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Why I Use an iPhone [Opinion]

iOS and Android

Last week in my opinion piece about why I think Android users should consider the Moto X I opened up the article with an admission: I currently use an iPhone 4S and I plan on getting the next iPhone. This wasn’t supposed to be a secret (if you follow me on Twitter then you would have noticed that I use iOS most of the time). On the Droid Life Show I have shown my iPhone and discussed using my iPad. That said, I know that a lot of readers did not know, and more importantly, were surprised or upset to read that I use an iPhone. Below you’ll read my responses to questions I have received about why I use iOS, when I made the transition, and why it matters. If you have follow up questions or comments then feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter.

You said that there are specific reasons why you use iOS over Android. What are they?

iMessage has become the main way I communicate. I use iMessage daily with my wife, my closest friends, and family. It’s simple, works well, and it’s seamlessly integrated with Messages. This might seem like an odd item to put at the top of a list about why I use iOS, but between read receipts, deep OS-level integration,Β iOS still has vastly superior apps in every category that matters to me. Apps like Tweetbot, Fantastical, Yahoo! Weather, Swipes, Mailbox, Vesper, Day One, and Safari provide a vastly better experience than their counterparts or peers on Android. There are admittedly some apps that have counterparts on Android that are better (Path and Hangouts come to mind), but that has been the exception, not the rule, in my experience. There are definitely apps on Android that let you do things that you can’t do on iOS, but the apps on iOS are better for the things I want to do than they are on Android.

Performance on iOS is more consistent than on Android, especially with the passage of time. I’ve owned and used a lot of Android phones, and most of them slow down over time. Android 4.3 might finally solve that problem for the phones that will actually get it, but time will tell. My iPhone 4S is finally now starting to lag once in a while with returning to the home page or swiping between home screens. It appears to be a bug in iOS that creeps up every so often. Outside of that, however, this is the first phone I’ve had that has lasted me two years without having major performance issues. Maybe that can be explained away by inferior hardware on my previous Android phones or OEM skins or the lack of complexity in iOS, but the reality is that I, and plenty of other people, have recognized that Android seems to become more janky with time.

I really like Apple’s hardware. Yes, it is more prone to breaking from a fall than many other Android phones, but mine has held up well despite a few falls. In fact, the most recent fall was from about 4 feet on its face and the screen did not shatter (it did take a chip out of the left side of the plastic chin). More to the point, I like the size and feel of Apple’s hardware. The 4S is beginning to feel a little cramped for me, but the 5 feels perfect. I’ve always preferred smaller phones and bigger tablets. The camera on my 4S continues to impress me, the screen is crisp, and the hardware definitely looks and feels high end.

iOS is really simple. Your apps are on the home screens and that’s about it. You can customize their location, add folders, and slightly customize the notifications shade, but other than that the experience is dirt simple. I know that a lot of Android users don’t like that, but I love it. While I enjoy customizing my Android phone with different icon packs, widgets, and transition effects, it is more important for me to have my phone work simply and quickly. The idea of simplifying the interface on Android was what brought me to write my first guest post for Droid Life about Launcher 7. So while I like that Android’s interface can be simplified and tweaked like crazy, I enjoy working with a limited palette.

When did this happen?

I first bought an iPhone 4S about a year and a half ago. My decision to switch to iOS came after spending two years of my contract going from the HTC Touch Pro2, to the Droid Eris, to the Droid, to the Droid 2, to the Droid Incredible. Every one of those devices had hardware or software issues despite being considered top of the line when I had them and most of them had to be replaced multiple times by Verizon due to software and hardware issues.

The first time I bought an iPhone actually happened some time before that. MIUI had just come out for the Droid 2 and I was experimenting with it and some other ROMs. At some point late at night I bricked my phone. I was out of ideas for what to do to fix it, so the next afternoon I went down to my Verizon store. I knew what to expect, but I still looked down the shelves of Android phones. Not one of them appealed to me. I was facing phones like the Droid Charge, the Droid 3, and the Thunderbolt. Within a few minutes I wandered over the the iPhone 4 and told the Verizon clerk I wanted one.

My then-girlfriend-now-wife was shocked and a little upset. I had bad mouthed iOS for so long, but now I was willing to impulse buy an iPhone? That night I played around the the iPhone some more. I had trouble with the simplicity of the interface compared to Android, but I liked it. I didn’t like that the phone had to be tethered to iTunes (iCloud didn’t exist yet) for a lot of things, but it was a really neat device with a lot of things going for it (especially the app selection and quality).

That night I had an idea. I hooked up my Droid 2 that had been sitting dead on my desk and brought it back to life with some combination of SBF and adjusting how the phone connected to the computer via USB. With a working Android phone I had no reason to keep the iPhone, so I returned it. Shortly after the iPhone 4S came out that fall I decided that I would upgrade to the 4S from my Droid Incredible (which I had switched to from the D2) permanently. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Android anymore; it was that I liked iOS for more reasons than I liked Android.

Why do you still write for Droid Life if your main phone is an iPhone?

I still have plenty of thoughts and opinions about Android, so I still write about Android. I love my iPhone and iOS, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love Android (and webOS for that matter).

I joined Droid Life to write opinion pieces about Android and Google. In fact, I originally intended on trying to become something like what John Gruber, Marco Arment, and MG Siegler are for the Apple community. When I started writing at Droid Life I was completely dedicated to Android as a platform and completely opposed to Apple. I wanted to evangelize Android and Google.

It was Android and Windows enthusiasts’ vehement, unmitigated hatred towards all things Apple that pushed me to play devil’s advocate for some time. Eventually I found myself convinced that iOS was a much better fit for what I wanted in a phone. I didn’t stop being a “power user” or enjoying customizing my phone. Instead, I found that while using iOS I became more productive and enjoyed using my phone a lot more. It isn’t the only way, but Apple’s design and execution philosophies make much more sense to me personally than do Google’s.

Having an iPhone just means that I know more about the other side of the fence. If that offends you, then you may as well know that I also own a HTC Touch Pro2, a HTC Trophy, and a Palm Pre 2. While at one point I was hyper-loyal to Android, I see myself as more of a lover of technology in general now. I prefer Apple personally, but I understand why people choose the alternatives: everyone has different needs and desires for the technology they use.

Why should I care?

That’s completely up to you. If you think owning an iPhones makes me inept at commenting on Android then you should probably just skip my articles. Like I’ve stated many times before, I’m more of a technology enthusiast than an Android enthusiast.

If I’m critical of Android or Google, it isn’t because I think the iPhone is better and Android users are stupid; it just means that I don’t like something Google did. If I’m critical towards an Android manufacturer that doesn’t mean that Apple paid me to bash them. In the same way, if I say something nice about Android or an Android manufacturer, that doesn’t mean I’m paid by that manufacturer; it just means I like what they did. I don’t write inflammatory articles to generate more page views or generate more comments. I like interacting with commenters, but I don’t get paid any more or less based on comments and I have no idea how many views my articles get.

I understand that some people are upset that I use an iPhone as my main phone instead of an Android phone. I know that my reasons may not make sense to you or jibe with your experience, but remember that objectivity doesn’t exist. We can have different opinions and still discuss Android.


So, yes, I use an iPhone and an iPad to write for Droid Life. I also have a drawer full of Android, webOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone phones. I think that makes me less biased towards Android and the competition. Obviously my goal is no longer to become an Android evangelist, but I still love Android and the community around it. I still recommend Android phones to friends and family when I think it fits them best. Having an iPhone doesn’t change that I love Android and love interacting with you, the reader. Thanks for reading and participating in the community!

  • EvanTheGamer

    All I say is each their own. I give up trying to fight that never ending battle of what OS is better(I still think Android is better due to the full array of customizable options though). But other than that, I’m done.

    He can have his iOS and I’ll stick with my Android and that’s it.

  • Morbid138

    Impeach Ron from Droid-Life!

  • sk3litor

    I really hate the term “fanboys”. If you’re a fan of something you’re just a fan. We’re all here cuz were fans of Android. Just like a red sox fan on a Yankees blog site Ron should understand he’s gonna have to take some (hopefully friendly) ball busting. But we’re all adults here and at the end of the day what do you care what phone someone else uses? I really hope no one’s actualy offended by him using an iphone. Even if he is living inthe past ; ) hell come around people.

    • Guest

      Fanboys != fans

  • I’m on the Guest List

    I’m waiting for the day that Android has an answer to iMessage (ie: it’s every phone’s native SMS/MMS/IM app). Hangouts is on the way, assuming it gets sms/mms privileges eventually. However, because OEMs and their f*cking skins, Hangouts will never be the native/default messaging app on Android phones and we’ll never have an answer to iMessage. I hate manufacturer skins with a fashion.

    I had to return my CM10.1 S3 and replace it with a laggy, stock, TW S3.

  • Nate Olson

    I love lamp

  • James Hill

    If the iPhone was better, I’d buy one too. I’m just not convinced. The iPad on the other hand is a better tablet than Android. I actually prefer the touch based laptops with Windows 8 over the iPad.

  • Chrisdroid

    So you Work at McDonalds and on your lunch you eat a whooper and every time a customer visits your store you tell them how your whooper is better than the BicMac? Really…I’m still shocked about this article…Droid-life.com bookmark hasn’t been deleted yet…Finger moving closely to the mouse..

    • John Galt

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not the bookmark deletion!


      • Mike


      • Chrisdroid

        One less mother fucken hit for your fake Android site lol!

  • Cody

    Thanks Ron.. I appreciate your contributions to the site.. I like what you add in about windows phones and a fair opinion.. I don’t like the S4 either.. However you should try a new android phone or go to the iPhone 3g and see how fast it is since it’s form the same time period as the android phones you have now and I think your opinion may change.

  • XboxOne

    Great article Ron.

  • Buy This

    Okay I’ll ask, how can I get a clock widget like that? UCCW I’m assuming?

    • Marco

      It’s called Ribbon…had to look for it myself, it looks awesome

      • tomn1ce

        That’s the ribbon I’ve been seen in the past couple of weeks somewhere in the setting menu of the couple of roms that I have flashed…I was wondering what that was all about.

  • Happy

    i dont really care what OS you use. iOS has some great features that some people would want and is best fit for certain user. But if your going to write about android, at least be a android user, so you have credibility in what you’re writing about. Having a phone for review isnt that same as using it as a daily driver. You need the in depth knowledge to find where it can improve and where it excels.

    If you’re into tech generally not just android, than writing for something like engadget, or gizmodo would make more sense. Now it just feels like your a General science teacher who’s teaching advance physics. You might be good at it, but your understanding wouldnt be the same as someone who uses android every single day.

    • VT

      I couldn’t agree with this more!

      How are you going to write about Android if you don’t even use it as your daily driver?!

  • Rbq

    Ugh who cares. This is a Droid blog (it’s gotten away from that, but it’s at least an ANDROID blog) – if you use an iPhone, go do it somewhere else. It’s not even the Android vs. iPhone debate, it’s just that, quite simply, you don’t know what you’re talking about here.

    • SparkysShocker

      Or does he, you know since you decide to omit the fact that he has used android and it at least looks like he still plays with his Razr. So actually he may have a different view of Android, maybe even a not so biased view of Android because it’s not all he sees.

      If he was giving reviews on these devices then I would feel like most of you do but he is not he stating what he from an iPhone user sees in Android and really who the hell cares one way or the other if you don’t agree don’t worry.

      • Moeyknight

        You lost me at Razr.

  • Stnkycheezman

    I definitely agree that the droid eris and the OG with 500mhz cpus and 512mb ram couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of android updates at the time and the phones could become sluggish. But at that time an iPhone couldn’t even send MMS. I had friends who had iPhone (OGs, pre 3G even) and their phones couldn’t hold up at the end of a 2 year contract. Even 3G couldn’t. I have an iPhone 4 that my job provided me and I think it’s a piece even compared to my almost 2 year old GN.

    so to compare your iPhone 4S to your experience with the OG isn’t the best way to guage OS’s. It’d be like comparing an iPhone 3G and never updating it from when it was released to a brand new S4, One, or Moto X with the latest android.

    But I understand and respect all the reasons why iPhone users use iPhone.

    • beng8686

      Too many “i” words…I think I’m going to be sick…

  • paul_cus

    Make the next article about why you like webOS, Ron. I still have a Palm Pre 2 somewhere in my apartment.

    • Tim242

      I almost spit out my drink haha

    • I’ll bring mine with me for the show tonight. πŸ™‚

  • C-Law

    “Why I use an iPhone and my next phone will be an iPhone, but you should buy an android”

    Should have been the title

  • David W. Skyview

    it’s good to have an opposing view once in awhile on an android based site, but maybe not someone that has set in contempt I must say. Someone like Rene on AC is good, but someone that doesn’t keep with the times is kinda irrelevant and obsolete. Just skip his articles like many do. It doesn’t matter.

    • Tim242

      Exactly. I really like Rene. He is very relevant.

  • $18330615

    Kellen and Eric liked WP8 and wanted one. Bring out the pitchforks for them too!

    • Tim242

      They don’t trash-talk Android. Also, they use current Android phones. Ron’s last Android phone was a purple og droid RAZR.

  • thebigmann

    I saw your full list of devices, both past and present, and lost all confidence in the weight of your opinions. Your purchasing decisions baffle me.

  • Tony Byatt

    I see Ron is trying to clarify himself from his Moto X commentary and the DL crew has his back in the comments. Ron’s collection of Android phones is pretty poor and his reasoning for going to iOS is pretty poor…


    Ya’ll would have been better off ignoring it than bringing it up again. The comments for the show tonight will now probably be targeted at Ron…

    I got my popcorn ready…

    • tomn1ce

      They’ll probably have Dave in the show tonite instead of Ron.. -_-

  • Adamania

    I’ve had the 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPhone 5. I agree that iMessage is a GREAT feature. Hopefully Hangouts will accomplish the same thing. I also like how solid the iPhone feels. Besides the HTC One, I haven’t really felt another Android phone that feels “quality” like an iPhone does. 4s is still a good phone, the 4 is terribly laggy and shouldn’t even be on iOS 6. I just simply didn’t like how uncustomizable the iPhone was, or how intertwined in iTunes that it is. Is the iPhone a good phone? Yes, but not for me.

  • banditball

    Most worthless article I’ve read on this site. Is this Droid Life? Unbelievable

  • trophynuts

    this story sounds exactly like my own. Was hardcore android for 2 years. The VZW Gnex pissed me off so bad that i turned to the Iphone5. I’ve never looked back. I’ve wrote a similar article on AndroidForums.


    • chihova


      • tomn1ce

        I guess he expects people to read that one as well -_-

  • Sirx

    HOLY SH*T! You guys are nuts! I always thought this was a pretty open, mostly laid back, kinda good-humored community over here, but JESUS H.W. CHRIST (Howard Woodward, for the curious), you guys are rabid! And insane! And just a tad lynch-mobbish O_O.

    Makes a guy want to start trolling the sh*t out of you just to see you get your dander up. Might teach you a lesson. Geez, I feel sticky just posting here.

  • MStacey

    #1 you’re not even close to people like Gruber or Arment purely as a writer (let alone reach)
    #2 your view on Android is skewed by using terrible, outdated devices in the past
    #3 you’re more or less dependent on iOS only features/ecosystem which is understandable but it’s hard to be unbiased when you can’t reliably use an Android device as your daily driver. Having a drawer full of other devices doesn’t give you the perspective you need to understand the platform.

    This applies to all writers who A/B various platforms. Unless you can truly live the platform and give it a true shake there’s little point trying to write about it — those people who actually use the platforms will sniff out someone who does that and their credibility goes down the toilet.

    • I never said I was anything close to Gruber or Arment as a writer. They are some of my inspiration, but certainly not my peers.

  • WPNX

    I have been reading DL since it began and I’ve always seen them as a legit if not “the” legit source for my Android info. But this dude Ron just doesn’t belong here. He is not one of us and by “us” I mean the hardcore Android fans who made this site what it is. Ron wouldn’t even have a damn job if it wasn’t for us. And now you dump this BS about the superiority of iOS over Android…GUYS..YOU DON’T READ BS LIKE THIS AT ANDROID CENTRAL, ANDROID AUTHORITY, ANDROID POLICE, OR DROID FORUMS JUST TO NAME A FEW. It is indeed a sad sad day for many DL readers..WE HAVE A MOLE PEOPLE..EVEN WORST..HE HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO ROAM FREELY

    • Mike

      You are a prime example of arrogant fanboys. Nothing wrong with having someone who uses the competition and provides outside perspective

      • wpnx

        I don’t go to Iphone sites and bash anyone. Many of my friends have iphone. But I come here to read about all things Android. “DL..An intense Android community”..hmmm …used to be

        • Mike

          And He has written articles about Android because he DOES use Android, its just not his daily driver. I like the whole outside point of view. It’s refreshing. But like every other post in these comments, is just my opinion.

    • Sirx

      I have never once owned an iOS device, and in Ron’s defense, I don’t want to be one of “you” either. I’m afraid someone might look at me and attach me to your wacked-out opinion because of my G.Nex.

      • WPNX

        lol..wacked out opinion.. Mrs. X

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    ron, you may be the perfect person to do ios 7 vs KLP. Iphone 5s vs next nexus. Ipad/mini vs nexus 7/10. Cmon man get some clicks in. This winter is yours.

    • Alan Fortte


  • Joe

    So he chose the iphone over the HTC androids that were pOS expresses to begin with…..WOW great Argument!

  • chris125

    With as hit or miss as I message is you can’t really call that reliable at all. I mean it seems they have outages at least once a month. I wouldn’t necessarily call that reliable.

  • Alan Fortte

    If you don’t have an Android phone I hope you don’t review any of them.
    THE IPHONE 4S IS BETTER THAN HTC ONE MAX. I don’t want to see that<

  • Rodeojones000

    Maybe now that he’s explained himself the idiots having a hissy fit over him being an iPhone user can finally get over it. The fact that he needed to explain himself is ridiculous. So what, he prefers a different mobile OS. I own an Asus laptop, does this mean I’m not permitted to have an opinion about Macbooks?

    Thanks for the well written piece, Ron.

  • Snoylnaes

    Alright, I’ve been on this site since the old Droid X rumors (And even i’m still using my Droid X, the poor guy is still chugging along). I check this site every day, I’ve always enjoyed the articles, and I even read the comments sometimes (mostly because bionic is hilarious to watch). I don’t always agree with what I read (such as the whole big article about the new IOS copying android, I thought that was garbage) but Droid-Life has been consistently my favorite tech blog.

    That being said, I thought it was really cool that there was somebody here who uses an iPhone, who prefers IOS but has delved into Android as well. I thought that was a refreshing change in perspective. Now, if he came in here bashing Android left and right, calling us all idiots for not getting iPhones, that would be a COMPLETELY different story. He’s just a guy who likes technology, just like any of us, and I for one would prefer if he wrote more articles.

    Now proceed to downvote me into the void.

    • Tim242

      I am not down voting you. But, he does trash Android on the show

      • Snoylnaes

        Valid point, and I may be wrong there, but isn’t the show full of all the writers, meaning that his dissenting opinion would be quickly countered by one of the other guys? Wouldn’t this be considered a contribution to the discussion? Having a bunch of yes men is pretty boring.

        Forgive me if I’m wrong, I rarely watch the show.

        • Tim242

          It’s just his general all negative about Android, all the time. He is just out of place. I assure you, the others aren’t just yes men. They provide both sides.

    • aQuickBit

      Don’t tell me what to do! Upvote to you…jerk. πŸ˜›

  • checazola

    So… an article from Ron is the same as getting BBQ recipes from a vegan. .. hmmm.. If I was running this place I would send him packing. I can care less that Ron uses and iPhone, but come on… this is an android blog. I come here to get reviews and tips of the latest devices, apps and OS updates. If you don’t use them how can I trust your opinion. This website went down a notch on my book.

    • Tim242

      Amen, from an Atheist Vegan haha

      • mustbepbs

        …So you’re a gay, atheist vegan? You really jumped on the bandwagon a few times, didn’t you?

        • Tim242

          Haha not really a bandwagon. I was born gay. I became Atheist at the age of 22,, in an evolutiom of my own thoughts and beliefs. What had been taught to me just wasn’t what I felt was truth. Being Vegan was a 10 year process. At age 23, I began to exclude pork and beef from my diet. I pretty much just ate chicken, with some turkey here and there. At age 31, decided to become Vegetarian. I was practically there anyway. After a year and a half of that, I went Vegan. I had cut cheese way down anyway, due to the high sat fat. I never was a milk drinker. Even though I loved eggs, I never liked the idea of eating them. After watching “Forks Over Knives,” I learned about cancer causing casein, which is the animal protein in milk. So, I took the next step to a longer, healthier life. I have the trifecta going on, aka a Republican’s worst nightmare haha

          I know, cool story bro : )

          • Daniel Tifft

            Wtf do you eat then? I feel as thought cutting out all of that food would turn you into a stick figure.

          • Tim242

            There’s a lot to eat, without those. There are meat and cheese substitutes. I eat a lot of beans, rice, pasta, breads, vegetables, soups, pizza without cheese or with non-dairy cheese, bean dip, queso, spicy black bean burgers, guacamole, hummus, and even mac & cheese. You’d be surprised at what you can do without unhealthy dairy and meat. There’s so much more, but this list gives you an idea. The good thing is that these foods are high in nutrients, and most are low in calories. That means you can eat all you want!

    • Moeyknight

      Your analogy is spot on and you need more up votes. I don’t begrudge him his opinion, I just don’t get why he’s giving it here.

      • Stevedub40

        ^This my friend. I have nothing personal against Ron and he writes well, it’s just not a fit for this site. Although not even remotely as bad, it sort of reminds me when I used to go to BGR and read Android reviews from Geller. It was so hard to take him serious because everyone knew how much of an apple fanboy he was, so you always got the feeling like he was not giving it a fair shake.

      • DainLaguna

        He wrote it because of the backlash against to his previous article. And to explain why he still writes for the site.

        Apparently, that’s not good enough either.

  • lgreg64

    What no Blackberry! and you call yourself objective. πŸ™‚

  • Diar

    Wait….this is your collection: HTC Touch Pro2, a HTC Trophy, and a Palm Pre 2….LOL. I’m supposed to read Android articles from a guy who not only doesn’t routinely use the latest and greatest of Android and whose last Android phone is four years old, but someone whose entire tech collection is f-cking ancient as hell. SMMFH.

    I see why you prefer the iPhone to those phones…LOL. Try a few new ones and get back to us.

    LOL. I can’t stop laughing.

    • VT

      LMAO, how he is allowed to write Android articles is beyond me. It’s a sad day for DL.

  • dang1

    iPhone screen too tiny

  • cjgm86

    Ron in my opinion, “BGR” would be the ideal workplace for you

    • Gnex

      Pfft, no way. It’s too mainstream.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      BGR is for investors. You may not believe it but yes. It’s there to make people money.

    • Tim242

      Definitely! He would fit right in.

  • Chris King

    I Myself have always had an android phone starting with d1 and still love rooting and roms. now my brother has an iPhone and is a software engineer and he says he just wants to have a phone that works without having to do any work on it.I can see both sides. As far as what kind of people use what phone don’t worry there’s plenty of douche bags in both camps.

  • Swoops212

    Your Mom is Janky. Reason why you use an iPhone; because you suck at life. πŸ˜‰

    • Mike

      How adult of you. School starts soon. You should probably start getting to bed early.

  • Will Frame

    I guess enjoy your sandboxed app experience, closed APIs, interface that never changes in any significant way, absence of basic features such as Call Block (which even WP8 now has), and tiny screen.

    iOS has a lot going for it, especially with respect to apps, but I absolutely can’t stand the restrictions anymore. Even Windows Phone is a better experience, in my opinion. And iOS 7, aside from being ugly, really isn’t bringing much to the table.

  • Diar

    Other than iMessage (which is a damn good app admittedly), your entire article is ridiculous. Let me just take one item: iOS is simple because you can do less with it. Ignoring the inanity of such a statement, I’ll just say that if you want a simple experience on Android you can have it: just don’t customize anything. Duh.

    As for you writing for the site, hey, if Droid Life will have you keep getting your money. As a reader, though, you’re irrelevant to me. If Android isn’t your daily driver, truthfully, I don’t want to hear from you on an Android blog. Maybe a guest piece every once in a while comparing OSes. I’m not saying every writer needs to be a power user but I want to hear from folks who use Android at least as much as I do.

    • DainLaguna

      Don’t read his articles? This site doesn’t owe you anything, believe it or not.

      • aQuickBit

        You mean there are hundreds of other Android-dedicated blogs out there in the free-no-obligation-vastness of the interwebs?!

  • Robert Kuhlman

    I think it’s a good idea to understand the competition by using their devices here and there, but to be a part of an Android community and to write about why you like the competition better might not have been the best idea. I agree that you have good opinions about Android devices, but being an IOS advocate, it makes your Android opinions less valuable to those of us that want to know why some Android device might be our next device.

    • I use iOS personally but I regularly recommend both iOS and Android devices to friends and family. I don’t think that makes me an iOS advocate.

  • Pedro

    Meh. As long as there is a Nexus device, I’m in. The ability for others that are smarter than I am to come up with a feature I didn’t realize I needed (see aokp Notification Bar User Font, quiet hours (released long before Apple’s version), single press torch/flashlight, ribbons, and so on) means I will never own an Apple daily driver.
    Others in the family have them. In fact, I bought a 4S for my daughter yesterday, moving from her Virgin Android phone. Her iPod died, and fixing it justified moving platforms. Spent a couple extra bucks to make sure that it was unlocked.

    I will always have a Nexus device. Unlockable phone, unlocked carrier. Paid my ETF to Verizon. Never, ever again, will I sign a contract to obtain cell service.

  • +1 for iMessage the encryption level is insane. Even Apple can’t view them.

  • Dale

    iOS is certainly more “simple” than Android, but that is why I like Android so much better. The simplicity of iOS drives me absolutely crazy. I love the complexity of Android and the ins and outs of all the customization and settings.

    As a techie, I recommend iOS to people all the time, people who aren’t technologically savvy and are looking for something “simple” to use, and people who just like simple things in general. If I know that people are very techie and enjoy fiddling with gadgets (and know what they are doing) I typically tell them to go with Android because they will probably dislike iOS as much as I do (there are obviously exceptions to this).

    My wife has a 4s and I absolutely can’t stand it. But she also can’t stand my GNex.

    • Rob Delaney

      You recommend iOS to people who aren’t technologically savvy? Maybe you should get more information on how they intended to use the device? What things are important to them in a phone? Not just because they don’t seem to be into tech as much.

      Funny how Google engineers use iOS products. But then again I guess they are not as tech savvy as you are, huh? You know, the creators and innovators of the OS “tool” that you praise so much. To them, with your logic, you probably should you iOS too.

  • rei_load

    Ron, I understand you’re trying to explain yourself but you’re not really appealing to your reader base- android fans. You’re basically stating Apple’s superiority without acknowledging how well Android is as well. Now I have an Android phone but Apple phone’s are pretty damn good. I’m not afraid to admit it at all and I actually do recommend to certain people to get an iPhone. But I always mention the actual differences in the software and while each OS appeals to that type of consumer.

  • p4

    i saw you in a coffee shop today and you were mean to me .. youve lost a viewer

  • Ron_Swanson

    No one is reading this article….everyone is jumping right to the comments. Ha!!!

    • Ian

      “Skim Milk. Avoid it!”

  • imronburgundy

    I really wanted to switch back to Android for the Note III but had reservations due to some of the reasons above along with integration to all their services. I think this article has persuaded me http://paulstamatiou.com/android-is-better

  • Trevor Vass

    So android devices aren’t up to your standards as far as performance goes? Yet the devices you mentioned and currently own are no where near high end phones right now. Granted it is your opinion on what os you like but comparing old phones for performance makes no sense.

    • Those are the devices that I own, but I spent months with the Gnex, One X, and S3 for review purposes. S4 and One are still hard to come by for review.

      • Trevor Vass

        Yet again still old phones… The amount of great phones out there would expand for you if you didn’t blow them off before using them. This can be seen on all of your DL episodes where a new or upcoming phone is mentioned. Yes I have used ios and an iPhone 4s when selling a phone and getting a new one. Slow as crap oh and 3g is awesome! All I am saying is get your hands on a high end from late last year or this year. Making an opinion based off old phones just doesnt work. Then add the you should consider a moto x but I’m not buying one… You should buy a pinto but I sir will not.

        • I’d love to have unlimited access to every top of the line Android phone as soon as it comes out. Unfortunately, I have to wait my turn.

          • Trevor Vass

            Waiting turns if for suckas. Time to be a baller… Shot caller

          • DainLaguna


      • googlyeyedfrog

        I think mentioning this in your article would have vastly increased your credibility

        • It’s hard to tell what people will read into what you write. I said I own some older phones, but people assumed that meant I haven’t used newer ones. That said, I’ve mentioned having the Gnex, One X, and S3 on the DL Show and in reviews.

  • Stevie Thunder

    lol who cares. how many of you have been laid since the cult of android?