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LG G2 Review

We knew that when the LG G2 arrived, it would be a smartphone more powerful than any we had seen before it. LG teased it for weeks, even announcing the phone’s Snapdragon 800 processor, display tech, and name before it ever took the stage to make the phone official. So when we finally got our hands on it, our concerns weren’t about the display quality or performance, they were going to be about the ecosystem that LG was trying to create with its new app suite, whether or not the camera could live up to its fancy spec list, and if those oddly placed volume and power buttons could win us over.

For the most part, I can easily say that LG has won us over on a number levels with the G2. The display is insanely good, the camera might be our favorite to date, and the UI over the top of Android isn’t as awful as we thought it would be. Let’s talk about all of that and more, to help you decide if the G2 is your next phone. 

The Good


lg g2 display

The 5.2″ IPS LCD display on the LG G2 is gorgeous. At a resolution of 1920×1080 with 423ppi, the sharpness, accuracy of color, above average viewing angles, and clarity are unlike almost any other smartphone display I have ever seen. When you first boot the G2, you will more than likely be blown away by its beauty. Videos look like true 1080p on a small screen should, games are full of amazing detail, and to the touch, it feels almost soft as you swipe, gesture, and tap. The panel itself leans slightly to the cooler side of display temperatures, whereas the AMOLED in a device like the Moto X clearly comes off warm. In the shots below, you can see how the 1080p display reproduces a variety of colors when compared to that of the Moto X, Nexus 4, and Galaxy S4. It’s viewing angles aren’t quite as good as those with AMOLED displays, but it’s whites are certainly whiter.

LG G2 displayLG G2 display


What takes the experience even further over the top, is the absence of bezel around the front of the device. When you talk about a full-screen experience, the G2 beats everyone, and it’s not even close. The side bezels are almost non-existent, the top and bottom areas are small enough, and you truly feel like you are holding nothing but one giant smartphone panel in your hand without any extra fuss.

If you were looking for the best display a smartphone has to offer at the moment, I’d say that you can stop looking now that the G2 is out.


LG tried to create the ultimate powerhouse with the G2 and succeeded. To power it all, you have the latest quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm clocked at 2.26GHz with an upgraded Adreno 330 GPU. Then you add on the 5.2″ FHD display, 2GB RAM, 13MP camera with OIS (optical image stabilization), 4G LTE, 32GB of storage, and 3,000mAh battery all tucked into a frame that is only 8.9mm thick, and you have a smartphone that few will come close to matching for months (which is an eternity in smartphone terms).

We talk a lot about “future proof” phones that can last you the life of a contract without slowing or becoming obsolete or behind-the-times – the LG G2 may last three or four years before it shows signs of aging. The screen is as good as it gets, the processor is the most powerful on the planet, and the camera includes the next movement in mobile photography. When you think about the ultimate specs list, LG checked all the boxes with the G2.


Thanks to the quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.26GHz and 2GB RAM, the G2 is buttery smooth no matter what you are doing. While running a suite of benchmarks that tested out items like GPU performance, you rarely see the phone’s frame rate dip below 50 fps, even on the heaviest of virtual 3D environments. If you want to multi-task, the G2 won’t even hiccup. If you want to shoot pictures in an instant, you can without hesitation. And if you want to out-duel your friends with benchmarks, they’ll struggle to keep up. It’s a beast, folks.


lg g2 camera

So far, Tim and I have had nothing but great things to say when it comes to the 13MP Sony IMX135 Exmor sensor in the G2. In my testing, I’ve found the camera to be quicker than any other smartphone camera to date, while still being able to produce completely acceptable results. We’re talking instant shutter with very few reasons to ever need to re-take a photo. At 13MP and with 9-point autofocus, you should see plenty of detail and not the over-processed and de-saturated photos we saw the Moto X take during our testing period.


With the G2’s camera, you have options for most manual settings like focus, brightness, ISO, and white balance, but LG has also included pre-set modes for Burst, Beauty, Dual camera, etc. Unlike the Moto X where the game is all about simplicity, LG has tried to combine a simple UI with features that will satisfy both photogs and casual users. While I’m still a fan of Motorola’s incredibly minimal approach to smartphone camera UIs, I still like to have some of the options that LG and Samsung include in their camera suites – manual settings for one.

In most situations, you’ll find yourself in full auto-mode, which will get the job done. Taking the G2 from extreme low-light to sunsets to macros returned impressive results (at least to our eyes) without having to adjust a thing. Thanks to OIS (optical image stabilization), you’ll snap photos in the darkest of areas, but also see much less shakiness and blur during video recording or when zoomed in. Other than a bit of artifacting here and there in our low-light shots, OIS shined as an important piece of smartphone camera tech that will be tough to live without.

We have a handful of samples below, but hope to continue to test out the G2’s camera. It just feels like a 2-week period is enough to fully appreciate what LG has done here.

LG G2 camera sampleLG G2 camera sampleLG G2 camera sampleLG G2 camera sample

0916131321LG G2 camera sampleLG G2 camera sample0916131322

Full resolution: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Battery Life

Thanks to a 3,000mAh battery tucked inside the svelte 8.9mm frame of the G2, I ran into zero battery scares. The day I pushed it the hardest, I easily cleared 13+ hours and still had 20% or so left. The rest of the days, with 4G LTE only and light-to-medium use, I almost always cruised through 15 hours with another 10+ to spare (according to the device). If you aren’t hammering on the device, you’ll have the opportunity to get through more than a full day’s use – I’m talking 24 hours. If you are putting in heavy work (gaming, lots of messaging, video watching, etc. with 3+ hours of screen-on time) you should still see 14-18 hours of battery life.

g2 battery3g2 battery2g2 battery1


lg g2 verizon att

The trend in mobile for 2013 has been the release of flagships by the top manufacturers on all of the major U.S. carriers. We saw Samsung do it with the Galaxy S4, Motorola with the Moto X, and now LG with the G2. As of the posting of this review, you can currently buy the G2 on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, with Sprint availability coming in late October. Availability may seem like a small thing that most consumers won’t care about, but it’s a big deal for LG. It’s a hell of a lot easier to sell phones and hammer home your brand when you can produce a single design, and then make it available to almost everyone. Even Verizon couldn’t completely botch the G2. They are one of the first to sell it, and have also only made a couple of minor changes to the design. The Big Red variant has wireless charging, and a slightly tweaked button arrangement that keep the G2 very G2-like.

Software Suite

lg g2 quickmemo

LG is trying to turn the G2 into the ultimate productivity tool. They have included apps like QuickMemo, QSlide, and Slide Aside that all want you to be able to accomplish multiple tasks at once. With the long press of the volume up button or the quick swipe up from home, you can get into QuickMemo to take down notes. With the pulldown of the notification tray, you can jump into a variety of QSlide apps that hover as mini apps over whatever you are doing. You can change their transparency to see through to your background task and even open more than one at a time. With Slide Aside (my least favorite of the three), LG wants you to use a 3-finger swiping gesture while in an app to hide it off to the side. You can stack up to three apps to the side, accessing them again with another 3-finger swipe. It’s unnecessary since Android already has a multi-tasking app that can be accessed with a long-press on Home and shows much more than your last three apps.

The apps aren’t all great, but the inclusion of them shows that LG is attempting to innovate and continue to make your smartphone smarter. A lot of this stuff reminds us of what Samsung is doing, but when you are the underdog trying to catch someone like Samsung, sometimes copying or closely mimicking is the way to go. Just ask Samsung how that worked out.

We’ve demoed all of these features in a video included below that I highly recommend you check out. It’s a solid 13-minutes of G2 software goodies.




You can see Samsung’s influence in LG’s Android skin before you even leave the lock screen. There are water effects, a crowded notification pulldown, and a cartoonish design that probably makes minimal design enthusiasts queasy. With that said, it’s actually a lot prettier than the Gingerbread-ish scheme that Samsung has chosen to continue to use with its TouchWiz. LG has instead taken the Android color scheme of blues and greys, and then incorporated swiping gestures, mostly useful software add-ons for enhanced multi-tasking, and even gone with on-screen navigation buttons to give you the full Android experience. While LG has skinned everything from the dialer to the calendar to the calculator, most of it doesn’t look terrible. Sure, it might not be as pretty as HTC’s Sense 5 or stock Android, but again, it looks like a beautiful cityscape compared to the junkyard that is Samsung’s TouchWiz.


Plus, LG lets you customize almost everything. We’re talking full control over icons, colors in folders, the settings menu, navigation button arrangement, lock and home screens, and more. You can almost think of LG’s skin as a fully-equipped 3rd party launcher that you may find on Google Play. There is no OEM out there doing customization like LG, which we will gladly applaud them for.

It’s not all amazing, though. You do feel at times as if you are a bit overwhelmed by all of the things that LG is trying to accomplish. They take multi-tasking in far too many directions, remove easy multi-select in things like the gallery, have an excessive amount of sound and vibrate options that will certainly confuse the average consumer, and try to push a really terrible voice-action system called Voice Mate as a Siri and S Voice competitor. Everything just seems so excessive when you look at something like the Moto X, which clearly took the opposite approach to enhancing Android.




I personally am not a fan of the design of the G2, as it comes off completely uninspired and frankly, boring. Last year, we saw LG create an innovative design technology called Crystal Reflection that was featured in both the Optimus G and Nexus 4, yet they moved completely away from it in 2013 as if it never existed, instead choosing cheap plastic backsides that are glossy, fingerprint magnets. The G2 is really nothing more than a big black slab with no distinctive design characteristics or memorable pieces outside of the display. For many, that may be enough since the display is that good, but in 2013, I think we should be doing more with smartphone designs than simply copying Samsung’s oft-criticized plastics. We’ve talked a lot about the design of the Moto X over the last couple of months, praising it for its in-hand feel. The G2 doesn’t feel bad by any means, thanks to its subtle outer curves. However, the combination of gloss, plastic, and size can’t help but leave us feeling that it deserves more, especially with the rest of the premium parts used. I’ll get into the rear button arrangement in a minute, but it’s certainly not something LG should be bragging about either.

The Not-so-Good

Physical Button Arrangement

Before I get into this, let me just say that there are few faults with the G2. Two of the “not-so-good” items here are simply my personal opinions and preferences that you may completely disagree with. With that said, I cannot stand LG’s decision to move the volume and power buttons from the traditional side placements and stuff them in the middle of the backplate under the camera lens. Pressing them often feels completely unnatural and regularly confusing. Most of my griping is directly attached to the Verizon version, though. Big Red changed up the button setup from being a subtle bump for the power, with flush volume buttons above and below it. They chose to make separate buttons out of the whole situation, which leaves you unable to tell by touch which button you are trying to press. In fact, I’ve now resorted to flipping the phone over each time before use to make sure I’m hitting the correct button. Thankfully, LG included KnockON, so you don’t necessarily need to press the power button in order to wake or sleep your phone (assuming it works regularly). The international and AT&T variants are also much easier to figure out.

g2 buttons

This is something that almost anyone could more than likely get used to if this phone became theirs for a 2-year period. It’s just such a drastic change for someone like me that uses a traditional button setup after traditional button setup, that I couldn’t get over it. By no means should this setup deter you from considering the G2, I’m just making sure you are ready for a semi-frustrating opening experience.

If you want some positives for the button setup, I’ll give you three – LG made long-pressing volume down a quick launch shortcut for the camera, and long-pressing of volume up a quick launch shortcut for Quick Memo. They also made volume down a shutter button or zoom for taking selfies or regular pics.

Glossy Plastics

Ugh, glossy plastics. Look, I get that plastic is probably much easier and cheaper to work with than glass or metal, but if you are going to use it, at least go with a matte finish. The G2 and DROID ULTRA are now battling for champion in the 2013 “Fingerprint Magnet of the World” competition. There is nothing redeeming about a black slab of shiny plastic that needs to be wiped a minute after using it so that it doesn’t look like the Cookie Monster’s buttering slab. And trust me, during this review, I’ve had to wipe the phone at least a dozen times in order to make it presentable enough for the camera. If you buy the G2, invest in a case…like, now.

Holy Bloatware

I counted at least 20 bloatware apps on the Verizon variant of the G2. Tim found at least 18 on his AT&T variant. I think the G2 is now the record holder. Thankfully, their app drawer allows you to hide unwanted apps and Android at a system level lets you disable most.

Other Notes

  • KnockON:  I couldn’t find a proper spot to mention this, but one of my favorite features on the G2 continues to be KnockON. A simple double knock or tap on the screen quickly wakes the device, while another knock with the screen on will put it back to sleep. Since I can’t stand the button arrangement, KnockON has become my best friend on the G2.
  • Call quality:  I’ve had no issues with calls on the G2 (Verizon’s version), but have already received emails from readers and forum threads where users are experiencing a hissing noise. Something to keep an eye on.
  • GPS issues:  This could be my location and the lack of a Verizon tower, but I noticed regularly that the GPS on the G2 was flagging Google Now to give me directions to my “work.” It other words, it had issues pinpointing my “work” location, which is actually my house since I work from home. No other phone has ever put me a mile or two away on a regular basis like the G2 has. That said, I used it a couple of times with Google Maps navigation and it performed just fine.
  • Buttons:  Not sure if I made this clear or not, but the rear-placed buttons of the Verizon version are far worse than the international and AT&T G2 variants. The gentle slope of the AT&T version makes it fairly easy to figure out which button you are about to press. Since Verizon had LG separate both volume keys and the power button into 3 separate buttons, it’s a disaster.
  • Wife test:  The G2 did not pass the wife test, as it was too big, greasy, and the button arrangement was confusing.





Unboxing and Hardware Tour


Software Tour


The Verdict

I can safely say that the LG G2 should be on your short list of devices to consider for the foreseeable future should you find yourself in need of a new smartphone. With some of the best specs a smartphone has ever seen, an unmatched 5.2″ display, impressive 13MP camera, and availability on all major carriers, there is so much to like here. My only negatives for the G2 are pretty minor, and can easily be overcome. Cases can cover cheap plastic, and your fingers can learn to adjust to buttons. If you can get past those two things, you are looking at one hell of a smartphone.

Nice job, LG.

Links:  LG G2 deals at eBay | Amazon

  • rod_z

    What about the Xperia Z1? Do you guys have plans to review it?

  • Louis

    Verizon LG G2 Sale (11/07/2013) today! 49.99 for upgrade/new and $449.99 off contract. Limited Time offer. Not a bad deal, I just pulled the trigged on it, I was looking at a couple of days earlier when it was $549.99. So, $100.00 off, oh yeah!

  • RavnosCC

    Loving my G2. Thank you VZW for letting me keep my unlimited data plan 😉 Only installed 2-3 MODs and it’s pretty decent… patiently waiting for PA to be a bit more stable/finished. **fingers crossed** What I find most amazing, coming from Gnex, is that 6 1/2 hours after taking it off the charger, it’s still at 100% battery.

    • How is the developer support for this phone? I see PA, have you tried AOKP?

      • RavnosCC

        I haven’t revisited the situation in a while, but it seems to be growing at a pretty good clip, ie, # of roms available. And with the advent of continual price cuts from VZW on the G2, I’d say it’s a good bet that you will be satisfied with the ROM/MOD selection, but it probably will never be as large as a nexus device. I have not tried anything else as of yet, but I’ll get around to it 😀

  • Jillxz

    I like the placement of the buttons. No problem. I always had to remove my phone from my ear to use the side buttons. Now they are in a convenient location . At least 4 me. Also this phone is on sale at Amazon for $99. You can return it if you don’t like it.

  • aha

    Initially i cannot even open camera application on my LG G2 . it keep saying “try again after scanning media files”

    Use Media Library Repair Scanner


    You do not need to root phone just click on refresh button and let media scanner start scanning and finished.

  • kkk

    really a nice phone there!

  • pubasnacks77

    I’m pretty much waiting to hear if this is getting Kit Kat (which I’m pretty sure it will) then I will probably pick it up

    • Jacob Brown

      The LG G2 is supposedly getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update in late November or early December.

  • Robert Stedman


  • MaciQuatl

    Went from GNEx to LG G2 and I do not regret it. I am an urban school administrator and I need battery life–I had 3 batteries for Gnex however for LG g2 i go from 5am to 8pm with 32% left on battery and on weekends i go sat–sun with 1 charge. NO REGRETS

  • Vasim Tamboli


  • Praveen Kumar

    Nice device and i read the news from http://www.gadgetride.com/news/this-month-lg-and-samsung-may-be-preparing-to-announce-curved-display-smartphones.html , so now Lg is busy for working with its flexible model.

  • kinghill

    This phone is worth it for the battery life alone. The first day I had it I loaded all my apps, synced 3500 contacts from BCM, talked and texted, surfed the web and at 11:00 p.m. it had 50% battery left. Simply unbelievable. I love the u.i., call quality (no hiss) and control buttons on the back. The display has to be seen. Phenomenal. I recommend it to business users who can’t afford to be worried about battery life.

  • A.Miller

    Is it worth it for me to purchase this device at full retail or an S4 off of Swappa?

    Camera is a huge concern to me, followed by closest possible choice to stock.

  • RedBeaVeR

    Awesome display and bezel. Superb internals. Great battery. But bloated software.


    …or else I’ll grab a Moto X..

  • Solid_State_Drive

    Well, yesterday I got my G2 for AT&T from Costco ($129 w/2yr contract with accessories) and I could not be more happy, it makes my Galaxy Nexus looks so old and tired. Initially I was going to get me a HTC One but after comparing both phones the G2 blew me away! Very happy with this one, can’t wait to root it…

  • Smeckle

    Just got this today as part of the “glitch.” Cannot figure out how to access Google Now. When I swipe up or go to the Google search screen I consistently get a message telling me there’s a network error and to check my settings (everything is working fine so not sure what’s up with that) and then it has a button saying, “Get Google Now.” When I press it the screen refreshes and nothing has happened. Back where it started on the white search screen.

    Has anybody else had this problem or can somebody tell me what I’m missing here? Based on the review it sounds like Google Now is still present despite the LG voice assistant.

    • jrfergy

      When I first got my G2, swiping up from the home key briefly displayed the Google Now keys. If I long press the Google key, the Google Now menu will appear after releasing the key.

  • AcemanX AcemanX

    16gb of onboard storage, and no sd card expandability? Fail…The note 3 trumps this phone

  • cknight91

    Just picked up the G2 yesterday and I am loving it so far!

  • tasha

    how do you listen to music if it doesn’t have an sd card slot

    • ratnok

      You’re joking, right?

  • SB

    After having the stock Verizon G2 for a week now I have a few unmentioned in the review pros and con’s (I may highlight a few mentioned here in all the comments)

    Hardware Pros++++++

    1. The backside button placement allows for easy one finger screen capture, because if you angle your finger just right, which I will admit takes time to master, you can press both power and volume down simultaneously.

    2. Save for the HTC one, most other phones have the speaker grill on the back of the phone, where as the G2 has it on the bottom next to charging port. Again this takes some time to get used too, but for right handed users the speaker placement on the G2 allows your palm to amplify the sound, albeit slightly, but it is noticeable when holding the phone in your right hand.

    3. To expand on the speaker placement, I would guess most people place their phone on a bed or couch from time to time while listening to music. With the bottom placement, the volume won’t be decreased vs. traditional rear placement. Also the placement allows for easily covering the ENTIRE speaker with your right thumb as a substitute for muting the volume if someone asks u a question…its a quick way to muffle the sound to have a quick conversation and then get quickly back to listening.

    Hardware Cons——

    1. The charging port is a bit stiff. What I mean is sometimes and especially at night with low lighting its difficult to know if you are putting the cable in the right way or upside down. I feel like I am going to literally break the charging port by guessing if I am putting it in the right way. Most people may like the secure feel once it is plugged in, as do I, but at the expense of potentially ruining your port in the above mentioned example is not a good trade off IMO.

    2. While we are on the subject of volume, I noticed that unlike most other phones, with the G2 you can not hold down the volume buttons to adjust the volume. You have to manually press the up and down buttons for each increase or decrease in volume (think of it as a semi auto trigger vs full auto for most phones). This is a huge pain when the phone is in your pocket and trying to adjust volume. It probably takes an extra full second to go from none to full volume and vice versa.

    Software Pros++++++
    This was highlighted in the review but I just want to highlight the ability to switch around the on screen software keys. Particularly moving back to the right of home and menu to the left of home (for right handed folks) I don’t get why Google defaults their keys the opposite way. We all use the back button a lot more than the app switcher /task manager and for a phone with a 5.2″ screen its much easier for your thumb to hit back on the right side of the screen.

    2. Being able to have 7 icons in the bottom row of the screen. One of them has to be the app launcher but at least you can move it around. Note: 6 is the maximum to retain the name of the app below the icon, when you add a 7th you lose the app names.

    3. KnockOn feature is great. Every phone should have this. It works as advertised 95% of the time.

    Software Cons——

    1. KnockOn feature. The sensor for this apparently is in the middle of the screen. That being said the further you are away from the center the less accurate the feature is. Additionally i have not been able to figure out a way for “knockoff” to work besides when you double tap on an empty space on the home screen. You can not double tap to turn off the screen with a icon in the way (and definitely not when you are in any apps). This has lead to me leaving an empty space in the middle of my home screen to be able to use knockoff. Which means you lose real estate for an app on your home screen. LG should have put more thought into this, while having the feature not work while in apps makes sense (even though it would be nice), having the feature not work anywhere but an empty space on the home screen is unacceptable. The whole point of the knockOn and off feature is to be able to quickly check something and the lack of knockOff support is a let down.


    • Bald_Sasquach

      I completely agree with you about the navigation keys, but for the opposite reason. I must have a long thumb, but I like the back on the left a lot more. Go LG for letting the purchaser decide. I can’t figure out any rhyme or reason for my knock on when the screen is locked, so I’ve had best results triple tapping anywhere on the screen. It seems like mine only senses the double tap regularly if I’ve just locked the screen.

      • Mike

        I knock off at the top left of the screen on the notification bar and have had excellent results.

    • HarvesterX

      “While we are on the subject of volume, I noticed that unlike most other phones, with the G2 you can not hold down the volume buttons to adjust the volume. You have to manually press the up and down buttons for each increase or decrease in volume (think of it as a semi auto trigger vs full auto for most phones). This is a huge pain when the phone is in your pocket and trying to adjust volume. It probably takes an extra full second to go from none to full volume and vice versa.”

      To clarify: you CAN hold down the volume up and down buttons and it will automatically keep incrementing/decreasing as long as you are holding down the button. On a long press of either the volume up or down buttons though, it will not instantly move to either mute or full volume.

      Good review. I’ve been loving my G2 and love how the display feels so silky when sliding your fingers over the screen (coming from a Gnex).

      • SB

        My apologies, I didn’t clarify that I was talking about when the screen is off, the volume buttons only work in the “semi-auto” way that I mentioned. I thought that was implied because I used the example of your phone being in your pocket.

        • HarvesterX

          No apologies! 🙂 Was just expanding on the matter.

  • Frenchie

    Wait, the Verizon version has wireless charging? EXCELLENT! That’s a good trade off for crappy buttons.

    Does it have NFC? I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere (assume it does since most do now).

    • JediAlan

      Yes, it does have NFC.

  • Jeff

    I don’t like the ‘get a case’ solution to cover up ugly or cheap phone construction, especially when the phone is already big to start. Maybe I just need bigger hands…

  • lars46

    Is it just me or is my verizon variant of this phone missing software…stock browser (so much for qsliding that), capture plus, fm radio??? All not here 🙁

  • Philip Myer

    Whats the deal with Verizon’s buttons getting changed?

  • Bigwavedave25

    Hahaa, LOVE that “wife test” is a bullet point. Mine already told me she would not be seen in public with me if i got the GN3… but I kind of want it regardless

  • Jeff F

    I ordered this on launch day from VZW with the verizon30 code for $139.99. Just waiting on the Fedex guy to get here. I am a bit confused on cases. I would assume the different buttons on VZW would mean a different case? Amazon has some that say all but Verizon other say works with all carriers. Not sure which one is accurate? Also from what I have read the screen appears to be all the same across carriers? This would in turn mean any G2 screen protector will work?

  • Estaban P. Trabajos

    >> The buttons are on the backside to allow for such a minimal bezel.

    “I cannot stand LG’s decision to move the volume and power buttons from the traditional side placements and stuff them in the middle of the backplate under the camera lens.”

  • flosserelli

    After more Googling, I have decided to wait for the Note 3, mainly because of Verizon’s mindless tampering with this otherwise outstanding device. Specifically:

    1. Volume & power buttons. I don’t mind the fact that the Verizon’s buttons are flatter and more cheap-looking than stock. I don’t even care that Verizon removed the light on the back (illuminates only when the phone is powered up, not for notifications). What I do mind is the fact that finding cases and/or skins to fit the Verizon model will be an exercise in frustration. I will be forced to buy whatever crap case is sold in the Verizon store for an outrageous markup. I considered the flip cover style case, but because the backplate is non-removable, the flip cover won’t simply replace it like my Note 2. The G2 flip cover case is just that — a regular style phone case with a flip cover attached. I much prefer the clean, integrated style of the Note 2 flip cover.

    2. External speaker. That’s right, speaker as in singular. Verizon removed one of the external speakers (the international and ATT versions have stereo speakers), and the result is less clarity and obviously less volume. No, I don’t plan to listen to music through the external speakers. But I will watch youtube and other media without earbuds. I also use the speakerphone quite a bit (especially while on hold during a phone call), and sometimes the speakers on my Note 2 are just barely adequate in noisy environments. A mono speaker just ain’t gonna cut it.

    3. Softkey customization (not in a good way). LG thankfully added lots of UI customization options. But Verizon, in their infinite wisdom, removed the classic white-on-black softkey option and replaced it with a hideous white-on-fluffy-stitched-pink one. See for yourself: http://tinyurl.com/krok7ac. It is absolutely appalling and gag-inducing.

    The softkey could possibly be fixed with a future mod/theme, but the Verizon G2 will likely be locked down tighter than a nun’s thighs, so I’m not counting on it. The other issues are entirely hardware related, with no possibility of recourse.

    I really, really wanted to buy this phone. The specs are are absolutely amazing, and the size is perfect. Too bad LG bent over for Verizon and made a inferior version of an otherwise stellar phone :/

    • socarwolverine

      On your second point. Neither the Verizon or the Internaltional/ATT version has stereo speakers. On the International/ATT verison, it is simply a faux-grille that hides a microphone hole. You won’t get stereo speakers no matter which version you buy.

      • flosserelli

        Not according to arstechnica: http://tinyurl.com/k83wfax
        I have not spent enough hands-on time with the G2 to verify this, but if true it is a bitter disappointment.

        • socarwolverine

          While I do like Ars, in this case they are incorrect. I’ve seen multiple times that it is a faux-grille to hide the mic for the sake of symmetry. This is what Android Central states in terms of the differences between the two versions.

          “Things change a little bit on the bottom as well. Instead of what looks like dual stereo speakers with pinhole grilles, you get a three-hole grille on one side of the USB port, and a single pinhole mic (which is disguised in other versions of the G2 with another grille) on the other. So much for symmetry.”

          • flosserelli

            Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I may buy a G2 later, but first I’ll wait and see what the Note 3 brings to the table.

          • socarwolverine

            I actually went back and read the rest of that review. I’m kinda disappointed in Ars, there were several omissions when referencing the VZW version. The power button does light up, as an owner in teh comment states, and he ignores the wireless charging and the changes made to accomodate it (I believe this is the cause for the bad VZW back buttons). That particular reviewer didn’t seem to do his homework and if you’re still trying to make a decision, you may want to break out and read reviews from a couple other sources.

          • flosserelli

            I’m pretty sure the wireless circuitry had something to do with the backplate changes. I don’t mind the altered buttons per se, but I think it will be a real bitch finding a case/skin that I like. Ars is usually a good place to find reliable info & opinion, but perhaps that reviewer dropped the ball this time. I have scoured the net & youtube looking for G2 reviews because I was really hyped for this beast. I only spent 15-20 minutes messing with it in the store, I may go back later this week and give it another shot.

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      1. VZW Corp.is selling a folio case that is as nice as the Samsung ones. It has a little window for a clock and from what I saw when I used it, it works great.

      2. No stereo speakers on either model. The ATT model has dummy holes and is actually just the mic.

      3. That’s an aesthetic preference. The white/white with gradation/black with gradation are all okay options for me.

      • OneForTheGoodDays

        Also, with this phone (and possibly the second strongest pull for my purchase) you get a 5.2″ screen with as much physical real estate as the SGS3…. pretty amazing.

        • flosserelli

          I agree, the screen is probably the best one I’ve ever seen on any phone, on any platform. It is truly amazing how LG shoehorned such a big beautiful display in that frame. But I’m going to wait and see how the Note 3 screen compares. The N3 colors will be oversaturated and you won’t be able to see anything in direct sunlight, but I like AMOLED colors & blacks, and I rarely use my phone in direct sunlight anyway. Again, personal preference.

      • flosserelli

        Yes, I saw the flip/folio case. That is the case I was referring to above. It’s nice in the package, but when I took it out and examined it, I realized that it is simply a flip cover attached to a regular plastic case that snaps onto the back of the phone. I realize that this is the only way it will work on a G2 since the backplate is fixed. But I don’t like it. Personal preference.

        The black-on-white softkeys would not be my first choice (I’m a inverted/blacked out kinda guy) and it is something that I could get over. But the other issues are pretty much dealbreakers for me.

  • richardar6

    Thank you for calling out Verizon on that button design. I’m constantly turning the phone off when trying to adjust the volume because you can’t tell the difference between them. I do love the phone though. Did you notice verizon deleted the rear facing mic (above and to the right of the camera lens)?

  • Jay K

    So this is what the Nexus 5 is built from right? Obvious differences in camera and button placement but there were the same types of differences in the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus. Where is the speaker? The three dots on the bottom? Is the speaker louder than the GN (i.e. audible)?

    Definitely excited about the reasonable battery life (FINALLY) though nervous since I am a swapper and have had two charging ports burn out on me (currently the case with my GN.) If the N5 is on Verizon, and if someone from Verizon acknowledges the hell we went through with the GN, then grovels for forgiveness, then guarantees a true nexus experience, it’s my next phone with big red. And only if ALL FOUR of those conditions are met. If they aren’t, goodbye unlimited data plan, hello prepaid month to month.

    • ROB

      Sell that unlimited plan on Ebay

  • shelnbay

    I bought this phone on release day and I LOVE it. Last phone was the Gnex (rooted, Shiny, Nova), which I loved, and I thought my next phone would be the S4. The 3000 mAh battery lured me away. Since Friday, I’ve charged it fully 3 times (Friday night, Sunday night and this morning), the last charge went for 30+ hours (two overnights and a full work day) with moderate to heavy use. Passed the wife test with me (I’m the wife), it’s not too big for even me to use with one hand. The buttons are weird, but I’m getting used to them. In the LG case, they’re non-existent. The knock-on feature is awesome, but a little touchy. The camera is fantastic. I have no issues with the external speakers, but I haven’t tried a speakerphone call yet. My only complaint isn’t with the phone itself, it’s with the hideous LG charger plug. Shame on you LG. All in all, a great phone, very happy with it!

  • ideamotor

    Why doesn’t anybody do audio reviews on phones? Do reviewers not listen to music or do they just use laptop speakers? I posted mine here a couple days ago….


    • Jay K

      Thanks, I just posted a question about this. How is the external speaker? Is it loud on calls and with music? Can you hear it over background noise?

      • ideamotor

        Just to be clear to everyone, for “audio reviews” there’s audio-out, speakers, call quality. I see occasional reviews for the latter two items.

        It’s loud enough for for alarms/calls for me. You can let it adjust the volume depending on background noise. Listening to music using the speakers is similar to listening to a tin can telephone and it’s not that loud.

        BTW, I noticed a peculiar “feature” of this phone. It disables all equalizer tools when you are playing .flac files “in order to preserve sound quality”. It gives you that message in the native music player (maybe it down-samples – more likely it eats up processor/battery) and then other apps don’t work despite letting you use them. This might be a killer for me in regards to ditching my Cowon Z2 – which by the way sounds better for when you need to play music on a device directly. The bass response is also not quite a detailed and doesn’t go as low as the Cowon Z2, but this might be due to BBE (need to test a CD player as well).

  • Kendall Smith

    If you regularly use your phone for navigation, I bet this is a car-dock nightmare. Good luck changing the volume in most standard setups.

    • Chippah

      Another reason why Im going Note 3 all the way,

      just like the Nexus Devices accessories will be much more scarce, let alone a *good* non-universal car dock. Im willing to bet you wont see anything close to something like this.


    • Skittlez

      when you’re using an app that plays audio, apparently the pull down has a volume slider

  • chris420o

    Never been intrigued in an LG device…but this phone has my attention…simly the battery is the one feature i was unaware of and its impressed me along with the total package…now my real question for you Kellex is what phone are u using currently…as appealing as this phone is i think its unencessarily to big(my opinion)…and those buttons oooofff…but the motox in all reality should be 400 bucks outright compared to this….id love to hear your opinion on which phone you prefer for daily use

  • iceburgh

    Does it come with an SD card slot?

    • David Benson


  • jayman1576

    Ugh. Ordered on letstalk.com for 79 and now it says on backorder. Hate when companies oversell products. Anyone over there ever hear of an inventory management system?

  • Skittlez

    i think the phone is great. the one thing i love that verizon did (can’t believe i said that) is the fact that they got rid of the mandatory volume and brightness sliders in the notification shade and they opted for the one list for the settings, instead of tabbed.

  • So if I could flash cyanogen mod on this in the future, this may be the Verizon nexus…. With a 3000mAH battery and s800 soc

    • Skittlez

      i thought the next Nexus was going to have the 800

      • Oh woops my bad I got mixed up. I think the only thing I’m hesitant about the nexus is the battery and well damnit I’m on Verizon. Might pick up g2 unlocked, preserve unlimited data. And put cm 10.2 on that joint. Slap on a case, voila. Magic

        • Skittlez

          well, whenever the LG gets support at least. i think i’m gonna get the G2 for now, and my contract ends in December. If we don’t have custom ROM’s by then, G2 is going on eBay, and i’m going to T-Mobile with the N5

          • isnt the G2 superior to the N5? That 2300 mAH battery just absolutely kills me. everything else about the N5 is perfect 🙁 and the only G2 killer is the power button smh. I can’t find cyanogenmod support for the g2’s older bro the optimus G on verizon….

          • Skittlez

            i mean, superior is subjective. What makes a Nexus superior, to me, is the support. we already know it’ll have a beautiful screen…plus i’m in love with AOSP, and with verizon phones, no one know’s how long it will take to unlock any bootloader. A Nexus 5 will always be updated, and won’t run into radio compatibility issues (ie. GNex with 4.3 on VZ having radio problems). As for the battery, the G2 with a slightly bigger screen and 3000mah gets insane battery life, but with G-RAM on the Adreno 330, i could see the battery lasting easily over a day

          • another issue in my circumstance. is that there is no way i’m leaving verizon or my unlimited data 🙁 so if N5 doesn’t come out for VZW which it certainly doesnt look like it is, I’m going to have to debate between sticking with my gnex or going with the note 3 or g2. basically whoever gets more dev support and cm 10.2. unless you have another phone in mind oO

          • Skittlez

            honestly, depending on what kind of ROM’s you like, my second choice would be the Dev Edition S4, only becuase it has an unlocked bootloader and i know theres a deodexed GPE ROM out for it, so you can just flash the CM mods that you want. But I am in the same boat, and i don’t want to lose unlimited on Verizon, but having the ache to go to T-mobile(which has awesome covereage in my area) means that regardless of my network, there’s obviously something that is desired, and it’s the fact that i spent $600 for a phone that i’m settling for. If T-mobile is good in your area, then i think that once you make the switch, you won’t even look back. This is what i’ve heard from a lot of people that made the switch. Just imagine an endless supply of Nexus.

  • Bittoo

    Could any one advise me how to hide the on-screen navigation buttons (i.e., “auto-hide soft keys)? A sizable screen real estate is going waste with the default setup. Thanks!

    • Skittlez

      i don’t think you can hide them unless you have a custom ROM

    • chris420o

      god this argument is soooo tired….you reallly need to see .4″ more of your wallpaper? is it that much of a travesty? when u watch movies play games its full screen…go stick to ur stupid apple wanna be samsung home button

      • Bittoo

        The issue is not the full wallpaper view. I want to see the full screen on web browser and games. The games still show the nav bar.

        • flosserelli

          The nav buttons disappear after 1-2 seconds. That’s the way the Galaxy Nexus works. I don’t recall the virtual nav buttons ever being an obstacle or annoyance.

  • Rudy Acosta

    I went from a galaxy nexus on AOKP/CM/PA depending on the day of the week I’ve had the phone for less than a week on verizon I really do dig it its fast no lag what so ever, the three swipe multitasking is kinda lame the way its implemented. But really the battery life was a big change from my nexus I can actually make it through the day with a charge. If the rumors were pointing to a Nexus 5 LTE on red with a 3k+ mah battery I would be all over it but so far that seems a fantasy, where I live and where I travel verizon is the lesser of all the evils.

    • David Benson

      I am waiting to hear more about the nexus 5. If it is not on VZ (which I am pretty sure it wont be) then I am going to StarightTalk with AT&T 4G LTE with nexus 5.

  • duke69111

    I wonder how many people buy this phone after we find out for sure that the next nexus is not coming to Verizon.

    • jnt

      Especially with root access already… potentially turning this into a pseudo-Nexus device if development kicks up for it…

      • Skittlez

        just need that bootloader to be unlocked with a custom recovery, and we’re in business

        • frank

          Im only waiting for the bootloader to be unlocked. Its still a gamble until then. Once it is even if the nexus comes to Verizon this phone will be a good bet as the nexus will most likely have a crappy camera and a small battery.

          • Skittlez

            i’d still get the Nexus over this, but thats just me. i could care less about having the best camera. i’m just an AOSP junkie

          • chris420o


          • chris420o

            dont be so pessimistic

          • Chippah

            And like ZERO decent accessories.. or some feature never implemented, like POGO pins on the Gnex and N10 that never were used to any potential,

    • Skittlez

      lol imagine how many of these will be on eBay if Google announces the Nexus on verizon.

  • schlanz

    Impressive phone. But all I can say now is “bring on the Note 3”

  • Tim242

    WARNING: LG uses lead in their charging cables. Wash your hands thoroughly after each use.

    • Skittlez

      you are such a troll lol

      • Tim242

        Ummm, read your safety warnings on all LG products. It says something like, “This product contains a substance known by the state of California to cause cancer.”. “Wash hands thoroughly after use.”. That is the lead warning. Since when is spreading the truth trolling? Don’t blame me because you don’t read safety warnings.

        • Skittlez

          please….we all know why you’re posting this.

          • Tim242

            So that if you buy this phone, you wash your hands to avoid lead poisoning

          • Skittlez

            why wasn’t that the first thing you posted in here?

          • Tim242

            I have posted it before, many times. Not many people are aware of it. I couldn’t care less what phones people choose to buy. I don’t buy LG, because they use poison to make cheap cables. I bought their wireless charger, and the Nexus 4…they both had the warning. I promptly returned them. If it wasn’t for California’s strict law, we would never know it.

          • Skittlez

            by the way, it might not even be in their chargers. it could be in their TV’s, or something else, but by law of california, if it’s in one product that a company makes, it has to go on every product they make. to avoid a mix up.


            better start getting to other forums and warning about beach balls and buildings too

          • Tim242

            That is incorrect. Nowhere in that article does it state what you claim. It only has to be listed on products that contain the chemical. It is a common practice for cheap electric cords to have lead. However, it’s usually not an issue, as you don’t touch the cords of your TV or toaster very often. What makes it alarming, is that you have to touch your cell phone cord every day, multiple times for some.

          • Skittlez

            “Although the warning is required only on products sold in California, companies may use it on all of their products to avoid creating different packaging for sales in that state.”

            May not be law to do it, but they do claim that companies do it

          • Tim242

            That means on all of the same product, in other states. That way, the packaging of the G2 doesn’t have to be different in CA from the other 49 states. Think about it…different products already have different packaging. You just misinterpreted it.

          • Skittlez

            all of their products, and all of the same product are 2 different things.

          • Tim242

            Yes, because a G2 and a 70″ LG TV come in the same packaging. They put the warning on both to avoid changing the packaging. Use common sense.

          • Skittlez

            it’s not just packaging. the warning books dude. so the books dont’ get mixed up. stranger things have happened

          • Tim242

            And you think the books for all of their products are the same? C’mon Dude…

          • Skittlez

            i never said they’re all the same, but people are careless and could throw the wrong one in the wrong box. stuff happens

          • Tim242

            It has been banned in toys.

        • chris420o

          first time ill upvote you

    • Lou_Sasshole

      Provide evidence to back up your statements.

      • Tim242

        It’s printed in the safety warnings with every LG product you buy. That’s the best proof you can have.

        • Lou_Sasshole

          I don’t see any warnings mention this.

          • Tim242

            It’s in the safety warning booklet that comes with the device.

          • Lou_Sasshole

            Is this a country specific thing? I can’t find any mention of lead in the safety warnings/guidelines.

          • Tim242

            It’s US specific, due to California law.

          • Skittlez

            you’re wrong

          • Tim242

            You already know it’s true. You read the article. You are the real troll.

          • Skittlez

            i said you’re wrong that it’s specific due to california law.

            “Although the warning is required only on products sold in California, companies may use it on all of their products to avoid creating different packaging for sales in that state.”

            you know how many other phones probably need that warning? you ever post that in the reviews for other phones? or is it just the ones you dislike? same way you try to convince people that because of on screen nav keys, the screen isn’t as big as they say.

          • Tim242

            What I said is fact. You just for whatever reason can’t seem to comprehend anything tonight. He asked if it is country specific. WhatI explained is that it is country specific in tthe US, because of CA law. That means we see it in the US because of the CA law, and packaging. You prob won’t see the warning in most other countries.

          • Skittlez

            we don’t know where he lives. i’m just going to chalk this up as we both can’t agree on something, because this will never end.

  • Ugslick

    From what I’ve read so far, it seems that LGs swipe aside saves the state of an app, in that it won’t be killed. No matter how long it is stored on the side. For example I don’t have data, I need a map, but I also need to text / call. Or I load some articles on my phone before leaving the house, save my browsers state, then minimize it and text etc without worrying about having to reload the Web pages. Sometimes with android you have to constantly worry about the autokill (yeah I know maps has offline caching)… But I think there is some difference. I haven’t gotten to treat it yet (waiting for Canadian release) but I think for some people it would be useful, if they ever learned how to use it and it didn’t get lost in the software area 😛

  • cdef

    Kellex, does the Verizon version have the same battery life as the GSM version? Phonearena says it’s a lot less, life half the standby time 🙁

  • Skittlez

    someone on XDA posted that they got 46 and a half hours, with 8 hours of display on, and still had 22% left……good god

    • Bill Hill
    • Tim242

      That is a lie. If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I will sell you.

    • Tim242

      Post 83 says 4 hours screen on. Your post is incorrect.

      • Skittlez

        look at the post on page 7

        • Tim242

          I saw it. It is not showing the native Android battery use info. It doesn’t even show any third party apps using battery. Do you really believe that one user got double the on screen time than that of everybody else in the thread?

          • Skittlez

            why do you have to speculate? GRAM with the 800 processor and the 3000mah can do this. apparently that app can give you more info. why knock it simply because you likes samsung more. just appreciate.

            another guy with 30 hours and is at 60% with 3 hours on screen. people are saying amazing things about the battery.

          • Tim242

            I’m not knocking it because I like Samsung. I’m knocking it because it is showing double the screen on time than every other post in there. Also, that usage list does not show many apps being used, no 3rd party apps. Last but not least, when comparing results, you need to see thesame list from both.

          • Skittlez

            everyone uses the phone differently. i never said anyone was guaranteed a certain amount, but the potential is there, and thats the good part. plenty of people are seeing 6 hours of on screen time and thats still great

      • Skittlez

        Page 7

    • Tim242

      4 hours…not 8.

  • mschoenn

    I went to a Verizon store today to check out the phone. I picked it up and was stunned, the screen was horrrrrribly SCRATCHED! It had all sorts of types of scratches too, it wasnt like someone just took a fork to it. The HTC one sitting next to it had worn aluminum but the glass only had a few minor scratches, the G4 was scratched up too, but neither were anything like the G2. Other then that the phone was badass! The display is sick.

    Anyone have info on what type of glass they used? I cant see it listed…which isn’t a good sign.

    • Skittlez

      gorilla glass 3

      • Tim242

        Did you even look at those? That says 10 hours of battery use, with48 minutes of screen on time. A few posts down, somebody posted 32 hours on battery, 4 hr 55 min screen on time. Nowhere does it show 46 hours battery, and 8 hours on screen.

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      It was probably the screen protector. The same look was on the one at a corporate store I went to. They hadn’t even take off the protective plastic on the back either. Ridiculous.

      • mschoenn

        I only held the phone for 2-3 minutes as there were several people looking at it. The plastic on the back was definitely off and if it was a protector it was impressively applied and stealth. I’ll go back tomorrow and double check. Glad to hear its Gorilla

    • anezarati

      probably that dumb broken screen app

  • Christopher Moore

    The review is correct about the Verizon buttons being a slight step backwards but having a case really does help in finding them. Come to think about it I really don’t need them for turning the phone on and off because of knock knock.
    And after having a solid day with it my only complaint is being tied to a charger. I’m a heavy user and normally when I get home I’m around 30% on my Note 2. If needed I just swap out the battery and go back to doing what I want. But it’s 8pm and I’m sitting at around 11%. I’m going to have to invest in those charging pads.
    But going from the Note 2 to the LG G2 was “refreshing” and I don’t regret the change. Of course I wanted the Note 3 but I’m not sure if I want to handle a big device for another year. Last year it was a no brainer but this year I wanted something different.
    I give iPhone fanboys credit for basically buying the same phone each year. Samsung would be crucified for releasing a Note 3 in the same body with the same display. Think about that for a minute.

    • socarwolverine

      The Note 3 is a bigger display but in essentially the same size body. I know you said you were ready for a change, but if it was because you thought the Note 3 was bigger then you may have jumped the gun.

  • wtsamatta

    All in all, it looks like a beautiful phone that I would most certainly buy…but it’s just not enough to lure me away from my HTC DNA. The only real shortcoming I have with the phone is the 16gb of storage, but that’s easily overcome. WTG though LG. Nice Job.

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      Someone needs to put on bold at the top of the article that the VZW version is 32gb only.

  • antinorm

    How is the reception?

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      When I was on the SGS3 I would drop calls multiple times per conversation in my apartment. I’ve talked minutes at a time on this phone in the same areas without a single drop…. I am so happy. For some (like myself), a phone that works as a phone is uber important.

  • Act of God

    How will the buttons work with a case on it???

    • flosserelli

      Cases will have a cutout for the buttons (amazon already has some). If you get a Verizon G2, you will probably be stuck with whatever cases are available in the Verizon store. I think cases for the international & ATT models are interchangeable, but Verizon’s custom buttons require a custom case, and most case manufacturers are not likely to produce them. I could be wrong of course, but that’s what I anticipate.

  • steve james

    If this had a removable battery it would be in my hand as soon as Verizon would sell it to me. I really like that screen. O well Note 3 here I come.

    • hkklife

      LG really blew it on the US variant of this phone—different FF tweaks/buttons/features for each carrier, no microSD slot, and a fixed battery. Sad that the Korean version of this phone has all of these “impossible” features.

    • Skittlez

      why do you want a removable battery? just curious

      • Tim242

        To be able to switch batteries on the fly. It comes in very handy on trips, when you can’t be tethered to a wall.

      • steve james

        Exactly Tim. The ability to go from empty to full and put the done one on the charger as I walk out is golden. That and for the two smartphones I have had– og droid and Galaxy Nexus– I have killed two batteries each to the point they don’t last twenty minutes if I game or watch videos.

        • Skittlez

          people have been seeing over 30 and over 40 hours on verizon. i’m sure a little charge on the care ride to wherever you’re going can last you, and if you know you’re gonna go somewhere, just charge a bit the night before, or even a little before you leave the house. people are claiming that they charge every other day, and get like 5-6 hours of on screen at least.

          • steve james

            Granted I have a hungry Galaxy Nexus but a lot of the time I am right on the fringe of signal which kills your battery. This week it has been flip flopping 4g to 3g if you shut off 4g it won’t get any signal. Strange. Sometimes I have 8-12 hours away from a charger and little to no signal and like to browse the web stream pandora or game to pass the time. Nothing like being in the middle of a good droid life article and having it shut down on you. Its no joke when I say I can kill a battery in less than 6 months. If I am around a charger I can charge them 4 times some days.

          • Skittlez

            but again thats the GNex. i have one too and battery sucks. i dont think you would have any complaints with the battery on this

        • jnt

          At least this has the fast recharge – that helps a lot. It’s no replacement for swapping out a battery, but it’s a heck of a lot better than a phone that can’t replace batteries AND charges slow.

          • SMBison8

            How does one rapid charge? I am not able to charge more than 1%/minute even with the VZW rapid charger. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.

  • Ryan

    You didn’t mention the incredibly fast recharge of the battery. I can get it charged back up in 10 minutes or less.

    I went 30 hours on one charge from 100% to 2% over the weekend. I often don’t get below 100% till after 12pm at work.

    This device rocks.

    • hkklife

      Isn’t that Qualcomm’s proprietary QuickCharge feature that’s embedded into the S600 and 800? In fact I think I recall reading recently that the 800 has the 2nd generation of that tech. I do know that my GS3 charges quite rapidly and my N7 2013 charges even faster, especially on a decent 2A charger.

      • Bill Hill

        Yes its the S800, not sure on the S600 bc my S4 wasn’t super quick

    • SMBison8

      how do you do this? My G2 charges quite slowly, even with the charger that came with it??

  • sdonald

    Im due for an upgrade and seriously torn between this and HTC one. Love the screen and battery of g2 but build quality means a lot to me too. Love the HTC metal frame. Any thoughts? Anyone had much experience with both?

    • David Benson

      I would stick with the G2. The reason is because the HTC One is already 6 months old and 1 year from now you will be happy you went with the s800. It will still have he power and performance you need.

  • Jonathan Ly

    I sat in my local best buy for a good half an hour trying to decide between the G2 and the Blue HTC One, and I ultimately went with the one. The choice of plastic devices boggles the mind, and while I liked the G2, I couldn’t help but keep the HTC One in my hands.

    Hope those who get the device enjoy it though, looks like one hell of a beast.

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      I think it was Phonedog’s reviewer who had had the HTC One and had mentioned it already having dings after falling not that far. That metal is not more protective and in fact seems to be capable of a lot more damage. For instance, his unfortunately dropped on the side and the volume rocker. The fall indented the rocker and he could use it anymore.

  • pookietookie

    Like many others I’m on Verizon with an aging Galaxy Nexus. Contract ends officially in December. So get the G2 now as an early upgrade (and of course, root it) or wait on the Nexus 5 and ditch Verizon when they don’t carry this? What to do…what to do…

    • steve james

      I am in the same boat as you and have decided on the Note 3. Really like the g2 and if I could swap batteries I would get it on launch day. I just hope the oled doesn’t burn in as my Galaxy Nexus has. I am liking the idea of the extra abilities of the digitizer.

      • hkklife

        I’ll also probably take the Note 3 plunge unless it’s just too unwieldy to handle. My ideal VZW device would be about 5.2″ish, have a removable battery and expandable storage and run something other than TouchWiz (ideally Moto’s nearly-stock skin). And I don’t have any need for a stylus. But right now, the Note 3 looks like the only true no-compromise phone on 2013, at least for VZW.

  • leathernuts

    I left iphone 5 for s4, returned in a week, then got an HTC one, kept for a couple weeks, and returned for the LG G2. I love this phone personally. Everything about it. the UI, speed, screen, bottom headphone placement, one handed keyboard, etc. Great phone

    • steve james

      I liked the htc one a lot from a distance. How could you leave those front stereo speakers? What did the iphone have over those two? What is your usage scenario apps etc? If you don’t mind. I am data mining as I have an upgrade.

      • Skittlez

        he left the iPhone to go to the S4 is what he said.

  • Ben Myton

    Please include (or better yet expand) the “Wife Test” on all future reviews. Sometimes we get caught up in the specs and gimmicks and forget the sanity check.

    • I can certainly do that. She’d probably be happy to be included more too. 🙂

      • nostriluu

        I bet if you had let her open it up from the nice box rather than handing her the greasy mess the reception might have been better.

        “Wife test” is still pretty sexist though, it’s more like “persons who prefer aesthetics over function.”

        • Brian

          Get over yourself. I like the “Non-Phone” person test. I like tech and want the best but I rarely use the gimmicks of most phones. Provides me a good incite so shut your hole and know your role.

          • nostriluu

            I’m not sure why you’re being so obnoxious. “Non-Phone” is a good descriptor because many talented designers and users of “big phones” are wives. If that’s what you were “responding” about.

          • Brian

            Wife test =/= Non phone person. You are the one who has to be captain PC and call it sexist. Everyone understands the “Wife test”

          • nostriluu

            Yes, and “everyone understands” or understood a lot of things. I understand why you are so concerned about roles, anyway.

          • Brian

            Giant douche, got it

          • nostriluu

            Enjoy your day of self inflicted hate.

        • Droidzilla

          Kellen is writing the review. He is the phone nerd, and his wife is the regular phone user. Hence, it is the wife test as done by Kellen (i.e. the test from his wife). You’re the one who brought up the idea that he’s saying that all wives, or women for that matter, are non techie types who won’t appreciate a device for its specs and hidden uses. Kellen never said or implied anything like that; you brought that into it all on your own. That would make you the sexist.

          • nostriluu

            The thread I replied to is on the topic of a “Wife Test.” It’s not “Kellex B’s Wife Test,” so to me anyway it reinforces a bad stereotype and doesn’t help our guy dominated field (the pink on this site, on the other hand… )

          • Droidzilla

            It’s Kellen’s site and Kellen’s wife. The implication being done is being done by you. It’s OK to admit when you’re wrong; most even find it laudable.

          • nostriluu

            I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong. But you see, I have no idea who “Kellen” is or “Kellen’s wife.” I just came here from a google search to read a review on the LG G2, I am not an insider nor do I intend to be one, I thought “droid-life.com” was a review site, not a personal blog. So “Wife Test” as a category just reminds me of this:


            Perhaps as an established group droid-life.com thinks Keller’s wife is a fun idea, and I don’t mean to diminish anyone involved, but to this outsider it just reminds me of a lot of old offhandedly sexist guys talking about the best stereo for their rec room that their wife will accept., where wife is sort of an accessory description.

            I only critique because I care. (= and I don’t mind taking a moment to consider other perspectives than glossy or matte screen, stock, open source or proprietary customized experience. But thanks for being a little more polite than your fellow.

          • mike

            grow up

          • nostriluu

            stop caring about things, you mean, and just buy more stuff. life’s too short to consider things.

        • Frenchie

          I agree with your point in principle. But you’ve gotta call it something. It’s not even “aesthetics over function” because that’s insulting to his wife (and mine).

          My personal wife test is “does it work, 99.999% of the time? does it do everything I want efficiently? Will it fit in my hand? Does it look like crap? if yes, can I hide crap with a nice case?” Typically, I take a wife test as someone that isn’t blinded by all the cool gadget-ness or specs.

          • nostriluu

            sure, and that’s all fair, but it still reduces the “wife” to an accessory baked into a culture. I just don’t find it a problem to find a more suitable term. It’s obvious that the post writer is the enthusiast, so what’s wrong with “spouse test?”

    • HoosierDaddy

      The wife test needs to be a drop test, at least in my case. She’s dropped her last 2 phones and I told her to deal with it! LOL!

  • jayman1576

    I wasn’t crazy excited about this phone but it was hard to pass up for $79 from letstalk.com. Coming from the GNex, time will tell how great this phone is…might switch back eventually…we shall see.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Really. First of all the Droid Ultra and the G2 may be finger print magnets but the Ultra has kevlar backing not cheap plastic so the G2 wins in terms finger prints and cheapness. Stop using the Moto-X next to these 5 inch plus screen phone, use the Droid MAXX its a better comparison and can do ALL the X can and more…. Plus the battery really does go for 2 days, I only charge once every two days and i’m a heavy user.

  • John Kitchen

    I have the G2 for my business phone and the Ultra for my personal phone and I’ll pick the Ultra every day. Not even a contest. LG’s skin and the chinsy build quality is all it takes. I LOVE where the buttons are though.

  • jak_341

    My only hesitation about getting this would be LG’s software support. They haven’t been the greatest about updating their phones. Also, I was looking at one in Verizon. The message on the screen was ‘Unsupported Charger’. The phone was entirely locked up until you unplugged the charger.

  • ImmaDroid

    @kellex:disqus can you stack apps on the home screen Android, or do you have to make a stupid folder like on Samsung phones? (I hate that)

    • Skittlez

      you can do whatever you want. you place them, but all your apps are in the app drawer so you can have absolutely nothing on the homescreens if you want

    • Can be stacked.

    • ctsV

      They can be stacked but for some reason when you put apps with long names in folders they get cut off and run onto the line below. for example in the folder “iHeartRadio” displays as “iHeartRa

      Which is ridiculous and makes the phone software look unfinished. Also this is just personal preference but Samsung did a much better job with how the folders and apps inside them look.

      • ImmaDroid

        Oh Yea that sucks. Your right, with my GS4 an with my old S3 once they’re in the folder it looks fine. Its just a pain to make the folder. Stock android is so much easier just taking them an stacking them without creating a folder

  • jdk2

    Re: Wife Test. Is she a blonde?

  • RoboCop

    $200 G2, $200 Moto X, $149.99 S4, or $50 ONE…..hmmmmmm

    Honestly I’d go ONE.

  • Detonation

    How is the display in sunlight? My GS3 is almost impossible to see outdoors when it’s sunny, even at full brightness.

    • RoboCop

      agreed….I sometimes dont even bother checking my GS3 when I’m outside cuz I look ridiculous trying to see it.

      • Brian Wolfman

        I had no issues outside today on my vzw g2

    • jnt

      Should be great since it’s LCD instead of AMOLED.

  • FragDroid

    Kellen the question you need to answer is, would you give the Moto X up as your daily driver for the G2?

    • RoboCop

      I’d like to know this too…I’m gonna go ahead and say the answer is no. Moto X is Google’s iPhone, its a perfect-working amazing device, not for the super-nerd power craving Android fanatic.

      I’d wanna know if the G2 feels any faster than the Moto X, cuz I thought Moto X FELT faster than the GS4 when I used it for a while.

      • bonix

        My buddy at work and I were both getting new phones. I went with Moto X and he went with G2. To me it came down to size. Using the X feels so…right. The G2 feels big, hitting the notification bar without moving your hand is very difficult and my hands aren’t small. Specs didn’t mean much to me, didn’t feel any faster than my Moto X. Only noticeable benefits the G2 has over the MotoX is the bigger 1080p screen and the camera. I have a nexus 7 so I don’t need a smaller version of it, and I’m satisfied with the camera coming from the Gnex.

        Plus with the active notification you don’t have to hit the lock button to turn on the phone if it’s sitting on your desk. I just nudge it and it flashes the time/allows me to unlock it 😉

        It comes down to personal preference which is really the beauty of being on Android.

      • flosserelli

        The Moto X felt fast because Touchwiz is a craptastic lagfest, even on the S4. Put a decent launcher on the S4 and they would probably feel the same.

    • feztheforeigner

      They’re both great phones but but you get better specs on the G2. The Moto X may be more optimized on the operating system level but for any games or apps it will still come down to the hardware. I think you get a lot more for you money with the G2 since they’re the same price, the Moto X just seems a little outdated to me…

      • flosserelli

        “the Moto X just seems a little outdated to me…”

        The Moto X is barely 3 weeks old, and the G2 makes it feels outdated? That speaks volumes.

        • Tim242

          It may only be three weeks old, but it has 2 y/o specs.

          • jnt

            Though in its defense, it runs smoother than any Android device I’ve used to date… just goes to show the GPU is more important than most people give it credit for.

      • Wang Chu Lee

        “The Moto X may be more optimized on the operating system level…”

        Thats code for ‘our hardware sucks’.

    • Nope, already back to my Moto X. Was missing it dearly. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the G2, I’m just still loving the Moto X that much.

  • William White

    Picked this phone up launch day. Couple items:

    -The phone is very speedy but not ‘buttery smooth.’ It lags–badly–on the stock bookmark widget and widget picker screen
    -Rear buttons are not tactile nor do they have enough differentiation
    -KnockOn is awesome, which alleviates much of this problem, but it doesn’t work with Nova Launcher
    -Both the camera and screen are amazing
    -Chrome is here with no stock browser, a la N7

    Most importantly, coming from a Note 2 this phone still has good screen real estate but is *much* lighter and fits *much* better in both hand and pocket. All told a very good phone.

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      Knock is working with Nova as I use it right now…. Knock Off is available if you knock the notification bar…

      • HarvesterX

        Awesome man! I didn’t realize that. This phone has a TON of hidden gems like that. Once I get rooted and get rid of the bloat and ads I’m soo happy. This completely trumps my GNex (obviously) and is my choice of best phone on Verizon at the moment.

    • Raj Bhatt

      I’m using Nova and Knock On works great. I haven’t noticed any lag except on Superuser approving apps. That creates a short pause.

    • flosserelli

      Thanks for the insight. I have a Note 2 and I’m considering picking up a G2. I am particularly interested in how the G2 battery compares to the Note 2.

      • William White

        It’s very comparable to the Note 2. I don’t know if it’s better or worse but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in run time. And it charges much, much faster

  • pd240

    I picked up the Verizon version Saturday. Coming from a gnex then a note 2 I can say the size of this phone is perfect. You get a good sized display and the phone is not huge because of the bezels. So far I have no complaints. While I am not totally used to the button arrangement, its definitely not a deal breaker. I don’t like that Verizon made the situation worse but at least you get wireless charging. Trying to see if I can make it at least a week without root. Probably not…

  • kentholio

    One important note (I had one over the weekend, and returned it today) you must use the included charger AND cable in order to get full charging. Considering I wasn’t getting the battery life Kellex did, it became a huge issue for me.

    • Caveman

      Why is that. Different connections?

      • kentholio

        It’s micro usb, but lg I has done something there. tried a note 2 charger, nexus 7 charger, and a 2a car charger. None worked. I then tried all those cables with the lg charger. No dice.

        • kentholio

          I’m guessing the dev community can get around this, but I have surrounded myself with an army of micro usb cables. ( I like to be prepared) but I couldn’t stand the slow charging notification that would pop up a few seconds after I plugged it in.

          • hkklife

            My wife’s HTC DNA does the same thing. I get the annoying “slow charging” popup when I use anything other than the stock HTC cable. I have a slew of high-quality (and cheap generic) cables and chargers all over the house and office and they all give that message on her phone. It charges insanely fast with the stock HTC setup but seems to top out at less than 1A on every other combination of cable and charger I throw at it. Reminds me of the horrible old days of Moto dumbphones that gave the “unsupported accessory” message and refused to charge on cheap or generic chargers because they lacked the “genuine” Moto IC!

    • kwubba

      Not sure where you got that from. I’ve been using my Motorola cable and my nexus wireless charging base…no issues charging.

      • kentholio

        That is wireless charging. I got it from the lg g2 I used all weekend. It does charge with the other chargers, but it is a trickle charge.

    • William White

      Hmm, that’s odd. Any charger 1.8A or greater does a quick charge for me

      • kentholio

        It takes a few seconds for the notification to pop up, but I know I’m not the only one who had the problem, there is a thread on it on another site. My auto brightness didn’t work either.

    • Tim242

      Plus, LG’s chargers are laden with lead

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly, but still omnipotent please let this be the same display tech used in the N5

    • Sporttster


      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        That sure went straight over someone’s head. But yeah I’m the moron.

        • Sporttster

          Oh it’s not over the head….it’s in the dirt under the feet…..keep to the phone, leave God out if ya can’t do it in respect.

          • Aaron

            1. Internet
            2. Sense of Humor

            Understand your on it and get one.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            Yup you’re definitely still the moron. Try watching a movie from time to time then maybe you might get some pop culture references.

          • Sporttster

            This isn’t the time or place for a discussion on this but suffice to say Hollywood is rotten to the core….only a few shows worth the $$ anymore…

          • James_75

            Pot calling the kettle black? Both industries survive by telling fairy tales and charge money to watch/listen to them. At least Hollywood doesn’t threaten you with eternal damnation for non-compliance.

          • CasperTFG

            Hank and you are entitled to your opinion. If that is the case then you’re going to the wrong church…or believing what the anti-christian drive-by media is brainwashing you with.

          • James_75

            Anti-Christian brainwashing? I don’t need any drive-by media to determine (you know, by actually thinking) that the hocus pocus you believe is obviously just an attempt to manipulate and control large masses of people. You can go on believing that some magical sky wizard (God) holds the keys (rules) to some arbitrary abstraction called “heaven” all you want.. but I’m going to live a rational life instead. Good luck!

          • Michael Harrison

            Is your religion and faith so fragile it can’t take humor from others? Worry about your own faith, not others.

          • Skittlez

            lol chill out. it was a line from a movie. no need to get all defensive. welcome to the internet 🙂

          • Hank Godwin

            Why would you become upset over someone joking about an imaginary man in the sky?

          • Josh

            There is no God, why give arbitrary respect to a unicorn?

            And aren’t Christians supposed to turn the other cheek? Maybe if you live life like a real Christian people will respect your “God”

    • Under the bridge downtown

      You spilled my macchiato!

    • Skittlez

      lol you’ll get more likes, just cause of what that douche said earlier…..and we all want the nexus also

  • Daniel Flores

    I’ve been reading a lot about this device. Think this will be my Next phone. Sticking with Verizon, and this seems to be the best option for me now since no Nexus. The Maxx is one I’d like to get also, but a better camera and better screen with a good battery still have me leaning to the G2.

    • Jackson

      Just for your info so you can make a good decision. Battery life is better by a decent amount on the g2 than the maxx read the battery section http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/16/motorola-droid-maxx-review/

      • Jackson

        “These numbers are great, but does it hold the title for longest battery life in the market? We would have said yes until this past week, when we discovered that the LG G2 — with its smaller, 3,000mAh battery — actually lasts longer in real-world use and our standard video rundown test. “

  • Jez

    “The wife test”. Are you kidding? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!?? Wow, way to reinforce that all men are nothing but stupid, overly-privileged misogynists. How dare you subject womyn like that! I’m never giving DL a single click anymore after that. You think patriarchy is a joke? Then go get castrated you stupid cisgendered neckbearded virgins. I can’t believe that I can’t go ANYWHERE, even a cell phone site, without seeing ignorant men mock womyn like they’re some kind of child or animal. Grow up.

    • zwieblekopf

      The wife test is simply seeing if his wife likes the device or not.
      In this case, she did not.

    • Greg Morgan

      I think you need to grow up.

    • Rechie

      Make me a sandwich. Bitch.

      • Skittlez

        Jesse! We have to cook!

        • Rechie

          I’m locked up by the NeoNazis. Sadly, I’m now a meth-cooking bitch. Bitch!

    • Detonation

      Must be that time of month

    • jnt

      My wife is an incredible woman who I couldn’t live without… but she also couldn’t care less about this stuff. But based on your comment, if I submit a phone to “the wife test” for my wife, I clearly think of her as less of a human than myself. Your comment is pigeon-holing women more than the wife-test I’m afraid… Maybe, just maybe, we’re different, but equally important? Goodness… I hope this is just a troll.

    • Łukasz Sobala

      nice troll there, props

    • flosserelli

      “All men are nothing but stupid, overly-privileged misogynists. How dare you subject womyn like that.”

      Sounds like you should change your name from “Jez” to “Lez”. And you need a new spell checker.

    • Skittlez

      They troooooollin. they haaaatin…..

    • Lou_Sasshole

      Wow… People like you should not breed.

    • I don’t even know what to say. I’m truly speechless. I guess allowing my wife to share her opinion, because I value it, is misogynistic.

  • jnt

    2 Questions @kellex:disqus – #1 – what HAS passed the wife test recently? #2 – do you have to squeeze the front to push the buttons on the back? It seems it would be hard to actually press them without a counter-press…

    • Nathan D

      for #1 the Moto X passed the wife test http://prntscr.com/1rr9ci

    • HarvesterX

      #2 (even though the question is a more than old lol) is no, it’s easy to press the volume buttons and power without a counter press on the top. In landscape mode, my left middle finger rests on the powner button and the pressure gained from cradling the sides of the phone in between the palms of each hand is more than suffice. In portrait mode, my right index finger is usually the one resting naturally on the power button and the same principle applies. It’s eextremely ergonomical after getting used to the location (which doesn’t take much time at all, it’s second nature now and I always go to the back of the phone by instinct on other devices)

  • I’m still going to prefer my Droid MAXX because of build quality, real software innovations and of course battery life.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Droid Maxx real software innovation??? Gosh what world do you live in. Droid products and Verizon suck balls.

      • Fozzybare

        good thing its the same software as the moto x. apparently you didnt know that.

      • Aaron

        I see your comments on every tech blog I ever stumble across, at least leave Droid-Life alone, your comments are insufferable.

      • Steve Ballmer

        Quit being an annoying troll. Everyone knows you’re a Note fanboi so quit filling comment sections with nonsense. It appears to me that you’re an adult, so why not act like one ?

      • Raj Bhatt

        I downvote you even when I agree with you. Learn to speak like an adult.

      • squiddy20

        Wow. A 50+ year old man who talks like he’s 8. What is this world coming to?

      • You say “nothing beats Samsung period” more than any person on Earth.

        • Tim242

          He didn’t say it in this post.

          • Click on his name and read through some of his posts…

        • Mordant

          I personally prefer Apple phones over Samsung and every other brand.

          But the worst are crappy chinese and japanese phones…Herro! Herro! I can’t hear you. I’m on my Kyocera. Kyocera! I said KYOCERA! Herro!

          • Lou_Sasshole

            Apple sucks my man lol

          • dude… wtf?

    • Derrick Jefferson

      My battery life has been amazing. Im talking 21 hours a day. Like i said in another post. I had 3 batteries on my gnex which i would go through all of them charged 3 times in 1 day.

  • vs8

    “LG G2 may last three or four years before it shows signs of aging.”

    Please return to this phone three to four years in the future and tell me how new it will feel. 😉

    • That’s a performance reference. No guarantees on that cheap plastic holding up that long. 😛

      • vs8

        I bet it will feel like a low-end phone of the future. Which will be fast enough in reality, but too damn slow for us geeks.

        • Pedro

          Stupid geeks.

        • Michael Harrison

          Us geeks ain’t satisfied for 3 months. That’s kinda of a given. But for the average user, I can see 3+ years being acceptable on this phone. Yes, in 3 years it will probably be equal in performance to the “free budget phones” of then, but that still says a lot for people that can’t drop $600+ every time a new phone comes out.

  • judd777

    Fantastic phone all around… the first phone i have had that i am considering not rooting… the screen is amazing and the battery life is crazy… LG knocked it out of the park w this one…

  • Agree! Great phone so far. Still getting used to the buttons. KnockOn isn’t always consistent but love it when it works right (which is still 95% of the time). Battery life has been great! Took off the charger at 7am yesterday, drove an hour to SF, used bluetooth, checked in places, 2-3 hours of screen on and I had about 60% left when I got back home around 8pm. Funny that this feels like a normal size phone coming from a Note 2.

  • John

    I would definitely get this if it had an MicroSD slot

    • At least it comes with 32gb. Most $199 come with only 16gb.

      Edit: at least the VZW version comes with 32gb. Not sure about other carriers

      • Richard Yarrell

        As expected Verizon model llooks likegar bage with comical alterations nothing new here. Bloatware galore of course silly wifi notifications in pull down shade. Plain and simple Verizon sucks monkey balls.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Point blank Lg is bootleg and classic copy caters. Samsung taught them very well. Lg will always be second fiddle to Samsung on the android platform period. The Galaxy Note 3 bitch slaps this silly.

          • Adrynalyne

            Heh, everyone copies everyone else. Samsung is notorious for it.
            As for the Note 3 beating this device, I should hope so seeing how it is a future device not yet out. Be pretty sad if it didn’t.

          • ballllllz

            Please just ignore Richard Yarrell. He is notorious for coming on here & Android Central, hijacking a thread to do nothing but bash everyone but his beloved Samsung. He NEVER adds anything to a discussion. In conclusion, Richard Yarrell is a tool who loves having Samsung’s ballz tickle his tonsils.

            EDIT: Squiddy20 gets it.

          • Droid 1967

            he use to do the same thing regarding HTC.

          • sk3litor

            Thank you Richard yarrell. Don’t know if you’re kidding bit I agree. samsung will dominate mobile for some time. Except in asthetics. Today’s gimmicks are tomarrows standards.

          • squiddy20

            Wow. Yet again you’ve proven your stupidity. Not only can you not spell simple words or phrases, you don’t even know about the clearly visible “Edit” button, which enables you to (surprise surprise) edit a comment you’ve already posted.

          • LionStone

            His meds are wearing off…

        • Lou_Sasshole

          I have a feeling that your mother and sister are the same person.

      • John

        Still…maybe it’s just me, but I like to move my microsd card over to my next phone so all my photos are already there. I know its not a big reason, so maybe Ill change my mind over the next few weeks.

  • BobButtons

    “..items here are simply my personal opinions and preferences that you may completely disagree with.”

    Ya couldn’t have said it better. I greatly enjoy the button placement. I expected it to take quite a bit of getting used to but even one day later when I used someone else’s phone my finger immediately went to that spot feeling for the button. Plus with KnockON it really becomes a non-issue regardless.

  • Guest

    Is there rotation animation on this phone Kellex B???

    • YES. You guys and your rotation animation. 😛

  • samosa king

    Oh and thumbs up to the review.

  • ceejw

    The fact that you can’t add a multitasking button to the “customizeable” navbar on the G2 is utterly insane to me.

    • It is pretty odd. Like, why a notification tray shortcut over multi-tasking?

      • BobButtons

        I strongly prefer the tray shortcut and have avoided phones with the permanent tasking button but don’t blame people for wanting it. The fact it’s software based alone should give you the option.

      • Daniel Russell

        I’d imagine it’s because most phones this size might be too big for people with small hands (such as women) to easily reach the notification bar. I see the point, but not having a multi task option doesn’t make sense since they seemed to put customization as a priority.

        • Jillxz

          I’m a female with small hands and I always use two hands with my phones anyway. So no problem

      • Enigma2u

        Kellen u forgot to mention one important feature …well at least to me…this phone has rapid recharge..that recharges it up to 75% faster then ordinary phones…I was so stuck on swappable batteries but this has completely changed my thought process…I can’t state how much I am loving the ATT version of this phone so far

        • michael arazan

          Rapid recharge, is that because of a 2 amp battery charger?

        • cknight91

          Is this feature only on the AT&T version? I have the verizon version with wireless charging and it took a solid 3 hours to recharge it. However that’s expected with a 3000mah battery.

        • Jillxz

          The Verizon version has wireless charging

      • chris

        I don’t mind it, i rarely use the multitasking Button anyway, but pulling it up by holding in the home button isn’t that bad, at least it’s there if i need it.

      • I rooted the G2 and installed ‘Auto Hide Soft Keys’. Not only do I get the multitasking button back, but the soft keys are hidden unless I swipe up giving me the full screen to work with most of the time. I highly recommend giving this config. a try.

        • cknight91

          What ROM?

          • Brian Ward

            Stock ROM

      • hill90

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    • googlyeyedfrog

      i think the reason for this is they want you to use their 3 finger swipe gesture for multi-tasking

      • chris

        Hold in the home button too.

    • billa73

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      $5000 in one month on the internet to work at home. Have you study this web
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  • samosa king

    I’ve seen many reviews of the LG G2 and they don’t show the rotation animation. Can you confirm if the rotation animation is on this device? If not, is there any way of enabling it?

    • Not sure what you mean? You mean just auto-rotate when you go landscape? It definitely does an animation…

  • Raj Bhatt

    Couldn’t agree more. I love my rooted Verizon G2 and LG has actually added some nice features like windowed mode. That doesn’t mean I won’t be leaving Verizon for the new Nexus though.

    • Pedro

      You just spent money on a VZW phone, knowing you were leaving VZW for a Nexus? And a Nexus that will likely be announced within a month.

      I don’t get it.

      edit: knowing Google distribution of Nexus devices, it’s less muddy.

      • Raj Bhatt

        Yeah, if we get more concrete info on the Nexus, I’ll return it within the 14 day period. If it takes longer, I’ll sell it on swappa. My GNex just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

    • jnt

      How has that back button arrangement been? Seems like it would be difficult to push them, even once your fingers figure out which button is which…

      • Raj Bhatt

        Once I took the plastic off the buttons, it is pretty easy to feel the difference between them.

        I’ve had the device since Friday and I am pretty much used to it.

    • Derrick Jefferson

      I’m considering rooting my G2, but I’m worried about taking a hit on the battery life. It has been so good that i don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it… have you noticed any loss of battery life?

      • Raj Bhatt

        Not at all, it has been amazing. 10 hours off of the charger and I am at 84%.

        My GNex would have to be recharged twice by now.

    • Bittoo

      Raj: Re G2: I got mine today. So far, agree w/ ur assessments. However, could u advise me how to hide the on-screen navigation buttons (i.e., “auto-hide soft keys)? A sizable screen real estate is going waste with the default setup. Thanks and regards!

      • Raj Bhatt

        I believe you have to download an app that does that:


        • socarwolverine

          Does this allow you to change the buttons? Like if you wanted to use the AOSP arrangment to get the multitasking button back instead of the menu button.

          • Raj Bhatt

            I am not sure, I haven’t used it. But getting used to long pressing home for the recent apps isn’t hard at all.