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LG G2 and Moto X Drop to $99 From Amazon

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.44.47 AM

The LG G2 and Moto X were slashed this week at mega-e-retailer Amazon, down to $99 depending on the carrier. If you were at all interested in LG’s newest flagship (our review), which is more or less the inspiration behind the next Nexus, then you have a couple of options. Verizon’s variant will run you $99 should you sign-up for new service or just $119 with an upgrade. If AT&T is your carrier of choice, you are still looking at a slightly discounted price of $149.

For Moto X lovers (our review), the device can be had in both black or white and on Verizon or AT&T for $99 on-contract – and that’s both new contracts and upgrades. 

Moto X Amazon Links:  Verizon, Black | Verizon, White | AT&T, Black | AT&T, White ($99)

LG G2 Amazon Links:  Verizon, Black ($99 or $119) | AT&T, Black ($149)

  • guest

    G2 for the same price as the motox? isthisreallife.jpg

  • percysnow

    I wanted to wait to see if big red was gettin the N5 but since LG making it and there G2 if slightly different with logos everwhere i doubt if they’ll get it, we’ll see

  • HarvesterX

    Well, i paid full retail on the G2. VZW, you can shove that contract up your mailbox. I’ll happily switch carriers on you. Remember that. 🙂

  • 26kick

    It’s $79 on Amazon for Sprint with a new contract, as opposed to an upgrade.

  • ocie123

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  • LucasMonroe

    So I have a GS4, should I ditch it for one of these? My concerns are: buttons for G2, small screen size+mediocre camera on Moto X.

    • ezpotato

      I went from the GS4 to the G2, and have NO regrets. I like the screen better, and the buttons are doable. The knock feature is awesome. and battery is way better.

      • Chris Choncek

        I agree. The buttons are doable, especially if you get a case. The phone is slippery as heck without one.

    • Detonation

      Not a big enough upgrade to do so IMO.

  • GentlemanScholar

    No Motomaker? No 32GB? No thank you.

    • Jeremy Gross

      i really hope motmaker comes out and pull a razr and releases an updated moto x, 2 months after the first one with update specs and 64 GB!!!!

      • red014

        Me too, because I still haven’t pulled the trigger yet!

  • I’m actually deciding between these two phones right now (unless the Nexus comes to Verizon, which won’t happen). Love the features, size and feel of the Moto X but the camera has me leaning toward the G2.

    • Mike

      I may be biased, but I played with both at the VZW store and the G2 is by far the better device in every way at surface view.

      • heyfrightnn

        G2 is bloated with unwanted software

        • Mike

          Yes it is, but you can easily disable them, or better yet, root.

          • heyfrightnn

            that means Moto X is better… you dont even have to disable bloatware!!! Moto X is free of skin bloatware unlike LG which comes with skin bloatware

      • I would agree with that. I played with both as well. I’m still hesitant about carrying around a phone the size of the G2, the Moto X just feels much better from that standpoint. In addition, I love the idea of the active display, voice commands and closer to Vanilla Android system. You’re absolutely right though that in every other respect the G2 seemed superior which is why I’m still leaning in that direction. Was hoping that the Nexus would have all the great things that come in the G2 but in a smaller package without bloatware. If it does, I might be switching to AT&T for it.

  • duke69111

    Any idea how long this sale lasts? Trying to hold out as long as possible til every last hope of a Verizon Nexus is drained from me.

    • Greg

      Just wait for black friday. Amazon has most phones on sale for $0.01.
      Amazon 1 cent penny sale is the only time I would ever sign a contract.

    • Joe

      Bought the G2 during the “Great Verizon Unlimited Glitch” and it’s been excellent so far. When the N5 comes out, I’m counting on ROMs blowing up for this phone.

  • poor_richard

    Awesome!! I’m going to head down and buy one right –
    WAIT?! I can’t afford this after paying 3x more for healthcare! Thanks Obamacare!!!

    • GentlemanScholar

      Politics on a cellphone blog? Interesting.

  • Kevin

    so is the N5 going to hit vzw or not? i got the G2 but am still within my 14 day period… trying to debate returning.

    • Rammstein

      You stand a better chance of winning the powerball than seeing it on VZW.

      • Kevin

        i’m thinking it will be on verizon, but my guess is that it will be a lot like the galaxy nexus…. not quite the full nexus experience. and i’m not sure how bad i want that. the G2 is a pretty solid phone anyway.

        • Butters619

          There has been absolutely no evidence (no fcc docs, no phone leaks, nothing) that the Nexus 5 will be coming to Verizon.

          • Adrynalyne

            It could happen though, just like it did for Sprint and the Gnex.

            Not that I would hold my breath…

          • Butters619

            I mean, sure, it’s still possible. But at this point I wouldn’t expect it at launch and I wouldn’t hold your breath for seeing it at all.

          • Adrynalyne

            I think it is more likely that we will see (at some point in the future) a Nexus device that Verizon has no control over sold on Google Play.

            I wouldn’t expect that until CDMA is retired though, and I am not padding Verizon’s pockets for that long.

          • Greg

            I hope by that time other carriers will have surpassed verzion in coverage/reliablity. Also very unlikley verizon will let me keep my unlimited data plan 10 years from now.

          • Kevin

            por queeeeeee

          • Sirx


          • TuckandRoll84


        • jer85008

          The leaks point to LTE band 4 only, which Verizon hasn’t rolled out yet. I would say no chance. I am a bit concerned that the G2 and Moto X are already in the bargain bin though. Just be ready for little to none for updates on the G2 over the next two years. The Moto will get regular updates, so I would lean in that direction.

          • Kevin

            Amazon runs specials quite frequently so im not going to call that bargain bin

          • Mike

            You’re really relying on pushed updates? I gave up on this a LONG time ago. Get the phone with the better hardware and flash whichever ROM your heart desires.

  • Morbid138

    Why can’t they drop the full retail prices by half too!?

    • NAM37

      That’s not the way the game is played…

    • Adrynalyne

      If carrier control and subsidies would be axed, the full retail price would drop some, enough for it to be reasonable, but not by 50%.

  • duke69111

    Could I upgrade from amazon on my feature phone line for $119 and then switch the phone over to my unlimited line? This is cheaper than using the Verizon30 discount from Verizon.

    • Kevin


    • jer85008

      I think Amazon has a 180 day no-transfer clause similar to Wirefly/Let’stalk/etc. If you move the phone to another line they will bust you with an ETF.

      • duke69111

        Ahh. That’s good to know, I’ll look into it. Thanks.

        • Matt

          I am doing this now and the Verizon rep suggested this. I used an upgrade from another line to replace the GNexus my wife dropped. Then instead of activating on that line, you switch to it your line and you get to keep your unlimited data. Voila!

    • anthony scarpella

      I did this a while ago. Amazon hit me with a charge of a few hundred bucks. I called them and explained that I transfered the phone to anther line in my plan. Long story short, they checked my lines , and refunded me the charge.

  • Gregg Sarra

    Nexus 5 announcement imminent.

    • michael arazan

      October 14

  • Best. Deal. In. Mobile.

    • Jeff

      Until what you look at what you’re paying for service on contract.

  • monkey082506

    I see these $99 deals for a phone I payed full retail for…then I remember I have no contract obligations. Feels pretty good.

    • Jeff

      Yep, if the N5 wasn’t coming out, I’d get a Moto X Dev Edition for $650 on the $30 T-Mobile plan and end up saving money over getting the Moto X cheaper but on contract over the first year.

  • Phil

    well im beginning to think Verizons little mishap was not a mishap at all. They get us to buy these phones at 199 or whatever give us our unlimited lock us in for 2 more years then bam all prices drop $100 bucks.

  • Andy

    I got the S4 for $100 on amazon. Still $249 at best buy and verizon

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    FIRE SALE!. . . *with contract

  • red014

    When the hell are we going to just get flat out sales on full price phones in the US??

    • Adrynalyne

      The day the rule of carriers is overthrown.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You’re not going to get sales on full prices from 3rd party. They make money off making you sign a new contract

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