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PushBullet Adds “Push to Chrome” Option, Other Goodies Too

pushbullet update

The PushBullet team introduced a regularly requested and incredibly powerful feature this morning to their popular Android-Chrome app combo service. Users of PushBullet can now push directly to Chrome from their Android devices. In the past, you could push files, notes, pictures, lists, and links from Chrome to device or from device to device, but nothing from device back to Chrome. How awesome is that? 

So now, if you have a picture or saved file or note or list on a tablet or phone, you can push those on over to your Chrome browser in a matter of seconds. Once sent, you should see a notification pop up (pictured below) that is clickable. Should you click on it, you’ll find that links open a tab, addresses go right to Google Maps, pictures open, and files are easy to download.

In order to enable this new feature, you’ll need to update your Android app and also grab the latest version of the PushBullet Chrome extension. We have links for both below.

That’s not all, though. The PushBullet app can now push pictures and files easier, and also lists.


Links:  Play Link | Chrome Extension

  • *sigh* No Firefox support? Anyway at least this gives me 1 reason to open Chrome *shrug*

  • MatthewSimmons

    Finally! I use Chrome to Phone but there has been quite a few times I wished there had been Phone to Chrome.

    • laheelahee

      me too!


  • Godzilla

    Push it real good

    • marybalk325

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  • doctordoctor

    it will only allow me to push from my phone from my phone… what’s useful about that? I already have the picture on my phone!

    • Jimmy Baez

      You’ll have to allow it to push to Chrome as well through their website or extensition.

  • Booyabobby

    Does the limit affect both ways or just to chrome only?

    • guzba

      Just to Chrome only. And even then, you’re pushes will show up if you open the extension by clicking the extension icon. They just won’t show up automatically for the next few hours 🙁

  • I’m currently unable to push anything to Chrome. Can’t tell if it’s an issue on my end, or this new feature has overwhelmed PushBullet. Let me know if you are experiencing any issues.

    • Rovindra Singh

      Worked perfectly for me this afternoon when I tried it.

    • guzba

      We might have blown through our quota of 10k pushes to Chrome per day that Google enforces. We can get it increased, didn’t think it would happen the first day!

      • Damn! Well, hopefully that limit increases in a hurry. I need to push! 🙂