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Tip: To Order the Moto X (or Any Phone) From Verizon at Full Retail With No Hassle, Use the Iconic Portal

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Since Verizon’s website has become a disaster of shopping experience, especially for those who want to keep unlimited data and not get robbed with the industry’s overpriced data bucket scams that you are constantly being forced into, we wanted to point out the easiest way for you to order all of your off-contract, full retail phones from Big Red. This includes the Moto X, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and almost any other phone of theirs that you have always dreamed of owning (outside of the new DROIDs for some reason). It’s called the Iconic Portal, a spot in Verizon’s site that typically is reserved for pre-orders of phones. However, you can order full retail phones without the fuss through here as well.

And when I say “without the fuss,” I’m not kidding. If you follow the steps below, at no time will you be asked to change plans, join a Share Everything scam, or use Verizon Edge. You find your phone, see the full off-contract price, add it to a cart, jump through a couple of confirmations, and then order. It’s that simple. 


1.  Visit Verizon’s iconic portal website.
2.  Sign-in as an existing customer.
3.  Choose “Devices without Wireless.”
4.  Tap the “All Devices” button at the top to see their entire lineup.
5.  Find the phone you’d like to buy and select the amount you want.
6.  Press the “Continue” button.
7.  Decide if you want to buy accessories, then click “Continue.”
8.  Enter your billing info.
9.  Confirm the total.
10.  Confirm the order again.
11.  Pay for your new phone.

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  • starhawk17

    When I use the iconic portal link I don’t get “devices without wireless” option. what am I doing wrong?

  • Zetar


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  • hana ya

    this must be outdated now, I logged in and was asked to join a share everything plan.

  • andrewp3148

    I followed the instructions, but I don’t see an option for “devices without wireless” when I log into the iconic portal. After logging in, it just shows my current device and gives me the choice to upgrade it, or add lines. Anybody else have that problem?

  • Bill Henderson

    This does not work any longer, they will tell you to select a plan and cancel it but I don’t trust them……slimy Verizon.

  • CrewF24

    You can now choose “month-to-month” pricing which will get you through the purchase off contract. Basically the same as before, click the pricing option radial button at the top and then choose the phone. I just finished buying my wife’s iPhone 5s off contract for $749 (barf).

  • Joe

    This didn’t work for me. There isn’t any “Devices without Wireless” option…maybe they changed it. 🙁 9-19-13

  • Ankara

    There is no longer a selection for “devices without wireless” It is nearly impossible to get an upgrade out of contract if you are logged in as an existing customer

  • rob black

    I just bit the bullet and bought a maxx hd at swappa.
    Do I just swap out the Sim card to activate? Still keeping my unlimited plan? No suprises?

  • Leonard Rivera

    Thank you! This saved me from popping a vein today!

  • MikeKorby

    Any idea if corporate discounts work with this?

  • sk3litor

    Or you could just get out of the house and go to best buy and not even have to look at anything red.

  • Droid4Life

    It seems if you use the portal you can now get the Droids at full retail. I just added the Maxx. Thanks Kellex for this post, very helpful. I couldn’t do my full retail purchase through the Verizon site as it only gave me 2 year contract option but the direct portal worked!

    • Droid4Life

      Sorry for typo. *Kellen*

  • Ken

    none of the new droids on that list it seems.

  • BK

    Fun fact, I work for an indirect store and the Iconic Portal is actually a method we use at my store to sell/activate/change a phone. It is kind of new for us and it is pretty neat

  • ckdk44

    Ok, am I the only one that thinks Verizon is ripping us off? Its only 16GB and cost $30 more than the AT&T version off contract, $580. So what I am wondering is why does the 16GB on VZW $20 LESS than the 32GB off contract AT&T one????? Its a rip off hope developer edition settles this. Just my 2cents…..

  • Dcdanger

    Following a tip from my fellow DL posters, I transferred my upgrade (unlimited line) to my wife’s line (2GB) which I had just used the upgrade on 2 months ago. Proceeded to place an order online for the Maxx but never saw any where to use the Verizon30 promo code, maybe I just missed it, anyone have any input

  • jim

    thanks for the tip re: ordering motorola X from verizon

  • Nick P.

    Just a heads-up I think you can only get 2-Day shipping when ordering though the Iconic website.

  • NyReynolds

    Can you set up device installment payments through this method?

  • Adam Haas

    Only downside to this is that with Verizon’s new plan, you can split the cost of the phone over several months instead of paying it all at once.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I got my Droid MAXX, I absolutely love this phone. They let me put 486.00 of the total purchase on my account payable in two months. Not what I was hoping for but I got mine.

  • Ed Waters

    I have to agree with you…Verizon’s website is an absolute disaster to deal with.

  • Torrey Shelton

    $349 for a droid razr m? not bad…

    • 1999sel

      The newly released Hydro Elite is also $349. It is even better than the Razr M

  • roth

    I just called Verizon and ordered my Moto X at full retail over the phone and had it shipped overnight. Very easy, and I still keep my unlimited data.

  • crazed_z06

    There’s also this invention called “the phone”. If you call and speak to an operator, they will put the order in and you will have the device tomorrow. Pretty easy.

  • winebeast

    not seeing Moto X only Nokia, Samsung and HTC phones

  • AC

    What kind of sucker pays full retail for a phone?

    • Buur

      The kind of sucker that values keeping a $20 unlimited data plan.

    • Diar

      Every single cellphone customer. You either pay it upfront or as a portion of your monthly bill for 24 months. You can argue that folks on Verizon paying full retail are paying twice for the phone, but everyone pays full retail.

  • CasperTFG

    Well no more high prices for full retail phones. I hereby present you with the LG Intuition for $399 off contract. Need ICS? It’s got it.

  • jamdev12

    Oh I so much hate you Verizon. You are charging an extra 20 dollars for having the Verizon phone. HOW I HATE THEE!!!

  • Guest

    Does anybody know if the verizon30 coupon works with the full retail?

    • chris125


  • annama111

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    friend’s ex-wife makes $66 every hour on the internet. She has been out of
    work for eight months but last month her pay check was $19549 just working on
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  • Cody
    • chris125

      always have a few of those idiots who will pay way more than they can get one brand new for

  • mcdonsco

    I love the retail price and your price: “we’re not giving you a deal at all, ain’t that great!”

  • bakdroid

    Kellex, this is exactly what they gave me to find the individual plans instead of shared everything. The only problem is there is nowhere you can enter a promo code.

    • tabbibus

      backdroid, I have the same issue

  • SparkysShocker

    Can you do the device payment plan though Iconic Portal?

  • John Clausen

    I just got back from the Verizon store near my school. Of course they have no X’s in stock, so they had to order it. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • I’m still hoping the “transfer of upgrades” will be honored from my line to my wife’s line. B/C i’m about to use hers to keep my unlimited and activate the phone on my line.

    • skubadoo

      I was able to transfer upgrades on my family plan from one line to another last month, so that’s do-able. However, using an upgrade of any kind will remove unlimited data from your plan permanently. There’s no going back. Upgrade = new data plan.

      • My theory is to upgrade her line (which has dumbphone) and activate phone on my line which is unlimited. then transfer my upgrade to her line and get her a smartphone. Can’t get unlimited on her’s anyway since she never had data before now.

        • skubadoo

          Gotcha! That works!

        • Daniel Russell

          I am doing this with my family plan. I am upgrading to the Maxx and ordered it online. For some reason, my local store told me that I couldn’t do that in store (I think has know idea what he’s talking about) but I was able to call and have them upgrade. Should be getting my new Maxx Saturday!

      • Brian Shaw


  • Daniel

    If you do this, is there still the one-year free-replacement warranty you’d get if you renewed your contract and paid the subsidized price?

    • socarwolverine

      The warranty is from the manufacturer and honored by Verizon, It still applies. Corporate stores will honor it, but third party stores or “authorized retailers” will sometimes fight it.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    ladies and gentlemen, be patient.

  • SA_NYC

    This is a nice tip, I’ve struggled with exactly this issue on the Verizon site. Thanks.

    • Tyler Durden

      Try going in store?

      • chris125

        well seeing how it didnt launch in store you know that would be kind of a wasted trip….

        • Tyler Durden

          Must have missed that.

  • View Askew

    Didn’t see the new MAXX, Ultra, or Mini via Iconic.

    • Hmmm those are missing.

      • Lucki

        As a dealer, we were told that it is unknown when indirect stores will be able to order the phones to have on stock. The only way I was able to order the MAXX was via my dealer iconic portal. So one other option for people is to go to an indirect agent and have them order it for you.

      • michael arazan

        So can we order the Developer Edition Yet? That’s the one I assume most people here will get if its available for Verizon which I assume it will be, since the GS4 has a vzw Dev and the HTC was announced to have a Vzw Dev edition.

    • bakdroid

      They should be there under all devices. I had trouble finding the at first under the contract menus.

    • Weber

      Now the X is missing.

  • dancingcrab

    I can no longer browse this site on my N7 (using Chrome) without it pulling me down to the comments every few seconds. Wassap with that?

    • Fresh360

      Same thing happens 2 me on my GNex, I thought it was just my phone I was going mad…I even wiped my phone 2days ago and started from scratch.

      • J Davis

        Happens on my Note2 and Xoom?!?!?

        • bratliff

          I wondered if it was part of the chrome update?? same on my note2

          • Themanhere10

            Same here. It is super annoying and I believe it happened with the Chrome update…..

    • Jordan Harvey

      Mine does the same thing.

    • Andrew Pabon

      Same thing on my S4. Impossible to read the articles.

    • cocamoxb

      I’ve noticed it happening on my N7 & DNA as well and it seems to always “snap” back to the add on the right side that has a video type interface that cycles through a couple images.

      I have ABP on my laptop so I don’t see it but I do on my DNA and N7.

      • cocamoxb

        I don’t know if this comment will show up correctly, but it would appear to be this element:

      • cocamoxb

        Ok, so it didn’t show up correctly. Short story: It is always the adimage that appears directly below the “UPDATE LIST” that causes the “snap to focus” behavior.

    • Twofourturbo

      It’s a advertisement on the right side of the web page. If you watch you’ll see the advertisement video reset and pull you back up every time. Very Annoying.

    • Tyler Durden

      Don’t use chrome?

      • addicuss

        Or you know.. fix the site so a large population of people dont have to “not use chrome”

        • Tyler Durden

          chrome is crappy, has always been

          • addicuss

            thats your opinion and its probably why you dont use chrome. For everyone else that doesnt share it (which is a pretty significant portion of people) they should probably just fix it.

    • Jake

      This has been going on for days and people have been complaining in the comments section of numerous articles. I haven’t seen if the folks behind the site have commented on it.
      Additionally, I’m annoyed by Disqus on mobile. After reading through an article and reaching the comments section, all the comments are there in plain text, then it refreshes and I’m greeted by a spinning icon for thirty seconds waiting for the Disqus-formated comments to reload. It’s annoying.

  • MichaelFranz

    I’ve had a nightmare with Verizon. I have 2 lines that have once had Phones on them but now have tablets. Those 2 lines have upgrades that came due in the last 2 months. But since VZW has a ‘no no no” policy these upgrades can not be used for anything but tablets. And there is no discount because VZW only sells tablets at full price. (rarely holidays sales but they usually require 2yr contract). I spoke to 3 different reps, all of which told me there is nothing they can do.

    I believe Verizon should of went about this differently. While I have no problem with how they do this they should of allowed all contracts in good standing to finish and give them their eligible upgrade but then when signing the new agreement make it known to them then that there is new strict guidelines.

    These new upgrade policies went into effect on 4/21. Both of my lines upgrades were on 7/29 and 8/21. So for that time period I paid into 16 and 15 months of a contract respectively with the normal intent to upgrade after wards. They should allow my last and final upgrade on these lines, or at least let it be transferred to another line to allow what it supposed to be right. One rep I spoke with said my argument is very valid and believes I should be entitled to it but the only way is to “Write a letter” to a specific address in Connecticut and they will then follow up a few days later etc etc. I find it sad I have to write a letter to try and speak with someone.

    I know business is business but be fair. Many of us treat the upgrade as a reward for keeping the line for the 2 years and are entitled to it.

    People may disagree with me and that fine but this is my opinion

    • ImmaDroid

      Why dont you throw your sim from the tablet on a phone for the line you want to upgrade an see if that will work that way? It will register that its a phone on that line, and you might be able to go ahead and upgrade without an issue. Especially if you do it all yourself online

  • John

    What about the “verizon30” promo code?

    • This is about paying full retail, not the 2-year subsidized cost

      • John

        So the verizon30 wont work full price?

        • John

          Chat person said only works for 2yr contract. Boooo

        • I wish

        • See if “CHAT50513” will work on a full priced phone. Just got that one from a VZW chat rep.

        • Maxio Perlan

          I just used promo chat50513 on the Verizon site and got the HTC one for 149.99 instead of 199.99 8/30/2013.

          I’m upgrading an existing out of contract feature phone, buying the 2GB data plan there, and will activate the ONE on my existing out of contract unlimited plan before turning it on, on the feature phone line.

          Then I’ll buy my wife her first smartphone on that feature line with the 2GB plan. Thx

  • Neall

    Could we instead just purchase at full price and say “will activate later?” Then go home and do an ESN switch online?

    • jayray78

      ESN switch? Swap the sim card and done.

  • jayray78

    Someone else on another site posted the Verizon30 code worked for a 30% discount. I couldn’t get it to work for me, but I thought I would throw it out there.

    • Aaron

      That code only works with a 2 yr activation.

      • jayray78

        I figured that might be the case. Still its out there.

  • steve0617

    Why order from VZW instead of Amazon or Wirefly if you’re buying full retail? Why go through the VZW hassles? Would simply replacing an existing phone with one purchased outside the Verizon world somehow force a change of a current unlimited data plan?

    • capecodcarl

      If you buy it through VZW you can go to a VZW store and get warranty swaps. If you buy third-party I believe you have to deal with the third-party and/or manufacturer directly rather than a local VZW store so you could be without a phone for awhile no?

      • Not to mention if you decide you don’t want to keep the phone, it’s a lot easier to go to a Verizon store and return it than do online RMA’s.

        • steve0617

          Well, that I totally agree with. I wasn’t thinking returning it, just the hassle of buying directly from VZW.

          • Rammstein

            It’s not really that much of a hassle.

      • steve0617

        I don’t think that’s true. That said, I’ve had the VZW insurance so I’m expecting a swap/replacement if something breaks. Fortunately, I’ve never had to swap a phone.

      • Gene

        I’ve actually purchased a number of used devices (RAZR MAXX, RAZR MAXX HD, Droid DNA, etc.) from individuals, and had them all warranty replaced through VZW directly, no questions asked…both in-store and over the phone through tech support.

        • Gene

          …the caveat is “certified like new” garbage in return for my pristine unit…

          • mcdonsco

            while I understand and agree, I just can’t help myself, if your device is pristine as you say, why would you need to swap it at all?

            Just sayin’….

          • BSweetness

            It could easily be pristine on the outside, yet suffer some sort of internal hardware or software problem. People who take really good care of their devices are often upset with Verizon’s “certified like new” replacements because they’re almost never as pristine on the outside as their babied device that experienced problems (problems that can easily be completely independent of well someone takes care of it).

          • paulmike3

            I’ve never received a certified like new replacement with any external defects. And in my Blackberry Storm (1&2) days, I went through ALOT of them (over 10).
            Sure there may be an odd case here or there where one missed final inspection, but all devices should have no signs of wear. They replace the external parts that have any blemishes.

        • capecodcarl

          Interesting. I read online years ago that they supposedly did not do that. I had bought a Galaxy Nexus on Swappa several years ago that was having connectivity issues and I never even tried to take it to Verizon to fix since I thought they wouldn’t support it since I purchased it through a third party. Hmmm.

      • BSweetness

        Not true. I haven’t purchased a phone directly from Verizon in years, yet I’ve been able to do warranty claims without any problems.

      • socarwolverine

        This isn’t true. I’ve bought a phone off an internet forum and VZW still did a swap for a certified device.

        • capecodcarl

          I’ve been leery of buying used phones for awhile now since I was afraid if I had problems I’d have to try to deal with the manufacturer directly, but that is interesting news. Maybe I’ll pick up a used phone. 😉

      • psuturtle

        I think it all depends on how far out you are from the original purchase. Verizon did deny my a replacement for a gnex bought off Amazon, but I was still within the first 30 days, so I think Amazon was “supposed” to handle any replacements. After that, I think Verizon will cover replacements under warranty (with their fees of course).

    • Terrence Adams

      Good Question. Has anyone tried this method? Im too scared to try since I don’t want to lose my unlimited lol.

    • Most dealers like Amazon or Wirefly charge insanely high prices for full retail phones. Best Buy for example is selling the Moto X at $699. The best full retail prices are directly from Verizon.

      • BSweetness

        Yep. Verizon makes little money off selling devices at full retail, but third party retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, or Wirefly make even less (if anything at all). The money for them is completely in signing someone to a contract. That’s why they set higher than Verizon off-contract prices – to discourage people from doing it and to make some level of profit if someone does.

        • nerds

          the moto x has a production value of $221, even if moto is selling the device to verizon for $500, they still make $100 on the sale of an off contract unit.

          • BSweetness

            There’s more to it than that for third party retailers. It’s not that straightforward, especially with a carrier in the middle of it.

          • aye_winchell

            but they likely don’t get as good of a wholesale deal as Verizon, so they probably don’t do quite as well on the margin.

        • aye_winchell

          If they buy these phones in bulk, for $350 a peice how do they not make money selling of contract. I agree they make MORE money from the contract, and thats what they want you to do. But If they buy there phones for $350 a piece wholesale then they certainly are making money from selling it full retail. And since these a sim locked phones, meaning you have* to use them on verizon then those people are paying for some kind of service. If I buy a retail phone from them im not taking it somewhere else, im paying $600 for the phone, plus i still have my same plan (2 line of unlimited and a feature) that i pay the same for, even if im month to month, im still paying the $180 /month the same as i am now, with 2 the subsidized phones i bought last time I upgraded. So no, Verizon is not “making very little”, they are making plenty, and im not complaining about the price of the phone or anything like that, but they are certainly making money, the reason the others are priced higher is that they want the same profit margin as Verizon, but they don get the same deal because they don’t (or cant due to supply) get the same Wholesale deal that Verizon gets.

          (* I get that you can unlock it, but i gather that 90% of retail phones bought from verizon are used on Verizon, probably more)

          • BSweetness

            Sure, some of that applies to Verizon or any other carrier when they sell the devices directly, and the point of paying full price for monthly service even when purchasing off contract is completely valid.

            It’s a different story for third party retailers, which is what this block of comments is really about.

          • aye_winchell

            Ya its definitely a different story for third party, because they are just making money off the device, and not selling any service, but Verizon is not “making very little” off retail phones, they are making a killing.

      • Jason Downing

        How ironic..

      • JBartcaps

        Verizon doesn’t offer a payment plan like amazon or Best Buy does