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Chromecast Updated to Build 13300, Includes Updated Kernel and Security Fixes


Google is currently pushing out an updated build, 13300, to Chromecast users everywhere. It’s a seamless update which takes place behind the scenes, so no worries if you aren’t prompted to perform any updates yourself. It isn’t the greatest update we have seen in history, but anytime that Google releases “security fixes and enhancements,” we won’t complain. 

In addition to the enhanced security (could they be more vague?), there is an updated kernel, and improvement to the Chromecast’s “robustness.”

Now that everyone should own a Chromecast by now, are you still liking it?

Via: Chrome Blog

  • Brian

    I have had Chromecast for over a month now. I still find it easier than hooking an HDMI cable from my laptop to my tv every time I want to watch something. I mainly use mine for local videos in mp4 format. Noticed I had to tweek the stream setting to nearly 480 to keep the audio and screen on track. Which is no problem if the vid is recorded in 1080 and 16:9, it doesn’t degrade the quality much. I dislike the fact that the Chromecast app doesn’t have an option to play local vids or that the Chrome app doesn’t have a cast option. I am sure they will fix this as the device becomes more adaptable to everyday house holds. Until then, I guess I can remote into my laptop from my tablet and push the local file into Chrome and cast. Lot of moves to make but I am a techie and lazy.

  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • Cliff Hirschman

    I cannot get my Chromecast to work with the Google Play Store on my Galaxy S3. Songs (in the cloud) play fine on the phone, but as soon as I connect to the Chromecast the phone displays the message “Music playback error. Couldn’t play the track you requested.” All other Chromecast services work fine.

  • TxSagebrush

    I have set up Chromecast to the back of tv. It shows it’s properly installed and I can get the Netflix screen to come up on my tv. However, the movie I’ve clicked to cast just appears to load and load; but never comes on the tv and never starts. It will show on my computer; but NOT the tv. What am I doing wrong???

  • gossipmonger68

    I must be missing something. Just got chromecast device today and have no trouble playing videos from YouTube or elsewhere — except anything from ESPN. Once you select any video of live streaming game, it appears on a new popup screen that does not include the Chromecast icon.
    Any suggestions? Sounds like I’m just not noticing something. HELP???

    • Newtab

      I copy and paste the URL into a tab from the original browser. Has worked for me with MLB TV.

  • Curmudge0n

    No joy here! I purchased the Chromecast to stream content from my in-house media server to my TV using my smartphone as the controller. I can view media content from my server on my smartphone just fine using the mobile version of Chrome, but Chrome mobile will not “cast” and there no add-ins to make it cast. A complete waste of money for that application.

  • Greg

    Still trying to figure out how to show pictures I’ve taken with Android phone on it.

  • How to Chromecast in private using an incognito window … our simple HD tutorial


  • Guest

    How to Chromecast in private …..check out our simple HD tutorial http://youtu.be/4RKxDqPTuEY

  • modemjunkie

    Got it set up with my tv via the hdmi inputs on my home theater system (couldnt find it when i used the hdmi ports on the tv itself) I watched a few videos via my iPad and started a movie. Later I wanted to show to the family. Couldn’t get the system to recognize it again. Chromecast tech support now says it doesnt support TVs made before 2011. What gives? And why did it work once?

  • CharlieL

    Well, I do love being able to stream a YouTube to the TV and share it with my spouse. It would be nice if I could do that from my MacBook Pro, but unfortunately, this overpriced computer is only running OS X 10.6.8, so Chromecast isn’t supported. Wow. Who knew my sleek machine that’s only a few years old is already obsolete. I guess a $299 Chromebook is in my future, if I can actually find one at that price.

    So, YouTube from my Android Galaxy S works, but Netflix from the same phone doesn’t. Go figure. Newest version of the Netflix app and everything. I guess that Galaxy S is nearly obsolete too.

    Ahhh, well…

  • Timmyboy

    There’s some things I want to gripe about…and I’m gona lol but first I gota say that it is a new device as well as an entirely new (and virgin) platform. The device doesn’t even run off an ARM chip.

    First, I wana see lots of Apps. Once you’re ready, open up the floodgates Google! And not just streaming Apps. Native (and mobile) Google Drive support? I don’t expect it to run Temple Run with zero lag at 60fps, but let’s see some native apps that use the hardware natively.

    Guess I haven’t checked out the heat issue but I run mine off the TVs USB 😉

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t streaming local media been disabled from both phones and computers?

    • Nate Reiter

      Wondering exactly the same thing, especially after one day ago the peeps above are talking about dragging media onto the Chrome browser. That stopped working for me shortly after I bought it and read that this capability was locked out. That’s the entire reason I bought the device. So… what’s the deal? I picture myself going home after work to try it again, and have it not work again.

    • Nate Reiter

      I’m at home, so it’s not an end-to-end test, but at work I was just able to launch a media file from a chrome browser tab. That feature worked when I bought it and was disabled not a week later. Hopefully it’s back, and for good. I’ll try it out at home later.

    • Nate Reiter

      What do ya know? It’s back.

      The one thing I wish it had [or wish I knew how to do it] is the ability to send the chromecast to the tv in fullscreen, but still be able to do other work on the computer. If I have a file that is compressed and therefore doesn’t fill the whole tv, I can hit the fullscreen icon in chrome and the cast goes full screen. The problem is at that point, I can’t do anything concurrently on the pc.

      • Anon

        Hit Alt + Tab, full screen remains as it is, and you can access other things in your pc.

  • Dan

    I love it; however, I wish there was more I could use it for rather than just the youtube; play music; netflix; etc. I’d like it to have access to whatever I want, i.e. Watch ESPN app; Tunein Radio; photo gallery; every app on my phone and tablet.

  • Sporttster

    Probably a sucker but I bought into the hype and ordered one of these things. I don’t have Netflix…yet, or Hulu etc. But with the cost of simple Satellite over $100/month, we’re seriously considering going to pay per month selections and dropping sat. So I guess with all the hype surrounding this thing, being open sourced…or was, or whatever….I figured this would be a good thing to try out. Guess, hey, don’t like it I’ll put it up for adoption….

  • dannyWHITE

    Still LOVING IT along with my 3 free months of Netflix!

  • James Friedman

    My biggest gripe is mainly with Amazon and their controlling ways. Upon first initial release you were able to stream content from Amazon Instant video but since then they have upgraded their video player to Silverlight and now it is unsupported. I do not have netflix so basically the thing is useless other than watching clips on the internet. Amazon won’t release an app for normal android users and I can’t watch anything streamed form my laptop. Amazon is EVIL!

    • Rob F

      I ran into this as well, but if you un-install Silverlight it works. It will prompt you to install Silverlight again, but in the lower right corner of the Amazon instant video window you can choose to use Flash instead. Worked for me anyway.

      • James Friedman

        Wow man I can’t thank you enough, IT WORKED! I thought it was just standardized for Amazon and a way that they could just control what we watch. THANK YOU!

  • Jon

    I’m loving it and It’s actually helped me to decide to get a second TV for the bedroom now that It would actually be useful with a Chrome Cast device. My only beef is that it’s not aggressive enough in dimming the screen after prolonged inactivity. I have a newer Plasma so I don’t worry so much about burn in, but on my older TV, the chrome cast would have been a problem since it doesn’t dim the screen fast enough (or at all) when idle.

  • Rick Lopez

    I just picked up a 2nd one yesterday. I love it!

  • BTLS

    and no matter what I try I can’t get any sort of video to stream smoothly from the chrome tab extension…

  • BTLS

    It sucks that you can’t play “side loaded” music with Chromecast, such as podcasts… I was shocked when I saw that error message pop up.

  • Ricky Ortiz

    My only problem with it is that when I’m listening to music on my phone and I press the Chromecast button the Play Music Service comes on the TV but doesn’t autoplay like Apple TV does, so when I press play on my phone the song restarts. I’m hoping an update will make the experience more seamless.

  • lgreg64

    love it. cant wait tell it expand to other apps

  • I’d like to see “visual” options for Google Play Music on the Chromecast. Kind of like what Windows Media Player does with its visualizations settings.

  • Wes Thomson

    For the price you can’t complain, I use it all the time for Youtube and Netflix. Really wish other apps would get on the ball and get compatibility like Pandora (which was mentioned at release and still not available) and Hulu.

    • Nylund

      I doubt Hulu will ever be compatible. That would kill the market for Hulu+.

  • JasonWhite

    I am most certainly still loving it. Sooooooo easy and useful.

  • JT3

    I love my Chromecast. I use it mainly for movies bought via Google Play, but I’ve been known to throw a Youtube video its way (I still use my PS3 for Netflix… I know… old school). My AVR supports HDMI Control, so even through the Chromecast is plugged into my receiver, it still switches to the correct input. For some reason though, if everything is off when I start a cast, the TV will turn on (which surprised me), but my AVR doesn’t. Somehow, it passed the signal to the TV, but never bothered to turn on itself. Weird. Anyhoo… works flawless other than that.

    • Gr8Ray

      My AVR has an option to enable HDMI pass thru if it’s turned off, so the video/audio can be played back directly on the TV without powering up the whole audio system. It sounds like yours might have a similar feature. The other thing you might want to look into is if your equipment supports HDMI-CEC. This allows your HDMI components to control each other, so your TV can power on your AVR (if enabled in settings and the devices are compatible). On my older Sony AVR it causes weird issues, but on my newer Yamaha AVR it works great.

  • Gr8Ray

    So far it does what I wanted, moderately well. The lack of 5ghz 802.11n support is a bit of an issue for me. If Pandora supports it in a future release I’ll be very satisfied, since I’m mainly using it for “remotely controlled” music streaming that I can control with my phone.

  • panicswhenubered

    I love my Chromecast. I just wished I would remember to use it more. Sometimes I’ll be streaming a Youtube video while sitting on the couch. Halfway through the video, I would say to myself, “Should have streamed this on the big screen. Oh well, maybe next time.” haha

  • joejoe5709

    I wish it would automatically switch the inputs on my TV. I believe it has the ability, but my setup won’t work or at least I don’t know how. Other than that, however, my wife and I are very happy with it. 🙂

    • Funny you mentioned this. i was watching Youtube last night and hit the cast button before i changed my input and to my surprise it did change my input for me.

      • joejoe5709

        Do you have yours plugged into the TV or receiver/DVD player? USB power or outlet? I think that newer TV’s have a newer HDMI port that supports switching over automatically. Mine is about 3 years old.

        I can get it to turn on the TV which is interesting, but it won’t switch the inputs. Gotta be something there that I’m missing. It definitely recognizes the Chromecast even when the TV is off.

        • I’m on a newer Samsung tv that came out last Christmas.

  • C

    Dumb that you have to have Internet for it to work

    • Not necessarily as if you have .mp4 video files stored locally then you can Chromecast them instead

      See our video tutorial on how its done http://youtu.be/kutb_5umG3c

      • JT3

        That’s great for a computer, but not so much with a tablet.

    • joejoe5709

      If you don’t have the internet and Wifi, why would you be interested in Chromecast? That’s like saying it sucks that your car needs fuel to run.

  • hfoster52

    I have 4. For the price I couldn’t beat it. Makes my non-smart tv’s semi-smart.

  • I use Chromecast all the time. in fact, I recently wrote about a Chromecast experience with my kids: http://www.mwilber.com/archives/20130915/chromecast-a-parents-perspective/

  • David Narada Brown

    Im still happy with my purchase. I even subscribed to Redbox, since Verizon did away with the “rooted users” not welcome approach. Im satisfied with it. Still wish i could play content from my device tho (side loaded media).

  • kfath1978

    Is CC going to on GTV at some point?

  • scotch1337

    Before this I would plug my laptop to my TV to watch online only content, Now I just stream it from my laptop and have full access to my laptop while watching stuff.

  • I fear this might mean bad things later in its life as the heat Im sure will wear down the internals eventually.Me too

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Still loving it. I also encouraged 2 co-workers to get it who now both love it. Can’t wait for more apps, local content support.

  • We are really impressed with Chromecast and as long as we have a strong signal from our wireless router then it works well, especially when watching locally stored video files
    As YouTube and online entertainment take over from TV then Chromecast will be invaluable!!

  • I love it, i just wish it would go in standby when not using it. Damn thing gets so hot even when I dont use it. I fear this might mean bad things later in its life as the heat Im sure will wear down the internals eventually.

    • scotch1337

      How do you have the power connected? I have mine plugged into one of the free USB ports on the TV. At least this way when the TV is off so is the Chromecast.

      • that would work but sadly my bedroom tv is older and doesnt have usb port on it.

        • Steve O

          do you have an AVR? i have seen some instances where others have successfully streamed content using there avr’s hmdi and usb ports…

      • Eric

        I’ve found that the Chromecast is really glitchy when I plug it into my TV USB port. Maybe it isn’t getting enough power? idk.

    • Gr8Ray

      You’re not the only one. I noticed this right away, and wondered what the impact to the life of the device would be. Oh well, at $35 I guess it’s basically disposable.

    • Same here, I haven’t used my Chromecast in a week but it’s still hot

  • sean carey

    all i know is it better get more apps, or it will have been a waste. great, i can stream my music, but i could already connect my phone and ipod. netflix is on my ps3 and my blu ray player. youtube has been nice for watching stupid videos, but it is very limited in my opinion. if anyone still somehow has something to watch local media, that is the only thing that will save me on this. Otherwise, i may have one for sale to whomever wants it

    • I use it on my HDTV in my bedroom that doesnt have anything but my cable box hooked up to it so its the only way I can access Netflix on it since my PS3 and Smart TV are in the living room.

  • Mayoo

    Everyone in the US owns a Chromecast you mean. The minute it’s available in Canada I buy two crates of them.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I like my chromecast for basic things but i’d prefer a GTV box with a storage drive connecting to my drive account. Ability to use xbox/ps controllers, games like modern combat that support it and…i’m dreaming. Yeah i still like my chromecast.

    But to branch off the Gtv idea, it’d be great for emerging products like a wireless/wired flash drive that still has ties to my drive account for seamless sync across devices + new devices. Could lead to cheap devices because of less desired onboard storage. Another method of saving data if connects over wfi or ble. I”m getting carried away but I see it happening. Physical storage that links with your drive account, but competes with their cloud storage prices. Hell, make it a router too.

  • LoganLopez

    Use it all the time for Netflix. Even some music for a few get togethers. I am a little disappointed in the radio feature on Google Music. Plays a lot of music i have not heard of which for me is great, but in a party setting you tend to want to hear more music that everyone knows.

    • coolsilver

      You can always roll your own playlist

      • LoganLopez

        I am not into today’s popular music but i know it when i hear it. I listen to a lot of 60’s and 70’s music and can do that for that era, but when hanging out with a younger crowd or even a crowd that isn’t into that era, most will tolerate today’s music. I can’t set up what i know nothing about. Thanks for that though. Good thought.

        • PuzzleShot

          You might play the Pop genre radio station, or find a current popular artist and just play a station based on that artist.

        • Master O’Disaster

          @LoganLopez:disqus – Have you investigated the brand new “Genre” feature in Google Music? It may get you what you want as far as a Google-created playlist of music styles. If you go to the “Radio” Menu item, and then select the “Genre” tab, you can dig down and find a random playlist for that style of music.

        • Sporttster

          For adding to playlist or making one, when you’re listening to a song and like it and want to make it part of a list, you can go to the top right of the app, the three verticle squares, hit that and then go down to ‘Add to playlist’. Hit that and it will prompt you if you don’t have a list to make one, name it. Call it ’60’s’ or whatever. Then later when you’ve got enough songs on this list, you can go to the top left of the app, near the little headphones icon with the three lines. HIt that and go down to ‘Playlists’ and it will have the one you made. HIt that and away you go!

  • sk102704

    Still love mine and looking forward to what google has in store for it!

  • MReprogle

    If the Plex app can figure out how to stream to Chromecast, I will probably have to buy another one to leave in my backpack for travel purposes.

    • Bart Burroughs

      if you paid for the myplex pass just open the web interface and stream it. from there you can watch any movie you want from your collection.

      • Ryan Lestage

        I wish my computer had the power to do that. Sadly it skips a lot.
        But I’m not worried, Plex is actively working on their plex app to have Cast ability once the SDK goes out of beta.

  • EC8CH

    I’m considering picking up a second one mainly to replace a bluetooth receiver

  • malcmilli

    no local media streaming has it sitting down on my desk. havent used since day one.

    • T4rd

      Open Chrome Browser > drag media into browser.
      Doesn’t work well for higher bit-rate/resolution stuff though and is restricted to some file formats (can’t remember which, no MKVs though).

      I still use it to share Youtube vids with the family and for Netflix occasionally.

      • malcmilli

        yeah i did that but after a few minutes the audio loses sync with the video, and it gets worse and worse. It’s pretty much only playable in non full screen format. That means on a 32 inch screen it plays correctly when the video is only a small square in the middle, kinda like how you used to play pokemon on that Nintendo 64 adapter.

        • scotch1337

          bad signal quality? bad Chromecast? mine works near flawless.

        • JRomeo

          try using an MP4 video format, also, since streaming through chrome web browser on your PC uses massive amounts of CPU, consider not having your PC do much of anything else while it’s doing its thing. the video on your pc might not be in sync with the video on the television, but if you ignore this, the tv audio/video should be in sync and plays flawlessly, at least in my experience.

        • Wes Thomson

          That is something with your network or host computer. I’ve played 10+ gig mp4 blueray rips with mine through Chrome and it works fine.

    • Tom Luley

      I use Plex for my local media and that plays in Chrome, but plays normal as far as I can tell. I am watching 1080p MP4 and MKV’s too.

  • tyguy829

    My only gripe with it is its inability to connect to networks with browser logins. If the setup is being performed on a device with a browser like a tablet or computer, why isn’t it possible?

    • steveliv

      Keep in mind that many public access points that employ browser logins, also employ IP isolation, which would render the chromecast unusable since it separates each device that connects to the network so that they are not visible to each other.

  • Chase Chick

    I would actually like to get one of these, but with a desktop already hooked up to the TV, what would be the point?

    • Joe Rocket

      Me too, but this way when someone sends YouTubes to my phone, I hit the ChromeCast button and my TV switches to that and plays it. For $35 it’s a no-brainer.

    • T4rd

      Simplicity maybe? It’s much easier/faster to push content to Chromecast than dealing with navigating a desktop OS with a keyboard/mouse in order to playback whatever you’re trying to play on the desktop.
      But if you’re trying to play local content or doing some special tasks with the PC, then of course Chromecast isn’t going to replace that. I use my laptop as a Media PC sometimes, but for the most part, Chromecast is much easier.

    • Suralin

      You don’t need your desktop to be turned on when you are watching Netflix, thereby saving you power.

      • Chase Chick

        This is actually a good reason. My desktop (I haven’t built it yet) is going to be consuming quite a bit of power…