CyanogenMod’s cLock Widget Makes Its Way to Google Play as Chronus


The CyanogenMod ROM has a few great aspects to it, thanks to all of the hard work that third-party developers submit to it. One of the neat apps that gets baked into the custom ROM is a widget by the name of cLock aka Chronus. The widget looks like your average Android clock widget, but it also adds in your upcoming scheduled events, as well as your current weather conditions. It’s a clean and good-looking widget, which is now available through Google Play for anyone who wants to use it on their own device. And better yet, it’s completely free to download.  (more…)

CyanogenMod Gets Cease & Desist Over Chronus Clock Name, Wants Your Help to Pick a New One

cm10 chronus

Cyanogenmod’s new Chronus clock widget is no more. Shortly after publicly announcing this new CM feature, the team received a Cease & Desist from a company who had previously trademarked the name “Cronus.” The CM team wanted to make it clear that their clock is in no way similar to this other entity’s software, nor is it infringing on the trademark, however, they are not about to spend the money it would cost to fight this.

So now it’s time to rename the widget! They aren’t necessarily holding a contest, as the team gets to decide on the final name, but they are asking for your help over at their Facebook page.

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CyanogeonMod Introduces New Chronus Clock Widget for CM10.1

cm10 chronus

The CyanogenMod team introduced their next big feature for CM10.1 today, called Chronus. It’s a clock widget that resembles the new clock included in Android 4.2, only the CM team turned it up a notch by including weather and calendar options. It works on both lock and home screens, has numerous features, and will come packed inside CM nightlies starting immediately.

No word on if it will ever be pulled out to be used as a separate app on any device, but we’d certainly welcome it.  (more…)