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CyanogenMod’s cLock Widget Makes Its Way to Google Play as Chronus


The CyanogenMod ROM has a few great aspects to it, thanks to all of the hard work that third-party developers submit to it. One of the neat apps that gets baked into the custom ROM is a widget by the name of cLock aka Chronus. The widget looks like your average Android clock widget, but it also adds in your upcoming scheduled events, as well as your current weather conditions. It’s a clean and good-looking widget, which is now available through Google Play for anyone who wants to use it on their own device. And better yet, it’s completely free to download. 

The widget allows for quite a few customizations, so there is no doubt that you can tweak it to any point you would like. It will be a very valuable asset to your device’s homescreen.

Go grab it.

Play Link

  • As long as its activated on your local carrier that is in your region
    you can use it anywhere after that. Androidcentral did some
    investigating on it.

  • valdt

    Благодаря этому ресурсу узнал о том классом виджете!

  • gbyers72

    I have never really used it ever since dashclock came out.

  • F The VC

    Ever since CM sold out to the man, I dumped them and will not revisit.

  • David Nguyen

    Woooo version 4.1 and up. Screw you Samsuck for lack of updates for Note 2!! (still love em though)

  • joder

    Love the wallpaper, anyone know where it came from? Someone posted a link below for the icons.

  • can adjust it to any point you want, exactly as it will be very good for my phone screen.

  • Droid Ronin

    Any advantages this has over DashClock?

    • Mike

      Two entirely different products. DashClock is useless by itself, this is only a clock widget.

    • donkeykong85

      this looks better than dashclock on 4.3. i can customize the look a bit more. dashclock has a bit more functionality though.

  • lamenting

    “Use metric” doesn’t work.. still shows imperial.

  • diversion

    Definitely need that wallpaper. Dead sexy.

  • Frettfreak

    so.. its like dash clock? without all the other extensions that you can add?

  • Trooper

    What are those icons> Wallpaper Tim? Thanks!

  • compwagon

    I’m a little suspicious — this does not appear to have been released by CM (as someone else pointed out, there were legal issues with the name Chronus…) and this is the dev’s only app on the Store. Repackaging very popular software in your own app seems like it would be a wonderfully effective vector for malware…

    • compwagon

      nvm, followed the dev link to his G+ page. He appears to be a contributor to CM and he mentions the new app on his G+ page. My bad.

  • Johnny Steele

    This is fantastic! 😀

  • Justin W

    Wasn’t there a C&D order for using the name Chronus a while ago against this? I thought that was why they changed the name to cLock?

    • This is what the dev said on his google+ page

      “there is no copyright issues with the name AFAIK. There was a threat made to CyanogenMod to stop using it and they decided not to fight it. I’m releasing this as myself, not in any official CyanogenMod capacity and as such am willing to fight it if need be. The version in CyanogenMod remains cLock so they are safe.”

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  • Tim242

    http://m.androidcentral.com/galaxy-note-3-region-lock-more-details-emerge Note 3 SIM update…not what was reported yesterday.

    • Gnex

      You and your Note 3…

      • Tim242

        It’s kind of a big deal that it really isn’t region locked like the internet proclaimed yesterday.

        • ReturnofTheMack

          Yeah I have to agree with you on that one. Really would have sucked for international travelers.

        • JoshGroff

          Now I can reconsider buying one in a few months when the market dies down. Yay.

          • Tim242

            I hope DL posts the update. A lot of people were put off by the original story.

          • Adrynalyne

            They had an updated posted this morning. You would have known this, had you checked.

          • Tim242

            I generally don’t go back to the previous day’s post to check for updates, as I’m sure most people don’t. Updating doesn’t bump the post to today’s posts. The update is better than nothing, but I think it warranted a new post. I would not have known if I had not seen it elsewhere.

          • JoshGroff

            On something that major, it definitely warrants a new post. Then again, in a community as tight knit as this, word spreads quickly.

        • michael arazan

          As long as its activated on your local carrier that is in your region you can use it anywhere after that. Androidcentral did some investigating on it.

  • John Burke

    Looks alright but I’ll stick with DashClock on top of WidgetLocker.

  • EnX$$