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Get Inspired to Create a Moto X Using “Moto Match” on Facebook

Moto Match

If you are like me at all, you might be having trouble customizing your very own Moto X on MotoMaker. The issue is that once you select your colors, you have to be certain that you are happy with your color selections. If you are bad with commitment, then you will feel my pain. No worries, though – Moto Match to the rescue! 

With Moto Match, an application built for Facebook users, you can select one of your favorite pictures from your albums, and MotoMaker will personally handpick colors that compliment that picture. If you select a photo with lots of green, you can expect a green phone. If you select a photo of a sunset, you can look forward to a gorgeous Moto X highlighted with yellows and oranges. The service is a pretty great idea, and even though there is no pink in the photo I selected, the phone it made for me is super sexy.

If you didn’t already guess, you will need a Facebook account to use the web-based application. Go check it out by following the via link below.

Via: Facebook

  • Robert Macri

    I do love my X… So buttery and battery.

    I also love the camera, but I feel I’m in the minority there.

    Not sure how I lived without Active Notifications and find myself using the touchless controls much more often then I thought I would. Awesome to be driving and just say, OK Google Now, Navigate home, OK Google Now, What song is this

    Cool stuff.

  • chris420o

    sooo…that 500mil marketing budget was used for exactly what now? ive yet to see one commercial for the moto x or advertisement lol…moto couldnt of fudged up this phone more

    • guesswhat

      Moto x Ad campaign will start soon ..probably in next few days as it is now pretty available on all major carriers

  • runner30

    Wheew, Facebook app. That half a billion marketing budget is really getting put to work.

  • fritzo2162

    I can’t wait to spend hours toiling over my custom phone design and then stick it in a case!

  • NorCalGuy

    Dude Tim either ur wolf is huge of u have a mini boxer…either way they both look sick

    • Walter Partlo

      Since when did having a normal sized boxer make it a mini? These giant boxers are giving normal boxers small dog syndrome. 😉

      • NorCalGuy

        Haha I have two I call my 55lb female the mini and her 73lb broxer is the regular but they hang out with two cane corsos so they always look small:)

        • Walter Partlo

          I have a classic fawn male that is overweight at 55lbs.

          • NorCalGuy

            My dark brindle male was about 55-60 till we got the sealed brindle female( pretty much all black unless in the sun then hints of brown underneath) and we started going on more runs and park time he hit a second growth spurt…but he is not one of those rolli polli boxers ;). My female is more the size of a normal boxer/ dog

  • hiway12

    great picture of animal cruelty, thanks and while I’m at it – f**k facebook

    • Yeah, those dogs eat better than I do. No cruelty going down lol

    • C-Law

      Do you think a halter is cruelty or posing for a picture is or what? No-pull halters are in no way cruel, do some research. Neither one is underweight either. Don’t expect people to read your mind. dude you’re pathetic

      • hiway12

        that style of halter regularly blinds dogs. get a chest pull. it’s more effective and dogs don’t drop their heads and try to rub it off because it bothers them. I’m not pathetic, I just know more than you do (a lot more)

        • lilsweepr

          This style of halter keeps my wife from being dragged around by our lab. Keeps him from wanting or being able to just pull her where he wants to go. It doesn’t need to be tight either. We have the shoulder harness also but it is not as effective as this style.
          But what do we know? Apparently not as much as you. Bet your a blast on trivia night!

          • hiway12

            I’m more than happy to share my extensive knowledge with you. investigate a chest pull harness. it is not a back harness. it pulls from the front of the chest and your wife will be able to control your dog easier than the nose and the added benefit of not running the risk of blinding him. and yes, great on trivia night although we prefer Taboo. don’t be a hater just because I’m smarter than you.

          • Walter Partlo

            While you are incredibly douchey here, you are correct about the chest pull harness, at least with boxers.

    • chris420o

      hold on while i call you a waaaaaaaaaambluance

  • John Burke

    Where’s the Google+ version, Moto?

    • PPC

      Yeah, for all 3 people that use it.

  • Godzilla
    • Shane Redman

      Looks promising, wish they had kept him the original color instead of black

      • Godzilla

        Actually looks like he changes color are few times

    • Futbolrunner

      Ha! I can’t get over Samuel L. Jackson’s dew.

  • Shane Redman

    I went into a Verizon store today to play with a MotoX…then I saw the Maxx….then I brought out my GNex to really compare sizes with the motoX. Then I turned on my screen and saw I had 8% battery left….I looked over my left shoulder at the Maxx. Came home and ordered a Maxx online, I feel so bad lol

    • Fozzybare

      by the time i go to sleep i have like 40% left on my x. no need for the maxx.

      • Shane Redman

        It also depends on the user.

        I know the battery life is awesome, but it’s hard to give up that extra battery life and storage. Yes I use cloud storage and all but if there’s one place the gnex put a thorn in my heart it’s in battery. Why not go for more?

        • Gnex

          Pro tip: The Verizon logo on the X can be scratched off

          • Brady KEITH

            whoa…that’s cool…tools and technique please.

          • Gnex

            Use your fingernail as long as it’s not too sharp. Scratch gently 😀

          • Brady KEITH

            is the “woven” back soft-touch? looks matte…true?

          • Gnex

            It’s a smooth soft-touch plastic. I’d be happy to answer any questions!

          • Brady KEITH

            thanks man…my local store doesn’t have any in stock, and no at&t in my area either. pretty sure this is my next.

          • Gnex

            And a list of the disabled bloat for the hell of it

          • Shane Redman

            DAMN IT!….Pros and cons to every choice. If only the X had the maxx battery it would’ve been no contest

          • Gnex

            Battery life is great, but the Maxx shlts all over everything haha

          • Shane Redman

            As long as both poop on the VZW Gnex I’m happy. I’ve got the N7_13 to test out new versions of Android, since we all know how Big Red treats updates, so I may keep the maxx stock for a while.

          • michael arazan

            At least the Dev Version has 32 gb

          • Frettfreak

            Dude!! How does that back look in person? I love the pics but wondering if it comes off as cheap or anything in person? Sometimes printed CF looks pretty good and others not so much so just curious.

          • Gnex

            It looks and feels very premium :p

          • Guest

            What did you use to scratch it off? I don’t want to scratch the actual back….

          • Gnex

            MAH FINGA NAIL

          • EC8CH

            hell to the yeah!

          • Gnex

            lol I love these pictures

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            Hey Gnex, do i have to enable something to get the 50gb of drive storage or does it just show up for you? i’m not having any luck.

          • Gnex

            I got the notification as soon as I opened the app. Try clearing Google Drive’s data.

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            Opening the app would help!!!! I stressed myself over nothing. Dull moment.

          • Gnex

            lol No problem.

        • Fozzybare

          my friend had his gnex sitting next to me. we were both constantly texting on our respective phones. i dropped 30% while he drained his battery from full. soooooooo…

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    This came by surprise to me. I was in the shower and my moto x was on the sink counter. Then i’m like, i need some music. You know what I did? Yeah…

    • Gnex

      Dude, I got mine today and I’m in love with it. Hope it get’s KitKat soon, as much as I may hate the name.

    • Warwick

      You are a genius.

    • Leonidas

      Damn dude how long you take a shower to listen to music? let me guess you said OK Google play careless whisper 🙂

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        I read this comment out loud and it started playing.

  • duoexo

    Well the fact that I’ve been FB free makes this difficult to view.

  • David Verba

    I want to use Moto Match! Oh wait, I”m on Verizon….. I guess my only “match” is an interracial couple. Seriously, why is Verizon, the biggest and most expensive yet the most limiting in just about every aspect? Drives me friggin’ insane. Love my (GF’s) White Moto X though! Holding out for a wooden back – I wonder if that will help it become the first smartphone I haven’t cracked the screen on?

    • michael arazan

      Verizon doesn’t want their customers to think. Giving them choices makes them think more than they want. #VZWbrainwash

  • marko358

    Moto Match is exclusive to AT&T users until December 29th.

  • I wish they were marketing the color options a bit less and the actual features a bit more.

    • Gnex

      Stop looking through my phone calls. I am not a terrorist.

    • John Davids

      I don’t. This is how you get the general public’s attention. The general public does not care about specs. They don’t care about the latest tech or the fastest CPU. They care about how it looks and how fast they can open their Facebook feeds. This speaks to that and this is a great start in attempting to give Samsung some actual competition.

      • I agree that the ram, cpu, resolution, etc doesn’t mean anything to most. I just want them to show off active notifications and touchless controls to their fullest. I think those are going to really push this phone.

        • John Davids

          Oh, totally. Very much agreed. The problem is in trying to introduce a brand new feature that’s pretty high-tech and attempting to explain and showcase it so John Q. Taxpayer can understand it. In a 30 second ad spot no less.

        • Honestly I went with my mother the other day to help her pick out a new phone (she FINALLY decided to ditch her VZW Unlimited in order to get an upgrade, she was still using the Droid 2) and out of all the phones she liked the Droid Mini because of the form factor. The salesperson never once mentioned touch less controls nor did they know what active notifications was even though the entire Droid part of the store had the phones doing a little sales promo showing the features. What was really sad is that after all the big in store ads for the Droids there was the BRAND NEW Moto X just sitting next to all of the other entry level and WP devices, it wasn’t even in with the HTC One or S3 / S4.

          • Craig

            Exactly! I went to a corporate Verizon store and they new next to nothing about the droids even with all the ads, but insisted that I look at the “new” HTC One that had “just landed on Verizon”.

          • C-Law

            She picked the mini over the x!? Honestly I thought they’d be about the exact same size

          • She mainly picked the Mini over the X because the sales person never even showed us the X until I mentioned something about it and even once my mother saw it she was immediately distracted by the big light up DROID display that was right next to it. I’m kinda glad she didn’t pick the X because as I see it Verizon sinks all of their money into their Droid lineups and they just kinda deal with having to carry the Moto X. This makes me fear for timely software updates, the Droid lineup is really good about getting updates with the Droid Razr going all the way from shipping with GB to now running JB while phones like the Rezound that were launched around the same time are still waiting for JB.

  • Tim242

    Moto, this will fail, regardless of what you try to do. This seems so silly.

    • Ej McCarty

      I’m sure a lot of people will think it’s cool. I mean I tried it and while I wouldn’t get the colors they chose, it was still cool to see what it would come up with.

  • Gnex


    • I’m lovin’ it!

      • DanielP

        Hello Mr. Tim Oh Tat oh.

        My office would like to have a word with you,

        We patented the term “i’m lovin’ it” for use only in offical™ McDonalds™

        Please email WeRGoing2SueU@yahoo.org

        Thanks and have a lovely™ day.

        • All my Moto money will come in handy for this lol