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Samsung and Dana Lorenz Partner to Create Awful-Looking Accessories for Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy gear

Right when you think you have seen it all, Samsung partners with a random “fashion designer” and shows off some of the most interesting accessories for the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 we have ever seen. From what we can see in the pictures posted, there appears to be some custom-bedazzled wrist straps for the watch and a bedazzled-leather case for the Note 3. Yes, the way I view anything artsy is my own opinion, and I am sure others might like these looks, but they just don’t resonate very well with me. 

There are gold metallic studs everywhere, and even a gold chain to allow the Galaxy Note 3 to dangle ever-so carelessly from  your body. While I feel that these accessories are somewhat uninspired and play off of the long-dead gaudy punk trend, these look tacky and gross. On the other hand, if you have to put studs on a smartwatch for a girl to want to wear it, then so be it.

You can expect these accessories to launch sometime this month, alongside the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Galaxy Gear


  • Brandon Golway

    Those are hideous.

  • Nick S

    The lesbian steampunk demographic can’t wait to get their leather fingerless-gloved hands on these!

    Source: my little sis is their spokesperson in our area

  • chris420o

    i LOL’d

  • NexusMan

    She’s a high fashion jewelry designer. Not my cup of tea, either….but we’re not their target audience.

  • Arameth

    one bump with that fugly watch band and the note screen is toast.

  • AndySamberg

    I’d Throw it on the ground.

  • Wtf


  • mw630

    Apparently, when her over sized snuggie with Jean Jacket arms didn’t catch on, she decided to create even uglier cell phone accessories. Calling her a fashion designer is like calling anyone with a disposable camera a photographer.

    • JoshGroff

      People still use disposable cameras? I thought all of them were cell phone photographers now?

    • NexusMan

      She’s a successful and esteemed JEWELRY Designer.

  • Pedro4Prez
    • Mark Mann

      why did that link to a fullscreen with not way to minimize it video?

  • lgreg64

    “We’re like sisters!”

  • T_Dizzle

    There are still goth type people?

    • Mike Hilal

      In the midwest, they abound. All they did was get a few tattoos to “keep with the times”

  • Chippah

    Woow man, they ripped off Fraker!
    check out his necklace there homeslice.
    “Fraker always wins”

  • Chippah

    These are accessories that the strangely white gangmembers in Death wish 3 would wear..

  • Chippah

    DUUUHHHH!!! spikes in her coota! tss tsss

  • TripleIonia

    Can I get this at Hot Topic?

  • Blerb

    The cutout on top means they expect you to leave it in the case while you talk on it. The studs will literally stab your face.

  • Keith0606

    no words can describe how ugly that thing is, do they really think it’s going to make them money, how can they be so blind.

  • tomn1ce

    WTF is that over the G-Note….fuuuuuuugly

  • Jack

    ugly …

  • col3rsc

    Now the Jennifer Lopez/Verizon deal doesn’t look so bad.

  • disqus_OiXbQXy3Tu

    One more step to get to a dethphone.

  • nina

    as a woman, those accessories are hideous-

    • EC8CH

      yeah well… that’s just like your opinion.

      I’m curious what Pinta and Santa Maria think 🙂

      • Chippah

        fawkin Good one double gunz! Ya, why dontcha tell us how christopher columbo or sumfhin likes it?

    • TSY87

      As a human, i agree.

      • jamdev12

        As a primate I second that motion.

        • Marsg

          uughghhhgh aaaaahnr uggguh uughghhhgh raaaaaahhgh aarrragghuuhw huuguughghg aaaaahnr huurh wuuh huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh aarrragghuuhw (As a Wookiee from planet Kashyyyk, I wouldn’t be caught dead in those.)

        • Doug Kulp

          As a meat popsicle, I also concur

          • guest

            as a plankton… i too… wait a min .. how am i typing this .. #toofar?

    • Eric

      You don’t need to be a woman to see that those things are ugly.

  • EdubE24

    Nilay Patel will go nuts for these metal studded cases!

  • mustbepbs

    What in the actual ****?

  • TruthHurtsTheWeak

    She sucked her way into this deal for sure

  • Bigwavedave25

    Just give me both for $300, with no crap attached…

  • MichaelFranz


  • Al-Burrit0

    Samsung obviously have not seen the Moto X commercial.

    • EC8CH

      At first I thought that commercial was a little too over the top….

      Truth is stranger than fiction.

      • Reginald Jefferson

        Strange that you got downvotes.

        • jamdev12

          Is even stranger that you are talking about down votes when around here down votes are a norm. Oh wait… Am I talking about .? Darn you got me.

        • EC8CH

          Haters… you know what their gonna do.

          • Jag

            Do they love?

      • Al-Burrit0

        Yea same here. It looks like Samsung just likes to be in the conversation, good and bad.



  • jnt

    I love some of their products, but Samsung makes some choices at times that make me think they’ll be the Carl’s Jr in our Idiocracy future…

    • Brandon Golway

      Brawndo! I has what plants crave!

  • HarleyGuy72

    Flava Flave could were the Note 3 around his neck instead of a clock now!!!

    Edit: just saw Ben’s post…oh well.

  • Charlie Val

    Whoever does that is a f*cking retard. If you even dress like that, you need help.

  • Justin W

    Wait, wait, wait… Your telling me I need accessories for my smart watch accessory?

    • Accecorception. Mind, blown.

      • thatguywithoutanaccount

        too lazy to make an image of it… but I imagine the xzibit meme for this 😛
        “Yo Dawg I heard you like Accessories…… So I put accessories on your Accessory, so you can Accessorize while you Accessorize.”

        • Justin W

          I did it for you in my original comment.. Thanks for that! 🙂

          • michael arazan

            Samsung trying to cater to hipsters?

    • Bender Bending Rodriguez


      • Justin W

        Was gonna make one, but was on mobile so it would have been much more work than it was worth 🙁

      • Keith Wright

        Dude looks like a constipated cantaloupe.

  • puke

  • Ben

    Get a clock widget and a viking helmet, and suddenly you’re Flava Flav.

    • EC8CH

      YEAH BOYEEE!!!

      • Ben

        I like IRL LOL’d. My wife thinks I’m nuts.

    • Jag


      I have to do this now.