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Verizon Currently Allowing You to Upgrade and Keep Unlimited Data?

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We left a question mark on that title because we’re not exactly sure if Verizon has meant to allow customers to keep unlimited data when upgrading or if there is simply a glitch in the system. But yes, at this time, a number of our readers (including us) have been able to walk-through the upgrade process on Verizon’s site and keep unlimited data while purchasing a phone at a subsidized (discounted) price.¬†

As you all know, Verizon killed off unlimited data some time ago and has since tried every trick in the book to get those of us hanging onto unlimited plans to give them up. But yesterday, we received a couple of tips suggesting that you could upgrade to a new phone and switch over to Verizon’s newly introduced $30 6GB plan (called Verizon Max) that was previously tied to Verizon Edge, without having to actually sign up for Edge. As we looked into it, we walked through the upgrade process and didn’t see the option for 6GB at $30, but instead found ourselves at the final steps of checkout with our unlimited data package intact. At no time were we asked to switch off of our unlimited package or told that our plan no longer exists.

See the screenshot below.

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In previous upgrade attempts, we hit the screen above and were shown a current plan along with a new plan. The current plan showed our unlimited data package, while the new almost always showed that our plan was being changed to a tiered package, usually 2GB for $30. But as you can see, that’s not the case here.

To make sure we weren’t imagining things, we decided to sit tight on this info and see if others were seeing similar results. As it turns out, they are. We have now had at least 5 or 6 readers who have gone through an upgrade process on Verizon’s site and been able to keep unlimited data. Well, at least Verizon’s website is making it seem that way. We would be semi-hesitant to believe that this isn’t a glitch in the system that Big Red won’t correct before long. I just hope that they don’t catch the bug and try to swap plans around later or when the phone arrives and customers activate them (or swap in a SIM). At this time though, we don’t know how that will play out.

Not that this makes the situation any clearer, but I did chat with a customer service rep for a few minutes who seemed to believe that with the information I was seeing, that I was going to keep my unlimited data plan. I asked if there was a special promotion going on, and they said that they weren’t aware of one. Had I finished checking out, the rep was willing to hang on the line to make sure that everything went through properly.

And last, remember that the “VERIZON30” coupon code still works, so $199 phones are $139.

Sooooooo, are you willing to upgrade and see if you can keep your unlimited data? At this point, we have had a whole bunch of people see similar results to ours. Is it worth the risk?

Update: As of 3:00PM Pacific, it appears as if Verizon has removed the option to keep unlimited data. I guess we’ll see how this all unfolds over the coming days. Will they let you all keep unlimited data or not?

Cheers Derek, BKShaw23, David, John, and Peter!

  • Testman

    April of 2012 I had a 3G modem on an unlimmited plan. I get a call from Verizon asking if I would like to upgrade to a 4G modem. I said no because A, I cannot get 4G and B, I have an unlimited plan. The rep says no problem the modem is both 3G and 4G compatible and you can keep your plan. I got the modem and last month with an amplifier got 4G.
    My contract is up in April 2014 but I wonder if I do not upgrade what will happen. This modem is on a router and averages over 25GB per month.

  • nelson

    So…..the idiots at Verizon cancelled my order and told me to try it again….so no upgrade for me. Well played Verizon….Now back to Netflix.

  • paradyme

    A can of worms have been officially opened for VRZN if they have indeed declared the ability to upgrade your device w/unlimited data as a mistake or online glitch. The reason I say this is because if you were in the VRZN store like I was prior to returning home to complete my EDGE upgrade online and were in-store where I was told that “you cannot keep your VRZN unlimited data plan” and gave in as suggested by VRZN to an available VRZN alternate data plan option, then you were officially misinformed and duped out of your unlimited data plan as this was clearly not the case online at the VRZN wireless website that indeed allowed you to keep your VRZN unlimited data plan when upgrading or purchasing a new device. Oh, heads will role on this one. But something tells me VRZN may have just had a change of heart and simply allowed it’s unlimited data pre-existing customers to keep the unlimited when upgrading to a new device…maybe. Stay tuned.

  • paradyme

    I did it…upgraded both mine and my wife’s APPLE IPHONE 4’s to the new APPLE IPHONE 5S on VRZN EDGE this past weekend and we both kept our unlimited data plans. I wrote an article explaining my VRZN upgrade experience w/screenshot.

    Check it out here: http://www.droid-life.com/2013/08/26/verizon-max-30-6gb-data-deal-for-unlimited-data-users-is-live-as-well/