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After Tinkering, Galaxy Gear Runs Normal Android Apps Just Like a Smartphone

Galaxy Gear

Are you one of the many who feel that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung is lacking application support? As we saw in our review of the device, third party app support is pretty bad for Galaxy Gear, but with some tinkering, you can get full-sized Android apps working just fine on the watch. 

As detailed by Arstechnica, apps that require no Internet connection work just fine, although you may have troubles finding apps that look decent on the 1.63″ display. In terms of what it can handle, the little machine does pack an 800MHz processor, as well as 512MB of RAM, allowing it to work its way through a variety of apps. The crew tested out Candy Crush, a music app, and a few others that worked flawlessly.

What’s nice about the process is that you don’t need to be a rocket science major to figure out how to run ADB on your computer. Once you enable USB debugging, which is right under the Settings menu on Gear, then install the required Samsung drivers on your computer, and pushing apps with a single line command is as easy at it gets.

For more info on how to get this set up on your Galaxy Gear, check out the full article by following the via link below.

Via: Arstechnica

  • Matthew Wahlquist

    I will definitely be picking one of these up as soon as they flash sale at sub $100 which they will have to do to sell it with no WiFi option.

  • CrazyPersonWhoLovesTheGear

    I actually paid the 299 for it. I have to say for what I use it for initially, (not talking on a note 3, getting email and text alerts without opening the phone, making calls and controlling the music in my car through my phone) it’s a great device. It does have a ways to go and I suspect it will get there. Honestly as a companion device for the Note 3 it’s great (just for the talking alone) but for a wide appeal device not worth the money, that is at least until they add more apps.

    • CrazyPersonWhoLovesTheGear

      And the camera is really cool.

  • Dan

    Can I still use it as designed to bluetooth pair with my android device? even a device that is lower than 4.3?

  • dhamp2g

    I just cant pay $300 FOR THIS

  • Aaron Clow

    Anyone else think smartwatches will have the same hype vs. adoption ratio as 3D television?

  • Bo884Digital

    I think some of you are really really retarded. For any decent regular watch you are paying $200 or more easy and it just tells TIME! The gear does so much more than that, yes their still room for improvement yes it can be better and it will. This is just the first iteration of it. I swear people are spoiled they expect the watch to do EVERYthing a smartphone does even though Samsung said its a COMPANION DEVICE. I swear if it had an Apple badge it would all of a sudden be “Innovative” and “amazing”. How can you even say its worthless or crap if have never even tried it. I remember everyone saying whats the point of a Tablet when I have a smartphone. Then Apple launched its iPad and we all know how that turned out. I’m just saying these days people expect so dam much when just a few years ago the technology wasn’t even there, its here now give it a chance!

  • Diablo81588

    Amazing how android can scale to that resolution. Still don’t see the point though.

  • T4rd

    Breaking Bad FTW!

  • moelsen8

    i really don’t get the fascination with smartwatches taking place in the tech world lately. i’m very happy never putting on a watch ever again.

    • When i was a kid watches were a functionality thing for me (address book and such). Now watches its become a fashion thing, but if i can get functionality back with that fashion I’m interested.
      I’m not willing to drop more than $150 for an accessory for my phone and unnecessary functionality though.

  • J2886M

    i just strap my ol’ HTC Thunderbolt to my wrist via couple cool black zip ties and call it a day. works great, i suggest you try it out too

    • T4rd

      Eh, I’m not sure that would last a full day even in airplane mode though. =p

    • michael arazan

      Sounds like a Ghetto Predator, All you need is for the Thunderbolt to be self destructive….. oh wait

  • Adrynalyne

    When the trend is larger screens, especially for games, I don’t see how anyone would be impressed with smaller screens doing the same.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      “Hey guys, look at this TINY screen and all the stuff you really can’t do on it!”

      • kailen

        Said Ron

  • M C

    nexflix support?

    • That would requite Internet, and the Gear doesn’t support it. All it is capable of doing is a Bluetooth sync, not full tether as of right now.

      • M C

        aww man, that would have been awesome if it could have gotten netflix on it

        • Adrynalyne

          You’d have just enough battery for one episode of Family Guy.

  • Guy Pierce

    Just plain dum(b)!

  • Ray Gray


  • Tony Stark

    You’re really digging the Galaxy Gear, aren’t you Tim?

    • Meh. I’m sure you’re rocking something much cooler, Tony!

      • Open1Your1Eyes0

        HTC smartwatch. Is that the only company left that we haven’t had even a rumor of as of yet? 😛

        • Gross. I don’t think they can afford to make one to be honest.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            True, it’s too much of a risk to them since the Smartwatch market is not even obvious what people like just yet.

          • T4rd

            I want teh Boomz on mah watch! /s

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    What do Samsung devices and website pop-ups asking for a survey have in common?

    They’re equally obnoxious, and you get rid of them fast enough!

    • Grizzly Atoms

      Nice try! You need to revise your little quip, because you missed a word.

      • aDROIDfreeworld


  • monkey082506

    The sequel to the Manning brother’s commercial…”It’s football on your watch”!

  • NexusPhan

    Cyanogenmod for the gear with proper pairing to any phone running CM and cut the price in half and I’ll buy a couple of these.

    • IanKellogg

      one for each appendage?

      • Adrynalyne

        He would need four for that. Five if he wants to get kinky.

  • JBartcaps

    Hardest level of Candy Crush EVER

    • J2886M

      lvl 9 on galaxy gear is equal to lvl 209 on your note 3

      • Jeff McLean

        Use your Note 3 stylus 😉

  • Bill Hill


    • T S

      . . .. but still not interested.

    • DJyoSNOW