlimited data because you don’t need it. To make you feel at home, we will charge you the same amount.”

      Its like a car manufacturer doing a mandatory recall on your car to reduce the horsepower, because you drive slow anyway.

      Edit: That sounded better in my head.

      • KleenDroid

        What upsets me the most is the use of the word “upgrade”. They are being kind enough to upgrade you to the new plan.

        Same thing would happen when I worked for a big corporation. They would make policy changes that sucked and would tout the “benefits” and “improvements” and that the changes were good for us. Anybody with a brain knew most policy changes were not good for the little guy.

        But it was always amazing how the sheep are so easily led to slaughter.

        More soap box rant… “We are going to take all your guns away for your safety”.

        • Yep

          The new doublespeak with corporations goes like this:
          “We are harmonizing our benefits policies to streamline inefficiencies and be more competitive.”


          “harmonizing” = downgrading, or making much worse

          “streamline inefficiencies” = we want to cut back on the number of HR/benefits people we have
          “be more competitive” = other companies are getting away with cutting benefits, so we’re going to compete with them in the race to the bottom

      • Butters619

        Its like a car manufacturer doing a mandatory recall on your car to reduce the horsepower because you drive conservatively most of the time.

        Perhaps? I don’t know.

    • socarwolverine

      They actually did that to me when I was looking at phones on their site. “Judging from your usage patterns, switching from unlimited to our family share plans will only cost you an extra $60 a month”. I was in awe that they’d even waste their time telling me that.

      • James Hill

        If you talk to a Verizon rep they will tell you not to switch, if they see you actually use your data. I’ve had this happen to me. I’ll be talking to the rep about upgrading a phone or something, he/she looks at my data usage and then I get the long pause. The rep will then tell me that I should not switch to tiered data.

    • zmancbr

      And the minute they kick me off unlimited Data is the day I finally relive myself of Verizon’s BS…

    • Butters619

      There is only one reason they haven’t done it yet. If they change the terms of your contract, you can leave without an ETF. If they ripped unlimited data from everybody still in contract, then all of those people could walk away from their contract with their phones. Verizon would lose a significant chunk of change.

      So, first they change the rule so no new contracts can be signed with unlimited data. (Already did that). Then 18 months or so down the line, when the only people left with unlimited plans are out of contract or nearly out of contract, they rip away unlimited. Therefore, if those people walk, the devices have already been paid for.

  • Ben Murphy

    Hope this doesn’t reach Verizon! They’ll have to pry it from cold, dead hands! Ha, who am I kidding…

  • Buur

    Better sell off my unlimited Verizon plan, stat.

  • Bill Hill

    My Grandfathered Unlimited Data is still under contract so jokes on you Verizon

    • Franklin Ramsey

      They can take it away even while under contract. They just have to give you written warning that it is occurring. Having a contract only benefits Verizon. They have the ability to break them, you just don’t have it as a customer.

      • Charlie R.

        This is exactly what I was going to reply with. They can change anything at anytime as long as they give you notice.

        • BCoils

          you can break your contract with verizon. all you need to do is present them with lots of paper.

      • Adrynalyne

        They have to give you notice AND allow you an ETF-free exit. You missed the second part.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Actually it depends on the contract you sign with them. They don’t always have to allow you out ETF free. They sometimes require you pay a fee depending on how long you have been under contract. Usually those would be if you signed up with a third party for verizon service, but it can happen.

          • Adrynalyne

            Even if you sign up with a third party for Verizon service, Verizon owns the contract, not them. Now if they have insurance or some other contract through the other company, then it might be different. But the actual Verizon service contract is owned solely by Verizon.

            “Can Verizon Wireless Change This Agreement or My Service?

            We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time,but we’ll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service. If you use your Service after the change takes effect, that means you’re accepting the change. If you’re a Postpay customer and a change to your Plan or this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no early termination fee if we fail to negate the change after you notify us of your objection to it.”

            The last line is the one that allows you out without an ETF.

          • Adrynalyne

            To reply to myself:

            If the change were unlimited data and you were on a family plan, I would say that Verizon would only allow the line(s) with unlimited to leave etf free. The others would have to stay or pay the etf. Verizon is not in the least bit charitable to let go of the others.

          • Mark Mann


          • Adrynalyne

            I assume you are referring to http://www.droid-life.com/2011/06/30/clarification-on-verizons-regulatory-charge-and-if-you-can-use-it-to-get-out-of-that-contract/

            Which still boiled down to that you could try and get out ETF free, just not until the change was made.

            However, a federal tax is not in Verizon’s control, so that is a little different. It also means that other carriers would charge it too, also out of their control.

          • Mark Mann

            if you read the customer contract, it says that verizon sets the FUSC…and thus any change to that can get you out of your contract…also, the FUSC is a federal charge, but one that verizon(and other carriers) don’t ahve to pass on to us, the consumer

          • Mark Mann

            also, i’m not referring to what that link is referring to…there is a line on the bill that says “Federal Universal Service Charge” it’s a federal tax imposed on the carrier, which the carrier then decides how much we, the consumer, are liable for…the carrier can possibly can make it so we’re not liable for any of it, so yes, the FUSC is a charge verizon sets, especially considering that it says in their contract that they do

          • Bigwavedave25

            Ah, there’s the rub for those who used the new/extra 3rd line to upgrade their phones. Which is exactly what I am about to do (3rd line activated and ready). So, maybe something to wait on… 🙁

            I’m sure no charity would be given to basic phone lines that are under contract..?

          • Adrynalyne

            Doubt it. At least the ETF on basic lines stings less.

          • Bigwavedave25

            Oh wait, the line that you “transfer upgrade” from is actually the one that the contract is renewed on! (Right?) So yeah, you’d actually be OK since those lines were the ones with unlimited and the dumbphone line was just the middle man that retains no contract (if you supplied your own phone to start it on).

            OK, so I’d need to burn the 2 unlimited line upgrades first.

          • Adrynalyne

            Hmm, yeah.

            *Head swimming*


          • Bigwavedave25

            Sorry, I’ve been thinking about this way to much lately

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Again, it depends on where the contract is signed. You went with the standard contract from Verizon. The contract language is spelled out differently from some third parties, so even though the contract is through Verizon, the wording isn’t always the same. For an example, my sister used to work for verizon and her contract wording is different than mine.

          • Adrynalyne

            You are going to need to show me some examples I guess (I have never seen such a thing), because Verizon provides the service and you fall under their terms of service which means the standard customer agreement.

            They can be worded differently, but the terms of service and contract are the same. The only time that is different is when the contract has been created and the verizon terms are updated. Which again falls under that ETF-free umbrella if it has an adverse affect on you and Verizon does not resolve it for you.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            If you cancel a line of Service, or if we cancel it for good cause, during its contract term, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee. If your contract term results from your purchase of an advanced device, your early termination fee will be $350 minus $10 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. Otherwise, your early termination fee will be $175 minus $5 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. Cancellations will become effective on the last day of that month’s billing cycle, and you are responsible for all charges incurred until then. Also, if you bought your wireless device from an authorized agent or third–party vendor, you should check whether they charge a separate termination fee. We can, without notice, limit, suspend or end your Service or any agreement with you for any good cause, including, but not limited to: (1) if you: (a) breach this agreement; (b) resell your Service; (c) use your Service for any illegal purpose, including use that violates trade and economic sanctions and prohibitions promulgated by any US governmental agency; (d) install, deploy or use any regeneration equipment or similar mechanism (for example, a repeater) to originate, amplify, enhance, retransmit or regenerate an RF signal without our permission; (e) steal from or lie to us; or, if you’re a Postpay customer, (f) do not pay your bill on time; (g) incur charges larger than a required deposit or billing limit, or materially in excess of your monthly access charges (even if we haven’t yet billed the charges); (h) provide credit information we can’t verify; or (i) are unable to pay us or go bankrupt; or (2) if you, any user of your device or any line of service on your account, or any account manager on your account: (a) threaten, harass, or use vulgar and/or inappropriate language toward our representatives; (b) interfere with our operations; (c) “spam,” or engage in other abusive messaging or calling; (d) modify your device from its manufacturer’s specifications; or (e) use your Service in a way that negatively affects our network or other customers. We can also temporarily limit your Service for any operational or governmental reason.

            Well in my terms, the above is listed. Slightly different wording than in yours. My sisters only has

            If you cancel a line of Service, or if we cancel it for good cause, during its contract term, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee unless contract termination is due to employee layoff instead of employment termination. Your early termination fee will be $175 minus $5 for each full month of your contract term that you complete.

            listed in her contract. Technically, Verizon could state that unlimited data users are using their devices in a way that adversely effects their service/network and could kick the person off under their good cause terms, which allows them to smack a person with an ETF fee while they cancel your contract.

            I’d doubt they would do such a thing, but I’m just pointing out it is possible. Their contract benefits them, not the user.

          • Adrynalyne

            I understand what you are getting at, but it doesn’t work that way. To show that they are adversely affecting the network means they need to show abuse of a service. Unlimited has no caps. None at all. So really, they cannot say you are abusing your plan because you are within the specifications of the plan. If they tried that (and they might), it would end up in a class action suit that they would lose. It would be cheaper and better PR for them to just let it go, etf free. Could you imagine the media sh*tstorm that would follow if they tried that?

            If you are tethering with it and do not have a tethering plan, then yeah, they got you by the short and curlies and you will be paying an ETF.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well I never said it would be a good idea for them to do it, but they can do it. Heck, they could kick a person off just for rooting a phone under those standards. I’m just saying people think if Verizon ends the contract, they are out ETF free. That isn’t the case with all contracts, nor in all situations.

            For example, maybe Verizon keeps grandfathered unlimited plans in effect for 5 years, at which point people are using more data than ever. I can conceivably see them doing much like AT&T did to get people off Cingular accounts and send a letter stating if they didn’t call in for a new plan by a certain date, they would cancel your account and charge you with an ETF fee, but you could upgrade early to a new phone on one of their new plans.

            I remember that because that is when I switched to Verizon and got charged a 55 dollar ETF fee from AT&T which is why I won’t go back to them.

  • Jeff C

    if VZW does it, we will most certainly get the shaft

    • BigDeeNY99

      No if..just of matter of when!

      • Jeff C

        i hope not soon. just bought a note 3 and there’s no reason to stay with VZW if i no longer have unlimited.

  • Guy Pierce

    AT&T and Verizon to follow suit. ((BS)(TRDS))!

  • gadget_hero

    Fiercewireless had an article that almost sounded as if this is a bad thing. I thought it was funny as most people will save money+keep unlimited data+have no contract, triple threat anyone?

    • Adrynalyne

      (though the amount of full speed 4G remains up in the air)

      That would concern me.

      • gadget_hero

        The unlimited plan ($70 has no limit on speed or bandwidth), however the cheaper ($50plan has a limited amount of 4G speed) then it drops down to 2G speeds for the remainder of the billing period.

        • Adrynalyne

          Is that the old unlimited plan or the new one?

          I am not familiar with Tmo plans.

          • gadget_hero

            No those are the new ones (this is taken off the T-Mobile page $50-500MB @4G speeds then throttled, $60-2.5GB @4G speeds then throttled, $70-Unlimited with No throttling and No fees). I had a old unlimited plan before the my old plan was ~90 and some change now my bill is ~80 and some change.

          • Kit Tihonovich

            Current. I think the $30 unlimited data with like 100 minutes of calls caps you at 1.5 gigs (but still unlimited in the sense that you won’t get overage charges). But the $70 plan is truly unlimited. I’m not on Tmobile but I’ve looked long and hard at them and as soon as Verizon pulls this I AM making the switch.

          • hkklife

            Same here. If $ isn’t an issue and I can get my employer to participate, I may switch to AT&T due to the flexibility of GSM (GPE handsets, global roaming etc) and AT&T’s scorching LTE speeds compared to VZW. Otherwise, I will go TMo as well. I cannot think of any reasonable set of circumstances that could compel me to switch to Sprint.

          • Droidzilla

            The $30, 100 minute plan has 5GB of 4G before you get throttled.

          • D.B.

            How do you get this deal? It’s not an option online. Do you have to go to a store?

          • Justin W

            It’s technically a “Wal-Mart” plan, but you can walk in to a T-Mo store and ask about it if you want or go to a Wal-Mart that has T-Mo devices and they should be able to give it to you.

          • D.B.

            Thanks Justin W!

          • Michael Persico

            It really is a “new user” plan. For some reason people associate it with Walmart because they also offer it. But it is clearly (although somewhat buried) on the T-Mobile prepaid website. The option for the plan comes up only when you are activating a new SIM/Account. http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-plans

          • Justin W

            Got it – I had always heard it was the Wal Mart Simple Choice plan or something like that. Good to know, though!

          • Droidzilla


            It’s about halfway down the page. Web activation only. So you get a SIM and activate it there and select that plan; good to go.

          • Nagini

            The $70 plan is the new one

  • pubasnacks77


  • ToddAwesome

    Fear not, Verizon knows what we ALL want! /s

    • JRUIV

      “On the network you always wanted”

      • Mathew Colburn

        *Cue girl on commercial* “I got the GOOD ONE! I got Veerrriizzzoonn!”
        It should say, “I got the expensive one! I got Verriizzzooon and I’m getting raped in my a$$ by them!”

        • Col_Angus

          Maybe she’s into that… who knows?

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          I read the part under quotes in her voice hahaha

  • tyguy829

    It actually looks like switching to the new plans actually benefits customers….from what I can tell, it’s to help people who are clueless and are staying on their old plans that are worse value than the new ones.

    • Agreed.

    • JBartcaps

      Agreed. If it was Verizon, they wouldn’t dare tell you there is a better plan.

      • Adrynalyne

        No, they would dress up a worse plan and try to tell you it is better.

        • Bob G

          You guys are both wrong. Verizon wouldn’t tell you about it at all until you got your next bill with the new plan already locked in.

          • James Hill

            No, they’re not that mean. C’mon now Mr. G.