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Review: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung is the company’s first attempt to enter a market in which the industry has adopted as the next opportunity for growth. There isn’t anything on the market that is quite like this device when compared to other smartwatches, as it runs a full-color display, has a built-in camera, and supports 70+ third party applications out of the box. It’s a brave attempt at breathing new life into a growing market, but did Samsung hit it out of the park? We are about to find out.

This is our full Galaxy Gear review. 

The Good


In this reviewer’s opinion, the best thing the Galaxy Gear has going for it is the overall looks and design. I have argued this point with a few people, with the minority of them feeling that the large-looking device is just a plain ol’ eye sore. I couldn’t disagree more intensely. From the subtle grooves on the silicone band, to the polished look of the metallic bezels, the watch oozes sex appeal. Unfortunately for the device, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and of course there will be plenty of folks not picking one up simply because they dislike the looks. Although, there are even a few things about the watch’s design I would have changed including the nipple camera placement. Either Samsung will need to figure out a way to thin out the sensor in the camera to make it more flush with the band, or they will have to scrap this idea altogether, since fear of scratching the camera’s glass in everyday circumstances was a real issue while wearing the device. Besides that though, I loved wearing the device and more times than not, I loved looking at it. To me, a smartwatch that I want to look at and want to touch is paramount. This is something I haven’t found with any of the Galaxy Gear’s competitors such as the Pebble or Metawatch.

Galaxy Gear

Device Integration

Thankfully, the one thing this device has to do, which is connect to your smartphone (Galaxy Note 3) wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0, is done flawlessly. Upon initial connection, you simply tap the back of your Note 3 to the charging cradle of the Gear, and it automatically pairs. No insertion of codes or passkeys needed. Once connected, every change you make through the Gear Manager app on your smartphone takes place instantaneously on the watch; whether that be changes to the clock face, application favorites, or anything along those lines. Another way the integration is highlighted is through the camera application. After snapping pictures on the watch, you can easily transfer the photos taken via Bluetooth to the Note 3 for instant uploading to either Instagram, Facebook, or wherever else you feel like posting them. Keep in mind, the camera takes perfectly square photos, so IG addicts take note. Wink wink.

With that said, keep in mind that future support for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2 is on the way. The devices will need to be updated to Android 4.3 in order to utilize the Bluetooth 4.0 radio found inside of them. It’s a funky process, and completely limits the sales of the Galaxy Gear, but Samsung insisted on growing its own ecosystem instead of allowing non-TouchWiz users to use the watch. For this simple reason, we are looking forward to seeing Google’s take on a smartwatch – one that will hopefully be compatible with all Android devices running a certain version of the OS. Take note, Samsung; this is Android and not iOS. As a community, we don’t really take kindly to closed ecosystems.

Somewhere in the Middle


As of late, most of the smartphones we have reviewed this year all feature some fantastic specs – with quad-core processors, 2GB+ of RAM, high-res 1080p displays, and the list goes on. None of those are necessary when creating a smartwatch, but when it’s priced at $300, you better be getting more than what comes with the Galaxy Gear. This device features a 1.63″ Super AMOLED display (320 x 320 resolution), an 800MHz Exynos processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage (non-expandable), a 1.9MP camera capable of 720p video recording, Bluetooth 4.0, two microphones, one speaker, and an insanely small 315mAh battery. While the device operates just fine with these specs, and you will probably never notice any “lag” or “jank,” is it bad to say we want more? This is after all a $300 device, and you will be lucky to get a full days use out of it when putting it through its daily paces. On top of the small battery, Samsung opted for a full color Super AMOLED display (which also eats at the battery) that you can’t view very well in direct light, a camera sensor so small it’s practically worthless, and only 4GB of storage that will get filled up in no time if you like snapping lots of pictures and downloading applications.

Galaxy Gear


Since the camera is here, and it’s not like we can remove it, we might as well get some use out of it. When used, the camera is a bit funky, but does get the job done just fine. The shots are what you would expect from a 1.9MP shooter (max resolution of 1392 x 1392), and it should really only be used as a last resort. If you can utilize the Note 3’s 13MP camera at the time, then there is no reason to use the shooter on the Gear, since every photo taken needs to then be synced to the Note 3 for uploading to sites and social networks. With that said, if you want to take photos using the watch, then you can expect some lackluster shots to be the result. It features an Auto mode and a Macro mode. Both produce dull and somewhat colorless images, but for some reason, we can’t really knock the device for this. It’s a camera inside of a watch. For that reason alone, we have to place it in this section and not in the negatives. When you want it, it’s there and does work when you need it to. Some samples can be seen below.

Galaxy Gear cameraGalaxy gear SampleGalaxy Gear SampleGalaxy Gear Sample

Device Interface and Interaction

Samsung did a fairly good job at making interaction with Galaxy Gear simple and easy to learn. The entirety of its interface and control is based on gestures, with swipes and taps commanding your backs and selections. When on the homescreen, you simply swipe either left or right to access favorited applications and modes, then there is also an “app drawer” that carries all of the apps found on the device. When inside of an app or menu, all you have to do is swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom, and it takes you to the previous page. For instance, when you are inside of the camera app, just swipe down from the top and you are returned to the homescreen. If you are on the homescreen then swipe from bottom to top, you are met with the Gear’s dialer, which will then allow you to make phone calls through the device via the Bluetooth connection.

Galaxy GearGalaxy GearGalaxY gearGalaxy Gear

In addition to simple swipes to navigate, you can also two finger double tap on the display and be met with your battery status, as well as quick controls for the device’s brightness and sound volume. If you two finger long press anywhere on the device, you are met with a multitasking interface that all Android users should be familiar with. All of this works great, but the reason it isn’t marked in the “Good” section is because sometimes the device doesn’t recognize your taps or swipes, forcing you to retry. It’s sort of a pain and you must always make sure your gestures are firm and direct. It’s a great interface, but could use some more tweaking to make it more sensitive to your finger’s movement on the display.

Galaxy gearGalaxy GearGalaxY gearGalaxY gear

The Not-so-Good

Existing Application Compatibility

The smartwatch is supposed to be the perfect extension of your existing smartphone experience. You should be able to view incoming emails and text messages, then be allowed to reply to them using the watch without having to touch your phone a single time. In my opinion, that is the watch’s true purpose. Given that this is Android, you have to assume that most users are going to be using Gmail for their email needs, and not Samsung’s proprietary email application. This idea must have gone completely over their heads, as neither Gmail or Google’s Hangouts application is supported on the device. I would say about 90% of the notifications I receive throughout any given day are not supported on Galaxy Gear. For this reason alone, I find the watch to be more useless than useful, and that’s a real problem when met with a $300 price tag. If I can’t view my Gmail, and I can’t view my incoming instant messages, then what’s the point? Future compatibility might come, but there is no word on support from Samsung or Google. For now, when those notifications come in, you must “view on device” which then automatically turns on your phone’s display and opens up the application that has a notification. Again, this is the Note 3 we are talking about, so pulling that thing out of your pocket is more of a risk than anything else. And isn’t the point of a smartwatch to make you less inclined to pull out your phone for everything?

Galaxy Gear


The Galaxy Gear features a 315mAh battery, capable of holding a charge for a single day of usage. If you want to use the Gear as a daily device, you will need to keep its charging cradle plugged in right next to your bed, as there is no way it will last you any longer than that. The Super AMOLED display is easily the cause of most of its drain, plus the addition of its always-working sensors to notice movements of your wrist. You can disable its sensors, but then you lose even more functionality of the device, as you then have to hit the power button to turn the display on. Thankfully, there aren’t many apps available that would also eat up your tiny battery, but still, most people have expressed that they don’t want their smartwatch to die after only a single day of usage. At least give us a week or something more than 24 hours. It’s just too easy to place the watch down, let it die, then never charge it again.

Application Ecosystem

Samsung announced at the time of unveiling that the Galaxy Gear would launch with around 70 applications. We should have assumed that most of them would be completely useless, only to get used by a very niche crowd. That pretty much sums up what you have to work with when it comes to application availability, with a few good apps and big names thrown into the mix. For starters, it does have some good productivity apps like Evernote and Runtastic, but the majority of apps you see in the Samsung Apps store are just boring. There are plenty of third party clock faces, Snapchat, a Spin the Bottle app, and Path, the only social network app that is currently available and probably will ever be. Will Facebook and Twitter spend valuable resources to produce apps for this platform? We think not. It would have been much nicer to see some great apps launch with the device, but again, if you want good apps then you might as well just be using your smartphone and not a watch.

Samsung Apps


$299.99 is the price tag placed upon the Galaxy Gear. After the time we have spent with the device, there is no way to justify such a high price point, especially since you could previously buy a Nexus smartphone for the same price on Google Play. Heck, you could even spend the same amount of money and get yourself a portable gaming console like the NVIDIA SHIELD for that matter. With what the watch currently offers in terms of functionality, usefulness, and overall usability, the price would be more suitable around $149.99 in our books. Sorry, Samsung – you were way off on this one.

Device Compatibility

As of right now, the Galaxy Gear is only compatible with a single smartphone on the market – the Galaxy Note 3. If Samsung was looking to sell out of their inventory, this doesn’t seem like the best move. While we understand Samsung’s want to get people using its smartphones and invested into its ecosystem, for everyone else that might want a Galaxy Gear, they are out of luck. Future support is coming to the Gear for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3 thanks to software updates to Android 4.3, but there is no official timeframe for those as of right now. In terms of what phone you can use this device with, everyone but Note 3 owners is currently S.O.L.


Galaxy GearGalaxy gearGalaxy GearGalaxy Gear

GalaxY Gearsamsung galaxy gearsamsung galaxy gearGalaxy gear


Apps available for Galaxy Gear





Should you buy the Galaxy Gear? If you are the owner of a Galaxy Note 3, or a device that is soon to be supported thanks to updates to their firmware, then it’s an interesting decision. Sure, the device looks cool and offers a few neat functions, but none of them add up to $300. No way. Then again, if you enjoy adopting first-gen hardware, and companies’ attempts at being first-to-market with devices, then go for it. I have to say, if you pay full retail for this device, you will inevitably end up disappointed with your purchase.

  • GRok

    is galaxy gear has got ınternet?

  • TheZander

    Inferior in most ways to the MotoACTV, years after MotoACTV came out, and after it has been discontinued … yet it costs MORE?

    Sounds like FUN. Pay MORE for LESS! YAY!!

  • Rimtu
  • truthbetold1226

    How come they selling out???

  • MLBeep

    Got a Note 3 and Gear last Friday. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? YES.

    • truthbetold1226

      MLBeep, I am with you 1000000% I was waiting for TMobile to come a 32gb Galaxy S4, but then the Note 3 showed up.. The Note 3 is like a Samsung Galaxy S4 on steroids.. Well, I banged the Note 3, and then banged the Galaxy Gear.. Ha, all the reviewers must be out to lunch, because the watch is selling out, and they are selling for more then retail on Ebay..

      Plus, I haven’t have my black Pulsar chronograph watch on since I purchased this Galaxy Gear..When I move more then 40ft away, the watch disconnects from my Note 3.. No problem. Made my wife mad because she has a S4, and my buddy called me when I was hugging her, I answered the call on the watch. Then I call another buddy with a voice command to the watch. I told it to “Call Chris”.. the watch hesitated, than in the mechanical voice said “calling chris”, and called Chris..

      MLBeep, we two happy campers(big grin)

  • Kalpana Kaarthik

    Hi Awesome Write Up.
    I have posted a Review for Samsung Galaxy Gear please Read and give your feedback.

  • blaze

    The only watch could beat this one is the Neptune pine
    At this time.


    And I agree as well on the price reduction, that’s just to high for this watch w not much on it..waiting for it to go down.

  • Don

    Can you record video on the gear watch? It would be awesome if it has a built in light, very innovating.

  • Hadrian Hoar

    Your wrong about battery life it easily lasts a day and a half (and luck had nothing to do with it) I think it’s cheap at 300 I would not think twice about paying this for a watch and one that makes phone calls well if you think that’s expensive I for one cannot be begin to understand your logic.Reading a lot of the reviews does make me sad you have such an exciting new product and the very people that should say wow are just not at the races at all why are you writing about tech if you cannot enjoy the future.I have had the gear for a over a week and it’s fantastic but it’s a smartwatch watch not a smartphone and you need to understand that because if you compare it to a phone it cannot compete because it’s a SMARTWATCH

  • What does the badger say?

    If you hagle with the ppl at the store (verizon) they can kind mess with the prices. I got the GN3 free if i bought the watch and traded in my s3 so they will work with you if you ask and not demand things. Remember they are ppl too adn they can only do so much but if youre nice they might go that extra mile for you. ( this was with a upgrade as well)

  • Angus

    Can you show us how the messaging works please cause am curious.

  • Lancer

    So you want it to have better specs, more storage, a bigger battery, and be priced at 50% of the current price?
    Maybe the actual technology is limited in what can be pulled off in such a small form factor at this current time. While I think the 150 or 200 dollar range is a better price point for this concept, I don’t think this smartwatch is as far off as you are suggesting.
    I’d be curious to know what the cost of the device is for samsung.

  • Shannon

    While I would admit being able to read email on a smart watch would be nice, I don’t want to replace the usefulness of my Samsung Note 3 phone. I will be picking my Note 3 up today and I think I will be buying The Gear watch so I don’t have to carry my Note 3 everywhere I go just in case someone calls or texts me. I would rather email or text back from my cell phone’s large display which is the reason I bought it. I don’t want to text back from a tiny display. I have a hard enough time doing that on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I think if you add too much capability to the Gear smartwatch, people will wonder why they need such capability in their smartphone.

  • Pedro Paulo

    There is a thing you didn’t comment, does it works when using it to answer calls like a secret agent?? I mean, can I hear and be heard just fine?

  • Jay Sacks

    Paid $450.00 for my Seiko…and all it does is tell TIME!

    Can’t wait until my note 2 and the Gear will work together.

  • TimXer

    Love the looks and some of the functionality. If it were under $100, I would consider it; if under $50, I would buy it…@ $299, who would actually purchase?

  • Dan

    Get that tattoo covered bro, every time i see it I cringe

  • chris_johns

    I lol when I see this watch

  • Matthew Hojnacki

    I have an overall problem with this “Watch” because of the fact Samsung always talks about about releasing Accessories ex. The Fit Band, The Game Controller…and they never come out. They are so worried about selling new things they forget about old. Its all about the GS4 and now its all about the Gear and Note 3. What about the GS4 working with the Gear is my phone now not good enough for your Phone priced accessory. i guess not. How about finishing something before starting something new.

  • LionOJudah

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the price, however, I simply traded in my old phones and got the gear at a fraction of the cost! No worries here!

    • chris_johns


  • Tyler J

    All i could think about is how stupid that tattoo is!!!!!!

  • umbrellacorp

    I didn’t purchase it and I am still disappointed.

  • Pierito

    First to market? Since when?

  • Jeff McLean

    Am I alone in caring only that it can tell time (and be customizable) and simply provide notifications? Those two things coupled with a stylish design make it a solid win for me. AND YES, I OWN IT AND LOVE IT.
    Don’t care about camera pic quality, don’t care about actually reading the email only a notification for it, app compatibility is gonna be crap because guess what, it came out a week ago. Remember android market a week into its release?

    We really have to remember, this is A WATCH. Its NOT a smartphone replacement. When the article got to the “somewhere in the middle” and on, it was as if “why can’t this do everything my phone can?” I think Samsung hit it out of the park in that its AN ACCESSORY. An extension of your phone. Not a replacement of your phone. Time, notifications, etc. We just happened to get a couple bonus features in having a camera, call capabilities etc.

    The price could be iffy, but like a few others said, im okay with 300 if it does time notifications and style well. Not trying to knock the article, just seemed to have a bit of a negative bias after halfway through.

    • That’s good to hear. I want one, but $300 feels like so much. Which color did you get?

      How difficult is it really to wake it up and see the time?

      • snake 66

        this looks like cat that got shot in the tail

        • ??

          • umbrellacorp

            I don’t get it either.

      • RaptorOO7

        I don’t disagree they should have priced this a bit more agressively or tied it directly to a GN3 promotion, but that was the carriers call and they FAILED at it, what else is new.

        • I think you’re right. It’s a real bummer Samsung… they’re so close! If they had made it $100 or even $199, and opened it up to all devices that use BLE 4.0 (including iOS), they’d have a real winner.

          Maybe 2.0 will get the job done right. And use their curved display.

          I’m hopefully Google will release a decent alternative, for cheap directly through the Play store.

    • RaptorOO7

      Perhpas JKR above should actually read your post, but he/she is too biased to do so.

    • I want my $300 accessories to do more than just give me a notification. That’s where we differ.

      • PSU_DI

        Tim have you seen this SmartWatch, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/omate/omate-truesmart-water-resistant-standalone-smartwa

        I find that this is a much better investment than Galaxy Gear. I can’t wait to get mine!

        • Jeff McLean

          I looked deeply into this before buying my Gear. Spec-wise, you definitely get the money worth from the Omate. But I can’t stand the looks of it….looks like a Rubbermaid military watch….not that that’s bad, just not for me. I just couldn’t get past the looks of it.

      • sk3litor

        But you’ll probably pay over a Grand for a nice mesa boogie half stack. 😉

        • Umm, triple rec? MOST DEFINITELY! 😛

      • Jeff McLean

        This is completely true, I do agree. But I’m still happy with my purchase. Best part of the Gear is not having to try and pull my phone outta my pocket when someone calls while I’m driving. I’m loving that. Especially since that Note 3 is squeezed in there so tightly… 😉

    • LionOJudah

      People spend waaaay More money on a watch that just tells time… ijs. A simple trade in of old phones will discount the price of the Gear.

  • kololo

    so wait does this thing require a smart phone or can you use it on it’s own?

  • Dan

    Have we become so spoiled and tech-dependent that a watch that sends texts and make phone calls is a disappointment? If we’re willing to forget that we’re not living in the 1920’s, maybe we shouldn’t pretend that $300 is an immeasurably large sum of money…….

  • KG

    The biggest problem with this watch is that it ties you to Samsung phones, if you don’t want this thing to become a paper weight with your next phone upgrade. Personally, if I drop $300 on an accessory, I will want it to be future proof and since I have no loyalty to a specific Android manufacturer, I would hate for an overpriced accessory to limit my options when it’s time to pick out my new superphone!

    • MRIANB

      Good point but I am a Samsungholic just like the IPhone fanatics.

      Ian B

  • Jon

    This will be good in a year when the price is dropped $150.

  • vishy


  • It really is a digital device extremely great. Undoubtedly, its price is not cheap. But it’s really great from design to features. I love it.

  • Kurt Weber

    Should have mention that the screen is made of sapphire lol.

  • flascrnwrtr

    If you REALLY want to be Dick Tracy, George Jetson or Captain Kirk… @NeptunePine the one that puts the SMART in smartwatch. #RealDeal


    • RaptorOO7

      Interesting smartwatch, the rear facing camera though requires you to take it off your wrist. Pricing with storage isn’t bad.

      Also you forget the Omate TrueSmart is less expensive and comes with a microSD slot and 3G GSM capabilities. http://www.omate.com

      • flascrnwrtr

        Detaching it is what gives you the ability to use it with things like the headband, to shoot the same way you would with a GoPro camera.


    This reviewer needs to educate and learn about the product before writing this report. If you use the native texting and native email for gmail, you will get all the texts and all the gmail emails in the Gear and be able to read them without opening the phone as well as get all notifications in the Gear.

    Ian B

    • Chris

      what if I want to open my phone? nothing anyone can do about it..

      • MRIANB

        You can disregard the notification in the Gear and open the phone to read the text or email but, that would defeat the whole purpose of purchasing the Gear.

        Ian B

  • slpbird

    Don’t think the price is that bad $300 for a watch that can actually do more then tell time. Compared to a $10k breitling or even a $300 invicta watch that only tells time.

    • Chris

      my phone can tell time and do a lot more.

      • slpbird

        A $700 laptop can do more then a $700 smart phone.

        • Chris

          expect you wont have your laptop with you all the time.

          • slpbird

            Who’s to say I can’t or won’t

          • slpbird

            My original statement still stands the price is reasonable if you compare it to other watches.

          • Jon

            would be interesting to see what the modding community could do with these devices over time.

        • evvewfgvew


  • Chris

    stupid. It doesnt take much to take your phone out of your pocket or purse. Quit being a bunch if fat lazy asses.

  • joejoe5709

    I’m glad a major manufacturer other than Sony finally stepped out and tried this silly thing out, but it’s half baked at best. They would have been better handing them out to a handful of focus groups and/or selling it in small numbers like Google Glass and come out with a smash hit instead.

  • Godzilla

    Yup. Overhyped and over priced. I too am looking forward to what Google does.

    • Chris

      i’m not. I quit wearing silly watches 7 years ago. taking my actual phone out isnt hard,

      • KleenDroid

        Lol… Pure genius.

        State that watches are silly because it is so easy to take your phone out of your pocket check the time and put it back.

        As if twisting and looking at your wrist is such a time killer 🙂

        You will be so cool with your phone in your hand maybe even surfing some porn. While the guy with the watch quickly checks the time and gets back to bangin a real chick.

        • Chris

          Watches dont make you look cool. No matter how hard you nerds try…

          • KleenDroid

            Ha… Never said they did. Just that they have better things to worry about.

          • Chris

            like if their mother is gonna feed them cookies? or if when they reach 50 and still living in the house and their mother dies, if they will get control over the house/

          • KleenDroid


  • RaptorOO7

    Given how much the tech bloggers have panned this device I find it interesting that real world users actually find it excellent, delightful, useful and very beneficial to have. I am prepared to pick one up, and of course would wait to see IF Google releases once but we all know thats a big IF and WHEN.

    • My2Cents

      This is a great watch. Does what it says it does. Its an ACCESSORY! I get 2 full days without charging easily

      • kashtrey

        And what exactly do you do on it?

      • Chris

        and? whats the point of this pointless device?

    • kashtrey

      Just checked Amazon and there are two reviews one which gives it a 4 star based pretty much on what the reviewer thinks the ultimate potential of the devices is and the other a 5 star by someone who doesn’t even have it. I haven’t seen any rave reviews.

      • RaptorOO7

        Try reading over at AndroidCentral.com in the GN3 threads or at XDA-Developers.com in the Galaxy Gear thread. There are users there who have been quite impressed and have shown how great it is as a second screen.

    • jkr

      What real world users? Above you criticize someone for stating something without backing it up, where is your proof of happy users?

      • RaptorOO7

        Try looking past your nose and reading just a blog. Do you actually visit Android related forums. Read my post above and go take a read.

        • panicswhenubered

          “reading just a blog” ??

  • EC8CH

    Yeah… let’s make a curved display but not use it on a device where it would actually be useful.

    • kashtrey

      I hear a lot of this and though I agreed at first, the problem still comes down to the fact that even if they curved the display the glass protection and the rest of the construction would yield a fixed curve. Creating a watch with a fixed curve means you’re going to have fit issues with some people and it’s probably best to go with a more traditional face/case construction with the strap being the only thing that bends.

  • Tatsuo

    I don’t want any sex appeal ooze on my wrist

    • Ej McCarty

      I get some on there sometimes. No big deal haha.

      • mr man


  • not for me

    They should offer this for a large discount (like $150 off) when buying one of the supported devices. Then and only then, will they sell.

    • frankie

      only then? they are either out of stock now, sold out, or backordered lol.

      • Duck

        When I picked up My Note 3 on launch, Verizon stated that they were only getting 1 and didn’t know when another would come in. So its easy to say they are sold out when the limit the stock

  • frankie

    most of the comments i read says the camera is excellent for a watch. also most colors are sold out in amazon with only the orange one available. At at&t, all colors are sold out or out of stock… impressive

    • kashtrey

      “Excellent for a watch” really doesn’t mean crap. The point is, if you have a Note 3 and have to take it out to do anything with the picture anyway, why not just use it instead.

    • kashtrey

      The only ones not available on Amazon are the Rose Gold and Oatmeal ones, so that’s a bit of misinformation. Plus, you can’t judge sales success solely based on availability. You have no clue what the supply volumes were like.

      • frankie

        had you checked amazon’s site earlier when i did only the orange was listed as in stock, who knows maybe they got more, deal with it

    • Chris

      ‘for a watch”

      since when did watches take photos?


    Whats up with that tattoo Tim? What’s the scoop?

    • If you mean the hand near my real hand, it’s a work in progress. My artist moved to San Diego, so I’m stuck with an outline until I can get myself down there for him to finish it up 😛

  • Paul

    Make it $150 and it MIGHT take off… but even then, it’s a limited market with what it is compatible with. I want one and think it’s really cool, and I have an S4 to match, but that cost is too painful.

    • RaptorOO7

      Hardly! It is selling quite well everywhere and saying that without anything to back it up is biased and misleading. I would have like Verizon to offer a discount, even $50 when you did a combo but hey it’s Verizon they don’t discount squat.

      • jkr

        Do YOU have anything to back up your assertion that it is selling well? You are looking a bit like the pot who called the kettle biased.

        • RaptorOO7

          DO YOU have any PROOF its not selling well. NO YOU DON’T.

          • WAldenIV

            You don’t get logic, do you?