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Chart: Verizon Edge vs. AT&T Next vs. T-Mobile JUMP vs. Sprint One Up


Now that Sprint has joined the other three major U.S. carriers by making their early upgrade plan official, we felt as if a simple chart was in store to help display most of the fine print from each. And while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you participate in any of these outside of T-Mobile’s, we know that monthly payment plans are an attractive option for those who want to keep current data plans and upgrade often. So below, to help those of you in that category out, you’ll find a comparison of Verizon Edge, AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP!, and Sprint One Up

This isn’t the money breakdown, which shows you how big of a rip-off the two plans from Verizon and AT&T are, because we already ran through those numbers. This is a chart that shows how each plan works, when you can upgrade, if there are fees attached, how many payments you’ll make, if you can pay your phone off early, etc.

Most of this stuff is pretty straight forward, but charts always make it easier to visualize and compare.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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  • noah

    The catch with Verizon though is you have to already be eligible for an upgrade to get into the edge program. Then you are still essentially on the hook for 2 years anyway to pay for the phone

  • Maverick

    Sprints One Up is the best of the group!

  • c

    your plan at tmobile increases your bill $10.00 more a month…in reality…a service charge..or finance charge, whatever you prefer to call it

  • PaceyPimps

    Jump is the best as depending on your credit you can get a lower down payment even 0% and monthly was not high i did it for the Note 3 and in 6 months only paid them $374 towards the device not including the $70 monthly service. But the phone Costs $708 with out contract so i paid only $374 and then i can trade it in for another phone with additional discounts and jump even covers free premium insurance that covers theft or damage. after my 1st upgrade i can upgrade the next month if i want to but am only limited to 2 upgrades in the yr. and T-mobile internet is real unlimited 4G

  • Yolanda

    Program is bogus at least for Verizon you have to be able to upgrade your phone in order to participate in the program. Very misleading!

  • Bdot

    Verizon gives the term “rip off” a new name

  • Rory

    It’s not true to say that the Verizon Edge or AT&T NEXT contracts force you to pay twice for the device as there is no down payment. Here’s the costs for a Moto X on AT&T’s various contracts with the plan I’m interested in..

    Moto X – 900 rollover mins / 20c per message / 5GB with hotspot / insurance

    1yr contract (excluding sales and other taxes)
    – $449.99 for the device
    – $36.00 for activation
    – $1403.76 for 12 months service ($116.98×12)
    $1,889.75 total cost of ownership

    2yr contract (excluding sales and other taxes)
    – $199.99 for the device
    – $36.00 for activation
    – $1403.76 for 12 months service ($116.98×12)
    – $205 for early termination fee
    $1,844.74 total cost of ownership

    Next contract (excluding sales and other taxes)
    – $324.00 for the device ($27×12)
    – $0.00 for activation
    – $1403.76 for 12 months service ($116.98×12)
    $1,727.76 total cost of ownership

    The Next plan saves a little over $100. The only reason I’m considering it is because my employer pays my phone bill. So the real advantage to me is paying $0 down having my employer foot the whole cost of my phone.

    The REAL gem right now is the Sprint One Up plan. In my case I could save $400+ on the total cost of ownership.. but I’d want to make sure my device can use all of Sprint’s LTE bands or face crappy data service

    • Mr Wireless Customer

      Tmobile’s Jump is the best option, there Jump feature also includes insurance, mobile securtiy, and extended warranty and alot of there phones are zero down. Also the actual plan prices are much cheaper with no shared data and their jump feature actually pays off the remaining balance of your phone no matter whats left after 6 months. And as far as a new down payment, trade in your existing phone to cover any out the door costs.

      • Rory

        Handing in your device is a condition to ‘jump’ as far as I know.. and no high-end devices are $0 down on T-Mobile.

        But otherwise I’d agree.. in total costs T-Mobile Jump is HUNDREDS cheaper per year than Verizon or AT&T. Maybe not quite as good value as Sprint One-Up for now in my particular case.

        My issue with T-Mobile is coverage. There is none at my office and the Wi-Fi calling feature isn’t available on the phones I want. They don’t have a messaging app either like the rest do to get you SMS on Wi-Fi while out of cellular coverage unlike Verizon & AT&T.

        • Shilamar Drea Shockley

          Tmobile does have $0 on high end phones, confirmed that with the corporate and retail stores, just have to have a score for it to be $0 down

  • The Phenom

    These programs are only for people that want to upgrade constantly. As a T-mobile customer. I can put a down payment down on a device and make the monthly payments. If I am able to pay off the device sooner than later I can can turn around and get a new device as long as the device is paid off.

  • Can we keep unlimited data?


    (SPRINT ONE UP) 1st Year
    Samsung Galaxy S® 4
    $88 down payment, activation fee [plus tax)
    $65 monthly payment ($780yr)
    $27×12 payments ($324yr)
    Total $1192.00

    (T-MOBILE) 1st Year
    Samsung Galaxy S® 4
    $60 down payment
    $80 monthly plus JUMP ($960yr)
    $21×12 months payments ($252)
    Total $1272.00

    Sprint change your device every 12 months
    Sprint One Up Doesn’t Include Insurance

    T-Moblie change your device every 6 months
    T-Moblie Includes Insurance

    • yankeesusa

      So when you say $80 for Tmobile you mean, $70 for the true unlimited plan plus the $10 Jump fee? Don’t forget tmobile includes not only the insurance and free hotspot but up to 2.5gb at 4g speeds. Plus if you don’t go over 2gb of data then you can have this plan dropped to $60 plus the $10 jump fee. But overall great breakdown of fees. It looks like sprint is cheaper without including insurance and only 1 upgrade.

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Just to also note, If you are on Verizon, Edge requires you to pay your current ETF on any remaining contract you may have FIRST. Not be able to just get a new phone as part of it. I attempted to do it once and they specifically told me I had to pay the full cost of the ETF on any lines I was planning on upgrading, which pretty much defeats the point for me.

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  • joss gitlin

    See here’s where they get you…

    You can upgrade before you finish completely paying off your old phone. Therefore when you get your new phone you’ll owe down payments for both phones at once. If you upgrade every six months you will be paying for three phones!

  • jackie moore

    Sprint and T mobile have the best plans because they have the worst service….imho

    • Mr Wireless Customer

      says the metro user

      • jackie moore

        no says the user who travels all the time and need a phone that works

  • DavinFelth

    On Verizon, if you upgrade to a new phone after 6 months and it’s 50% paid off, that means you’ll be paying for two phones each month for a while, correct? Just paying up front for a phone from Google is looking more and more appealing…

    • DJ SPY

      No. You trade in your old phone. You’ll only be paying for the new one. It’s like leasing a car.

      • Mr Wireless Customer

        Not true, the trade in value covers some of the cost but depending on the device it may not cover the other 50% of the phone and they give you the option of trading it in to cover out the door costs. So in most cases customer will be paying on 2 phones at once. Again you can trade in your phone but only for the value listed. If the value isnt enough you will be paying to balances

  • jboogie1289

    They forgot to mention on Vzw’s plan that you have to either have an upgrade available or add a line to utilize this. Maybe I missed this in the listings but I was floored when the Customer Support guy told me this in order for me to take advantage of this!! What a rip! I’m trying to eliminate lines, not add anymore.

  • Asimoalex

    So btw people are explaining edge it don’t sound that bad, I mean I buy my phone out right and sell online but it just sounds like the same basic math formula you end up paying like 200 ish for a new phone… My only question is if it’s better than what I already have I get 450 min and unlimited data for $70

  • AustinSam

    Missing are two rows: One that shows whether insurance and extended warranty is included in the monthly fee (T-mobile: yes, others no) and a row that asks whether you are getting double-charged for a device subsidy implicit in your monthly plan cost (T-mobile:no, Sprint: yes but you get the $15/mo discount, AT&T and Verizon yes). This is what generally makes T-mobile’s offer the best, with Sprint a near second.

    • yankeesusa

      Great point. The $15 discount is what is going to get a lot of people to get this plan. Too bad that sprint insurance is crap and will be your only option since you can’t by your phone from best buy.

  • Sterling

    Seems to me T-Mobile or Sprint. Sprint is a close second seeing as how their unlimited plan is now $65 a month

  • I’m quite looking forward to the new plan and hope they have many new products that users love

  • matti861

    if im not having my phone subsidized then I want my bill cheaper. Thats the whole point…. I’d rather pay the $639 for an s4 to get a cheaper monthly bill and not be tied to a contract. I work for a wireless carrier and whenever a customer asks about them I just look at them as if they were retarded lol. LIke you seriously would consider this scam

  • My Maxx is 21 months old. I’m on the VZW Nationwide 450 with double date promo (4G/$30). I go over my data every month and pay about $130 for a single line. I want a SG4.

    What do I do in 3 months? Explain it like I’m five.

    • Chris

      Switch to Sprint or T-mobile and pay less then half.

      • Asimoalex

        And have crippled service and pay about $10 less

      • You, sir, are too good to me. For that, you get my imaginary upvote on all your future comments. =)

  • davejknight77

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  • jaredgreenwald

    if verizon included a $15 service credit with this plan i’d be all over it

  • Michael

    Can you use the Alternate Upgrade with the VZW No Lube, er “Edge” program?

  • mkl4466

    With Verizon edge you can only enter the program as a new customer or once you are at the end of your contract and are eligible for upgrade. What about with the other three?

    • Reginald Jefferson

      It applies to new additional lines as well. Found that out when my fiance got her *phone yesterday. (Didn’t sign up for edge btw)

  • Greg

    See this is where I am getting confused…. Every where I see Verizons edge I see no down payment required… But yet to walk out with the device of your choice you must (htc one) pay $67.. That is quite a bit different than zero!

    • I see what you are saying. I could probably clarify that to read “only first month’s payment.”

      • Greg

        It’s not you, you are just posting what is being said by Verizon.. They are the ones that need to take the “$0 down” off of the edge program… No matter how they try to explain it, when you are required to pay taxes and first month down.. It is no longer “$0’s down” you should have herd the rep and supervisor try to explain why it’s says zero down.

    • matti861

      could just be the tax there buddy, We at att charge the customer the tax of the full retail price up front as uncle sam has to get his cut

      • Greg

        I know it’s tax full full retail, but they also want first months payment.. Still a big difference than zero down. . I could understand having to pay taxes… But being required to pay first months as well takes away the zero down. I strongly believe it’s false advertising.

        • Al

          Its not false advertising. Its like leasing a car or an apartment. You make the first payment before you move in or drive away from the dealership. Example

          $600 device = 24 payments of $25 a month so after 1st payment due at signing you have 23 payments left = $600

          Money down would be

          $600 device $60 dollars down figuring down payment of 10% = $540 so then you have 24 payments of $22.50/ month = $600

          • Greg Carter

            Sorry still don’t see the logic…again I can understand taxes, but requiring ANYTHING on the phone to walk out removes the “zero down” no matter how anyone tries to explain it.. $67 is very different than zero…

          • Greg

            HTC ONE
            full retail price-$599.99
            Verizon edge payments – $25.22/24 months
            Taxes AND first month due upfront.
            1st payment – $25.22
            Total $61.22 to walk out.
            Remaining balance – $574.77/23 pmnts left.
            Every way I work it it looks like requiring the 1st month upfront IS a down payment..

  • trwb

    I have had 3 phones this year. 2 new, 1 used. I spent $325 for the year. No need to “jump” or “edge”. You just have to know how to sell a phone on the internet when you are done with it. Its not that hard to do.

    • matti861

      omg there is somebody out here with a working brain lol. The carriers are banking from the stupidity of customers

      • yankeesusa

        That’s exactly what this is. The only one i see may be worth it is tmobile and maybe sprint just to get your $15 discount, add that to a work discount and maybe its worth it. Too me, I just sell my current phone and pay the difference to get a new phone. Then at my 2 year upgrade if I still like my service I’ll use that discount.

  • Other interesting points about these plans is that you still have to pay the tax on the full retail price of the phones (in California), even if you trade in at 6 months or whatever, but your phone can go naked (no case) and as long as you don’t thrash your phone, they will take it back on a trade in. Nice not to be super worried about phone condition.

  • Current User of Verizon Edge and it’s something that works for me. I am one of those people that loves to try new phones and wish I could upgrade sooner. I was thinking about going the full price route but I would hate to pay 600+ every year and only be able to resell it for less than a third of that.

    As I was looking at getting a new phone I figured that Edge would be a great fit. I would be able to trade in my phone after 12 months and get a new one. So breaking it down the monthly payments of $27 for 12 months and 2 year contract price plus tax would be pretty much the same price. So it made sense for me to pay for the phone over time and have the ability to upgrade in a year.

    I did lose my unlimited data but I knew what the big things that caused that such as FoxFi, Spotify and downloading movies. So I just had to change how I did a few things. Plus since getting my Chromecast I have my phone connected to Wifi anytime I am home.

    • pd240

      Unless I am missing something, this seems almost the same as paying full retail to keep unlimited. If you pay full retail for a phone on Verizon you still have to pay the subsidy cost that’s built into the plan. This plan allows you to take the 6gb option and essentially lease the phone for 12 months with the option of upgrading at 6 months and paying a small charge. For me, I am wanting to upgrade at least once a year and I am to lazy to keep selling phones on swappa and eBay.

      • It is like leasing a phone. I do have the 6gb option. I don’t have to pay the full retail price of phone. Just have to pay half of it and I get to upgrade after that. So I get a new phone once a year and don’t have to sell on swappa or ebay.

        • Destroythanet

          This is good for convenience and for those who don’t want to pay full price upfront. But for those who are good at selling stuff for high prices on ebay and/or craigslist and don’t mind full price upfront, it’s not worth it.

          • Yeah that is the way I see it also, which is why I went with it. And it wouldn’t work for the people that good at selling online.

    • matti861

      sounds like somebody walked into a store and got sold lol. Tell me why you couldnt just get whatever phone you wanted. Lets use the Droid maxx as an example. Phone costs $299.99 plus whatever tax. year later the next phone comes out and you want it. With the box still handy you can make all of that back or at least close to it (little bit diffrent with verizon and their cdma phones but still works). That $200 or so that you just made can be applied to a early upgrade from verizon to bring that cost down to the regular 2 year pricing. Its a never ending cycle. That if you follow works everytime. Why do you think the carriers have come out with these plans? They see what we as customers have been doing and want to cash in. How in the world do you see this as fair when you are buying the phone outright with no subsidy to speak of but yet you still pay the same ammount monthly? That part just baffles me

      • I actually figured this all out before I went into the store. But if you figure it all out every option is going to about the same in price. Every carrier is seeing this as a way to cash in and target a certain customer. These programs are targeted at people that want a new phone every year which is not a majority of their customers. These are for people that don’t want to purchase full retail up front with the hassle of selling it and don’t want to be in a two year contract. I could write a whole article on this if I wanted.

  • TeeJay1100

    So in other words: Forget about these contracts, Go Prepaid

  • rthvk

    Am I the only one who read “Plan name?” for Sprint as “Give Up?”

  • JoshGroff

    It should also have the fact that the $10 jump plan fee includes phone insurance and lookout premium. Nevermind. >.> Didn’t read the whole chart before posting.

  • Matthew Ross

    Honestly if your going to do one then fine with me. Just make sure to be saving up to pay the phone off ASAP. That way you dont over pay by to much hopefully or you squeeze in a new phone at the end of your contract with out reupping.

    • Adrynalyne

      If you pay it off a couple months early, you pay about as much as full retail, at least with Verizon.

      • trwb

        Yea it would just be better to save the money first and then buy a phone full retail or a like new one on swappa, instead of getting locked into giving more money to the carrier each month.

  • Jeffrey

    So, which one of these plans screws you the least?

    • T-Mobile.

      • Eric R.

        Which one screws with you the most?

        • Kanaga Deepan N

          obviously the BigRED and Blue… Next comes Yellow and last Magenta…

      • Adrynalyne

        Does it?

        Down payment + monthly?

        I’d lean towards sprint, as they at least use vaseline.

        • jaylanPHNX

          T-Mobile’s is the only plan that does not charge you the same rate as a subsidized phone for one that’s not subsidized. In other words, everyone else is straight pocketing that subsidy money.

          • JohnThackr

            I’m confused, it appears that Sprint is charging less for the phone too, although you have to be on one of their unlimited plans, so it’s not worth it if you don’t want unlimited talk.

          • BOB

            you can cancel the talk, you just click on the mix and choose and choose what you want, it can be as low as 30 $

          • techgui

            sprint is giving a $15 buck service credit tho

        • Phillip Bee

          As I have stated in a similar article on another site Tmobile’s extra $10/month includes insurance and the premium suite of Lookout’s mobile protection !! No other plan/service does. Tmobile does give you a best value.

          Plus since Tmobile is GSM you have better options for unlocked or off contract phones, and Tmobile usually has faster updates especially vs VZW and Sprint !! #TmoFTW

          • itznfb

            But.. but.. with AT&T and Verizon you get to pay for the phone twice! Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

          • anon

            um…i’m pretty sure you are just paying ONCE. you are paying full retail, but you don’t have to get a contract. which is something you people complain about ALL the time. so maybe you should read what it is first before trying to be funny.

          • slvfox

            He wasn’t trying to be funny. You are paying twice for your phone. Verizon has a hidden cost to subsidize phones when buying on discounted plans. They still charge the same whether you pay full price or discount.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            No, he definitely was trying to be funny, and sarcastic.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            The cost is built into their plan. That’s why when T-Mobile went “UnCarrier” they lowered ALL of their plans $20 basically removing the subsidy cost from their plans. You only pay more if you are financing a phone thru them. Verizon AT&T and Sprint have yet to lower their plans by any margin. So their subsidies are still built into their plans which is why people are saying you get charged twice.

          • C-Law

            We are reading. You are paying twice. Contract or not, Verizon charges the same per month. That price already includes the subsidy for regular upgrades. they are still making you pay in full for a phone you are on this plan instead of giving you a subsidy discount like Sprint s version, so yes you are paying for a full phone with this program plus the subsidy already built into your plan for regular upgrades. So you really do pay twice

          • itznfb

            As I mentioned a couple posts up and other have mentioned already, the subsidy is in the plan and unrelated to the contract in any way. You’re paying for the phone twice.

          • Gideon Alvin White

            the monthly price works the phone subsidy in so yes, you ARE paying for the phone twice – UNLESS they’re offering discounts on SERVICE when you buy your own phone…

          • GinaDee

            People keep saying that all over the web but offer no proof. Even if they did it would be no different than any other company on earth who tries to bury their costs into a service contract.

            Verizon and AT&T offer better service. The assumption that they should drop their prices to match the value crowd is lame.

            The day they do that is the day T-Mobile goes out of business.

          • Phillip Bee

            Ppl keep saying they double charge because its right.

            In the plan VZW charges $40 for a smartphone + your share plan. Now if you want to upgrade your going to pay for the phone full retail split into payments. That would be 2 charges.

          • Linsey Stockman


            For Verizon, the $40/month isn’t for the phone itself, it’s for the line access and unlimited talk/text. Then you choose your data package of 2-20GB to share across the account. For example, my husband, my mom and I all have smart phones and we share 6GB of data. Our bill for all 3 phones (after our 15% military discount) runs just at $200. A visual: [$40 x 3 lines] + $80 data = $200 (plus tax, less our discount.)

            In the older plans, it was set up differently, but the end result is the same: you have an access fee plus whatever data or add-ons you wanted. When you upgrade or start new service, you still have to buy the device (unless there’s a promotion, etc. blah blah), AND you’ll pay an upgrade or activation fee. Unfair and stupid, yes, but you will most likely come out of pocket for the device and you’ll be signing a 2-year contract. But no, you aren’t paying for the device twice, in either case.

          • umbrellacorp

            Then why wait? If they wanted to be competitive, they should be trying to put them out of business and absorb their company.

          • itznfb

            I didn’t say they should drop their prices. I said with Edge and Next you are paying for the device twice because you are. When Verizon announced these new plans their CFO talked directly about current subsidies.


            They don’t hide the fact that the phones are subsidized in the cost of the required voice + data plan. So you are paying for the phone in the subsidy (1) and you are paying for the phone in the Edge plan (2). You’re paying for the phone twice.

          • GinaDee

            A Verizon or AT&T customer can purchase insurance too if they want. Difference is that’s not forced.

          • Phillip Bee

            Exactly my point … its going to cost extra !! Therefore its not a better deal.

            Tmo’s $10 is insurance, jump and other misc benefits that other insurance plans or carriers dont offer. Thats why its a better value. If your going to “Force” it on me fine. But give me the best deal that available, and they do.

          • christian

            Yea , T- mobile can offer you “Jump!” and cheap billings …but two things they cannot offer is good services and especially customer services.

          • JeffColorado

            LOL – As a former Verizon customer I can assure you, T-Mobile’s service is FAR superior to Verizon. It is not even a contest. T-Mobile staff are phone nerds and know what they are talking about. Verizon staffs their stores with clueless salespeople, not phone nerds. TMO phone support is far better as well.

          • antny

            Stop smoking crack.

          • The Phenom

            T-mobile knows it screwed up after he failed merger but they are trying to get better in the customer service. The offshore Call Center jobs move has been terrible for the company.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            Really? You’re mad that they are making you get insurance?

          • maxxl

            ya obama is making us all get insurance

          • Meln4ya

            why so angry?

          • Are you seriously this retarded?

          • T Rex

            If I don’t want insurance or Lookout then it is no value to me for $10 per mo. Plus Tmo network blows. Damaged goods.

        • Jon

          There is no down payment on T-Mobile. I know as I just got on Jump last month. If you have good credit, there is no down payment. If you don’t have the greatest credit, they require $100 down I believe.

          Now T-Mobile does make you pay for the tax upfront. So I had to pay like $65 of tax upfront. And I had to pay $10 for my SIM card. So that was $75 and I was out the door with my new GS4.

          T-Mobile is by far the best plan. Our monthly bill now is $145 / month and that includes 2 lines with unlimited text, voice, and 2.5 Gigs of 4G LTE, and then it’s unlimited 2G data after that. And 1 line has the Jump plan so that includes $24 / month phone payment plus $10 for the Jump.

          You can do the math…this is a hell of a deal. And T-Mobile is the only one that allows you to do 2 phone swaps per 12 months. So envision this…you buy a brand new phone on Jump today, in 6 months you can swap for another, a month or two after that, you could swap again for your second swap in under 12 months. After the 12 months has passed, say in the 13th or 14 th month, you could swap again. So in essence, you could have 4 different phones in 13 months time on T-Mobile if that fancied you.

          • JonathonFlores

            How does Jump work if I buy the Nexus 5 outright and take it up there?

          • Jon

            You can’t bring your own phone for the JUMP plan. You must buy a phone from T-Mobile. The Nexus 4 was released for T-Mobile only about a month or so after it launched. I would assume that the Nexus 5 will also come to T-Mobile as well. So that should be an option for you to get the Nexus 5 and JUMP.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            However, when it first released the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile was $569 (iirc), after a few months dropped to $469, and stayed there until T-Mobile stopped selling them. Nexus phones are best purchased outright from the Google Play Store. Take the $20/mo you would have spent on the device with JUMP!, put that away towards next year’s Nexus, and you will always have enough to replace it every year.

          • Jon

            But the question relates to the JUMP plan so presumably anyone interested in the JUMP plan wants to switch phones frequently. So yeah I would totally be up for having the Nexus phone for 6 months and then swapping out in 6 months for next best thing. So the JUMP plan is still relevant.

            In my research, JUMP is worth it for the insurance aspect plus the JUMP, but also if you would like to upgrade every 6 months. If you are a once every 12 month upgrader, then I really think your better off going with a Nexus, or just buying your phone once a year and selling the old one.

          • Mike Snyder

            I win – Verizon Unlimited Talk/Text, Unlimited Data, Microsoft Discount (22%). Bill is $120 month for two lines. AND I don’t have to put up with my calls dropping when I decide to go visit the suburbs.

          • everettedl

            So are you using both lines for yourself? If so, what’s the point since you can’t upgrade with the two year contracts anymore?

            I too have unlimited data and a discount on vzw and it’s awesome! I intend to keep it as long as possible. Spend less and get more!

        • Joey Funk

          but it’s sprint…

      • Allan

        If it wasn’t for the $10/month I would agree.

      • cocoman135

        i thought that you end up paying close to two grand in JUMP! and Phone payments if you end up upgrading every 6 months

        • Stephanie

          Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I was told by the T-Mobile Sales Rep that if you trade in your phone, the balance that you owe gets wiped out.

          Anybody else hear that?

      • Matt

        I am “jumping” to T-mbile as soon as the Note III arrives in my local store. Good riddance Verizon.

        Thanks Kellex for putting all of this together.

      • GwapoAko


    • Brian Ward

      I think is worth noting that T-Mobile has a discounted wireless plan to compensate the buyer for not getting a subsidized phone. Verizon does not.

      • findjaysee

        It’s also worth noting, that they charge less because as a buyer you get less… customer service & national network coverage. As your network, reputation, reliability all get better, guess what…. You can start charging more for access to it. “You get what you pay for.”

        • JonathonFlores

          Maybe everyone should Jump on tmo and then theyll get more revenue and get more towers!!

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            They have to build 2-3 times the number of towers per area that Verizon and AT&T do because of their spectrum. It is prohibitively expensive for them to expand very far beyond population centers, so they are focusing on making their existing coverage the best it can be rather than expansion. That, and taking every measure they can to put market/user pressure on their competition through aggressive marketing.

          • findjaysee

            That’d be an idea Jonathon. lol

        • Brian Ward

          Yeah, I think that was coined by someone who wants to charge more. So, are you taking the Edge program on Verizon? You will be paying more of you do. Surely it must be worth it 🙂

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            It is worth it to some people, and I don’t fault them for it. Verizon charges more money for a demonstrably better service. As a publicly-traded company, they are going to charge as much for their service as they can to rake in the highest profits because that is their job. If they start to lose a significant number of customers, they will need to react, but until then, don’t hold your breath.
            As for the snarky comment at the end of your statement, the amount more that you pay is….the difference in the cost of service! So, if Verizon’s service is worth $20 more a month to you, then yes, Edge is a good deal if you don’t want a service contract.

    • trwb


    • Herb69

      According to http://seekingalpha.com/currents/post/1281452
      In a leaked slide, Sprint asserts a One Up sub will pay $1,192 in total phone and service fees in the first 12 months, $228 less than a subscriber to T-Mobile USA’s (TMUS +0.2%) Jump upgrade plan and over $500 less than subscribers to AT&T’s (T+0.6%) Next plan or Verizon’s (VZ +0.9%) Edge plan; AT&T and Verizon’s early upgrade pricing has already been criticized.

      • Jon

        But Sprint will only allow you to swap a phone after 12 months. T-Mobile you can swap a phone twice per 12 months, and the first swap after only 6 months.

    • Allan

      To me it looks like Verizon. Upgrade twice a year and no monthly fee like T-Mobile. Which is unfortunate because I really wanted to Jump to T-Mobile after my Verizon contract is up, but now I’m rethinking things.

      • Julian C. Taborda

        Dude don’t you see that the Verizon plan is still way more expensive?

        • anon

          all you are doing is paying for the phone in 24 month installments. how is that expensive? you could just pay UP FRONT the full retail cost of the phone. or, take an interest free loan for the full cost, and just pay the monthly fee.

          • Grabber

            You are failing to see that Verizon has the cost of the phone baked into their monthly bill. I tried to get out of paying the ETF. The Verizon rep said flat out that the ETF was so Verizon doesn’t lose out and have to pay the cost of the phone if you cancel your service. Let’s think about it, if a phone fully retails for let’s say $600 and you pay $250-350 on contract with Verizon. Where does the other $300 or so come from to pay for the cost of the phone? If you think Verizon is paying it for you I also have some real nice land I will sell you. The problem with Verizon’s new upgrade program is you are paying to finance the phone at full retail and Verizon is keeping the extra cost of the phone baked into your monthly bill. They are double dipping into your pocket.

          • findjaysee

            Okay.. I do understand this is concept, I get it. But how is this any different from any other plan or service that Verizon offers? They are still always going to “double charge” you. So if that is understood, you either want their service or you don’t.

          • Romdude
    • peeno12

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    • Troy

      All of them. You’re paying full price for the phone. Bad investment.

    • Bridget


  • KleenDroid