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Google Updates Ingress With 10 Fancy Achievement Badges


Still playing Ingress? If so, you can grab the newest update recently posted to Google Play, complete with new achievement badges. Finally, all of that hard work will count for something. With this new “Agent Achievement” system in the game, you can better track your progression and skills throughout the game. Need to size up the competition? With the new system, you can just check their badges. 

Ten badges will be rolling out over the course of the next few weeks for players to track and earn in the new Ingress player achievement system, including:

  • Explorer – Indicates a player’s visits and hacks of distinct portals.
  • Pioneer – Tracks the capture of distinct Portals
  • Liberator – Tracks the capture of all portals.
  • Purifier – Signals the number of Enemy Resonators destroyed.
  • Hacker – Indicates the number of portals hacked.
  • Guardian – Measures the ability to maintain control of a portal for an extended period of time.
  • Builder – Tracks Resonators deployed.
  • Seer – Indicates new Portals discovered and successfully submitted.
  • Connector – Signals the number of Portals linked.
  • Mind Control – Recognizes the creation of Control Fields.

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Via: +Ingress

  • scoobydoo

    the only trouble with ingress is its too easy to cheat and a hell of a lot of (particularly) enlightened players do , i looked up stats on several recently over 250 unique portals discovered yet only 3km walked , that’s obviously a cheater i just wish that the next update would scan the phone for gps hacking software then refuse to load until it is removed also you should be forced to update the software as players would just use old versions, it just makes it miserable for other players , i got annoyed particularly with one player who i reported when i had spent ages creating a field near me then the c********r appeared with maxed out achievements destroyed my portal when only i was there! then i checked his stats and realised he was a cheater as he had destroyed a portal 20km away and somehow traveled to mine in under a minute wank*** , they need to get on top of this soon otherwise they will lose good players , the whole point of the game is to get people out and about if you want to sit on your butt then go player warcraft

  • Still in closed beta though … what’s the point, Google?

  • Sinistar83

    I got an invite like 6 months or so ago to this and I did all the mission tutorials, now they are all grayed out, I was never able to get more missions.. am I missing something? I even open up the app every few weeks and no new missions.

    Also did they ever add an option to “keep alive” your display? It was always annoying when had the app open trying to scan, the screen would just shut off.

    • bufori

      Those missions were just tutorials. You use that info to go out and play the actual game. If you don’t see any portals on your scanner, check ingress.com/intel for ones that might be nearby.
      For keeping your screen on, there are apps you can download to do that. However, the latest version does a better job of keeping your position locked for at least a couple minutes after the screen is off.

      • UndergroundWire

        LOL, Download an app. Set the screen timeout to 10 minutes. Set it back to shorter after that.

  • coolsilver

    I still play, though easy to burn out driving from place to place. I don’t get out enough without being out retardedly late and lacking sleep next day.

  • irtechneo

    I tried to get into this game but there are not enough portals around me. I submitted something like 30 portals to google and 2 months later they approved 2. Not worth it in my area. And yes they were all businesses, parks, town hall, police station, etc. I guess they determined there are not enough players around me or something.

    • Geekdad

      I had better luck. I started with two in my city but now have about 30 I submitted.

    • nahbro25

      You have to make sure people are not in the photo you submit. Number of players in an area does not matter. I had 10 portals accepted in one of the least populated areas for 200 miles (they want us to map and photograph the world). The portals need to be significant or important pieces of art (statues, fountains, monuments), architecture, or history.

      • irtechneo

        Thanks maybe I will have to re-install the app and give it a go again—ehhh maybe not lol. Just not that into it anymore. If I lived in a bigger city it might be fun I suppose.

  • Shane Redman

    Since I just got a Maxx, I may give it a shot. Can’t be that bad in a metro area.

    • RuthHHarvin

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  • Ingress is a fun game to play when you’re out and about, but it’s not a game I go out of my way to play anymore.

    • Rich Steele

      I agree. I try to collect keys when I’m on vacation now, but that’s the extent of my play anymore. I don’t go out of the way to play either.

    • endurotech

      When I started playing in December I was very intrigued on visiting places I haven’t been to. But now that I have 3.5 million AP Ingress is more about meeting new friends and making connections, it’s a social network!