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Samsung Posts Extensive 18-minute “First Hands-on” of the Galaxy Note 3 and Gear

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.15.54 PM

If you thought last night’s 6-minute introduction video for the Galaxy Note 3 was lengthy, wait until you see the 18-minute long clip that Samsung uploaded this afternoon. In this “first hands-on” footage, Samsung takes you on an exhaustive tour of both the Note 3 and their Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

You’ll start at a hardware overview of the new Note, followed by a software and feature tour that lasts for around 12 minutes. Once the Note 3 section wraps, it’s onto the Gear, where Samsung takes you through a similar hardware tour before diving into the pairing process, and other software highlights.

If you are interested in either device, this would be a good one to watch. 


  • Tyler

    Verizon pre order just went live 299 on contract and 599 with bundled watch. so no discount for getting both

  • Stephen D

    They could have at least found something with hands big enough to hold it. She was struggling with the thing.

  • Ryan Chapman

    The band on that Watch is massive, it reminds me of the bands you get when you buy a watch from the dollar store… If they made it look professional instead of like a toy I would think about it, but I don’t think being a doctor with a watch with a giant camera and goofy looking band attached is such a great thing.

  • Justin

    I just want to know if this will work for all phones, and not just the Galaxy devices….

    • Brian Wolfman

      The galaxy gear will at first only work with the Note3….then with select samsung devices running 4.3. Fail if you ask me. Dont see too many people getting this because of that

      • Justin

        Yeah. I thought this was an amazing idea. With the whole, camera on the band, ETC. But being a Nexus 4 owner (I will only own Nexus products from here on out) I would have LOVED to use this watch..

  • Ruel Smith

    Okay, Note owners, is the pen a nice addition or just a gimmick. Really looking hard at this phone…

    • Bigsike

      Mmm it’s not bad can come in handy at times but when not in use it’s not a bother in any way.

      • Ruel Smith

        Let me ask another question. Say I wanted to root this and put a ROM on it in the future. Will I lose the pen functionality? Is there a ROM that keeps it on Note devices?

        • Bigsike

          Oh yes there are many stock roms out there but even the non stock roms still keep the Spen functionality.

  • JackMeOffski

    Suck–eey – u long–time

  • RicoDelicioso

    I bet she gives great helmet.

    • Bill Hill

      u win the interwebs sir

  • michael steinmetz

    Anyone else notice that she clicked the back button with the pen at 6:08? Seems like something small but was something that was keeping me from using the pen all the time.

    • Paul D

      I’ve read that was a previous complaint of the Note 2 and now works w/ the Note 3.

      • michael steinmetz

        yeah it just felt awkward to use the pen then have to use my finger for navigation then back to the pen so i just decided not to use the pen

        • i some times used the gesture but it never really “stuck” with me.

          so i resort to the finger :/

  • andydrives2fast

    I predict a bunch of complaining over the usable storage in this device. All these features are going to take up loads or space and TouchWiz is already a storage hog. I mean, some of these are Photoshop level features they’ve implemented.

    • flosserelli

      Which is probably why Samsung ditched the 16 GB model.

  • needforweed

    Im just a little tired of the galaxy phone designs. Maybe thats just me though.

  • jt O’Brien

    I’m afraid to leave stock android. I’m on of those VZW customers who went from OG Droid to Gnex and because I’m not keen on losing stock I’m leaning toward the Moto X. But this is so enticing!

    • wmsco1

      Do It! I Double Dog DARE YOU!

      • jt O’Brien

        I’m about to lol. It just seems like it’d be so convenient. If I got this then I wouldn’t have to buy a tablet

    • JackMeOffski

      Is that you Boyfriend in your Avatar? I bet you guys play swords

      • jt O’Brien

        No that’s actually my “best friend”. I know that word must seem foreign to you because you probably have no friends.

    • Downtoearth2

      Stock Android sucks, touchwiz is the way to go.

  • Jim890

    Buying this off-contract will cost me one weeks paycheck. Must tell wife I won’t be getting a check until the following week.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Just sell your wife.

      • T4rd

        Don’t sell her off completely though, just rent her out every night, you get much more ROI from her like that.

        • Will Frame

          Dunno. Depends on the wife.

      • Jim890

        In your dreams buddy. Hit up a corner and you might get lucky for once. 😉

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Haha I don’t want to buy her!

          • michael arazan

            You meant to rent her?

  • So many gimmicks that most of us will hardly ever use. Scrapbooking? It’s essentially just taking a screenshot, but now you have to pull out the pen, hover, click, press scrapbooking, and then circle the screen. Or just press power + home.

    • Zander

      Ha ha, no … it’s not. I’d compare it most to Pinterest. It’s a good way of quickly organizing things that you randomly come across browsing the web or Instagram or whatever.

  • Insect Overlord

    You’d think the chick they got to narrate wouldn’t have a speech impediment. Still, unless the Nexus 5 gets revealed over the next few weeks and blows the roof off of the phone market, the Note 3 will be my next phone.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      It needs FullHD, 32/64, Snapdragon 600-800, etc

      • It needs to be on Verizon

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Well we can all give up on that pipe dream.

          • It is on Verizon, they already have a page up for it on their site.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            Read the comment I replied to. You’ll find the answer.

    • tharealoc

      Yeah…probably English is her second language..but still. I can’t do speech impediments.

      • Insect Overlord

        English as a second language, for sure…no problem with that. But she’s like a foreign Barbra Walters.
        At any rate, I digest. Awesome looking features. Excited for this phone.

        • Sept 5 Guest

          Digest huh?

          • Jaime

            You couldn’t figure out it was “digress”? You should read more and learn more words.

          • Tyrus

            shut up

        • michael arazan

          She sounds like she could be Kripke’s sister on the Big Band Theory.

          “Sirwi, can you wecomend a westaurwant?”

    • ObviousNinja2

      What a shocker they would get a korean woman to demonstrate their korean phone…

    • Richard Yarrell

      I wouldn’t be worried to much aboutany Lg Nex us 5 it will never be better than the Galaxy Note 3. Storage options alone Note 3 wins. Day one purchase for me on Tmobile

  • Ryan

    And the battery died right after lol

    • Antoine Colson

      that is realistic

  • mrbirdman

    run a poll please DL:

    are you buying the samsung gear? answers could be the following:

    i’m a samsung fanboy and i’ve sold them my soul.
    i don’t own a samsung device currently.
    i own a samsung device currently but will be switching soon.
    i don’t want to own a device that forces me to buy only certain devices.
    i love the idea of the gear, but i hate the gear.

    • Jeremy B.

      And the last answer choice is
      I don’t plan on buying any android devices because I’m an apple fanboy and I plan on getting iPhone’s for the rest of my life

      • ryan

        Thats Ron lol

        • La2da

          My current watch is a normal watch. My next watch will be a normal watch. But you should get a Galaxy Gear.

          • michael arazan

            My current watch is the sun

            If Samsung plans on selling these, they better Get Their Asses in GEAR to update all their phones for the past 2 years for this watch to work on them, people aren’t going to buy a new device just for the watch

    • Ruel Smith

      Don’t own an Samsung device, but thinking of switching.

      My current watch is an Invicta and I don’t buy anything but Invicta. Samsung should have had them design the outside. As is, the Galaxy Gear look nerdy in a big way.