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Chrome Beta Update Will Introduce New Gestures for Navigating, Advanced Image Searches

chrome gestures

The Chrome team announced this morning that betas of Chrome for both desktop and Android will receive updates that introduce easier (or advanced) image searching. On desktop, once you have the new beta installed, you can right click on any image from a website and then choose the option to “Search Google for this image.” On Android, you’ll be able to long press on an image and then choose a similar option. So if you found an image, but wanted to know more about it, this is going to be the quickest and easiest way to do that. 

Also on mobile, the Chrome team is introducing new gestures for navigating around the app. As you’ll see in the screenshots above, switching from tabs will be accomplished by swiping across the top portion of the browser, rather than from edge-to-edge like you currently do. They also added in a swipe down gesture from the toolbar to get you into the tab view, and another from the menu button to quickly open the menu and choose an option without lifting a finger.

Can I just say, “It’s about time!” The edge-to-edge tab switching has become a massive pain in the rear recently. If you swipe to quickly, even in the middle of a page, Chrome will flip tabs. With the gesture moving to the top of the browser, this should eliminate those unwanted switches and allow you to browse freely, not gingerly.

The update doesn’t appear to be live yet. Or it also could be a staged rollout.

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Via:  Google Chrome

  • bban157



  • Matthew Merrick

    After a few minutes using the new gestures: eeeeeew…

    I miss the old tab swiping. It was so easy and intuitive. This Is not. I’ll adjust, yeah, but I think it was better before.

  • terrorist96

    Google has had an extension for “search google with this image” for a long time now. I use it all the time. Nice to see it being included by default now.

  • meijin3

    Okay, I may be super dumb but after the mobile version of Google Images was updated ages ago I’ve never, ever been able to go to the original image like you can do on the desktop version. I click around but can only even go to the website. Does anyone know?

    • meijin3

      Who the hell downvoted me? Haha, I asked a simple question and I still am pretty curious about it 😛

  • Blah

    Just switched back to the default browser on my GNex. Has it always been this much faster than Chrome?

    • michael arazan

      Chrome Browser is faster than the Stock browser on Flash heavy sites with those stupid Flash Ads, only good reason not to use flash. I use stock browser for flash content and Chrome for everything else.

      Chrome needs to incorporate Flash into it just like the Desktop version. With as much power and ram in phones now there is no reason not too

  • n11

    The only feature I want is for the stupid URL bar at the top to STAY there, instead of me having to scroll up to activate it. And for god sake don’t make me press more then 2 buttons in order to get to my bookmarks :/
    This is why I like the default internet browser on my phone, the one with blue icon world.

    • Matthew Merrick

      If you have a phone with a menu button, just hitting that will show the bar… (and give you one – click access to bookmarks).

      At least, that’s how my note 2 works.

  • Tyler Durden

    still no full screen

  • Chippah

    I want a gesture that stops chrome from running out of ram when typing in the top nav bar and crashing.

  • Alter

    Now if only they would make that closing the last tab doesn’t leave a useless black page with just a “New tab” button in a corner, but either closes the app or shows a new tab.

    • Kie

      Exactly this. That blank page is so useless.

  • vitriolix

    They need to add a gesture to close a tab. That’s my biggest annoyance right now.

  • Chippah

    LEFT-RIGHT swiping gestures to switch tabs is ANNOYING!
    especially when navigating a site when zoomed in, it STINKS and i dont like it,


    • Kie

      But with the gesture, after this update, only activating from the top of the screen you won’t have that problem anymore

  • Frankly, I’d rather they concentrate on improving performance instead of adding in gesture control.

    • michael arazan

      I’d rather they take off Mandatory Moderate Search and give us back Safe Search OFF option again. Getting sick of the U.S. turning into a Nanny State

  • moelsen8

    quick controls.. come on

    • Chippah

      “Who is your daddy and what does he do!?”

      • Tyler Durden

        It’s not a tooomah!

        • Chippah


      • moelsen8

        rubber baby buggy bumpers

  • trixnkix637

    Not having flash support is what keeps me from using Chrome Beta as my daily browser.

  • Tim242

    Does it introduce full screen? : /

  • Jon

    geez. Can we ever get chromecast extensions in Chrome for Android????

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    please please please, follow blacknberry on this one. Make android have gesture controlled navigation. atleast for tablets.

    ios 7 has this swipe back action that used for its core apps and the browser and it’s slick. Android needs it.

  • JR

    Why can’t there be a 2 finger gesture for back and forward?!

  • chris13417

    It would be nice to have the quick controls option like in the stock browser so you could use full screen and navigate with thumb controls.

  • Mike

    Desktop dev channel has had this for weeks.

    • Nathaniel Mosher


    • “I knew about that band before they were big…”