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Thursday Poll: Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier? Why?

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With carrier policies constantly changing (not always for the better), the introduction of tiered and shared data plans, prepaid plans becoming more appealing, and LTE rollouts happening at various intervals, we can imagine that many of you have changed wireless carriers over the last couple of years. At one time, most of the DL family was filled up with Verizon subscribers, but our comments clearly indicate that you have had changes of heart and moved on to other options.

So something we haven’t done in a while is ask which carrier you are currently signed up with. Are you still with AT&T or Verizon? Have you gone the prepaid route? Did T-Mobile win you over with their UNcarrier approach?

As always, cast your vote, but then afterwards take to the comments to tell us why you are with your current carrier.

Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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  • Hugh Hansen

    Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile to get the Nexus 4.

    I now have no contract, the ability to get any device from the Google Play Store, no eyesore logos on my phones, no hidden subsidy to pay, no extra wait for every device, and no regrets.

    • Diablo81588

      And no coverage and no LTE.

      • Hugh Hansen

        I’m in NYC, so my coverage is mostly great. And I have LTE, because I have an HTC One Google Play Edition, which I couldn’t have if I was still on Verizon.

  • dizel123

    Verizon has he best coverage where I live. Plus I pay $23 a month for unlimited data

  • Aaron

    Grandfathered in from when Verizon took over Alltel, also still the best coverage for this rural area

  • Paul Strange

    I ask the same question, why do I stay with these money grubbers.

  • ConCal

    Sprint. Its affordable and its just what I’ve always had, going back to my first phone in High School.

  • Verizon…unlimited data on a great network.

  • SA_NYC

    Verizon here. I like not having to think too much about which phone to get (so limited model choices is a plus), I like the Verizon swoosh on my GNote2, and I wouldn’t ever want to unlock my device. All good!

  • Mojorizen

    Verizon. Because I’m still on an awesome Alltel plan from 2007 with unlimited data and I also getting a work discount of 19%.

  • droid

    Verizon. Best damn service provider there is and its the only thing that works good where I live. My buddy at work has a S3 on t mobile with full signal 4g its not much faster than Verizon’s 1x. I wouldn’t switch to t mobile if it was free.

  • Ricky Salazar

    Verizon with unlimited. But on the verge of going for T-Mobile’s $30 plan with a Nexus 5.

  • Kyle Miller

    I believe almost everyone here is on VZW. Love to Hate it but Hate to not have it…unlimited data that is.

  • cameron

    Verizon. I have been with them since they were alltel ,360 communication, and I forget what they were before that. I still have my moto brick phone

  • Joe Beck

    StraigtTalk (uses tmobile). I use it with my Nexus 4, it’s great, I get around 15mbps down and 4 up.

  • Greg Carter

    I am with Verizon right now, but may not be for much longer. I am slowly finding out that the edge upgrade program isn’t all what it’s cracked out to be. Zero dollars down should mean zero dollars down, but yet to get the HTC one I was required to pay $67 to walk out with it… Seems like false advertising to me.

  • VZW. Like most, for the unlimited, grandfathered data. But they are doing their best to drive me away!

  • I’m on Verizon now, but am giving up my grandfathered unlimited data plan and taking my business to T-Mobile when my contract is up in December. The main reason is obviously the choice of phones T-Mobile has, which we all know is a department Verizon is horrible in. If the carrier I’m on isn’t going to carry a Nexus device then they’re not the carrier for me. I also like T-Mo’s no contract approach and better rates. I live in Philadelphia and don’t travel all that much so I don’t think i’ll have any problem with coverage. Can’t freaking wait to make this switch.

  • Kevin

    I just switched when the htc one came out.. getting off the Iphone cycle.. lol.. my daughter has an Iphone 4s that smokes my htc one with YouTube.. Heck of a time to switch. The rates at ATT suck though…

  • Zack Kolev

    T-Mobile because VZ is a tyrannical douche…

  • Tim242

    Verizon…see below : )

    • KMS_Alex

      You are the problem.

      • Tim242

        No, I am not. I pay full price for two phones per year. They make bank on me.

    • jdlogan151

      What are you doing? Syncing the Android source tree while watching netflix?? 🙂

      • Tim242

        Hana. 30 GB of it was tethering, to watch Netflix on my SmartTV. I canceled my WiFi. I figured if Verizon is forcing me to pay them double for phones, I might as well use it to its full potential. The rest was browsing, some YouTube, and podcast downloads.

  • Jose Garcia

    At that time it was a good idea! now, no so much ;(

  • crazed_z06

    Verizon because you get what you pay for.

  • Jared B.

    I voted Verizon but next week I’m jumping ship to T-Mobile. Screw big red and their garbage price plan. $80 plan but to have any phone on the plan its an additional $35…what the crap is the $80 for then?!

  • John Crawford

    Tmobile. I pay 100 for two lines each with 2.5 GB and the rare month I need more I pay the extra 10 bucks. I was on vzw for 12 years and I had unlimited data when I left. When you factor in the phone sub you pay for but can’t use (if you want to keep unlimited). You are really getting gored. You need to be in the 10+ GB per month for it to be worth it.

    As for service I am in central Maryland and work in va so far I have 4g gsm or LTE everywhere I go… If I head out really far I can find edge but the phone still works fin. And for saving the $70 month I decided I can live with that.

  • Michael Parsons

    Just left Verizon because my phone was about 4 years old and if I took the upgrade I would be out unlimited data that gets throttled at 2GB of usage. Instead I now have T-Mobile which costs less and doesn’t throttle.

  • Richard Jackson

    I’m with Verizon for a few reason. When I ride my bike having the ability to make call is a plus. I can count a few times where in my group I’m the only one with service and thus had to let everybody check in with their SO. The second reason is that I work in a building that is bomb resistent and has alot of metal and RF noise so my choice at that point is Verizon or ATT. I want to use T-Mobile but with no service at work for the most part and lack of coverage in the rural areas I’m kinda stuck. Now I was planning of trying a pre paid that use Verizon as a back bone.

    • besweeet

      If there’s Wi-Fi in the building, and you have a T-Mobile compatible phone, you can use Wi-Fi calling. Pretty much uses the Wi-Fi connection as your cell signal.

      • Richard Jackson

        Depend on my work location. At my current post no WiFi at my work location or break room. Some area have WiFi but my duty location can change on a weekly basis. Really I think for me I will wait till all carriers are doing the VoLTE shuffle and then most of our problems will be solve.

      • Richard Jackson

        Would love to but the Wifi at my location is crappy at best.

  • bigmatt503

    Verizon 2 lines share everything plan with 6gb data 150 per month with employer discount and taxes

  • Sarpedon1069

    I’m on Verizon but as soon as my contract is up I’m buying a Nexus and going prepaid. Suck it Verizon!!

  • EnX$$

    t-mobile is best in my area

  • besweeet

    Been with AT&T since 2006. That’s going to change by the end of the year to T-Mobile.

  • motta2003

    Verizon, because I like when the whisper “Can you hear me now?” when I’m bent over!

  • Niksilp

    If T-Mobile was available in my area, I would definitely jump on their prepaid plan. Until then, I’ll stick with StraightTalk (AT&T).

  • Preach2k

    I am on Verizon because of the Great Coverage here in NC.

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    Verizon because service comes first (then smartphones), also best coverage, most reliable, and ONLY because I have unlimited data. If my unlimited data ever gets forced away from me, I’m swapping to T-Mobile in a heartbeat (mentally I’m already prepared because you never know what to expect from good ol’ trustworthy and fully open Verizon *wink wink*).

  • Bob Allen

    I just can’t support Verizon screwing me. AT&T isn’t quite as good, but at least they’re not bragging about bending their customers over and forgetting the KY

  • sturmrider

    The only reason I am on Verizon is the coverage. Rhode Island is a small state, but go into a Stop & Shop and your Sprint service cuts out. Leave Providence there goes T-Mobile. Office building what happened to AT&T.

    It is a crime that Verizon has gotten so much of the spectrum, but what can you do. I dream when all the phones are LTE it won’t matter who the carrier is then I will be the first one out of this rowboat:)

  • jhjr24

    I am with T-Mobile. I had been with Verizon for over 4 years and just got sick and tired of the cost to have it. So when I moved I decided to give T-Mobile a chance and I haven’t looked back, I have three line with unlimited everything and still pay LESS than I did for one line on Verizon. I love T-Mobile, I will say that I do miss LTE but HSPA+ is still plenty fast. Prior to leaving Verizon I had the Galaxy Nexus and now I have the Nexus 4 and I will soon have the Nexus 5. GO T-Mobile, IF you are in their coverage area.

  • Charles Braswell

    I’m currently on Verizon but only because I’m still under contract. Once all lines are out of contract I’ll be moving to T-Mobile or Republic Wireless

  • hans wee

    was on t-mobile from 2003-2010. then verizon for almost 3 years on unlimited. but i moved to an area where t-mobile has really good coverage (los angeles). so switched back last week. probably saving $30 a month, and sadly t-mobile coverage is i’d say slightly better than verizon in LA, as i’ve noticed a few verizon dead zones. t-mobile LTE is also crazy fast here.

  • Dreas

    Verizon been with them for 6 years still holding on to unlimited data still getting discount from a promo 2 years ago and employee discount.

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    VZW. For the coverage. Didn’t have good coverage with ATT where I went regularly. My fear of going back to ATT is that they still aren’t good enough.

  • Rich

    Verizon. I travel all over the country and they have the best service by far

  • vs8

    AT&T because Claro, T-Mobile, Sprint and Open Mobile (not so open, really) suck hairy donkey balls.

    Verizon used to operate here in Puerto Rico, but they left for some reason (discrimination, maybe?) and Claro came here to ruin everything.

    Once my contract expires, I’m gonna buy the new Nexus phone and activate it with Straight Talk.

  • Tim242

    Verizon for two lines of unlimited, unthrottled data. If they ever really get stupid and pull it, I will drop them that very day.

  • Dorian Brooks

    Verizon because I use to work for them back in 2005-2009. Have a decent discount on my service through my new employer, & up until last Oct. I could upgrade significantly ahead of my upgrade date & keep my old plan.

    If the Nexus5 is significantly better than the Nexus4 I’ll sign a transfer of liability on my Verizon contract & DNA to switch. *Meaning I’m selling my contract with phone on ebay.*

  • dadllum


    Unlimited data($30), 450 minutes($40), 250 texts ($5)
    After a ~12% work discount, I pay $70.18 a month!

    I barely use 150 minutes, and with the GF using Hangouts on her iDevice, I never go over on texts.

  • Caveman

    Verizon – 3 unlimited data plans, average 15-25mbps download LTE speeds in my area. On a side note, i’m really surprised at the 75%+ that use Verizon on this site; with all the Verizon bashing I thought that would be much lower.

    • Tim242

      I’m not surprised at all. People like to complain, and Verizon has us by the balls.

  • John T Jerk

    Verizon, because I have unlimited data and will cling to it with the grip of a tween girl holding a Just Bieber concert backstage pass.

  • Flyinion

    Verizon for now because I’m still under contract. Probably going to AT&T in December for a carrier specific phone, unless Verizon gets a variant around then.

  • BobButtons

    Verizon: Unlimited data and I’m only paying $40. It’s 10 to be on my parents’ account and 30 for my unlimited data. Can’t pass on that.

    • AndySamberg

      Its always nice to piggy back on your parents account, until they don’t pay the bill…

  • Johnny Vu

    I just switched to T-Mobile from Verizon last week because of JUMP and Uncarrier. Verizon’s unlimited data plan was just not worth the effort to keep anymore. I didn’t want to have to pay full price for a new phone, instead I just pay a down payment to switch out phones as often as I want.