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Why I Use an iPhone [Opinion]

iOS and Android

Last week in my opinion piece about why I think Android users should consider the Moto X I opened up the article with an admission: I currently use an iPhone 4S and I plan on getting the next iPhone. This wasn’t supposed to be a secret (if you follow me on Twitter then you would have noticed that I use iOS most of the time). On the Droid Life Show I have shown my iPhone and discussed using my iPad. That said, I know that a lot of readers did not know, and more importantly, were surprised or upset to read that I use an iPhone. Below you’ll read my responses to questions I have received about why I use iOS, when I made the transition, and why it matters. If you have follow up questions or comments then feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter.

You said that there are specific reasons why you use iOS over Android. What are they?

iMessage has become the main way I communicate. I use iMessage daily with my wife, my closest friends, and family. It’s simple, works well, and it’s seamlessly integrated with Messages. This might seem like an odd item to put at the top of a list about why I use iOS, but between read receipts, deep OS-level integration,Β iOS still has vastly superior apps in every category that matters to me. Apps like Tweetbot, Fantastical, Yahoo! Weather, Swipes, Mailbox, Vesper, Day One, and Safari provide a vastly better experience than their counterparts or peers on Android. There are admittedly some apps that have counterparts on Android that are better (Path and Hangouts come to mind), but that has been the exception, not the rule, in my experience. There are definitely apps on Android that let you do things that you can’t do on iOS, but the apps on iOS are better for the things I want to do than they are on Android.

Performance on iOS is more consistent than on Android, especially with the passage of time. I’ve owned and used a lot of Android phones, and most of them slow down over time. Android 4.3 might finally solve that problem for the phones that will actually get it, but time will tell. My iPhone 4S is finally now starting to lag once in a while with returning to the home page or swiping between home screens. It appears to be a bug in iOS that creeps up every so often. Outside of that, however, this is the first phone I’ve had that has lasted me two years without having major performance issues. Maybe that can be explained away by inferior hardware on my previous Android phones or OEM skins or the lack of complexity in iOS, but the reality is that I, and plenty of other people, have recognized that Android seems to become more janky with time.

I really like Apple’s hardware. Yes, it is more prone to breaking from a fall than many other Android phones, but mine has held up well despite a few falls. In fact, the most recent fall was from about 4 feet on its face and the screen did not shatter (it did take a chip out of the left side of the plastic chin). More to the point, I like the size and feel of Apple’s hardware. The 4S is beginning to feel a little cramped for me, but the 5 feels perfect. I’ve always preferred smaller phones and bigger tablets. The camera on my 4S continues to impress me, the screen is crisp, and the hardware definitely looks and feels high end.

iOS is really simple. Your apps are on the home screens and that’s about it. You can customize their location, add folders, and slightly customize the notifications shade, but other than that the experience is dirt simple. I know that a lot of Android users don’t like that, but I love it. While I enjoy customizing my Android phone with different icon packs, widgets, and transition effects, it is more important for me to have my phone work simply and quickly. The idea of simplifying the interface on Android was what brought me to write my first guest post for Droid Life about Launcher 7. So while I like that Android’s interface can be simplified and tweaked like crazy, I enjoy working with a limited palette.

When did this happen?

I first bought an iPhone 4S about a year and a half ago. My decision to switch to iOS came after spending two years of my contract going from the HTC Touch Pro2, to the Droid Eris, to the Droid, to the Droid 2, to the Droid Incredible. Every one of those devices had hardware or software issues despite being considered top of the line when I had them and most of them had to be replaced multiple times by Verizon due to software and hardware issues.

The first time I bought an iPhone actually happened some time before that. MIUI had just come out for the Droid 2 and I was experimenting with it and some other ROMs. At some point late at night I bricked my phone. I was out of ideas for what to do to fix it, so the next afternoon I went down to my Verizon store. I knew what to expect, but I still looked down the shelves of Android phones. Not one of them appealed to me. I was facing phones like the Droid Charge, the Droid 3, and the Thunderbolt. Within a few minutes I wandered over the the iPhone 4 and told the Verizon clerk I wanted one.

My then-girlfriend-now-wife was shocked and a little upset. I had bad mouthed iOS for so long, but now I was willing to impulse buy an iPhone? That night I played around the the iPhone some more. I had trouble with the simplicity of the interface compared to Android, but I liked it. I didn’t like that the phone had to be tethered to iTunes (iCloud didn’t exist yet) for a lot of things, but it was a really neat device with a lot of things going for it (especially the app selection and quality).

That night I had an idea. I hooked up my Droid 2 that had been sitting dead on my desk and brought it back to life with some combination of SBF and adjusting how the phone connected to the computer via USB. With a working Android phone I had no reason to keep the iPhone, so I returned it. Shortly after the iPhone 4S came out that fall I decided that I would upgrade to the 4S from my Droid Incredible (which I had switched to from the D2) permanently. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Android anymore; it was that I liked iOS for more reasons than I liked Android.

Why do you still write for Droid Life if your main phone is an iPhone?

I still have plenty of thoughts and opinions about Android, so I still write about Android. I love my iPhone and iOS, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love Android (and webOS for that matter).

I joined Droid Life to write opinion pieces about Android and Google. In fact, I originally intended on trying to become something like what John Gruber, Marco Arment, and MG Siegler are for the Apple community. When I started writing at Droid Life I was completely dedicated to Android as a platform and completely opposed to Apple. I wanted to evangelize Android and Google.

It was Android and Windows enthusiasts’ vehement, unmitigated hatred towards all things Apple that pushed me to play devil’s advocate for some time. Eventually I found myself convinced that iOS was a much better fit for what I wanted in a phone. I didn’t stop being a “power user” or enjoying customizing my phone. Instead, I found that while using iOS I became more productive and enjoyed using my phone a lot more. It isn’t the only way, but Apple’s design and execution philosophies make much more sense to me personally than do Google’s.

Having an iPhone just means that I know more about the other side of the fence. If that offends you, then you may as well know that I also own a HTC Touch Pro2, a HTC Trophy, and a Palm Pre 2. While at one point I was hyper-loyal to Android, I see myself as more of a lover of technology in general now. I prefer Apple personally, but I understand why people choose the alternatives: everyone has different needs and desires for the technology they use.

Why should I care?

That’s completely up to you. If you think owning an iPhones makes me inept at commenting on Android then you should probably just skip my articles. Like I’ve stated many times before, I’m more of a technology enthusiast than an Android enthusiast.

If I’m critical of Android or Google, it isn’t because I think the iPhone is better and Android users are stupid; it just means that I don’t like something Google did. If I’m critical towards an Android manufacturer that doesn’t mean that Apple paid me to bash them. In the same way, if I say something nice about Android or an Android manufacturer, that doesn’t mean I’m paid by that manufacturer; it just means I like what they did. I don’t write inflammatory articles to generate more page views or generate more comments. I like interacting with commenters, but I don’t get paid any more or less based on comments and I have no idea how many views my articles get.

I understand that some people are upset that I use an iPhone as my main phone instead of an Android phone. I know that my reasons may not make sense to you or jibe with your experience, but remember that objectivity doesn’t exist. We can have different opinions and still discuss Android.


So, yes, I use an iPhone and an iPad to write for Droid Life. I also have a drawer full of Android, webOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone phones. I think that makes me less biased towards Android and the competition. Obviously my goal is no longer to become an Android evangelist, but I still love Android and the community around it. I still recommend Android phones to friends and family when I think it fits them best. Having an iPhone doesn’t change that I love Android and love interacting with you, the reader. Thanks for reading and participating in the community!

  • Eddie Ramirez

    @Ron I have nothing against your choice of OS but as a Sales Manager working for At&t for about 7 yrs I have to disagree with your comments on your performance section. I have had hundreds of thousands of customers that complain about I phone issues how they’re so slow and not to mention the horrible dropped calls and the consistent issue of “no sim” or “my mic isn’t working”. Whats a phone if you can’t even connect to the network. Even in our corporate meetings we’ve had this discussions on how bad the Iphone is on dropping calls and how it affect At&ts reputation as a reliable network. And I won’t lie I’ve also had customers tell me its the best phone ever. My point is your one Iphone user against millions. And you may just be one of the lucky persons that will not experience any issues. But for you to say that Iphone performs better than these android phones is completely incorrect and biased. I have had customer that had to have their Iphones swapped up to 5-6 times in a year for stupid issues in IOS that Apple can’t seem to figure out. While most of my returns for android phones have only been stupid excuses such “its too big” or “its different and every one has an Iphone”. And I’m not trying to say which phone is the best. What I’m trying to say is that there is no perfect phone. Their will always be performance issues in any phone no matter what. Some users may experience issues and some may not at all. But I will agree that IOS is a much more simple and basic platform.

    • 1. My experience is not just based on my phone, but on the phones of the vast majority of my friends and family members.
      2. I did not say that the iPhone performs better than all Android phones, but rather that the performance is more consistent. I think 4.3 will alleviate a lot of this on Android.
      3. I had a friend who had issues with disconnecting on AT&T, but he’s the only one. Everyone else that I know has not had that issue. Also, remember that as an AT&T rep you’re going to see a lot more complaining than I will, but both of our experiences are anecdotal.
      4. Of course I’m biased. Everyone is about everything. Objectivity doesn’t exist.

  • Dave4321

    Android has some things, I can’t live without like Swype and word wrap in a browser. I could never go back to tapping each letter or only have double tap as an option for word wrap on a browser.

  • John Friend

    Omfg this was a big ass long winded article. Jesus Christmas I don’t give a damn how you began writing for droid life or what your primary phone is. Talk about being defensive.

    Go write about something productive that others care about.

    Waste of time!

    • This article was written because numerous readers asked why I use an iPhone. If you don’t care, that’s fine, you can decide not to read it and move on. Your choice.

  • Robert Mark

    For me the choice comes to one thing β€” privacy. I’m not willing to let Google track, catalog, and sell my personal data. Their corporate attorney’s recent comment that Google customers should have “no expectation of privacy” is too much for me.

  • Kt Miller

    Point blank…kill yourself kellex!!!

  • usthAdh007

    I am considered as Die Hard Apple Fan among my friends and if they have any question about it, they come to me. The interesting thing is that even if its a person who is using Android, he also comes to me to fix it. So even though I am not familiar with the system, I spend time and try to fix their problems. Same like using my friend’s Nikon, I’ve changed my opinion about Nikon but still remain a Canon fan… I do recommend Android phones to some and iPhone to the rest depending on their needs. I was able to relate to Ron’s article because I also was kind of like an Evangelist for Google and was waiting for G1 to come out. It came out but the way it worked was very poor compared to an iPhone. I had to buy an iPhone for the way it works and I’m glad iCloud came out making me untether my iPhone. I like Samsung S4 and HTC One… but I’ll always stick with iPhone for the way the iOS looks and works. Thanks a lot Ron for the wonderful article.

  • Essex Kitten

    Yep. I’m also tied of every app or there having billions of themes but no unthemed mode. I just wanted to an SMS reader damn it, not a circus!

  • Rob Delaney

    Before this comment. This post was stuck on 666 comments. Yep. Not going to talk about that anymore. Just going to leave this right here…

  • Leathernuts

    I agree with this totally. I switched to galaxy s4, and that was an excellent device. But my iPhone 5 just works better for ME. Its nice to read a an opinion like this without all. The bashing. It really depends on the user. Enough said

  • Guest

    Went back and read many of Ron’s articles that have been posted here on Droid Life. . .

    One thing is true, he is a consistent apple fan bashing Android, Google, and other Android OEMs (especially Samsung) whenever possible.

    Sad that his posts were not marked with “an apple fan’s opinion.”

    That really brings up some questions as to why DL has him here.

    • sfasljkas

      i did too, he even blames samsung for the demise of other android OEMs and says that samsung is causing harm to android lol

      • Guest

        Checked out his wordpress.com site, “Ron Offringa.” He likes to write a lot of “opinion” pieces β€” he sounds like an apple fan trying to disguise himself as an all-around techy so he can point the masses in the right direction. Why do apple fans do that? Reminds me of bible thumpers coming to my door that really are totally clueless as to what they are talking about, but they make it sound good to those who are also clueless.

        I think the reality is, he was on Verizon and they didn’t get the iPhone thus he got an Android, and when his upgrade cycle matched to the first iPhone he could get, he jumped on board β€” enough said.

  • jarofclay77

    All he needed to say was Plants and Zombies 2…. I mean c’mon Popcap! πŸ™‚

  • Dave

    Never read Ron’s posts. Got it.

  • haluska

    Respect to this guy for being honest! I would trust him more than Apple/Android/WP evangelist, because he is not biased. Thank you Ron for this great article!

    • Guest

      He really hasn’t been very honest. He has been using an iPhone for some time now while writing on DL as if he were a full time Android user. That’s a mole, IMHO.

  • Scott Gerber

    As a technology enthusiast myself, I appreciate your honesty. And coming from a graphic designer, I spend almost all of my time on Apple hardware. But as you alluded to in your post, you should use the tools that are right for you. In my case, those are made by Apple.

    There are a couple of factors that I think are important to remember when choosing an iPhone (or other iOS device) over an Android product. If these matter to you, they will be important to your decision-making. If they don’t, then decide on the factors that are important to you.

    1. Accessory Market – Because Apple only sells 3 models of iPhones (2 being past models sold at a reduced cost), accessory makers are more likely to make a wider variety of cases, docks, stands, speakers, etc for an iPhone. Bluetooth has overcome that barrier somewhat in speakers and docks, but the rule still applies. Apple buyers are also proven to spend more on Apps and high-end products, so developers and businesses target them first. Many of the best, highest quality accessories are only available for iOS devices.

    2. Apple Ecosystem – All content purchased on iTunes or the App Store is available to use on up to 5 Macs and an unlimited number of iOS devices. Even though Apple isn’t trying to lock you in (Jobs pushed for the DRM-free music that you all enjoy today), the strong ecosystem makes it a big draw for users with multiple iOS devices. My family currently has an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad Retina, iPod Touch and 3 other iPods connected to the same iTunes account. Being able to buy content once and use it on multiple devices lowers the cost. In addition, I buy iTunes gift cards when they go on sale for 20% off, reducing ALL iTunes purchases, including Apps, by 20%. And yes, I prefer paid Apps over freemium Apps whenever they’re available.

    3. iCloud – Another feature that is never mentioned. iCloud is FREE and is far better than the multitude of options you’d have to use by the competition to get the same results. iCloud keeps my Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Safari bookmarks, Notes and Reminders on my home and work iMacs (remember I’m a designer), iPhone 5 and iPad all in sync without any effort on my part. Photostream instantly copies my photos to every device I want. If I make any change to anything, it instantly updates on every connected Apple device. It’s the one feature I can’t live without. I gladly paid $99/year when Apple sold these features as .Mac (dotMac) and then MobileMe before making them free with iCloud. I can log into iCloud on the web from any computer, even a PC, and get the same look and feel to all of my iCloud Apps as I do on the desktop versions, including features like drag and drop. Mail is simply fantastic, and unlike Google, Apple doesn’t serve up any ads, nor sell your info to advertisers. Want to set up a new iDevice? Log into iCloud and within minutes all of your info is downloaded to the device. No third-party Apps to worry about. It just works.

    4. Resale Value – Apple items may cost a little more, but they hold their value like nothing else. And in phones, I’d argue you don’t see the extra cost compared to high-end Android phones like the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 because of the high subsidies paid by the carriers. When I upgraded from my two year old iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5, I paid $10 out of pocket. And that was taking a trade-in offer from RadioShack. Had I wanted to sell my iPhone on eBay I could have actually profited from the upgrade. The same goes for computers. I upgrade my Mac approximately every 3-years. I always get between 40-50% of the original purchase price, so every upgrade after the first purchase is at a huge discount. Note that I keep all of my equipment in mint condition and retain all of the original packaging and boxes.

    5. Quality – Apple makes the hardware AND software, as well as many of the Apps on their iOS and OS devices. This vertical integration ensures that everything works together seamlessly. At the same time, Apple is able to optimize their hardware and software unlike the competition. Features like Timer Coalescing, Compressed Memory and App Nap in addition to building custom chips for their A6-line of processors and continued research into advanced battery technologies, etc are hard to match. Apple spends heavily on R&D and uses only the highest quality parts. This shows in the look and feel, and operation of their devices.

    6. Service – Apple has some of the best customer service I’ve experienced. If you call AppleCare you get domestic service. Apple doesn’t outsource call centers to save money. I’ve very rarely had any issues with Apple hardware, but when I have, I’ve been taken care of, sometimes even when the hardware was beyond the warranty period. Here’s three examples. Back in the day, I had a PowerMac G4 tower that was approximately 3-1/2 years old and more than 2-years past the warranty. I didn’t have an extended AppleCare warranty and even if I did it would have expired at 3 years. I took my PowerMac to an Apple store when it started making a clicking noise. They diagnosed it for free (a broken fan). Then to my surprise, they ordered the part, had it overnighted to the store and installed it the next day all at no charge. The second encounter. My new iMac and Airport Extreme (wireless router)were killed by a lightning strike only 6 weeks after purchase, despite being plugged into a surge protector. These normally wouldn’t be covered under “acts of god”, but Apple replaced my Airport and repaired my iMac at no charge. I didn’t have to ask, beg, plead or lie. It’s just how they have aways treated me and is a main reason why I am a loyal customer. The third. I bought my iPhone 4 from RadioShack because they were running a special. The speaker was dead on arrival and I took it back the next day to the store. RadioShack was out of stock and I’d have to wait almost a week, so I walked down the mall to the Apple Store. I showed them my receipt and they swapped it out on the spot.

    So, for me these are the main reasons why I choose Apple over the competition. I’m not bashing Android, but I am praising Apple for things the average person may not even consider.

    • Guest

      This the junk NO one here wants to read. We’ve all heard it a thousand times by apple fans, that’s why we are on a pro Android site, so we don’t have to hear how great apple is. WE DON’T CARE!

      • JP

        Trust me, it goes both ways. But it only matters when it happens to you, right? Fanboys are funny, and they exist for everything, not just Apple.

        • Guest

          The problem is, we go out of our way and go to sites that are specifically oriented on a specific topic so we don’t have to be preached to by apple fanbois. . . but they insert themselves constantly β€” like Ron has done on DL and this comment above. I’m not on a single site dedicated to anything about apple, for good reasons! And I don’t come here to get this BS!

          Sure, there are some Android fanboys going to apple related sites spewing that same type of BS, but do you know why? Because apple fans started this crap from day one, and never let it go unless apple is near bankruptcy, thus those who have been constantly “abused” the iFan crowd feel a need to retaliate.

          Apple fans need to just stop and be OK with the reality that others choose something else, and things will die down but they don’t stop.

          This article should NEVER have been written on DL. We don’t care why he uses an iPhone β€” that’s his opinion and choice, and we don’t come here to hear why ios and the iphone is better to him or anyone else. We come here for Android related news and information, not apple. If we wanted the other, there are plenty of sites for that.

          Sorry if you think “Droid-Life” should be about ios products.

          • JP

            Your point, while understandable, goes both ways. It will never stop. This is the reality of the internet. If we just ignored it or passed the article or comment up, less time would be wasted being angry and writing responses. But let’s face it, we like safe confrontation, isn’t that what this is after all? Ultimately, you or I complaining isn’t going to change a damn thing here.

          • Guest

            I agree with you. I think my frustration is mostly with “Droid Life” for letting this stuff go on, thus I’ll be visiting DL much less often.

            Probably all just click bate anyways.

    • CAC1031

      I’ll just focus on #3–You obviously have no experience with Google’s cloud service integration by way of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, the Chrome browser and many other services that have always been free. To suggest Apple has the advantage or innovation in this area shows that you personally have no basis for comparison.

  • sfasljkas

    can you imagine a writer for apple insider admitting he has an s4 and will soon get a note 3? lol. i seldom comment here as i visit here for android news,,. but i agree with the majority here. this “article” shouldn’t have been posted at all…

  • Lawrence Hitchens

    I really don’t care what kind of phone you use, personally (my wife uses an iPhone and I’m a fanboy-free enthusiast.) But writing at a highly opinion driven blog based on Android is kind of fraud.

  • john

    I don’t think anyone wants to hear your justification of why you should still write about androids. go write in iPhone forums. And Path? You’re kidding me right? you sound like all the teenage girls who want an iPhone so they can have emojis on Twitter. I also will not be reading anything you write.

  • sranger

    I make the wife use an iPhone because she asks a billion questions about Android…

  • James

    How refreshingly reasonable an article. The battle lines drawn over phone operating systems do nobody any favours.

  • JeffColorado

    The article sounded very defensive. It’s ok dude…you’re allowed to like the iPhone.

  • John

    Translation: I’m not a dev really, but I still like to have a website where I can make lots of ad revenue from Android users even though I use an iPhone.

    • I never said I was a developer and this isn’t my website, so I don’t many any ad revenue from Android users.

  • Mike Even

    I’m pretty much going to say what most are saying….”Why in the heck is contributing writer for this website, that pushes, blows, spams, and promotes Android OS and the hardware running Android publishing a PRO and biased article on this site.” I plan on skipping any future articles written by the writer. To each his own, and we have the freedom to use which ever device as we see fit, but, this is stupid having a pro-iOS, biased opinion writer writing about Android. The author even states, he thinks it’s better. Then what in the heck are you doing writing for a pro-Android website and community if you think you have the superior device. Discredits this website and everything said writer publishes. Droid Life just went down another peg, you guys need to boot him. You guys are selling advertising, so this is a business. Bad form guys.

    • I did not state that I think iOS is better. I said I prefer iOS personally, but I regularly recommend Android devices to friends and family when appropriate. Android and iOS are both good a different things. iOS meets my needs, but I still love and use Android.

      • Guest

        Thus, to you, iOS is “better.”

        • It’s better for me, not empirically better. There’s a giant difference.

          • JP

            People don’t get that part of it AT ALL. It’s not a personal attack people. You are not less than if you pick Android. No one is less than if you Pick iOS. Your phone is not the sum of who you are. It’s just what works for people in that moment of your life. There was a time when cell phones didn’t exist!!! and people survived!!

          • Guest

            If you prop yourself up as an “authority on Android” and then turn around and say “ios is better for me” you are making the statement that iOS is better than Android. Why? Because you are an “authority on Android” and have deemed ios your go to ecosystem/device which, therefore implies that if an authority on Android finds iOS better then it must be empirically better because it was so deemed by an *authority* of a competing product. The “better for me” part is semantic nonsense. If an “Android authority” uses iOS then why wouldn’t everyone? And that’s how the apple fan is now peddling this article around the web β€” “Why a respected Android blogger uses an iPhone.”

            Ron is just using semantics to justify his constant putting down of Android and raising up of iOS throughout his articles here on DL and elsewhere via his faux “Android authority” derived from writing for DL β€” most of which have never had much to do with Android.

          • JP

            It’s not semantics, it’s plain english. Saying that something works better in your situation or how it pertains to your own life in no way has any bearing on the value of the other product in general for how other people might use the product. I for one have owned every iPhone, owned multiple Android phones, Palm web OS phones, and Windows phones. I probably have owned more phones than most reviewers. Maybe that’s why I get his point and see the tiredness of this whole war that really doesn’t exist but in people’s minds. I probably know more about Android than most people out there, and while I currently am using the HTC one, if I decide to go back and use iPhone, it makes me no less an authority the minute I buy it. That’s just pure fanboyism. But I will say, if that is what you guys want and expect, then maybe this isn’t the right place for Ron.

  • hackthis02

    I’m sorry, is this iphone-life.com?

  • Ian Dunn

    Way back then the best android device was the thunderbolt I could see people jumping ship to and going to the iPhone. But the one and the S4 (even the S3) are leaps and bounds over any previous android device. My problem with the iPhone is that they tie you to their services and products. And I’ve had like 4 friends get the iPhone 5 after the 4S and say that it is almost exactly the same and a waste of money. Plus the charging ports have issues.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    So what is being said is that he never bought a good Android Phone. If he had he might not even be writing this article. My Gnex will be out any iphone any day.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Well said man. Good piece.

  • Greyhame

    You call yourself a tech enthusiast, but your last android phone is 2 years old? Come on. What kind of enthusiast predetermines what device they’re going to get before trying it and others, and seeing what’s the best available???

    • I don’t have money just sitting around to buy phones off contract. I’m stuck on a 2 year contract like most people.

      • Guest

        Ron, I think you are missing the point people are trying to make.

        No one really cares if you use an iPhone, even if it may sound like that.

        However, if you are going to be an “authoritative figure on Android” β€” that’s what you are when you write for a site like this β€” then you need to be invested in FULLY understanding Android and that isn’t going to happen when you don’t use it and are invested in iOS.

        Furthermore, when you’ve already decided that your next device will be an iPhone, even though it’s not out and regardless of what’s available for Android, it shows a clear propensity and favoritism toward one platform and ignores giving Android handsets a chance.

        Therefore, you really don’t have anything significant to share with Android users other than how an iPhone fan views Android & Android devices.

        You are placing yourself, artificially, as an “Android authority” when writing articles when in reality you are less informed than most readers of the site.

        Finally, if you would have just given the Moto X a chance to win you over, as you suggest others do, then this wouldn’t be an issue, but you are heavily invested in iOS and intent on staying with an iphone, and you cannot afford to have multiple devices, as you stated numerous times, thus you are not equipped to write intelligently about Android β€” that’s why people are offended and lashing out at you.

        • I disagree. Just because I choose to use one platform as my main phone does not mean I don’t have access to high end Android phones through review units and it definitely doesn’t mean I can’t use Android extensively to understand how it works the way it does. Picking one platform shows that it meets my needs, not that I’m biased towards it.

          • Guest

            You really should re-read your prior articles on DL. You are clearly biased, but like most apple fanbois you can’t admit it.

            I’m done dealing with an apple fanboy!

      • Greyhame

        OK I can understand that. But then I’d say you love tech, and are not an enthusiast. A tech enthusiast would try everything that was the latest and greatest, and base their opinions of of that. Not old tech which they continue to base their opinion on. Thanks for replying.

        • I do try the latest and greatest through review units. My opinion is based on using phones like the One X and GS3. Still waiting for GS4, Moto X, and One review units.

      • joe coreno


  • Droid Life Fan

    You make some valid points and this is the land of the free after all so use whatever device you like, but this is DROID-LIFE. It seems like a bit of a betrayal to have someone here who is using an iPhone as their daily driver. Don’t get me wrong, it gives you great insight and you can accurately compare features, etc. I understand that you still have numerous Android devices and can still provide your opinions, etc. Still, perhaps you’d be better suited somewhere like BGR and leave DL to those actually supporting Android. You shared your opinion, as a reader this is just mine for what it’s worth.

  • Leo

    I think you’re allowed to use whatever phone you want as your primary device, however I kind of feel “cheated” for reading opinions and reviews about Android coming from an iPhone user.

  • Sirx

    [Meanwhile, at the next Droid-Life push for advertisers dollars]

    Kellen: “So as you see, we have a very healthy, active community and our approach to engagine the readership makes us an ideal site to get your company seen.”

    Sponsor: “I’m sorry, but there are hundreds of Android blogs around the internet, and we simply must be selective about our marketing funds. What makes yours so special?”

    Kellen: “I didn’t want to have to do this, but…” *speaks into walkie talkie* “…Tim, send in the secret weapon.”

    [Ron enters the room in an all-white suit and white hat with the brim pulled down low. He looks up to reveal that he is wearing a pair of ‘Deal With It’ shades. It should be mentioned that this meeting is taking place at night]

    Kellen: “We have a Ron!”

    Sponsor [mesmerized]: “Take…all…of the money…” *drools*

    • Hah! This was well formulated and fantastic. Saving this one. πŸ™‚

    • Alexander Garcia

      Haha! Best comment on this post so far. You sir, win the interwebs for today. =)

  • TimTheK

    I’ve got to say, while I respect your opinion and understand all of your choices and reasons, there’s just one that I don’t get.

    “iOS is really simple. Your apps are on the home screens and that’s about it. … So while I like that Android’s interface can be simplified and tweaked like crazy, I enjoy working with a limited palette.”

    You like iOS because its layout is limited and you don’t like Android because you can do more with it? So even though you can limit your layout to operate exactly as iOS (shortcuts only, folders, no widgets)….you don’t like that? That part just makes no sense to me.

    • I like Android because you can do more with it, but I choose to use the iPhone because I was something simple for my main phone. I love customizing my home screens, etc. on Android.

  • SchwannyT

    Well I, for one, like having someone who is a technology enthusiast. I have very little contact with iOS, so I don’t have a good perspective on how Android is doing compared to competitors. Without someone like Ron I’d never have the comebacks I need when my boss is telling me how cool his new idevice is.

  • googlyeyedfrog

    As someone who “loves technology” and writes for an android website, it seems odd that you are so focused on choosing a phone that’ll last 2 full years between upgrades. I mean, if Kellen didn’t use a different phone every 3-4 months, I’d be shocked. It would seem that if you loved technology, you’d want to use the latest and greatest device, and therefore be the most informed when you write opinion pieces about them.

    • Of course I want the latest and greatest, but that requires a lot of money to buy phones off contract. I don’t have the money for that and if I did, I don’t think it would be wise to spend that money on phones.

      • Guest

        Actually staying up with the “latest and greatest” isn’t that expensive. You can usually sell a used unlocked device for a pretty good price compared to what you initially pay for it β€” consider it investing in your job, kind of like how many of us have to pay thousands a year for continued education in our field. Heck, your cost is pretty cheap lol β€” no one expects you to buy many but at least a yearly flagship otherwise they might as well turn to sites where the writes do have. . . well, nearly every device.

  • Drome

    troll / click bait at it’s finest.

  • RonBegone

    Slow newz day? So you like your granny phone. Whoop de do …

  • Chris Bailey

    God bless ya Ron – at the end of the day it’s a damn phone and it’s your choice… H8ters gon H8.

  • fauxshizzl

    Go home Ron, you’re drunk.

  • eazy

    Seriously droid life y is this on here …sad day for this blog

  • aQuickBit

    ITT: typical witch hunt and Internet extremists.

  • xMrRocknRollx

    The fact that more people here aren’t outraged by the complete ridiculousness of one of the writers openly admitting why he thinks his iPhone is better makes me wanna go buy a Windows phone.

    • aQuickBit

      I have a Windows Phone 8X (and ipad) and I come here because of my love for android (since I still have my beloved GNex). I enjoy all platforms and like to figure out the strong points of each. This is my go-to android blog. I also consider myself somewhat of a power user on android. Please try being open minded because it’ll make your life easier and you won’t be mad as much from an online article about a phone.

      • xMrRocknRollx

        I was being half facetious but at the same time, we’re not talking about religion or politics or anything of legitimate value here, thus it’s perfectly acceptable to have a closed mind about your phone preference. Leave the “let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya because we’re equals despite our phone operating systems” at the door please.

  • Ian Smith

    “I also own a HTC Touch Pro2, a HTC Trophy, and a Palm Pre 2”

    that’s great, buddy.

  • Ian Smith

    Ronald. It’s okay to be a douche. We did not need this article. Thank you for your effort.

  • legaceez

    I stopped reading after you said Safari being a better experience…most apps on the iPhone LOOK nicer but are functionally limited compared to their Android counterparts, in my experience.

    In the case of Safari though it has nothing on the stock Android browser or Chrome.

    Not to start a flame war or anything. Just saying…stating personal opinions like that in an article just give people so much ammo to start them.

    • Alexander Garcia

      I’m sorry, but based on my extensive experiences with both Android and iPhones, Chrome for Android is a complete POS compared to Safari. Now stock Android Browser on the other hand…

      • legaceez

        I’ve never seem to have any problems with Chrome. Does everything Safari does functionally and then some. What exactly is so POS about it?

        Safari on my gf’s iPhone on the other hand just feels so restrictive. Clicking on links isn’t intuitive and does open the correct apps for the type of link. Copy and pasting, sharing URLs or anything between apps, etc… is a chore. Tab support is abysmal. Menu system is from like 1995. I could go on and on…

    • Stating personal opinions in an article explicitly labeled as an opinion article makes sense to me. In terms of performance, speed, and zooming on text I’ve found that Safari is better, but it’s hard to completely compare because Safari doesn’t run on iOS and Chrome on iOS is just Safari in a shell. Firefox for Android actually handles a lot like Safari.

      • legaceez

        My bad I completely missed the [Opinion] tag. I do apologize I took it way too seriously lol

  • Higher_Ground

    So aside from a brief foray with the OG and the Dinc, you really don’t have as much “experience” with android as most of us would have assumed. Have youe even used an ICS or JB phone? The Droid Eris was terrible and the Droid 2 was never really considered to be all that great over phones like the DX or Evo.

    I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt because I don’t disagree with most of your articles all that much. I do have to say though, that based on your reasons for choosing iOS over android, I probably won’t be putting too much stock into them anymore.

    Nothing personal or fanboyish about it – you just don’t seem as earnestly interested in android so by extension your opinions about it are going to come off as either ill-informed or half-assed to people who are keenly interested in android specfically.

    • I used the Gnex, One X, and GS3 for months. I did not own them, but I reviewed them extensively.

      • Higher_Ground

        Cool, that does make your opinion carry more weight than if you hadn’t had the opportunity to review them. I know when my contract was up I was on the fence (aka stuck with GB) and the gnex’s terrible radios still had me cautious, but I think android has finally rounded the corner

        • I agree, as we discussed on last night’s DL show.

      • Guest

        You know Ron, I went back through all of your DL articles, and even looked at your wordpress.com articles. I never seen any review of the above devices, no in-depth analyses of them or of Android on them. All I’ve seen are a butt ton of [opinion] articles that generally point out ios’ superiority to Android.

        Let’s face it Ron, you were stuck with Android because Verizon didn’t get the iPhone right away but you switched to an iPhone asap because you are an apple fan, plain and simple. The rest is a charade for you to be able to preach ios to the “unwashed masses” here on DL.


        • By the time I was able to get review units of those devices they had been out for months, so a review of them did not make any sense. I was not stuck with Android. I was stuck with Windows Mobile. I wanted to switch to webOS, but I wasn’t able to, so I decided to try Android and I loved it (despite issues with my Eris). I still like Android and use it regularly, but iOS is the platform that makes the most sense for me. This isn’t about me being biased towards Apple or trying to preach iOS. I honestly do not care what phone you buy. Let me say that again: I honestly do not care what phone you buy. This article was for readers who asked me to write about why I use iOS. If you don’t understand that or don’t like that, that’s fine, but please don’t try to rewrite my own history or libel me.

  • KG


  • mike

    My life cycle through smart phones has predominantly been android. Being I work at verizon wireless i use all the phones in their arsenal (verizon gives us a business line and every 4 months we get a new phone so i know the ins and outs off all the phones) . All my personal phones have been android besides a 8 month stretch when I gave the iphone 4s a run for its money. I do agree with ron to an extent that iOS is more polished, and the apps are developed better. But only a month into using an iphone I was ready to get android back in my hands. Yes iMessage was really convenient to message, and the operating system was a bit less buggy. All the advantages of iOS did not overcome all the options android has to offer. I respect everyones opinion because everyone has different needs and tastes of doing things.
    Ron please dont take everyones heat on here in a negative way, when you write an opinion piece about iOS on a Android website you are just asking for it….

  • Dustin Gerlach

    What’s up with that “Prayer” app?

    • Steven Dinsdale

      He’s super into religion.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Ron’s a devout Christian.

    • It’s an app for the Book of Common Prayer.

  • Adam

    I think BGR is hiring.

    • Android Enthusiast


  • chris420o

    Dont need to justify your love affair with your iphone…none of us truly care…we come to read about android related news…so post these articles on a different site….that is all

  • BobbyG

    Why have an Apple user blog on an Android site?

  • Sean O’Keefe

    I say more power to you, if that phone suits you better. Just because you own one type of phone doesn’t mean you don’t have an interest or love for another and this site is all about loving Android.

  • Alain Lafond

    There are people that loves to convince others that the earth is square… If you like more IOs good… It’s a pity that you come here and try to solve that fight using that kind of arguments.
    I don’t use Android because it’s easy to use. I use Android because I feel I have some kind of power over it. Roming, customizing, and …
    If you like the kindergarden as it is it’s your point of view…
    But I left kindergarden loooooong time ago, and I don’t wanna live my life formated. And more then that, I HATE FOLLOWING THE HERD…
    But it’s your point of view.

  • Masta Marc

    Also I hate Carrier Branding on Android phones. The Note 2 has all those VZW logos making a huge phone ugly. Carrier installed apps and the only way to get rid of is to root the phone or hide them- but they’re still using memory. Annoying.

    Verizon tried hard to sell me another droid.. told me i did not want an iphone… This was the customer service line at *611. I think this is due to the people with iphones not caring to upgrade as soon.

    I think what schwayed my opinion the most to iphone is that my First gen ipod touch– outperformed my OG Droid.. which was released 1.5 years after it.

  • Mordecaidrake

    This makes me sad.

  • Phillip Morales

    Yet have I seen my Lumia 920 lock up, freeze, or lag. More reliable than IOS. Has technology that Droid is still lacking, like supersentive display, clear black technology, wireless charging, and the ability to view text in direct sunlight. Yes some phones have some of these features but only AFTER Nokia introduced it. Now they have a 41 megapixel camera, that is rated by ZDnet as the best camera on any phone period. Windows is something that people don’t know enough about, but should really educate themeselves

  • Masta Marc

    I somewhat agree with Ron here. I’m an Android lover but I have an iPhone 4s. LOL It’s odd, even though iOS hasn’t changed…nearly at all since the beginning of time— oddly it just works. Smooth and fast. Battery isn’t getting worse, it’s not lagging, no hiccups. My last android phone was the OG Droid-I hated this phone. Had it replaced 10 times by verizon. I called them for the 11th time and the lady goes “oh you’re trying to break a record” lol.

    My iPhone has been replaced once… I dropped in the toilet by accident. Also I feel like im getting my money’s worth… A phone I am happy with for the entirety of my contract.. All of my coworkers dropped their iphone for the Galaxy S4 though.. I’m definitely considering.. that phone is NICE! I need help deciding if I want it though.

  • Masta Marc

    So the ultimate question is iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy s4???

    • Guest

      Irrelevant question. Rom will ONLY consider the iPhone! That’s the problem people are having with him writing for an Android site β€” he clearly is NOT an authority on Android.

      • I prefer the iPhone, but I recommend Android phones regularly to friends and family.

        • Guest

          You clearly are missing the point, Ron.

          • I disagree. I use Android phones regularly and regularly review top of the line Android phones.

          • Guest

            BUT. . . you do NOT live with them day in and day out, thus there is a lot you are missing and that makes you less informed than your readers. You don’t have to “live with Android” therefore you won’t know it like someone who does β€” you’ll just use your iphone to make it easy on yourself instead of investing in Android and really living with it.

            Would you really listen to a MS/Windows fan, who occasionally “reviews” apple products from time to time but ONLY uses MS/Windows products fulltime, about what apple product you should get? Of course you wouldn’t. I know, the rationalization is kicking in β€” you think you are smart enough to be an authority on iOS and Android and not “living with Android” is irrelevant, etc. . . . refer back to the beginning of this comment until it sinks in πŸ˜‰

          • I didn’t feel any rationalization sinking in. All I felt was the reminder that sometimes people disagree with you and there’s nothing you can do about it but move on. I’m not an Apple fan who sometimes uses Android phones; I’m a technology fan who uses an iOS device daily, but uses all sorts of other devices regularly as well. I’m very well informed about Android; if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t be allowed to write for the site and be on the show.

          • Guest

            OK Ron, you win. You are that smart, therefore I’ll take your advice and get an iPhone β€” that’s what you spend your money on thus recommending any other device is hypocritical. Why would I buy a recommended device when that person wouldn’t spend their own money on it? Therefore, since you are that intelligent and use an iPhone, and your next phone will be an iPhone, it MUST be the best!

            Therefore, the iPhone it is for me, thus I won’t need to read DL any more.


            Sending DL readers to iOS/iPhone sites must be making Kellex happy!

            Excellent job, Ron!

            I’m sure I’ll love my new iPhone. . .

          • I didn’t tell you to get an iPhone. Just because I use something doesn’t mean it’s hypocritical for me to recommend something else. The things that I use don’t necessarily meet the needs of everyone else I come in contact with. Choosing a smartphone platform isn’t about picking the empirically best platform, it’s about picking what works for you.

          • Guest

            There’s no point in trying to make you understand how you are abusing your faux “authority” on Android derived from this site. You are deep into rationalizing it and using semantics to sidestep everything.

  • Steve

    Many of the points noted in this article are the exact reasons why I dont do Apple anything. Its too simplistic, its too small, its too integrated with iTunes (this is my biggest beef). Yes, the screen looks great and it works. I, however, take great issue with how Apple lock down the phone. I dont appreciate that I cant connect it to a computer and drag and drop photos or music or anything else the way I can with Android. I dont like that there is zero expandability. That being said, I had an opportunity recently to play around with an iPhone 4s. My wife was given one for work and seeing as she is not tech savy, I had to set it up. now, a month later I can honestly say that all of my gripes about Apple are valid. I find the phone to be too limited. There are icons on her home screens that you cant delete. I know you cant delete stuff from Android too, but at least you can put it somewhere where you never have to see it. Apples response of “:just move it to another home screen” is not enough. The new OS may be able to hide them bettter, but on my wifes phone it cant so that is what I base my opinion on. Out of the box, her phone feels laggy so that kills the responsiveness argument. I have a Droid Razr and on our home wifi we opened the respective browsers on our phones and typed in the same website. The Droid finished loading it about 10 seconds faster than the iPhone. I opened Plants Vs. Zombies on my phone and was up and running well before her phone loaded the same game. I connected my phone to the computer and transfered 37 tunes and over 200 pictures from the computer to the MicroSD card way faster than iTunes could ever try. And when my phones internal storage gets a bit full, I simply move stuff to the SD card. Yes, my phone becomes bogged down sometimes but a reboot usually fixes that and I have found that the closer my phones internal storage is to being full, thats when it starts to lag (just like on a home computer), so being a pack rat on a 16gb phone doesnt really work, but again, I have storage options. The physical look of the iPhone 4s is, or was, pleasing but it has become boring. I like variety and Apple is certainly NOT known for variety in styling. Dont get me wrong, I have issues with Android too. Most notably the fragmentation issue, the sheer number of OS’ out there are another issue and then there is the fact that OEM’s are able to bastardize Android with their own take on what it should look like. The lack of worthy apps is a poor argument now that the App store has as many apps as iTunes. There are some pretty crappy apps in iTunes too so that argument is invalid as well. Oh, and lastly, recharging my phone is not the adventure that it is for an iPhone. If I lose my cord, well, I have a drawer full of replacements or I can go buy one for 5 bucks. If my wife loses her iPhone cord, well, she can buy a new one too but its much more expensive and I find the Apple replacement cords to be flimsy. So, while I agree that there are people out there that are perfectly suited for the iPhone and its Kindergarden mentality, but its just not for me.

  • Yaniv

    A Dark Day In The History Of Droid-Life. A Really Dark Day.

  • turb0wned

    I couldn’t care less what you like better, freedom of choice. You should use what you like. Ijust can’t see why this article should be on an Android website. Yes it’s a good phone but if you want to talk about your great iPhone,go to ifans.com.

    • Scott Huddleston

      That also should apply to Android fans that go to supposedly unbiased tech sites where anything that’s said even remotely positive about Appple gets hit with fan boy accusations. The hate that that I see that exists for the iPhone is driven completely out of biased ignorance and close minds.

  • joe coreno

    The Droid Eris was considered top of the line at one point? I must have missed that.

    • I never said that.

      • joe coreno

        “going from the HTC Touch Pro2, to the Droid Eris, to the Droid, to the Droid 2, to the Droid Incredible. Every one of those devices had hardware or software issues despite being considered top of the line when I had them”

        You did.

      • joe coreno

        “going from the HTC Touch Pro2, to the Droid Eris, to the Droid, to the Droid 2, to the Droid Incredible. Every one of those devices had hardware or software issues despite being considered top of the line when I had them”

        • I was thinking of the other phones, not the Eris. You’re right, I could have excluded the Eris from the “top of the line” label.

          • joe coreno

            OK, fair enough.

      • joe coreno

        “going from the HTC Touch Pro2, to the Droid Eris, to the Droid, to the Droid 2, to the Droid Incredible. Every one of those devices had hardware or software issues despite being considered top of the line when I had them”

  • Sporttster

    Good article. I have a Razr Maxx. My first smart phone was the OG Droid. I’ve had two, that’s it. I’ve had ocassional probs with them but nothing serious. Never had to swap phones out for any reason. Yes I’ve noticed the phone slow down deal over time. It is frustrating but cleaning cache and a few other things can help some. Still very useable. Just bought my son a used iPad 1st gen. Very good build, very solid. Fiddling around with it. The one major thing I hate with Apple is as you said everything HAS to go through iTunes. No drag and drop anything. That drives me crazy. Makes using anything Apple a whole lot more frustrating, to me. I like plugging the phone in, going to the file/folder I want, and doing what I want. Not so with iTunes. Hate that. From just messing with my daughters iPod I can see how simple the interface is. Another thing I hate is they charge out the booty for storage. Want a 64gb phone? Pay huge $$$. I can still get a phone that allows me to put a sd card in, although some Android manufs are going the Apple route, which I absolutely hate. Doesn’t bother me in the least that you own a iPhone. I also like technology and if Apple comes out with a killer iPhone with all sorts of things I like, I may get one, too eventually. Don’t care either way. All I want is for the thing to be what I want it to be and need it to be, then I’ll jump. Simple as that….Android or Apple….

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Look at all these nerds crying foul play over Ron’s article.
    Oh my GOD, somebody has a different opinion than you? I should probably be hung as well for working at GM but owning a Ford. The android “cult” is worse than those who carry ios devices these days. Most don’t like this because deep down they agree. I also own an iphone 5 and I ALSO plan on buying either the X or Note 3. Must be some kind of witchcraft going on around here.

    • Tim242

      It’s not about what he uses. It’s about his trash talking and comparing his experiences on an of RAZR and an Eris.

    • Guest

      Why read a site for authoritative knowledgeable information when in fact it’s written by people that have no clue what they are talking about because they don’t use the item/products they are telling people about.

      It’s like going to a carpenter for heart surgery.

      Or do you just like reading articles on a topic by someone very uninformed on the subject?

  • saltyzip

    In order to write for Droid Life you should be passionate about Android and therefore without question, an Android phone should be part of your life. If its not then in the voice of Alan Sugar or Donald Trump, “You’re Fired”!

  • Luis

    It seems that Ron pulled a Jerry Maguire on you

  • Brett Lizotte

    Those are the same reasons I love my iPhone. I love how small it is and also how heavy it is. Feels perfect. I prefer android on my tablet, widgets and such look great on a tablet but I hate them on my phone.

  • nicotinic

    Trial 4.3: the State of Android vs. Ron

    excerpt from the trial’s minutes:

    AC: “Vile betrayer…you stand before the Android counsel accused of heresy. How do you plead?!?”

    Ron: “i…”

    AC: “Heretic!!”

    • Rickerbilly

      Get a rope!

  • Rickerbilly

    Ron does not deserve to write on this site. He is not qualified.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    I have tried to like the ios experience but damn those tiny screens and elementary software. Took me a while going from og droid to various androids, iphone 4s and 5. No I am happy with my N4. Best phone so far. Being away from Verizon is a big part of that. I have an iPad 2 and N7 too. A chromebook and various other things. I love tech and Google had been really doing it for me. Nice article though. Its nice to hear something from the dark side that isn’t fanboy cheering.

  • Rickerbilly

    The site is called Droid-Life. Not Phone-Life. I WANT BIAS in Android’s favor. Why is he a writer on this site? Go away RON!!

    • Guest

      Not so much “bias” as well informed knowledgeable Android information. How knowledgeable can you be if your Android device is over a year old and your main device is an iPhone?

  • TheRobotCow

    To be honest I really liked my iPhone 5 when I had it. Due to being in a bad situation I was forced to sell it. It always ran really smooth, battery life was never a problem(one thing I can and will never say about my galaxy nexus), and it never lagged.
    Why do you guys care so much why he likes his iPhone? Its not like he’s bashing on android and shoving Apple down your throat.

    • Guest

      No one cares that he uses an iPhone or that he loves iOS. What people care about is, that he is NOT knowledgeable enough about Android to be considered an authority and therefore writing about it β€” how well versed on Android can he be when is primary device is an iphone and his last Android is over a year old POS?

  • KevDog

    I love your perspective and think you are a great addition to the show. Please keep contributing, however just a few points
    The iphones — after owning bigger phones like the GNex, S3, S4, looking at an Iphone now it feels like I need glasses. The screens on these things are soooo small. Yes the Iphone5 is vastly improved to the Iphone 4/4S, however its still a small screen. Second — Itunes — don’t get me started on this garbage. Everything has to run through ITunes which frankly is a pain. I have an Ipad2 and love it, but when it comes to managing music, photos, and backups, its frankly a pain in the ass. Nothing like the ability to connect to a ssh server and do an rsync backup. Yes I believe the overall experience using an Iphone may be better in some cases than Android — however that difference is becoming quite small — however some of the limitations such as screen size and itunes are major factors which keep me away from using this platform.

    • The 4S screen is starting to feel small to me. I never plug any of my devices into iTunes. iCloud and Match have me covered there.

  • burpootus

    It’s much easier to see the good in both OS’s. I’ve had multiple Android devices (OG Droid, Droid X, HTC Incredible, GS3, Nexus 7, Nexus 10) and am currently using a Note 2. But for a tablet I settled on an iPad. The iOS devices feature real time audio processing. This is important to me because I can play my guitar through the iPad. There are some really cool apps for this type of thing. With Android, there are no real apps for this because there is no real time audio processing and therefore there is always lag between plucking a string and when you actually hear it. It is impossible to play in this manner. I prefer Android for most things, but iOS completely dominates among musicians and it is possible to create professional sounding recordings, play through amps and effects while also listening to a song you are working on, etc.. But at the same time, I wouldn’t even consider trading my Note 2 for an iPhone.

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Fire him

  • md

    yuck, go away. thanks

  • Justin Moss

    I honestly don’t care if you love your iphone, that’s just a matter of personal preference. It does make your opinions less valuable to me though, because we do not value the same things when it comes to phones. I am not mad that you like it, I’ll just take whatever you say both for or against Android with a grain of salt, because it’s coming from someone who actually likes the iphone.

    • googlyeyedfrog

      this is the best comment so far. nicely said

    • Guest

      And probably know very little about Android.

  • mgamerz
    • Alexander Garcia

      Umm… The 500+ comments on this post alone speak otherwise.

      • mgamerz

        I was thinking of photoshopping the words ‘should’ beween nobody and care, but I was too lazy. The effect was not as intended πŸ™

  • Alexander H

    The top reason sounds a lot like…well .. Blackberry

  • sski66

    These Posts, For & Against this “article”, well let’s just say can be used as a psychological study of the human condition. Some people are understanding,some people say it doesn’t belong even being written in this site, but some of you “motherf_ – – -rs” are really nasty!

  • cheeto0

    imessage only works on ios , while hangouts works on everything. I don’t see the benifit of imessage

    • A.Miller

      It integrates SMS.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Why I hate iPhone and iOS???
    I hate someone saying me What I should like and use (even though how beautiful and eye-candy it is)…. It NEVER gives me the feeling that I am the owner of my phone, if I can’t customize it to my liking (NO, changing LOCK screen wallpaper is NOT AT ALL ENOUGH)

    Why iPhone is fast and never lags?
    Because its a SINGLE-TASKING OS and Android is multi-tasking… ALWAYS_Empty truck is anyway faster than a fully loaded one, but which one is useful is the question… (Part of lag in Android is due to VM)
    iPhone UI is simple and straight forward. Still I don’t like them, WHY???
    See there are a millions ways to go from A to B and iOS selects and allows us to go (ONLY) by a beautiful way to move from A to B. Its OK for my mom or dad (SENIOR CITIZEN) and my little daughter (5 years old) WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING… NOPE NOT FOR ME…
    Apple hardware is good say super camera, unibody, etc… Even then I hate it, WHY???
    Because STILL it is over-priced (I pay FULL-RETAIL)…

  • Eric Fontanilla

    Bravo to you Ron. Takes guts to write about the merits of iPhone and IOS vs android, especially on this website. I hate closed minded fanboys from any platform. People who don’t or cant admit that certain aspects of IOS are better and vice versa with android are narrow minded. I am a huge fan of android, owning a galaxy nexus, nexus 7, nexus 10 and soon to have a droid maxx but I am still appreciative of the multitude of features and apps that are, simply put, better then androids.

  • Phillip Morales

    In my opinion Windows Phone OS I vastly superior to anything else in the market. Its a perfect blend of IOS and android in one beautiful format

    • Kanaga Deepan N

      WP takes VFM from Android and CLOSED + SINGLE TASKING (Even upcoming iOS7 is NOT 100% FULL multi-tasking) part from iOS…

      NOT a good combination, imho…. WP is just NOT yet over-priced iOS…

    • Sporttster

      Hmm, never tried it. The one thing I can imagine would be a huge problem for me would be the lack of developer attention and apps on Win phone. Coming late to the party didn’t help Winphone. Reminds me some of the Beta vs VHS deal in the 80’s. Everyone knew Beta was better but VHS got the attention. I had a Beta machine. Loved it. The pic was better, sound was better. But there were more MOVIES for VHS…a ton more. So I had a Beta with fewer titles to watch. Eventually there were fewer and fewer and poof, no more Beta. Will Winphone end up like this?

      • Phillip Morales

        I would compare it more to Blu-ray and HD-DVD where Blu-Ray was late to the party, but Blu-Ray eventually came out on top. And before I get another ring of Thumb downs from the Droid or Iphone crew, let me just state my case. Nokia has some exclusive apps like Here music, drive, streets and others that really puts the icing of the cake on this phone. With Microsoft putting exclusive xbox games on the phone, with Vine, Path, Flipboard and other apps soon releasing their own apps to the phone, and with the responsiveness and technology that goes into Nokia Phones, I am really impressed by this platform. I came from the Iphone 5 and have a Nexus 7, nothing compares to the fluidity, ease and accessibility of Windows Phone OS. It’s not just me, if you head to Verizon wireless the lumia 928 scores higher in customer satisfaction than any other phone, 4.7 compared to S4 of 4.3. Any app that is missing already has a third party alternative on the phone and in some cases better than the original. 6sec is an example. Not to mention developers that are up and coming will find that their apps get much more attention to putting it in the android store where it gets lost in a sea of countless other apps.

  • David Nguyen

    I fail to understand why he is even on this site? This is called DroidLife not iLife or iCult. It is DroidLife. Is he here just to gloat and preach the Jobsian doctrine to the uncouth masses.

    If I wanted to read articles like this I can go to those other sites which I don’t so I don’t need to be preached about even if this is so called ‘opinion’ piece. Go evangelize somewhere else to other iSheeps that might care or I’ll go to another site to patron.

    • Rickerbilly

      My thoughts EXACTLY!

  • lol

    This reminds me of the time when I was writing for High Times magazine and I wrote an article about how I have never smoked before. Credibility is overrated.

  • jnt

    I *love* Android, I really do – I love the community, the latest devices are top notch, it’s just been a huge part of my life for the past 4 years. But… I use iOS… I picked up a new N7 to keep with my Android roots, but my daily drivers are the 5 and a Verizon Mini.

    I get the best of both world’s on iOS. And the bottom line – there’s nothing on Android *of importance to my day-to-day life* that I can’t also get on iOS, thanks to Google’s open nature. Hangouts, Google Now (albeit less integrated, but that’s ok *for me* when combined with Siri), Maps, Search, Gmail, etc. And I also get Facetime, iMessage, iOS only apps for my industry, etc. We also have Apple TV, which multiples the usefulness of an iOS device 5x IMHO. Chromecast will be great, and possibly better, but it’s no Apple TV yet.

    The primary purpose of these devices, for me, is keeping me connected with family, closest friends, and work. So messaging, a good camera, video chat, financial apps (I’m a financial planner) and stability/reliability are my highest priorities. As much as I love doing it, tinkering with themes, layouts, etc. is nothing but a distraction from the priorities in my life (though I’m running the beta on my 5 and Mini…). When I have a free moment and I feel the urge to grab my phone for no reason but to try a new theme or launcher, then I know I’m not being as productive as I should be. Obviously Android doesn’t require tinkering, but I’ve been a heavy user for a long time – so I guess that’s a personal “problem”, but I’m sure I’m not alone among DL readers. (for some reason, I’ve never cared about Jailbreaking on iOS…)

    Anyway, FWIW Ron I appreciate the opinions based on knowing both sides of the fence (though you really gotta check out some newer devices! :P), vs. the biased pseudo-information that typically flows through these comment threads.

    • Bionicman

      I’m kind of the opposite of what you do. I have my Note 2 as my daily and i also have an iPad mini for all my iOS needs. I love having both worlds available to me.

      Also in response to your “android tinkering” thoughts, just because someone uses Android, doesn’t mean they need or have the desire to constantly tinker with the phone (i actually love some of the touchwiz features). I think its just great to have the ability to do so if they wanted. also my Note 2 makes me more productive, not less.

      • jnt

        I agree 100% – I tried to communicate to that end in my post, but didn’t do a good job. It’s definitely a personal problem! πŸ™‚

  • David Marzluf

    OK don’t get me wrong IPhones are good products for teenagers and soccer moms but in the world of the working man android is by far been more then life changing for me. When I see a fellow business type person using an iPhone it discourages me from doing business with them. Like I said IPhones are great for the everyday person but android is for the people that actually make the world go around.

    • jnt

      In my industry (financial services), I work with a lot of executives at large companies, young and old. Most are using iOS devices, with some still on Blackberry. None are using Android. The same holds true for my industry peers. Just because iOS also appeals to the soccer mom and teenager doesn’t make it any less professional. Your stereotype of a “business type person” seems pretty isolated IMHO, and the fact that it’s causing you to judge a person’s character to the point where you question doing business with them is a bit worrying.

      • David Marzluf

        Its a damn good thing I don’t need any financial help then lol
        And I know that you don’t work in Los Angeles because here in Cali where the real bigwigs work we use android and Google for everything

        • jnt

          I can’t tell if you’re serious or not? And I guess Dallas isn’t big-wig enough? My office is only next to the headquarters for JC Penney, EDS / HP, Intuit, McAfee, soon to be Amazon (moving from Cali, I might add), Siemens, and so on… sorry if that’s not “serious” enough for you. πŸ™‚

          Edit: and I might add I’m glad you don’t need financial help as well… too many people nowadays do! (and I mean that seriously!)

          • David Marzluf

            Lol relax I just posted my thoughts of this post and that is my opinion with some twist. I do know a lot of people still use iturds but I just feel that for what I do people who use apple products are
            Limited in there capabilities. Google products work so much better with android and using Google products is what helps me to be successful and what sets me apart from my competitors I can do things they can’t.

          • jnt

            I don’t necessarily even disagree with you, I just hate stereotypes… even if they tend to be grounded in truth! Just out of curiosity, what industry are you in?

          • David Marzluf

            I am an entrepreneur I own and run 7 different small companies mostly construction and design oriented.

  • galaxynexusdude

    Ive had a galaxy nexus on verizon since its initial release. It was good at first. Got really bad, then got incredible. Im running custom roms of course so I can get the latest android OS but with every update it gets better and better. Makes me want to stay with this phone til it dies/explodes/stolen. Android has come a LONG way in the past few years.

  • MehAndroid

    I have used more Android phones than most people (probably 15 different ones). Getting the new iPhone when it comes out. Using an S4 now just for the fun of it until I can use my upgrade for 5S.

  • Austin_tacious

    Very nice article. I’ve recently made the opposite switch. I think it’s a great idea to actually use various devices so one doesn’t become ignorant, or biased — as you mentioned.

  • VT

    Dude, you’re using outdated Android phones. This article does not belong here. It’s no longer an intense Android experience, time to remove it from bookmarks.

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Quick question: You say you were having issues with your Android phones and those issues were not as present with the iPhone; were you experimenting with ROMs and treating your iPhone the same way or as close as possible to the way you treated your Android phones? If you aren’t then you can’t really compare the two ecosystems based on performance consistency. If you are then I’m glad you found a phone that suits your needs.

  • mustbepbs

    No one cares, shut up Ron.

  • Bill Hill

    Can I get paid to write garbage?

  • Anthony_Armando

    I did not read this “article” because Ron has the writing ability of a high school freshman.

  • trwb

    Maybe Ron should write articles for Gizmodo, BGR, or iMore.

    • Droid Enthusiast

      Perfectly stated… this article would be well suited for another site but just not appropriate on DL.

  • Ed

    This dude is a joke..

  • jamdev12

    What is sad is that I fall under the troll category. I’m a techy at heart and I love tech, but just to give you an example of how much of a fanboy I am about Android here is one:

    Yesterday, my company awarded a few people including me with iPad Minis 32Gb Wifi tablets. Most of the people that got them were pretty happy and opened them right away. Me on the other hand since I have a hate for anything Apple, and now including stuff that is even given away to me as a present for doing a good job, what I am doing is returning it for the cash. I can’t stand Apple products and I don’t know if this has to do more with my hate of Steve Jobs and you would think, who cares the douche is dead, but his legacy lives on with anything Apple and the fact that he wanted to destroy Android made it personal for me. As long as I live, I will never own an Apple product, nor will my family if I have anything to do with it.

    • Tim242

      My whole family has Android. I would disown them if they got an iPhone haha

      • jamdev12

        Hahaha. Damn you cold Tim. You damn cold.

        • Tim242

          Ha! My sister and brother-in-law just finally got on the smartphone wagon. I laughed so hard when they pulled them out of the box. My 5 y/o neice said, “Do they have the Play Store?”. My sister was like, “I don’t know what the hell the Play Store is.”.

          • jamdev12

            That is definitely funny when you have a 5 y/o asking a grown up about something so generic. Hence why kids are awesome experimenters. They will try anything until they get it right.

            Reminds of that quote by Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

            Kids are the same way. Now if I could one up vote you for this comment 50 times I would. It just won’t allow me to.

  • jeff manning

    for someone who says they were an android fanatic, why have you not used a nexus. Before you pick up your next iphone you need to pick up the nexus 5 and try it out.

    • Tim242

      The last Android phone he used was a purple OG RAZR. If not a Nexus, at least a current phone.

  • Rithvik Rao

    Ironic how this came right before the PvZ news…

    Nice job Ron. πŸ™‚

  • KH

    Ron, I’m happy for you that you use an iphone, but this is an android site and those thoughts, though valid, do not belong here. This is a fluff article that only goes to inspire hate mongering and bickering among the ridiculous in the comments. Please refrain from posting articles not in keeping w/ the namesake of this website from now on, in order to avoid this kind of back & forth non-sense. If I am interested in iOS related news, I’ll click over to iBGR for the latest biased word on the fruit-vine, thank you very much.

  • HeCareth

    A Post like this is one way to get your readers to stop listening to your opinion.

  • Elliot Kotis

    I think it is good to have a IOS user writing, someone who doesn’t just take everything on the plate, as long as you aren’t the other side. Hating etc.

    • Tim242

      Maybe if he was an actual Android user as well. He just has a purple RAZR and an eris in a drawer.

    • KH

      I do agree, but this isn’t Engadget, it’s Droid-Life. And more importantly, the points he’s making are based upon supremely out-dated tech (and not even Nexus tech). If the Droid Incredible 1 was your last android phone then you left the part too early to even enjoy it. That’s like leaving a movie after the opening credits.

      • Elliot Kotis

        Actually, yeah I do agree, now. It is the common reason for choosing iOS, out of date information (comparing Nexus One to a fricking iPhone 10).

  • Lee McLaurin

    I’m glad I didn’t judge Android phones on the basis of owning a Samsung Fascinate (the biggest POS phone I’ve ever owned), or my Droid Bionic (which actually became a really good phone after a few updates). I also had the OG Droid. HIS list of phones, I….can’t…even….

    • Tim242

      I hated the fascinate, and Samsung at the time. My mom had that phone. I’m now on my 3rd Samsung phone after a long string of HTC’s.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    For a couple years I was an iPod touch user tethered to my droid. I enjoyed the OS for several reasons but eventually when something had to go, it was the iPod.

  • Kieran Collins

    I’ve owned some “high spec” android phones, lag happens,should we have to get used to it no,but it happens. I’ve owned a 4s and a 4,they lag too,not as much as many androids but still lag. I now own a moto RAZR I xt890 with Intel inside,now I don’t know if its a placebo effect but this phone is smooth (as smooth as iOS in my opinion). The only other android phone I owned that performed well was the galaxy s2 gti9100,still think it was the best android phone I’ve ever owned. Worst performer surprisingly was an kg optimus 4x HD p880,quad core but froze up on nearly every app I ran,happened both in stick and cyanogenmod,could never figure why. The only time my resume razr I hangs is if a badly coded app misbehaves albeit not very often ,but although you make a very good point and I have dabbled with iOS, I couldn’t leave android. I’m dependent on Google services for everything,picture backup , contact sync,gmail,maps,drive,YouTube and search, iOS has some great google apps but the way android handles those apps in my opinion is better. Also safari is great , but the stock android browser(not chrome) is equally as good,plus Ios is too Basic for me,not in functionality but in looks, a static grid of icons is not nice no matter how you jazz it up. I think android (Google) is innovating faster than apple,its better at certain things than apple also, who would want an idevice without YouTube and goigje maps, not me! Everyone has their opinions and personal taste and for all its shortcomings android is a better choice than iOS for me.

  • Uh?

    “…some apps that have counterparts on Android that are better (Path and Hangouts come to mind)…”

    Hangouts is a good app? uhmmm?
    Droid Eris top of the line? double uhmmm?

    and I stopped reading after that..

    • Cesar Ortiz


  • John Clausen

    Does anyone care? I’d rather be reading an article on what types of fuchsia will be and won’t be available for the Moto X.

  • banditball

    Still contemplating the reason for this article on this site? ? Baffles me to think an administrator for a highly respected and regarded source for all things android would think it appropriate to publicly not only promote a competitors product but additionally go into detail the reason for doing so. Afraid to continue reading through comments in chances Kellex may justify this behavior……

    • Ron explained that in an earlier piece he mentioned that he uses iOS as his daily OS. People wanted to know why, so this is his “explanation.”

      • banditball

        Appreciate your response…enjoy this site and all work u guys do and continue to do πŸ™‚

      • Tim242

        I think a few words on the show would have been sufficient. Your Q&A articles are nowhere close to this long. This opinion piece on the site tarnishes the site, and the brand.

      • Rickerbilly

        Article still does NOT belong on DROID-LIFE Tim. Ron does not belong on DROID-LIFE. Notice how I highlighted DROID-LIFE. IF he does belong then change the name of the site so I stop coming back everyday.

  • Shystie1

    That’s it! I’m going to unfollow Droidlife on Twitter and Facebook. Unscribe from the daily newsletter and stop visting their website. I’m going get me a iPhone and then heading straight to iPhoneLife.com


  • Scott Huddleston

    Excellent written article. I completely agree with Ron, I love technology as well. I try desperately to like Android over IOS yet I keep returning to an iPhone after trying Androids latest and greatest. Most members are understandably biased hence this is obviously Droid Life. I prefer ios for the same reasons as Ron. I’m just waiting for the device and version of Android that will eventually pull me away from the ios platform. From most of the reviews I’ve read I thought that would finally be the HTC One, but now I’m not so sure.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      HTC One? Is that a joke? Unless you’re talking about the Google Experience HTC One.

      Not one person will say that Sense, or Touchwiz is fast and useful when compared to the same phone running CM or AOSP.

      • Scott Huddleston


  • Raven

    I don’t understand the slow down that so many people complain about as phones get older. I am still using a stock rooted Droid 4 with Nova Launcher. I have over 300 apps installed and 20 widgets on my 5 desktop screens. And, although it is quite dated by today’s standards, I think it runs as fast and smooth as it has since it got the 4.1.2 update. Sure, I have used autostarts to prevent a lot of apps from autostarting at boot, but other than that and using Nova launcher my phone is fairly stock and I still love it.

    • Think you partly answered why you don’t understand: you’ve rooted your phone and force it to use a minimal amount of startup software. That’s not the normal Android experience, and I wouldn’t ask someone to root their phone as a fix.

      That said, a Nexus 4 or a GPE device would probably accomplish much of this out of the box.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      my raven, 20 widgets?

      • Raven

        Yep, I believe in making full use of my phone.
        Screen-Number: 1-1, 2-8, 3-7, 4-2, 5-2
        Touch Calendar, Flashlight, Agenda, Audio Manager, Mini Info+, Power Control, Beautiful Widgets, Circle Widgets, Zooper Widgets, and Folder Organizers.

    • Alexander Garcia

      You must also understand that the mass majority of smartphone users do not do what you do nor do they know that doing those things is even possible. Criticisms and comparisons should be based on out-of-the box experiences because that’s how the majority of smartphone buyers will use their phones.

  • HeartStrong07

    I think there is a basic and fundamental difference between iOS and Android users – and its okay – Apple users are simply trying to get something done in an easy, reliable and simple way (as Ron attests and nothing wrong with that) … Android user want to explore and test the limits of technology, particularly mobile technology, and are willing to sacrifice some simplicity for complexity and some reliability for the excitement of technological adventure.

    With some of the more recent phones, Android is getting closer and closer to satisfying the needs of both types of users.

  • Scott Shefler

    Worst blog post ever made on Droid Life. If i wanted to read someones opinion about the iPhone I wouldn’t follow this blog. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time.

  • kderentz

    Without going to much into this I will be on of the few here the support Ron. I have owned the following devices: G2, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Thunderbolt, RAZR, Droid Charge, Xoom, and now on the GS4, but have also owned iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S, and iPad 3. With that said I can confirm that the Apple products “just work”. Just like my Mac Book Pro vs a Windows Laptop, even years later the performance of the devices are similar to the day you bought them. My last Android Phone (Galaxy Nexus) drove me to buy the iPhone 4s, I hated waiting on updates, it was laggy, poor battery performance, tried different roms and they where buggy. I got so fed up that I was happy to give up 4G, a bigger screen, and customization. It was only after a year of owning the 4S that I missed android (4G, Bigger Screen, and customization) and decided to give it another try. Due to being on Verizon I was limited on choices so I picked up the GS4. After the first few weeks I hated the Touchwiz and its lag and shutter, so I rooted it and have been on Eclipes’s GE Rom which has been good, but still miss my iPhone for the simple fact it works. Personally I was hoping the Moto X would be the solution to having an Apple like experience on a Android phone. I know that sounds weird, but I love Android and big supporter of Google so I would prefer to be using and supporting both over Apple, but the experience hasn’t quite been there. If the iPhone 5S came out with a 4.6″ screen I would hop ship again, but since it doesnt and most likely wont till the 6, I might sell the GS4 and give the Moto X a try or wait and see what the Nexus 5 brings along.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Pinch with 5 fingers on your ipad retina. Isn’t that the best thing a tablet can do? why doesn’t android have that? We may need that ipad vs nexus sooner than i thought. Ron! Ron! Ron!

      Can’t wait for a better tablet experience.

      • Tim242

        Meet Nova Launcher.

        • kderentz

          I run Nova currently as well as when I had TW

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          Nova Launcher is a 3rd party home screen and app drawer.Pinching with all your fingers on an iPad closes the app ur in, and brings you to the home screen. Are you telling me, Nova has the power to change core functions? I don’t use many 3rd party options so this is sort of a serious question.

          • Tim242

            Nova Launcher has a long list of gestures that you can set to anything you want. There is no five finger, but here is what they have. You will notice the range of actions I’ve chosen. Be sure to expand the pic.

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            but those can’t be done while ur browsing the web, right?

          • jnt

            Right – they only work from the home screen.

          • Alexander Garcia

            Those features only work from the home screen.

  • LiterofCola

    Oh Ron, what a glutton for punishment you are

  • bakdroid

    Another poorly written piece of crap from the BGR of DL. However, there are a few good points in there. Being anti-apple long before android, I have never owned a piece of their tech. I recently got an iPhone 5 for work (I didn’t buy it, the company did, so I still can state I have never owned an apple:P) since it seamlessly integrates with their systems and I must say, there isn’t an android phone on the market that is a nicer piece of hardware. I have seen and touched the S4 and One, they don’t hold a candle to the build quality of an iPhone 5. The aluminum and glass are flawless. The device just feels premium to hold. I am very interested in seeing what the X feels like and if it is as good as everyone is saying about the build quality. But I digress…The OS is plain….very plain. Which is perfect for a work phone but way too boring to be practical in real life. I live and die by widgets and miss them every time I pick up the work phone. There are a lot of things missing from iOS and it is not as intuitive as everyone says. Android just does a better job getting things done in its newest versions that are practical like being able to use punctuation in the same keyboard screen instead of moving to another one. Lag is a big problem that still needs to be solved and putting 12 cores in a cpu isn’t going to fix it. They need to move past Project Butter and go to Project Teflon or Project Shaved P#$$%!! πŸ˜€

    • Tim242

      This build quality you speak of is irrelevant. 99.999% of people wrap it up in plastic cases.

      • Ian

        Disagree, people will buy for the build quality, THEN wrap it in a case.

        • Tim242

          I work in a cell phone store. “Build quality” is never mentioned.

      • bakdroid

        Yes but when you take it out the case to clean it, you will say yes…this is premium. And also, most people are not covering their devices now a days based on the fact that they will not fall apart with a single drop.

    • trwb

      I had an iPhone 4s for a bit, I agree with what you are saying. Nothing compares to Android though for me. The amount of tweaks I can do even with out root make it far superior to me. Lag will be an issue unless they rewrite the code. Too many things run in virtual memory on android. That being said I use Mac computers but when it comes to mobile devices I need something more versatile. Heck you can’t even explore the file system on an iPhone or drag and drop music. Android is like a true mini computer in your pocket. IOS is just a child’s toy.

  • Sirx

    I would love to see Ron agree to carry a MODERN flagship Android device (Moto X, S4, or Nexus 5) for like two weeks and document his experiences, thoughts, and comparisons in another opinion piece. Make it so, Ron.

    • Droidzilla

      This has been done to death on a slue of other sites.

      • Sirx

        But…I read THIS one.

        If I wanted to read a *SLEW of other sites, I would. But I like this one, cause I like the people who run it, so I would like to read their impressions.

        Geez, I’m glad movie reviews don’t work the way you think they do.

        • Droidzilla


          I’m just saying it adds nothing new to the general knowledge pool for the iOS vs. Android debate. If you would get something unique out of Ron’s perspective, then I suppose it would be a good article for you; but for the general readership, I think it would be unnecessary. It would be like Kellen posting an article about the pragmatic benefits of Android over iOS; if you don’t know what they are by now, you haven’t been paying attention or are unwilling to do a simple Google search to discover the countless articles that have already been done on the subject. Just my opinion.

  • SparkysShocker

    DL should disable comments for all opinion pieces and just run a poll for them

    – Agree
    – Disagree
    – You must be insane

  • bratliff

    I agree find what works for you and use it. Two of my friends have windows phones and I like them, been searching craigslist for one to play with. Never know I might change someday too. Doubt it but you never know. Use what you like that is the great thing about technology right now, options!

  • Damien Luna

    Ron great article. I think I also agree with you on im a technology enthusiast. I agree with you on ios i also feel has some better qualities than android here and there but I do feel android is really getting there as well. I unlike you like android alot for the customizing abilities and I like to be unique and android allows me to do that. but when someone asks me what phone to get i tell them what they want to do with their phone and how they expect to use it and sometimes i recomment an iphone and other times i tell them an android phone. Just the same as game consoles sometimes i tell family to get a ps3 or and xbox or a wii it all depends on what suits each person needs.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Nice piece you’ve got here Ron. I used to bash iOS and iPhone users in the past, but have stepped back quite a bit since I bought and made the Droid RAZR Maxx HD my daily driver almost a year ago. At the time, I had the impression that the phone I chose to use for the next 2 years or so was a POS after reading blog comments and reviews of this phone. The general consensus was quite negative amongst the “Android enthusiasts” community. I felt a little bit down ’cause I actually liked this phone and it does everything I want it to perfectly, but it was still the phone that so many people make fun of. It’s currently running 4.1.2 and it’s pretty darn snappy still (much more so than my wife’s SGS4) and the battery life on this thing is just absolutely amazing. It’s a phone that the majority of “Android enthusiasts” that care to comment have bashed time and time again, but it’s a phone that I own and actually enjoy using. Owning this phone has made me somewhat understand what an iPhone user must feel like for the most part when “Android enthusiasts” constantly talk trash about their phone/OS of choice. So I’ve made efforts to pull back my trash-talk myself. I applaud you Sir for putting this piece out there and I will be tuning into your show tonight from my RAZR Maxx HD. Cheers. =)

  • bitbank

    You’ve opened quite a can of worms with your comments and implying that your opinion is fact. It’s fine to prefer Apple’s products, but not fine to claim that you are even handed in your evaluations when you clearly have a bias against Android.

    • SparkysShocker

      Last time I checked when someone uses I as much as it was used here and the term I think or I feel, it means its opinion.

      Maybe you should read better understand how opinions work before you take his opinion fact as fact.

      • Ian

        Who said he was taking this article as fact?

    • Sirx

      Methinks someone missed the GIGANTIC “[Opinion]” that Ron puts immediately after the titles of all of his pieces. Does he also need to use the word ‘Opinion’ twice in each sentence for you to get it. You are ironically confusing opinion wiht fact. You have to…you have to read harder. You just do.

      • Tim242

        Me thinks you don’t see the Droid Life in the pink banner above. Do you need it at the bottom of the page as well? This is not Engadget, or The Verge.

  • Gr8Ray

    Great idea! Keep letting Ron write for this site. I’ve really been wanting to catch up on reading ALL THE OTHER ANDROID SITES.

  • someone

    Never understood the complaint about being being able to customize. If you don’t forbid download the applications to customize things, it’s equally simple… Or sometimes more simple. So what does double tapping the home button do? Triple tapping? Long hold?

    Also, considering that most of his devices were NOT nexus devices, how can he say he disagrees with Google design decisions?

  • EvanTheGamer

    All I say is each their own. I give up trying to fight that never ending battle of what OS is better(I still think Android is better due to the full array of customizable options though). But other than that, I’m done.

    He can have his iOS and I’ll stick with my Android and that’s it.

  • Morbid138

    Impeach Ron from Droid-Life!

  • sk3litor

    I really hate the term “fanboys”. If you’re a fan of something you’re just a fan. We’re all here cuz were fans of Android. Just like a red sox fan on a Yankees blog site Ron should understand he’s gonna have to take some (hopefully friendly) ball busting. But we’re all adults here and at the end of the day what do you care what phone someone else uses? I really hope no one’s actualy offended by him using an iphone. Even if he is living inthe past ; ) hell come around people.

    • Guest

      Fanboys != fans

  • I’m on the Guest List

    I’m waiting for the day that Android has an answer to iMessage (ie: it’s every phone’s native SMS/MMS/IM app). Hangouts is on the way, assuming it gets sms/mms privileges eventually. However, because OEMs and their f*cking skins, Hangouts will never be the native/default messaging app on Android phones and we’ll never have an answer to iMessage. I hate manufacturer skins with a fashion.

    I had to return my CM10.1 S3 and replace it with a laggy, stock, TW S3.

  • Nate Olson

    I love lamp

  • James Hill

    If the iPhone was better, I’d buy one too. I’m just not convinced. The iPad on the other hand is a better tablet than Android. I actually prefer the touch based laptops with Windows 8 over the iPad.

  • Chrisdroid

    So you Work at McDonalds and on your lunch you eat a whooper and every time a customer visits your store you tell them how your whooper is better than the BicMac? Really…I’m still shocked about this article…Droid-life.com bookmark hasn’t been deleted yet…Finger moving closely to the mouse..

    • John Galt

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not the bookmark deletion!


      • Mike


      • Chrisdroid

        One less mother fucken hit for your fake Android site lol!

  • Cody

    Thanks Ron.. I appreciate your contributions to the site.. I like what you add in about windows phones and a fair opinion.. I don’t like the S4 either.. However you should try a new android phone or go to the iPhone 3g and see how fast it is since it’s form the same time period as the android phones you have now and I think your opinion may change.

  • XboxOne

    Great article Ron.

  • Buy This

    Okay I’ll ask, how can I get a clock widget like that? UCCW I’m assuming?

    • Marco

      It’s called Ribbon…had to look for it myself, it looks awesome

      • tomn1ce

        That’s the ribbon I’ve been seen in the past couple of weeks somewhere in the setting menu of the couple of roms that I have flashed…I was wondering what that was all about.

  • Happy

    i dont really care what OS you use. iOS has some great features that some people would want and is best fit for certain user. But if your going to write about android, at least be a android user, so you have credibility in what you’re writing about. Having a phone for review isnt that same as using it as a daily driver. You need the in depth knowledge to find where it can improve and where it excels.

    If you’re into tech generally not just android, than writing for something like engadget, or gizmodo would make more sense. Now it just feels like your a General science teacher who’s teaching advance physics. You might be good at it, but your understanding wouldnt be the same as someone who uses android every single day.

    • VT

      I couldn’t agree with this more!

      How are you going to write about Android if you don’t even use it as your daily driver?!

  • Rbq

    Ugh who cares. This is a Droid blog (it’s gotten away from that, but it’s at least an ANDROID blog) – if you use an iPhone, go do it somewhere else. It’s not even the Android vs. iPhone debate, it’s just that, quite simply, you don’t know what you’re talking about here.

    • SparkysShocker

      Or does he, you know since you decide to omit the fact that he has used android and it at least looks like he still plays with his Razr. So actually he may have a different view of Android, maybe even a not so biased view of Android because it’s not all he sees.

      If he was giving reviews on these devices then I would feel like most of you do but he is not he stating what he from an iPhone user sees in Android and really who the hell cares one way or the other if you don’t agree don’t worry.

      • Moeyknight

        You lost me at Razr.

  • Stnkycheezman

    I definitely agree that the droid eris and the OG with 500mhz cpus and 512mb ram couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of android updates at the time and the phones could become sluggish. But at that time an iPhone couldn’t even send MMS. I had friends who had iPhone (OGs, pre 3G even) and their phones couldn’t hold up at the end of a 2 year contract. Even 3G couldn’t. I have an iPhone 4 that my job provided me and I think it’s a piece even compared to my almost 2 year old GN.

    so to compare your iPhone 4S to your experience with the OG isn’t the best way to guage OS’s. It’d be like comparing an iPhone 3G and never updating it from when it was released to a brand new S4, One, or Moto X with the latest android.

    But I understand and respect all the reasons why iPhone users use iPhone.

    • beng8686

      Too many “i” words…I think I’m going to be sick…

  • paul_cus

    Make the next article about why you like webOS, Ron. I still have a Palm Pre 2 somewhere in my apartment.

    • Tim242

      I almost spit out my drink haha

    • I’ll bring mine with me for the show tonight. πŸ™‚

  • C-Law

    “Why I use an iPhone and my next phone will be an iPhone, but you should buy an android”

    Should have been the title

  • David W. Skyview

    it’s good to have an opposing view once in awhile on an android based site, but maybe not someone that has set in contempt I must say. Someone like Rene on AC is good, but someone that doesn’t keep with the times is kinda irrelevant and obsolete. Just skip his articles like many do. It doesn’t matter.

    • Tim242

      Exactly. I really like Rene. He is very relevant.

  • $18330615

    Kellen and Eric liked WP8 and wanted one. Bring out the pitchforks for them too!

    • Tim242

      They don’t trash-talk Android. Also, they use current Android phones. Ron’s last Android phone was a purple og droid RAZR.

  • thebigmann

    I saw your full list of devices, both past and present, and lost all confidence in the weight of your opinions. Your purchasing decisions baffle me.

  • Tony Byatt

    I see Ron is trying to clarify himself from his Moto X commentary and the DL crew has his back in the comments. Ron’s collection of Android phones is pretty poor and his reasoning for going to iOS is pretty poor…


    Ya’ll would have been better off ignoring it than bringing it up again. The comments for the show tonight will now probably be targeted at Ron…

    I got my popcorn ready…

    • tomn1ce

      They’ll probably have Dave in the show tonite instead of Ron.. -_-

  • Adamania

    I’ve had the 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPhone 5. I agree that iMessage is a GREAT feature. Hopefully Hangouts will accomplish the same thing. I also like how solid the iPhone feels. Besides the HTC One, I haven’t really felt another Android phone that feels “quality” like an iPhone does. 4s is still a good phone, the 4 is terribly laggy and shouldn’t even be on iOS 6. I just simply didn’t like how uncustomizable the iPhone was, or how intertwined in iTunes that it is. Is the iPhone a good phone? Yes, but not for me.

  • banditball

    Most worthless article I’ve read on this site. Is this Droid Life? Unbelievable

  • trophynuts

    this story sounds exactly like my own. Was hardcore android for 2 years. The VZW Gnex pissed me off so bad that i turned to the Iphone5. I’ve never looked back. I’ve wrote a similar article on AndroidForums.


    • chihova


      • tomn1ce

        I guess he expects people to read that one as well -_-

  • Sirx

    HOLY SH*T! You guys are nuts! I always thought this was a pretty open, mostly laid back, kinda good-humored community over here, but JESUS H.W. CHRIST (Howard Woodward, for the curious), you guys are rabid! And insane! And just a tad lynch-mobbish O_O.

    Makes a guy want to start trolling the sh*t out of you just to see you get your dander up. Might teach you a lesson. Geez, I feel sticky just posting here.

  • MStacey

    #1 you’re not even close to people like Gruber or Arment purely as a writer (let alone reach)
    #2 your view on Android is skewed by using terrible, outdated devices in the past
    #3 you’re more or less dependent on iOS only features/ecosystem which is understandable but it’s hard to be unbiased when you can’t reliably use an Android device as your daily driver. Having a drawer full of other devices doesn’t give you the perspective you need to understand the platform.

    This applies to all writers who A/B various platforms. Unless you can truly live the platform and give it a true shake there’s little point trying to write about it — those people who actually use the platforms will sniff out someone who does that and their credibility goes down the toilet.

    • I never said I was anything close to Gruber or Arment as a writer. They are some of my inspiration, but certainly not my peers.

  • WPNX

    I have been reading DL since it began and I’ve always seen them as a legit if not “the” legit source for my Android info. But this dude Ron just doesn’t belong here. He is not one of us and by “us” I mean the hardcore Android fans who made this site what it is. Ron wouldn’t even have a damn job if it wasn’t for us. And now you dump this BS about the superiority of iOS over Android…GUYS..YOU DON’T READ BS LIKE THIS AT ANDROID CENTRAL, ANDROID AUTHORITY, ANDROID POLICE, OR DROID FORUMS JUST TO NAME A FEW. It is indeed a sad sad day for many DL readers..WE HAVE A MOLE PEOPLE..EVEN WORST..HE HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO ROAM FREELY

    • Mike

      You are a prime example of arrogant fanboys. Nothing wrong with having someone who uses the competition and provides outside perspective

      • wpnx

        I don’t go to Iphone sites and bash anyone. Many of my friends have iphone. But I come here to read about all things Android. “DL..An intense Android community”..hmmm …used to be

        • Mike

          And He has written articles about Android because he DOES use Android, its just not his daily driver. I like the whole outside point of view. It’s refreshing. But like every other post in these comments, is just my opinion.

    • Sirx

      I have never once owned an iOS device, and in Ron’s defense, I don’t want to be one of “you” either. I’m afraid someone might look at me and attach me to your wacked-out opinion because of my G.Nex.

      • WPNX

        lol..wacked out opinion.. Mrs. X

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    ron, you may be the perfect person to do ios 7 vs KLP. Iphone 5s vs next nexus. Ipad/mini vs nexus 7/10. Cmon man get some clicks in. This winter is yours.

    • Alan Fortte


  • Joe

    So he chose the iphone over the HTC androids that were pOS expresses to begin with…..WOW great Argument!

  • chris125

    With as hit or miss as I message is you can’t really call that reliable at all. I mean it seems they have outages at least once a month. I wouldn’t necessarily call that reliable.

  • Alan Fortte

    If you don’t have an Android phone I hope you don’t review any of them.
    THE IPHONE 4S IS BETTER THAN HTC ONE MAX. I don’t want to see that<

  • Rodeojones000

    Maybe now that he’s explained himself the idiots having a hissy fit over him being an iPhone user can finally get over it. The fact that he needed to explain himself is ridiculous. So what, he prefers a different mobile OS. I own an Asus laptop, does this mean I’m not permitted to have an opinion about Macbooks?

    Thanks for the well written piece, Ron.

  • Snoylnaes

    Alright, I’ve been on this site since the old Droid X rumors (And even i’m still using my Droid X, the poor guy is still chugging along). I check this site every day, I’ve always enjoyed the articles, and I even read the comments sometimes (mostly because bionic is hilarious to watch). I don’t always agree with what I read (such as the whole big article about the new IOS copying android, I thought that was garbage) but Droid-Life has been consistently my favorite tech blog.

    That being said, I thought it was really cool that there was somebody here who uses an iPhone, who prefers IOS but has delved into Android as well. I thought that was a refreshing change in perspective. Now, if he came in here bashing Android left and right, calling us all idiots for not getting iPhones, that would be a COMPLETELY different story. He’s just a guy who likes technology, just like any of us, and I for one would prefer if he wrote more articles.

    Now proceed to downvote me into the void.

    • Tim242

      I am not down voting you. But, he does trash Android on the show

      • Snoylnaes

        Valid point, and I may be wrong there, but isn’t the show full of all the writers, meaning that his dissenting opinion would be quickly countered by one of the other guys? Wouldn’t this be considered a contribution to the discussion? Having a bunch of yes men is pretty boring.

        Forgive me if I’m wrong, I rarely watch the show.

        • Tim242

          It’s just his general all negative about Android, all the time. He is just out of place. I assure you, the others aren’t just yes men. They provide both sides.

    • aQuickBit

      Don’t tell me what to do! Upvote to you…jerk. πŸ˜›

  • checazola

    So… an article from Ron is the same as getting BBQ recipes from a vegan. .. hmmm.. If I was running this place I would send him packing. I can care less that Ron uses and iPhone, but come on… this is an android blog. I come here to get reviews and tips of the latest devices, apps and OS updates. If you don’t use them how can I trust your opinion. This website went down a notch on my book.

    • Tim242

      Amen, from an Atheist Vegan haha

      • mustbepbs

        …So you’re a gay, atheist vegan? You really jumped on the bandwagon a few times, didn’t you?

        • Tim242

          Haha not really a bandwagon. I was born gay. I became Atheist at the age of 22,, in an evolutiom of my own thoughts and beliefs. What had been taught to me just wasn’t what I felt was truth. Being Vegan was a 10 year process. At age 23, I began to exclude pork and beef from my diet. I pretty much just ate chicken, with some turkey here and there. At age 31, decided to become Vegetarian. I was practically there anyway. After a year and a half of that, I went Vegan. I had cut cheese way down anyway, due to the high sat fat. I never was a milk drinker. Even though I loved eggs, I never liked the idea of eating them. After watching “Forks Over Knives,” I learned about cancer causing casein, which is the animal protein in milk. So, I took the next step to a longer, healthier life. I have the trifecta going on, aka a Republican’s worst nightmare haha

          I know, cool story bro : )

          • Daniel Tifft

            Wtf do you eat then? I feel as thought cutting out all of that food would turn you into a stick figure.

          • Tim242

            There’s a lot to eat, without those. There are meat and cheese substitutes. I eat a lot of beans, rice, pasta, breads, vegetables, soups, pizza without cheese or with non-dairy cheese, bean dip, queso, spicy black bean burgers, guacamole, hummus, and even mac & cheese. You’d be surprised at what you can do without unhealthy dairy and meat. There’s so much more, but this list gives you an idea. The good thing is that these foods are high in nutrients, and most are low in calories. That means you can eat all you want!

    • Moeyknight

      Your analogy is spot on and you need more up votes. I don’t begrudge him his opinion, I just don’t get why he’s giving it here.

      • Stevedub40

        ^This my friend. I have nothing personal against Ron and he writes well, it’s just not a fit for this site. Although not even remotely as bad, it sort of reminds me when I used to go to BGR and read Android reviews from Geller. It was so hard to take him serious because everyone knew how much of an apple fanboy he was, so you always got the feeling like he was not giving it a fair shake.

      • DainLaguna

        He wrote it because of the backlash against to his previous article. And to explain why he still writes for the site.

        Apparently, that’s not good enough either.

  • lgreg64

    What no Blackberry! and you call yourself objective. πŸ™‚

  • Diar

    Wait….this is your collection: HTC Touch Pro2, a HTC Trophy, and a Palm Pre 2….LOL. I’m supposed to read Android articles from a guy who not only doesn’t routinely use the latest and greatest of Android and whose last Android phone is four years old, but someone whose entire tech collection is f-cking ancient as hell. SMMFH.

    I see why you prefer the iPhone to those phones…LOL. Try a few new ones and get back to us.

    LOL. I can’t stop laughing.

    • VT

      LMAO, how he is allowed to write Android articles is beyond me. It’s a sad day for DL.

  • dang1

    iPhone screen too tiny

  • cjgm86

    Ron in my opinion, “BGR” would be the ideal workplace for you

    • Gnex

      Pfft, no way. It’s too mainstream.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      BGR is for investors. You may not believe it but yes. It’s there to make people money.

    • Tim242

      Definitely! He would fit right in.

  • Chris King

    I Myself have always had an android phone starting with d1 and still love rooting and roms. now my brother has an iPhone and is a software engineer and he says he just wants to have a phone that works without having to do any work on it.I can see both sides. As far as what kind of people use what phone don’t worry there’s plenty of douche bags in both camps.

  • Swoops212

    Your Mom is Janky. Reason why you use an iPhone; because you suck at life. πŸ˜‰

    • Mike

      How adult of you. School starts soon. You should probably start getting to bed early.

  • Will Frame

    I guess enjoy your sandboxed app experience, closed APIs, interface that never changes in any significant way, absence of basic features such as Call Block (which even WP8 now has), and tiny screen.

    iOS has a lot going for it, especially with respect to apps, but I absolutely can’t stand the restrictions anymore. Even Windows Phone is a better experience, in my opinion. And iOS 7, aside from being ugly, really isn’t bringing much to the table.

  • Diar

    Other than iMessage (which is a damn good app admittedly), your entire article is ridiculous. Let me just take one item: iOS is simple because you can do less with it. Ignoring the inanity of such a statement, I’ll just say that if you want a simple experience on Android you can have it: just don’t customize anything. Duh.

    As for you writing for the site, hey, if Droid Life will have you keep getting your money. As a reader, though, you’re irrelevant to me. If Android isn’t your daily driver, truthfully, I don’t want to hear from you on an Android blog. Maybe a guest piece every once in a while comparing OSes. I’m not saying every writer needs to be a power user but I want to hear from folks who use Android at least as much as I do.

    • DainLaguna

      Don’t read his articles? This site doesn’t owe you anything, believe it or not.

      • aQuickBit

        You mean there are hundreds of other Android-dedicated blogs out there in the free-no-obligation-vastness of the interwebs?!

  • Robert Kuhlman

    I think it’s a good idea to understand the competition by using their devices here and there, but to be a part of an Android community and to write about why you like the competition better might not have been the best idea. I agree that you have good opinions about Android devices, but being an IOS advocate, it makes your Android opinions less valuable to those of us that want to know why some Android device might be our next device.

    • I use iOS personally but I regularly recommend both iOS and Android devices to friends and family. I don’t think that makes me an iOS advocate.

  • Pedro

    Meh. As long as there is a Nexus device, I’m in. The ability for others that are smarter than I am to come up with a feature I didn’t realize I needed (see aokp Notification Bar User Font, quiet hours (released long before Apple’s version), single press torch/flashlight, ribbons, and so on) means I will never own an Apple daily driver.
    Others in the family have them. In fact, I bought a 4S for my daughter yesterday, moving from her Virgin Android phone. Her iPod died, and fixing it justified moving platforms. Spent a couple extra bucks to make sure that it was unlocked.

    I will always have a Nexus device. Unlockable phone, unlocked carrier. Paid my ETF to Verizon. Never, ever again, will I sign a contract to obtain cell service.

  • +1 for iMessage the encryption level is insane. Even Apple can’t view them.

  • Dale

    iOS is certainly more “simple” than Android, but that is why I like Android so much better. The simplicity of iOS drives me absolutely crazy. I love the complexity of Android and the ins and outs of all the customization and settings.

    As a techie, I recommend iOS to people all the time, people who aren’t technologically savvy and are looking for something “simple” to use, and people who just like simple things in general. If I know that people are very techie and enjoy fiddling with gadgets (and know what they are doing) I typically tell them to go with Android because they will probably dislike iOS as much as I do (there are obviously exceptions to this).

    My wife has a 4s and I absolutely can’t stand it. But she also can’t stand my GNex.

    • Rob Delaney

      You recommend iOS to people who aren’t technologically savvy? Maybe you should get more information on how they intended to use the device? What things are important to them in a phone? Not just because they don’t seem to be into tech as much.

      Funny how Google engineers use iOS products. But then again I guess they are not as tech savvy as you are, huh? You know, the creators and innovators of the OS “tool” that you praise so much. To them, with your logic, you probably should you iOS too.

  • rei_load

    Ron, I understand you’re trying to explain yourself but you’re not really appealing to your reader base- android fans. You’re basically stating Apple’s superiority without acknowledging how well Android is as well. Now I have an Android phone but Apple phone’s are pretty damn good. I’m not afraid to admit it at all and I actually do recommend to certain people to get an iPhone. But I always mention the actual differences in the software and while each OS appeals to that type of consumer.

  • p4

    i saw you in a coffee shop today and you were mean to me .. youve lost a viewer

  • Ron_Swanson

    No one is reading this article….everyone is jumping right to the comments. Ha!!!

    • Ian

      “Skim Milk. Avoid it!”

  • imronburgundy

    I really wanted to switch back to Android for the Note III but had reservations due to some of the reasons above along with integration to all their services. I think this article has persuaded me http://paulstamatiou.com/android-is-better

  • Trevor Vass

    So android devices aren’t up to your standards as far as performance goes? Yet the devices you mentioned and currently own are no where near high end phones right now. Granted it is your opinion on what os you like but comparing old phones for performance makes no sense.

    • Those are the devices that I own, but I spent months with the Gnex, One X, and S3 for review purposes. S4 and One are still hard to come by for review.

      • Trevor Vass

        Yet again still old phones… The amount of great phones out there would expand for you if you didn’t blow them off before using them. This can be seen on all of your DL episodes where a new or upcoming phone is mentioned. Yes I have used ios and an iPhone 4s when selling a phone and getting a new one. Slow as crap oh and 3g is awesome! All I am saying is get your hands on a high end from late last year or this year. Making an opinion based off old phones just doesnt work. Then add the you should consider a moto x but I’m not buying one… You should buy a pinto but I sir will not.

        • I’d love to have unlimited access to every top of the line Android phone as soon as it comes out. Unfortunately, I have to wait my turn.

          • Trevor Vass

            Waiting turns if for suckas. Time to be a baller… Shot caller

          • DainLaguna


      • googlyeyedfrog

        I think mentioning this in your article would have vastly increased your credibility

        • It’s hard to tell what people will read into what you write. I said I own some older phones, but people assumed that meant I haven’t used newer ones. That said, I’ve mentioned having the Gnex, One X, and S3 on the DL Show and in reviews.

  • Stevie Thunder

    lol who cares. how many of you have been laid since the cult of android?

  • Lee Sandler

    This is so stupid. Way to ruin this sites credibility. I don’t give two sh!ts about your personal phone, but you shouldn’t have written this article on an android blog. Also your points are terrible and are very much opinions and not facts and no one here cares for ios opinions. Just leave this site or the readers will.

    • pastaguy

      He did state that it was an [Opinion] in the title. I care for his iOS opinions and his Android opinions. I want to understand what iOS lovers think about Android and vice versa.

      If you don’t want to read the opinions of an iOS user, then stop reading Ron’s articles.

      • Lee Sandler

        I don’t disagree with you at all, and I also use an iPhone(for work) but if I wanted to talk to people about it, I would not go to a site named Droid-Life. It would have been different if the article was a critical comparison, which it is not. Not to mention he is using outdated technology on all fronts. I already do not read most of Ron’s post mostly because I find his article boring. I personally don’t believe Ron’s writing has a place on a site of this nature. The internet is flooded with pro apple sites and i read most of them considering I am an Apple Sys Admin, but I come to droid-life for android info.

      • Tim242

        Unfortunately, we can’t edit him out of the DL show.

        • Tim242’s #1 Fan /sarc

          Or you from the threads.

          • Tim242

            : )

  • Chaser457

    Ron who??

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I knew it was an iPad.

    iMessage: Google just created hangouts so people dont realize how fast it is. Synced messages on my tablet, computer, and phone are awesome. iMessage was magical for connecting all my devices. Google won when they connected HO with G+ and the photo thing is insane.

    Hardware: The iphone is beautiful. End.

    Camera: Smartphone cameras didn’t even matter until the iphone 4. They just happened to do it first.

    I just pulled a couple areas on why i use an iphone 5 after the Og droid > iphone 4 > Gnex > Note 2 > N4. Google/android (or certain phones) have solved my qualms so i’m simply giving credit to apple where they changed simple things and made them matter TO ME But my next phone is indeed coming from Moto cuz i’m a #GoogleGuy. Soon to be #MotoMan

  • Knlegend1

    First thing I noticed and I was faced with this too is the terrible selection of Verizon phones. I ended up buying the D3 and hated it. So I understand where you are coming from. I recently switched from Verizon and have fell in love with android all over again. Verizon is so bad I even considered Windows phone.

  • macdaddybuff

    Ron Like you I started with the OG droid,Droid x,and Droid Incredible. I would compare those to Iphone 3gs. The 3gs sucked compared to the 4 performance wise.Heck you still can’t get all the features on the OG iphone as you can the latest and greatest. Android started after IOS so you have to give it time to progress. I continued on with the Htc Thunderbolt, galaxy nexus, and now Note 2 which I love and is the best phone I have ever owned. I am curious did you have to run the loop command on the DI with clicking the memory card in and out to get it to root. That was the OG way of rooting that device sucked. Anyways my point is just like IOS has improved so has Android. It may of taken android time to catch up to IOS but I believe its there. Things like Locale are something you will never see IOS get and is what makes android great.

  • Eric Shelley

    Bad enough when droid life strayed away from the droid brand, and the occasional non Verizon story… But nobody here should care about iPhone or iOS.

    • I disagree — even if you think Android is the best thing ever, it’s healthy to see what the experience is like for those on the “outside.” Dedicated fan sites of all kind have the risk of insulating readers, of validating their prejudices rather than showing them reality.

      This isn’t necessarily a perfect reflection of what life is like on the outside, but it’s a reminder that yes, you can be a technically savvy person without “having” to use Android.

      • Guest

        That’s what sites dedicated to iOS and apple are for. . . just sayin’ if I wanted to read about crapple I’d be on a site dedicated to them.

        • Think you just proved my point — instead of learning what other platforms are like, you’re sheltering yourself (and using childish company nicknames like “Crapple”).

          • Guest

            Love it when someone says, “you just proved my point” when in fact no point was proven whatsoever.

            My opinion of Apple is just that, my opinion. What I desire to read is just that, what I desire to read. I’m well versed in most platforms, but that does NOT mean I want to read about a fanboy’s decision to stay a fanboy of a platform on a site dedicated to a different platform.

            That has absolutely NOTHING to do with learning anything about anything at all. What, you think people here don’t visit other sites? This is THE only site anyone here reads! Talk about sheltered β€” hey, your argument presupposed that, saying I’m sheltering myself β€” you have no idea what I read nor what platforms I work with or play on.

            But I sure as hell don’t go the Burger King to get a Big Mac!

          • I’m sure plenty of people here read other sites, but look at the phrasing: “if I wanted to read about Crapple…” That’s a loaded clause. It shouts wilful ignorance, and there’s a better way to argue that the article is inappropriate. You can say that this isn’t the right article format for the site, or that it should have been framed differently. As is, the actual response comes across as someone who’s so obsessed with cheerleading a platform that they can’t even stand the mention of a competing product.

            One thing’s for certain: if you use condescending names to refer to a competing platform or its supporters (“Crapple,” “fandroid” and the like), you’ve immediately lost your argument. All of it. Act like an adult who treats people with respect, or move on.

          • Guest

            “Crapple” doesn’t shout wilful ignorance. It shouts well informed consumer!

            but you continue making up your invalid and fallacious arguments,

  • Chrisdroid

    “Why do you still write for Droid Life if your main phone is an iPhone?

    I still have plenty of thoughts and opinions about Android, so I still write about Android. I love my iPhone and iOS, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love Android (and webOS for that matter).”

    After this article, I won’t ever read anything that you write, cause you’re opinion doesn’t matter to me any more, I’m actually thinking to deleting my bookmark for droidlife.com and never comeback to this site again just cause they allowed such a bad article on the site…

    • Lee Sandler


    • John Galt

      Bahahahahahahahhahahahahah! I love sarcasm.

      • John Galt

        “deleting my bookmark!” “NOOOOOOOO!”, screams Kellex, aghast at the agony of a bookmark to droid-life being deleted.

        I mean, if that’s the best you got, and all your leverage, have at it. lololololol.

        • Sirx

          I hear each time someone deletes a Droid-Life bookmark it is like a scalding blade plunging through the chest of each Droid-Life writer!

          Also, an angel loses its wings for some reason :-/

  • Cody Revels

    I dont understand why theres so much hate…..its all about choice. As long as you dont act like a huge douche cuz “yours is better cuz of “, it doesnt matter which you use.
    I used to think all iphone users were annoying douches but nowadays alot of android fanboys are that way too. I myself used the iphone 5 for a month and I can see why Ron feels the way he does. It works. Very well. Everything about it, there were no half finished features, no bugs, it works great.
    In the end I came back to Android though. Ios was just too……boring for me. I missed the customization.
    So go ahead and downvote if you feel the need but there are more immature android fans than anything nowadays. Who cares? Its a phone…It works for you, Ron’s works for him.

    • Tim242

      You must not listen to the DL show. He constantly trashes Android.

    • Ian

      you inserted what? WHERE?

    • jnt

      It almost seems that iOS is where Android was a couple of years ago… in part, thanks to Samsung’s advertising… i.e. iOS users are not “cool” any more, and are underdogs, in a sense – as ridiculous as that sounds.

  • Godzilla

    It does not matter why I use an iphone…………..what matters is my plan.

  • Jason Kahn

    Before you right an article about the benefits of iOS shouldn’t you have at least tried using a Nexus 4 as your daily driver, for a month or two then coming back with a legitimate article. Not this fanboy crap, my OS is better than your OS

  • Rob Delaney

    It’s a phone OS people. Think about it. Something that is a tool on a tool to use in everyday life should not illicit this much anger. If it does, then get away from the internet and find something that makes you happy and not mad so easily. It’s only an operating system and a phone. Pure and simple. Phone and operating system. No more, no less.

  • Little Piggie

    I went to http://www.iphone-life.com and there was a guy there named Ron that had an article and he started it with, “I own an android phone, and my next phone will be an android phone but you guys should consider the Iphone 5s…” lolz

  • Chrisdroid

    So…How much did Apple pay you for this large and completely unnecessary article? πŸ™‚ I’ve had Apples and Berries before and unless I like to live limited, controlled and depending on Itunes, none removable batteries etc etc, Then I would still be there…When I come to Droidlife.com is to read about ANDROID OS, not the competition that has worked so hard to ruin what Android has created…This article would have fit PERFECT at the Apple website or Iphonelife.com …Thank you and have a good day.

  • nexus.one

    I can’t believe you just wrote this article on droid life. You had to have done it just to get a rise out of us right? Completely unnecessary and useless article to write. It is one thing to accept apple as a decent product but to call it superior to Android on an Android site is stupid

    • Chrisdroid

      Damn Right!

    • elvisgp

      This article wasn’t useless at all. Ron has a right to explain himself after all of you guys complained about him using an iPhone. Now, I’m not saying I agree with his reasons, but he def deserves a right to explain.

    • DainLaguna

      whats useless is getting bent out of shape on the internet.

      you know…kinda like how folks like you did when he wrote his original article

    • I wrote this article because many readers specifically requested it. Also, I said that I prefer iOS, not that iOS is superior.

  • Cory_S

    I don’t remember the Eris EVER being a top of the line phone. It was the poor mans OG Droid.

    • Right! The Eris was crap! I had a friend who picked that over a Moto DROID and boy did he make the wrong decision..

      • Raj Bhatt

        It was 100 dollars cheaper and a lot of people thought they’d get a device that was just as powerful as the OG Droid. Boy were they disappointed.

        • I was one of those people. Still disappointed. :-/

        • duke69111

          I almost fell for that trap, but luckily made the right choice and went with the OG Droid.

      • Cory_S

        same thing happened to a friend of mine. I pleaded he go with the OG. He went with the Eris because it was thinner and cheaper…and now he uses an iPhone.

    • I was forced onto the Eris by Verizon from the Touch Pro 2. I actually wanted to switch to the Pre Plus, but they wouldn’t let me. Eris was plagued with bugs so I got them to put my on the Droid, etc.

  • Godzilla

    Dafuq did i just read?

    • aQuickBit

      An article.

    • aQuickBit

      An article.

  • T4rd

    The iPhone is an excellent phone…..


    • Cesar Ortiz


  • tl;dr

  • Mike

    I feel ya Ron. I have a iPad it is the best tablet for me. But my phone is a Galaxy S4 and I love it. My girlfriend has a iPhone 5 she is in love with it. Point being that we are “Tech enthusiasts” rather than one sided and biased

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    I remember disliking the Apple enthusiast community because they refused to acknowledge that there was the possibility that the competition could be better at some things. Now I’m witnessing the Android community do the same thing. Its absolutely ridiculous to act like Apple is inferior in all levels and to demonize somebody for using a product different than what you expect. Teasing Ron may be fun, but seriously if him using an iphone is actually a problem you need to rethink your priorities in life.

    • Bionic_Pags

      I agree with you on that point, and i give credit where credit is due when it comes to apple… the funny thing is he’s writing for the wrong website

      • Geoffrey Gunter

        I think its nice to have a different perspective personally. It makes things less likely to become a big circle jerk.

        • Bionic_Pags

          I agree, and I do not blindly defend android to the point where I do not recognize what the iPhone has done and continues to do.. It’s a difference of opinion… My point is this is droid-life.. Not Engadget, gizmodo, etc…I come to this site to read the latest news on android.. If I want to read about other tech stuff I will go to the above mentioned sites… But in all honesty it doesn’t bother me.. I just think it’s fun that one blog post can stir up so much conversation… So for that I’m all for it… This reply goes for snoylnaes reply to me as well

      • Snoylnaes

        He’s writing for the exact right website, clearly we need some perspective if there’s such an over the top reaction to one person using an iPhone.

  • Joe

    So much misinformation in this article.. its pathetic. Please do not ever allow crap like this on Droid-Life again.

    • Chrisdroid


  • Kevin N

    New website: Droid-Life-iphone-life.com

  • Brady Wassam

    I’m so done with this site! You write why iOS is better on DROID LIFE!? The weekend breaks were bad enough! This is a site for us to get away from IPHONES! You are bringing the drama to us! Shame on you KELLEX for allowing this crap!!

  • tyguy829

    What Ron is missing is that Android has come a long way since the days of 1.6 and the Droid Eris and 2.x with the Droid Incredible, Droid 2, etc. While a small bit of “jank” (holla Tim) is still present in some devices with heavy skins, that user experience has improved so much since the introduction of 4.0, which was refined with 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3.

    Ron got flamed because he said “I plan on getting the next iPhone.” That is the exact sheep-like mentality that makes us hate the majority of iOS users. He hasn’t even seen the next iPhone or tried the Moto X, and can definitively say that he will be getting the next iPhone. I think Ron needs to be more open-minded. I think if he goes and plays with the Moto X himself, he will come back to Android.

    A lot has changed since the Droid Incredible and even your Purple RAZR. Don’t be a sheep Ron.

    • FrankieGoesToHollywood

      Aren’t you doing the same thing you’re berating Ron and iPhone users for? The exact argument is the exact way you choose your phone. You’re getting a top of the line Android phone next right? the next iPhone is the next top of the line iPhone. How is that any different? Man chill out and lay off the guy. It’s an opinion piece for god sakes, don’t read it if you are going to get so upset over it. Put the internets down for a minute and get some fresh air. Might help you to see you’re doing exactly the same thing, just slanted to Android.

      • Snoylnaes

        Well said, this is exactly what I’m thinking. Why is everybody being so terrible? I don’t remember the community here being quite so hostile.

        • Tyler

          I have been reading this site for 5+ years and visit the comments regularly and within the last year or so the comments section has become more hostile and quick to down-vote. What got me to realize it was when I looked at another site and the comments section felt more accepting of different opinions. It sadden me a little bit.

          • Ian

            To be fair, down votes have only been around for maybe a year….

          • Tyler

            That’s true but I still feel like a lot of the comments i read don’t deserve the number of down-votes they receive. Childish, extremely biased commenters that are unwilling to see the other side, and insulting comments deserve downvotes not opinions that don’t line up exactly with your own. Again that’s my personal opinion.

          • mustbepbs

            Hey, screw you buddy!

            Just kidding.


          • Higher_Ground

            it’s been just under 4 years, though it does seem like longer πŸ™‚
            I do remember it being a lot more friendly “back in the day”. I also remember it being a lot more “tips and tricks” focused than it is today.
            I wonder if some of the contests may have brought people here. Remember when they used to always write it out like i*hone? It’s always been fairly good natured ribbing, but I think some of the newer people might take it too seriously.

      • tyguy829

        not at all. I will wait with my Galaxy Nexus until a phone comes out that I like. I think it will be the Moto X, based on what I’ve read and seen, but I can’t be sure until I try it myself.

      • DainLaguna

        dont bother man you’ll get nowhere. despite being totally correct. specs or no specs, the moto x is considered to be one of the next great android phones, one that i’m also considering closely. but yeah, his slant is just towards android.

    • Detonation

      But how many people here already say they are getting the next Nexus even though there is no information about it yet? I agree with the rest of your post, but there are plenty of Nexus sheep just like there are iphone sheep.

      • tyguy829

        yeah i agree, that gets annoying too and I don’t condone that either. Don’t you remember when the Gnex was about to come out all those people saying this should be renamed “nexuslife.com”? Nexus fanboys need to lighten up too. Everyone should just wait to see what comes out, then decide if it is a good fit for them. Not that hard.

      • itznfb

        The difference is those people who automatically say they will get the next Nexus may actually end up getting something else when the time comes. When they go to buy their next phone they are still open minded about all the phones on the market and what may be coming out in the next weeks/months. When an iOS user says they will get the next iPhone they will get the next iPhone no matter what. It’s like they must get it or face jail time.

        • picaso86

          Even if they recently bought the previous iPhone. I’ve seen people expending $700+ when the new iPhone comes in the market.

    • I have used the Gnex, One X, and S3 extensively (read, for months) for review purposes. The phones I listed were phones I personally own. I’m aware that Android has improved exponentially since the Incredible. I’ve seen it myself.

      • kderentz

        I was about to say that … Since you write for this site I bet you get hands on time with every Android phone.

        • Not as much as I’d like, but plenty of time to evaluate how Android has improved over time.

      • Sirx

        Oh……Way to bury the lead there, dude. lol. If you can amend your piece, make sure that you add a blurb that you HAVE, in fact, had extensive experience with “New Android”, and not just “Android Classic”. So we all know that your opinion is as informed as anyone else here on Droid-Life.

        Also, love having your perspective here! Keep on Hasslebackin’ πŸ˜›

        • Based on the comments I’ve seen about that I’ll have to mention it on the show tonight.

      • tyguy829

        Even those are over a year old now though, but I guess it is fair since they about match up to the age of your 4S. I just don’t see how you can say the next iPhone is better than the Moto X when you haven’t tried either, and the next iPhone hasn’t even been announced! I think you should make a VLOG of you going into a best buy or Verizon or whatever this fall and holding the iPhone and moto x at the same time, and deciding which is actually better and explaining your reasoning. I mean it could end up being the iPhone, but you won’t know until you try.

        • I never said the next iPhone is better than the Moto X.

  • Nodn

    I get it Ron. You got stuck with some of the worst Android phones there were. I had to return my OG Droid 3 times, then they “upgraded” me to the droid 2. Which was replaced 3 times, until they “upgraded” me to the droid 2 global. Which was replaced 2 times, until I went with a GNEX, which I am ambivalent about. I totally understand why you left.

    • Justin Kos

      So far the best android phones I’ve owned are nexus devices…go figure

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I have to admit I’ve been reading Droid Life for a long time… and I NEVER EVER got the feeling that Ron liked android (I assumed I was the only one who noticed that)…especially in the VID Podcasts….

    But it is what it is nothing against him I just found it a bit weird this being an Android Blog. There’s a difference between the average tech blog and Pro Android/iOS blog… There is a level of evangelistic bias that is expected. If i was general tech news about other products I got to the Verge or a million other sites.

    • Cory_S

      Completely agree.

    • Stevedub40

      This sums it up right here. For all the people complaining about everyone being “hard” on Ron, what do you expect? This is a pro-Android site, so we expect a bias towards Android. If this was a general tech site, then it would be pretty silly to complain about an author’s opinions. It would be like going to a Detroit Red Wings site and talking about the Black Hawks; you better expect some backlash.

      I for one enjoy coming to this site because I love to read about Android and Android only. I stopped going to other blog sites because all I hear about is apple and how great they are, blah blah. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but we simply do not come here to read about apple, as there are other sites for it.

    • mustbepbs

      “If i was general tech news about other products I got to the Verge or a million other sites.”

      That’s funny, because The Verge is so pro Apple it’s sickening. Just read some of their reviews for Android/Windows products and you’ll quickly see the double standard.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        For every thousand people that say the verge is pro apple another thousand say they are pro google. The verge is pretty unbiased

  • jh123416

    Where’s Bionic?

    • Sarge tied him up in a basement somewhere. We’ve been searching for him.

      • Fozzybare

        i really wish he was still posting his terrible comments.

        • Ian


      • Godzilla

        LOL, actually he posted a couple weeks ago that he was done

        • Ian

          ….slash created a new account named Godzilla

      • ^o^

        I saw a series of comments in another article while I was catching up on some Droid Life reading I missed. Saw your comment and decided to go back and take a screenie of it. Looks like Godzilla may be Bionic.

    • Godzilla

      He quit

      • Ian

        ….being such a d-bag

        really must i finish all of these for you.

  • Brady Wassam

    Messages?? Really?? How much more limited can you get!??

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    “and Safari provide a vastly better experience than their counterparts or peers on Android”. After I read this, I stopped reading… I have used both Safari and Chrome. You would have to pay me to switch to Safari. To each his own I guess.

    • DainLaguna

      i’m assuming you are talking desktop right?

      because thats kind of irrelevant on an article based on mobile devices.

      safari, while not anywhere near as functional, is smoother AND faster than chrome on android and ios.

      i still use chrome, but thats a convenience/browser sync thing.

      are are we suddenly forgetting how many people bitch about how awful chrome on android is around here?

      • Ian

        Irrelevant in mobile? Yet you make your own comparison of the mobile space?

        So much contradictory fail…

      • Droidzilla

        Chrome on iOS is not Chrome. I use Chrome beta on my Nexus 4 and find it better than Safari browsing on an iPad.

        • Exactly. On my iPad I use Chrome, but on my phone Safari works just as well if not better. On the desktop Chrome is the only option I like.

        • DainLaguna

          On the nexus4, sure. But on every other device, including the n10? Nope. The smoothness and rendering just isn’t there.

          I’m aware its not ‘really’ chrome. Its more like a chrome skin for safari. On my ios devices I still use it, but again, its out of convenience.

    • kderentz

      Yea I agree … Chrome is a 1000x better on the Iphone then Safari, I should know as I used it for over a year on my old iPhone 4S. Also I actually have to admit that I like the Gmail app for iPhone better. You can actually attach a photo to a email from within the email app (android you have to go into the gallery and share it and pick gmail …. this is so dumb)

      • LionStone


  • Dan Anderson

    I HATE everyone who HATES anything. I have a pile of hardware from both sides, and I couldn’t care less of anyone’s personal preference of anything. Just be objective.

    • Stretch44

      So does that mean you hate yourself?

      • Dan Anderson

        Of course, but my self esteem isn’t what’s on trial, here.

  • “Performance on iOS is more consistent than on Android, especially with the passage of time. I’ve owned and used a lot of Android phones, and most of them slow down over time. Android 4.3 might finally solve that problem for the phones that will actually get it, but time will tell.”

    I think Android’s performance has grown by leaps and bounds since the release of your purple DROID RAZR, Ron. We’ll need to have a chat about this tonight on the DL Show! 6PM PST! Be there! πŸ˜‰

    • Cory_S

      Agreed. My GS3 is the first device I’ve ever owned where I feel it runs perfectly smooth, even after a years use. I imagine newer devices are that much better.

      • fillyo75

        Agreed, still lovin my S3

      • DainLaguna

        i still dont understand how people can say this. while for the most part my s3’s performance is good, it still has android jank in the dumbest places.

        dig the phone, but it has enough niggles that would drive less patient folks insane

        • Troy Myers

          The funny thing about this to me, is that my wife’s iphone 4s is crap to her. She likes her Galaxy Nexus far better, except for battery life. And she is anything but a power user

          • DainLaguna

            I can see why in that specific instance…the 60 fps in jellybean makes screen transitions super smooth.

            My gnex on jellybean felt faster in this very specific instance compared to my iphone4, less so when compared to my wife’s old 4s

          • George264

            My friend likes her i4 over the Galaxy Nexus, different people I guess.

          • New_Guy

            I know quite a few people with 4S’s (San Diego) and a lot of them are starting to lag and some of my friends and family have had to replace them because their digitizer stopped working or the battery no longer holds a charge or because a hardware button called it quits. I just witnessed my niece and little sister put their 4S’s down to reach for my father in law’s S3 (which he upgraded from an iPhone by the way and loves it).

            When people tell me Β iPhones are so lag free and reliable I quickly call bull $h!t. People bring their phones to me daily for random crap and the iPhone is anything but devoid of lag.

          • The only reason you are saying what tour saying is that you buy ver y sad android phones

          • New_Guy

            What exactly are you taking about? You may want to reread my post because I’m not sure if you read it the first time. Besides, I bought my Note II outright so try again.

        • Scott Braunworth

          I loved my S3. I found it to be near perfect, and by far my best Android phone. I know have an S4, and actually prefer the S3 over it.

          • GregSki_1986

            really….it’s gotta have at least some better performance compared to the S3

        • michael arazan

          Doesn’t sound like Ron has even used an Android phone in the past year and a half and all the leaps and bounds Android’s OS has gone through. I wonder if his Purple Razr is still on ICS, because stock JellyBean 4.2.2 is pretty dam awesome and I could live with Android like this for another year without caring about another update

        • Milind

          The S3 has quite easily been the best smartphone I have ever used. And yes, it’s just ever so slightly slower than when I first got it. But it’s not janky at all. And I have a ton of apps installed on it. Chrome on my Nexus 10 has problems while scrolling. 4.3 has improved it a lot, but there are still scrolling lags. Boat Browser on the other hand has no performance problem whatsoever.

    • Eric

      Really? I always thought Cupcake was faster and more feature rich than Jelly Bean. πŸ˜›

      • Exclusive rumor: Things get better over time!

        • sk3litor

          But nothing is confirmed

          • Alexander Garcia

            “Got Jank!?”

      • technophone

        You know, so have I for the past couple of months πŸ™‚

    • ESW

      Wait…..you’re last and best android phone was a RAZR and you’re saying you’ve owned a lot of android phones? GS3? GS4? DNA? One? N4? Even the LG phones are better than the joke that’s the RAZR. C’mon man!

      • EC8CH

        but his was purple πŸ˜›

        • Tim242

          He talks about his wife. But he always makes my gaydar go crazy.

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            I dont know if i should up or down vote this.

          • Tim242

            It’s not negative. I’m gay. I can spot’em a mile away.

          • Tyler Durden

            Haha yee yeee

          • 2xist

            You’re a moron.

          • LiterofCola

            That’s my line!

          • Tyler Durden

            No no yours is “I lol’d”

          • LiterofCola

            Yeeeeah that’s my copyright.

          • Tyler

            Your gaydar must be really good.

          • Ian

            Probably over 9000.

          • Daistaar

            Speaking of, why’d you change your icon Tim? Fly your flag dude.

          • Tim242

            Haha. This is the equality symbol. I may change it back soon : )

          • Josh Shaw

            I know the red one is but what’s the blue/yellow one for? Asian equality?

          • Higher_Ground

            the blue/yellow one predates the red colored image.

          • Tim242

            The blue/yellow one is the general equality human rights symbol. The red/pink one is a new one specifically for marriage equality.

          • Sirx

            Down, for utter irrelevance to the article. There’s nothing in that post that sounded like it WASN’T meant to be offensive. Also, the author’s sexual orientation contributes nothing to the discussion he has presented. Come on, guys!

          • John Galt

            Dude, you’re crossing a line here.

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            yah, thats what i was getting at.

          • Tyler Durden

            Insecure about your sexuality I see?

          • LiterofCola

            Damn, it’s already deleted, didn’t get to see it πŸ™

        • Ben

          So is my mom’s, and it got Jelly Bean, and it’s not terrible somehow. Of course I don’t use it daily (I have a One S) but my five minutes here and there have left me kind of impressed.

      • SparkysShocker

        I took me until OS X Snow Leopard to move back to a Mac, even if it was only for school and now the couch. Prior to that the Mac OS I used was 8 and that was terrible and soured me to Apple for a long time.

        Who knows maybe the X is the phone to bring Ron to the Good Side.

        But what do I know its not like my house doesn’t have at least 1 device of each form factor running one of the OS’s.

        • nicotinic

          “soured me to Apple…” Was that intentional? Very punny!

          • SparkysShocker

            not intentional

        • narenk

          lol the ASU shocker.

      • LiterofCola

        The Razr actually was a pretty good phone for it’s time

      • Elliot Kotis

        Not tomato, but Ron’s was.

    • Sirx

      I’m watching you, Tim. This and last week’s Moto X [OPINION] better not have been some elaborate ruse between the Droid-Life 4 Horsemen just to drum up views for tonight’s DL Show πŸ˜›

      • Hah! We’re not that diabolical πŸ™‚

        • sk3litor

          I call shananigans. I would hope that you are. Its good business. Let the stone throwing begin. πŸ™‚

    • Tim242

      I love you Tim : )

    • Rob Delaney

      (Sarcasm) Are you sure that it is wise to mention the DL show? It is downloadable on iTunes. DL can’t be associated with anything Apple, as the current environment sugests.

    • Tyler Durden

      It’s still consistent and runs smooth. Even with the lowest specs. Can’t say the same for android. I’ll never to back to iOS. Just sayin.

    • DainLaguna

      it has grown by leaps and bounds, but by its very nature remains inconsistent device to device. penalty for being on tons of devices i’m afraid.

      besides…the razr is basically the gnexus internally…and running almost the same software (some iteration of JB)..and thats a phone many here refuse to part with.

      • This is my own opinion here, but I think that phone is trash. Again, my opinion. The G-Nex performance was pretty good in the beginning, but like Ron mentioned, a lot of phones start crapping out over time. This is something I have not seen with the newest flagship devices starting from the S3 or a little before probably. There is no way that a device running 2GB+ of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 chip will slow down within a two year contract cycle. So, that’s my point…I think.

        • DainLaguna

          with an 800, yeah totally. as long as its stock android.

          but my s3 will lag just opening up folders on my homescreen. the only mostly lag free devices are see are nexus devices. my buddies note 2 lagged in strange places too.

          the only skinned device that hasnt built up noticeable lag from my personal experience is the htc one…in which sense was massively lightened up.

          the razr is also a lot older than the flagships you mentioned…and there is a constant push, from any android focused website really, to get the latest and greatest, to stave of the lag thats creeping underneath.

          a year from now, i’tll probably be the same story as those devices with i devices its still there, just a lot less prevalent. i can see why people who are less tech savvy and forgiving would opt for that.

          • Once Android 4.3 becomes the norm you won’t see nearly as much of a decrease i performance over time due to its introduction of TRIM support. It’s able to let the software automatically go through all those old system files and dump them in order to keep everything running in tip top shape for years! Heck, I’ve only been running 4.3 for 3 weeks or so and I can already tell the difference in terms of apps seem a lot more snappier and the general lag that came with the N7 is almost all gone!

        • Christian

          As someone who develops for the GNex, even I will admit that its hardware is terrible. When it came out it was OK, but the biggest appeal about it was the stock experience across all carriers. A TI SoC? PowerVR GPU? It could never compete with the Qualcomm Snapdragon/Adreno powerhouses. And that’s just the performance side of things – the other internals (camera, screen, etc.) are just as bad.

          That being said, I still love the GNex and it will forever remain in my heart, loved just as much as the OG Droid. Just pointing out that although we all love the GNex here at DL, we shouldn’t be touting it as the peak of Android performance (not that anyone was).

          • Tyler

            Despite having not the best processor or graphics card, I feel the Gnex performs really well(especially since installing 4.3 on it). Does it stutter from time to time, yes but its silky smooth a good 92% of the time. When i was looking to replace my OG Droid, it was very slow feeling and I was anxiously waiting for the next good phone to come out, where right now I don’t feel the urgency to upgrade. That’s just my opinion/experience though.

        • EC8CH

          4.3 brought the performance of the GNex back up. 4.2 was murder.

          • beng8686

            I second that.

          • DainLaguna

            i’m sure it has. my nexus7 is thankful for it also.

          • lookatmyfunnyusername

            what rom are you running? mine still has a little lag.

          • EC8CH

            Shiny Rom.

            I wouldn’t say there is zero lag, but It is WAY better than any 4.2 Rom I was ever on.

          • JamilF.

            Are you having any Data issues. My data goes in and out all the time and sometimes doesn’t work.

          • EC8CH

            Haven’t noticed anything like that.

          • snowmanjack

            GNex, data randomly won’t connect when I wake up the phone. I have to go and switch from LTE to 3G or back to force a reconnection.

        • LiterofCola

          The wife’s S3 started showing tons of lag under a year of use, kinda prevented me from getting any Samsung device for myself. My Razr Maxx on the other hand has been a solid baby during it’s close to two years use.

          • KleenDroid

            I wish they would teach users how to go into recovery and clear their cache.

          • Blue Sun

            I sorta feel like this cache clearing process in the current Android OS (4.2 & older) is like Windows 98. The OS should take care of it on it’s own. I hope that improvements is this area are build into KLP. One can hope right?

          • michael arazan

            This is a huge Reason why Android Phones slow down, because it stores everything you have done. Your phone will be improved upon so much by doing this.

          • cruzfl0w

            Try clean ROM.

        • Dave

          One and probably the only thing I’d give Apple, is that being the owner and producer of their own hardware and software, their devices do a hell of a job keeping up with the competition with always having weaker specs. A GS4 out benchmarks by a long shot the I5, but in hands on performance I see virtually no difference. Of course they’re Apples and oranges (hahaha), but my friend has a modded I5 at 1.5ghz and modified system partitioning (beyond my comprehension) and it flat out obliterates anything our friends has, and I’d imagine even any SD800 device coming soon. Anyway, Android here for good!

    • geedee82

      Exactly Tim, it sounds like he’s only ever owned first gen android phones, and it’s those that he’s still making assumptions off of.

      • alextheukrainian

        If what he used was 1st gen, then I guess the gen before it was 0 gen? Because I assure you, the phones he mentioned were far from 1st gen.

        And today, you have S3, but i5 far outperforms that. Now you have S4, which is about the same as i5, maybe ahead in a few benchmarks, but UI-wise just as smooth. iPhones always had performance lead – this will once again become apparent with i5S. And at this point, performance is nearly irrelevant since it’s good across the board – it’s about software, apps, etc.

    • Marcus Schoen

      Why I use iPhone: I already have 200$ of apps there. Legit enough reason.

      • mustbepbs

        I think this is why a lot of people use iProducts. Over the years, they’ve amassed tons of purchases on apps and movies and music, only makes sense to stay in the ecosystem.

        • standardsdt

          Before 2009 I would agree on the music front. But ever since then any music purchased through iTunes is now DRM free. So anyone who’s bought an iPhone after 2009 and purchased music can easily switch if they want because their music will play on an Android phone/device. However if they purchased Apps, well then yeah they are stuck.

          • eilfurz

            true, but let me tell you what… although i bought a ton of stuff for my NES, i didn’t feel stuck, when i got that SuperNES which didn’t take the old ROMs.

        • Space Gorilla

          It’s really easy to move your content around, even books and movies from iTunes. Yes, yes, DRM, but if I paid for it, I can use it, personally, wherever I want. It is quite simple to ‘free’ your entire iTunes content library, so easy I don’t think it’s much of a barrier, even for novice users. Music is as simple as syncing Doubletwist et al.

          I would say, based on usage, repeat purchases, new customers, consumers surveys, etc, that the reason people use iProducts is because they’re good. Apple’s business model is so simple that I think it throws people off, there’s an assumption that there must be some trickery involved. But there isn’t. Apple makes good products that work well and sells those products for a profit.

      • addicuss

        the number one reason why I use google. I know Google will be 1000 times more likely to let me use purchased content on a popular platform, even if it isn’t theirs. Even if you love the apple platform, no one likes being a hostage.

        • sbuk

          What, like Windows Phone users who are locked out of using YouTube because Google doesn’t like Microsoft?

          • addicuss

            That story, which is sadly widely reported, has so many problems and holes it’s ridiculous. First off, Windows phone users aren’t locked out of youtube. they can use it in IE. The reason Windows phone users can’t access youtube is because Microsoft is taking this story and spinning it into a don’t get scroogled campaign. Google set some pretty standard, widely abided by, rules for setting up a youtube app. No other phone os has had an issue with the rules. microsoft didn’t follow the rules and then proceeded to release unauthorized apps,first with no ads initially by the way which is a big nono. Youtube is not free. Then they released it two more times when they realized Google was taking a PR hit. All they have to do is follow Google’s guidelines to use their product. Not only that, Googles complaints thus far have been reasonable. First app didnt have ads, which you know, thats how they generate revenue from youtube so big deal there. Second and third apps didn’t follow guidelines and if they ran like crap Google gets blamed. Honestly if Microsoft wants youtube so badly follow the stupid guidelines.

            Not only that the story just doesn’t fit. Google has no history of making products incompatible to give android an edge. This is the same company that released Voice, and navigation to the iphone, their direct competitor and to date have sued very few times. Suddenly Good Guy Microsoft is being bullied by Big Bad Google? Come on man. This is the same microsoft that sued every single android oem to make android not only cost more than windows phone, but to rake in those costs for themselves. This is the same microsoft that spends money on scroogled ads instead of bettering their product. This is the same microsoft that has spent millions on FUD campaigns against open source threats for years. So excuse me if I roll my eyes at this youtube fauxtroversy. It makes good copy but people are totally eating Microsoft spin imho

          • sbuk


            Google are being dicks. End. Of.

          • Guest

            MS was being dicks long before Google was even around. You really need to check into their nasty history. They’ve done some truly horrid things over the years.

            And why isn’t MS making all their apps for Android?

          • sbuk

            “You really need to check into their nasty history.” Son, I was using computers before you were a glint in your daddy’s eye. I’m well aware of Microsofts history, but frankly I couldn’t give a a damn about what Microsoft have done. The fact remains that Google are being dicks right now.

            “And why isn’t MS making all their apps for Android?”

            Funny, they seem to make quite a few. All the really useful ones are there, including Skype. https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Microsoft+Corporation and https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Skype

            See, if MSFT pulled Skype, you fandroids would be up in arms, demanding all sorts of thoroughly outrageous censure be wrought upon Microsoft. You’d deserve it being pulled too. You lot are just as hypocritical as your beloved Google.

          • addicuss

            I still see nothing that refutes anything I’ve said. I mean. extraneous. periods. Aside.
            youtube is available… use IE. Google easily could have blocked IE as well. Microsoft won’t comply with Google’s requirements for an app so Google pulled access to their app. The guidelines have been there well before windows phone. Not only did they not follow the requirements they willfully ignored the requirements 3 times now. Fail to see how that makes google the dick here.

            I mean seriously, it’s well within googles rights to close Youtube to anything and everyone except google users on android phones. But again thats not their style nor has it been their history to do so. So you think theyre suddenly doing a 180 from their philosophy of getting their products out on every platform to do what? hurt microsoft? Microsoft has 3.3% of the smartphone market share man and its been flat for over a year. Its not even close to a competitor to android and won’t be for the forseeable future unless something drastic happens. Why would google suffer a pr hit to hurt a non competitor? I mean you believe whatever you want. Clearly you are set on hating google for being “dicks” so by all means get some pitchforks and round up the townfolk and get them riled about how evil google is.

            I mean whatever tickles your pickle dude.

          • sbuk

            So the whole “the web should be open” spiel that Google apparently doesn’t have to abide by, just everyone else, doesn’t refute your point? The double standards exhibited by both Google and their fandroids is ridiculous. Arrogant and smug.

          • addicuss

            This conversation is stupid. You say google isnt open because they blocked youtube. I tell you they blocked youtube because of x y and z. You say yeah but theyre not open and theyre hypocrites because they blocked youtube. Again I tell you here is evidence as to why the youtube block wasn’t due to google trying to block out a competitor but more because the competitor didnt follow the rules they laid out and give you several direct and indirect reasons why this is probably true. You turn around and say Theyre not open because they blocked youtube and theyre dicks.

            You can’t just make blanket statements then use “because they’re dicks” as your supporting evidence. Nor does calling me a fandroid, or arrogant prove your point either. But clearly I’m looking for an intelligent debate in whats clearly an emotional appeal for you… so as I said before.. continue raging about how awful google is and continue using “because their dicks” as your main bullet point. It won’t convince anyone but if it feels good do it buddy! I’m all for it

    • ddub

      Agreed! And rons android handsets were all “pre-butter!”ICS & JB are significant updates that really pushed android forward. IOS, while simple and optimized, it’s just so tired and stale now. Ios 7 seems like it has some pretty good features, but it seems like it is more of a glorified re-skinning. One thing I do have to agree with is the usefulness of imessage.

    • Shills

      Iphones get terribly slow after a year or two..

      • snowmanjack

        You could leave out the ‘I’.. most every phone seems really slow after “a year or two”. But that’s a big difference. I’d be pissed if my phone was slow after one year. But after two years – no problem, contract is up anyway.

    • EatUrCrap

      My Galaxy Nexus is the first phone that lasted a long time before any slowdown, a year and a half.

      • NexusPhan69

        My GNex is actually running faster than ever. Makes my girlfriends iPhone 4 feel very, very laggy and frustrating.
        And I got it on day one. It’s been close to 2 full years.

        • michael arazan

          I would have no problem using my GNex for another year, and I might have too till I find another device with stock android on Verizon.

          • NexusPhan69

            Come to T-Mobile. Their LTE smokes Verizon. Coverage has been great. I still have my GNex on Verizon but have been testing T-Mobile. I’m 100% committed to making the switch as soon as my contract is up in November.

          • laconchadetuhermana

            It depends in which city you are…

          • NexusPhan69

            I’ve never had a problem in any decent sized city I’ve been to at getting a strong LTE signal. In the middle of nowhere it just jumps to ATT 3G for no charge roaming. It’s $30 for unlimited data no contract so just give it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, who cares? It was $30.

          • Pretty sure T-mobile and AT&T do NOT share towers at all anymore.

          • NexusPhan69

            I assure you they do. I get bumped to att occasionally and att shows up on my status bar. If you look at the T-Mobile coverage map there is a lot of “partner coverage.”

          • T_X_P

            The relative newness of parts of T-Mobile’s network helps a lot. Here in Minneapolis, 1900 mhz spectrum acquired from AT&T in the failed merger attempt has been refarmed for 3G data. Since most T-Mobile devices use 1700/2100 for data, the result is a near-empty pipe with speeds roughly on a par with LTE. It’s great for those of us using unlocked phones from overseas.

          • michael arazan

            I left Tmobile for Verizon in Jan 2010, then would replace my phone that was 11 months in on a year warranty, recommended that I pay to break my contract for a better plan that met my texting needs on a new at the time month to month plan, and when I left still tried to hit me with an ETF even though I paid a large amount to break my contract. Also they don’t cover areas i go to in Missouri and Illinois if I leave one mile off the highway I get no service.

        • Simos Katsiaris

          even nexus s with the 4.3 aosp port runs faster and smoother than iphone 4 -.-‘

      • stoosh95

        I concur … i’ve had my GNex since launch (on verizon) ~12/2011

        Im running stock 4.2.2 (no custom rom, tho it is rooted) and it is as smooth as ever.

        • addicuss

          I definitely had issues with mine both on stock and custom roms. Some of them were plagued with bad ram. and the trim issue was also a problem. near the end it was unbearable.

      • snowmanjack

        Same, about 18 months and mine has started slowing down as well.

    • carlisimo

      Dunno, my HTC One S is starting to slow down noticeably. I’ve had it for less than a year and it’s starting to get on my nerves. When it came out last April, it had top-of-the-line specs besides the screen – but that should only help performance.

    • Android is faster than ever, but iOS’ performance is far more consistent than Android.

      • michael arazan

        Stock Android is consistent, but I think you may be referring to OEM’ skins, and those suck

      • Bionicman

        whoa did you really lead the design on the PlayStation 4? if so great job! cant wait to own one. thing looks like a beast. — – — now back to our regularly scheduled program

    • Brandon Golway

      This. You can’t really compare a phone that was released a year or two ago to a phone that was released maybe 6 months ago. Or wait you actually can: “I’ve used a friend’s iPhone 4 and it was so much slower than my Galaxy S4!”, it goes both ways dude. You’re comparing Apples to rotten oranges.

      Ron, you need to use a device that was released within the past few months (for example the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One), running a current version of Android (4.2.2 or 4.3) and THEN compare it to the iPhone 5. One of my co-workers was an Apple Loyalist and had all the iPhones and when the 5 came out she got it, used it for a few months was unimpressed with it and got the Galaxy S4 and said it was so much better. She’s pretty good with technology too so this isn’t your average girl response of “ohh I looks so much prettier! I like it!”.

      • feres13

        He’s using a 4S that actually came out before the RAZR


    I HATE Apple. I would rather get a VD than use any of their products. Sue Samsung for a billion dollars, but it’s OK to rip tons of features from Android with IOS 7. What a crock.

    • Rob Delaney

      You would rather get AIDS and die from it before using an Apple products. You would rather die….than use an Apple product. Think about what you just said because that is one of the saddest things I have read in a while. You need to step away from the internet, calm down, and find something away from it. It’s a consumer electronic product, not a religion. Just like Android is a OS, not a religion.

      Find something positive.

      • WindedBison

        You must be real fun at parties.

        • Rob Delaney

          Yeah I am not the guy screaming for attention and over dramatizing every little aspect of something go don’t like. Unlike the OP commenter above me. I am more go with the flow and have fun.

  • Tim242

    You should not be writing about Android, on a pro Android site. Your answers above make no sense. You should be fired immediately

    • Cory_S

      I really don’t get his purpose either. he doesn’t play “Devil’s Advocate” as he claims he just plays the arrogant “I use iOS but you kids enjoy your glitchy android phones” guy. Every comment he makes on the Droid-Life show against Android is always so blatantly wrong and uninformed and makes me want to scream at the computer.

      • Tim242

        Exactly. I really wouldn’t care if he used a flip phone with no data. But, his constant negative comments are just out of place

        • John Galt

          Wow.. Way to call the kettle black, pot.

          • Tim242

            At least mine aren’t talking crap about the products that feed me.

    • Alanis

      Go to hell Tim242. I said it. You’re the worst troll on here by far, and you consistently have the most assinine, negative comments out of anyone. If there was a banhammer, I wish it dropped on you, and pulverized your puny, miserable sense of self-worth. I feel for you, I really do, because you must be a wretched person to have to interact with on the regular.

      • Tim242

        Because it makes so much sense to listen to his snarky comments about Android on every DL show. I couldn’t care less what phone he uses, or your opinion of me.

      • EC8CH

        there have been worse in the history of droid-life.

        • John Galt

          I miss McTypething though.

          • EC8CH

            U miss him bro?

          • John Galt

            I do bro.

        • Ian

          Austin Warren was a fun one.

          • War Kittens!

            Tim242 took Austin’s crown. Alanis is right, Tim242 needs a Viking-worthy banWarhammer dropped on his head; because he clearly doesn’t have the decency to just go away on his own.

          • jnt

            lol… haven’t seen that in awhile!

        • jnt

          I’d have to agree… Tim can be cynical or negative, but his line of thinking (at least what I’ve seen) is rarely irrational.

      • Ian

        You feel for him, yet wish his “puny miserable sense of self-worth” be pulverized?


    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Wow, harsh. I’m sorry that his choice of platform has so personally offended you. However, perhaps that says more about you than him?

      • Tim242

        I couldn’t care less what he uses. It’s his snarky comments about Android that get under my skin.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          While I can understand that, snarky and inflammatory comments regarding his comments aren’t going to change anything either. Android users can be just as vitriolic towards iOS, so if you are going to call out one towards the other, you should call out the opposite as well.

          • Tim242

            The difference is we are readers, he is talking s**t about the products on the site he works for.

        • Rob Delaney

          His comments on an OS get under your skin? You need a life and a outlet that makes you happy because it is obvious in your words that the small things that don’t matter in life get to you.

          • Tim242

            He WORKS for DROID-LIFE…

          • Rob Delaney

            And some of the smartest engineers in the world who work for Google, the company who makes the OS you seem to want to follow to the ends of the earth use iOS products. So if the creators of your “religion”, mind you again its just a tool, uses the tools of those you deem the enemy, then maybe you should re-think your passion and place some of that energy into a more positive place rather than let it push your blood pressure to extremes.

          • Tim242

            I couldn’t care less what he uses! It’s the fact that he trashes Android constantly. He no longer has a place here. He’s getting off on this…I guarantee you.

          • John Galt

            And you keep feeding it. *cut scene to Ron manically fapping while reading Tim242’s posts*

    • slap yo self

      you should be slapped

  • Jeff Ayers

    We respect that you are simple.

    • T4rd

      …. minded.
      I keed I keed! =p

  • Yoderz

    Time to move on from DL.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      never. DL gets my views until Android falls off.

  • chris johnson

    They were upset because you told them to buy a moto x while you are going to buy the next iphone

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      So what? He was saying that even to a person who is intent on remaining in the iOS ecosystem that the Moto X is a really compelling device. Not only is it a sentiment that I’ve seen echoed around the tech blog world, it is extremely telling of how fantastic a job Motorola did that they forced even die-hard Apple fans to take notice of and even praise what they’ve done.

      • Guest

        Was he really saying that? Or was he saying, the iPhone is better, end of story, nothing to look at here. He doesn’t even give it a chance β€” “I currently own and iphone and my next smartphone will be an iphone” (paraphrasing) β€” uh, don’t you want to try the Moto X for a while, at least, to see if maybe it’s better? NO, he doesn’t. He’s already declared the next iPhone to be superior.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          He stated explicitly in that article that had Android as a platform been in line with his needs, that would be his #1 choice hands-down. I am assuming his intention behind the “offending” reference to buying the next iPhone is to give it the context of “even though I knew what my next smart phone purchase would be, this device really impressed me in a way that other recent Android devices have not”.

          • Guest

            This sounds a lot more like backtracking & covering his arse than honesty, IMHO.

            And who “knows what their next device is” when it hasn’t even been officially announced” β€” that’ smacks of fanboyism.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That is actually one of the things that people like about the iPhone. Apple has established a long-standing record that they will announce a new version every year, and that the newest version will be an improvement upon the previous generation, with advances in both hardware and software exclusive to that generation and beyond. Therefore, if you know you are going to stay with iOS, the idea that you will buy the next generation of the device is not untoward, and makes a lot of sense.

            Having options in the Android ecosystem is great, but it does somewhat complicate the device upgrade decision unless you are loyal to one brand. In which case, it wouldn’t be untoward to say “I’m going to be buying the next (insert device line here)”, even if there are no rumors that such a thing even exists. Case in point, all the Note and Note 2 users stating how much they want the Note 3, despite the knowing that HTC and Sony may have compelling similarly-sized devices around the same time.

          • DainLaguna

            You know what smacks of fanboyism? Commenting as a guest while being inflammatory.

        • I didn’t say that the next iPhone is superior. I listed the reasons why I’m sticking with iOS, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t regularly recommend Android phones to friends and family when appropriate.

      • EC8CH

        That exactly the sentiment that I got from his article. He did however start out by putting his foot squarely in his mouth. Leading off with the iPhone comment probably wasn’t the smartest decision.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          As I explain below, I think it was to establish context. A device that turns the head of someone who has already made their purchasing decision for another platform should indicate that the writer believed it to be a truly compelling device, otherwise they wouldn’t have given it another thought.

          The phrasing was terrible for what I believe the intent to be, however I would also posit that the community’s reaction to the situation has been downright appalling.

          • Ian

            “The phrasing was terrible for what I believe the intent to be”

            So you are covering for him…

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I am offering an alternative interpretation of his statement based on its context within the relevant post. To me, his statement was never as arrogant as the parroted “I own an iPhone and I’m buying an iPhone, but you should buy a Moto X”, it was “I’m staying within the iOS ecosystem because it fits my life best, but despite that decision the Moto X looks really compelling in a way that no other Android device has in a long time, so I think you should give it a chance”. Remember that article was in response to the wave of pure acidic vitriol that was being directed at the Moto X at the time.

            As it is with everything in life, context is key and should always be kept in mind.

          • Ian

            Oh I always consider context.

    • Guest

      In other words, “If you all were smart you would get an iPhone, like me, but you’ll aren’t smart so get the Moto X”?!?!?!!?!?

      • mgamerz

        Yeah cause that’s totally what he said.

        I”m an android fan and the people who commented on that article are just as bad as apple fanboys. For gods sake its a f***ing blog.

  • andrew401


  • TruthHurtsTheWeak

    SOO many people who work at Apple use Android phones for a lot of the same reasons Ron uses iOs. Apps, performance, hardware etc. Good call labeling this an opinion because that’s all it is. Pure and simple. To each their own.

    • Snoylnaes

      And SOOO many people who work at Google use iPhones.

      Dude, they’re both popular, deal with it.

  • Kenny Larson

    ” If I’m critical towards an Android manufacturer that doesn’t mean that Apple paid me to bash them.” <— glad you said that.

    I'm sure all bloggers would love it if they had a corporate backer paying them to bash the other guy. I'd be a lot more active on my own blog if I could get Nokia or LG to pay me to bash Apple. πŸ™‚

    • Guest

      Actually, that’s how many tech sites work. Betanews did an article on this very topic some time ago. Essentially a site bashed a companies products for a while. When that company asks what the deal is the “blogger” says, well, if you pay us X (for some made up BS) then we can put you on our “preferred” list and give you our “preffered” reviews. . . That’s why you can’t trust jack most pro-apple sites write. And apple takes it one step further β€” give us good reviews or you WILL NOT get a review unit, and you will NEVER be invited to a press release or product launch. That’s why Engadget didn’t get the first iPad nor an invite to its launch, they had been rather honest about apple products and apple didn’t like that thus they were not invited to the launch, nor did they get a review unit. Notice how engadget’s reviews of apple junk since then are always glowing.

  • Mordy Festinger

    I knew it was you Ron before I even went to the website. lol

  • Dat Nguyen

    iOS has benefits, the largest being performance. ALL android phones slowdown noticeably and painfully over time and require a lot of work to get back to spec. If you don’t have time or know how to deal with it, iOS is your answer. Used to be smoothness, now long term consistent performance is the next beast to be conquered.

    I am an android lover, RAZR MAXX and 2 Android Tabs. Not changing anytime soon but looking forward to 4.3 for the Android world to address these issues. Even if I won’t get it on my devices.

  • Matt Hodson

    If you need to, I’ll take a few of those devices you have in your drawer… πŸ˜‰ At least GSM ones

  • Jeff C

    all my friends iphone 4s are slow as crap now. its not a bug in the OS, it’s what happens….to all phones.

    • jh123416

      Exactly what I was just about to say.

    • Christian

      ^This. My friend complains about performance on his 4S daily and he swears by Apple products. Admittedly, the 5 seems to have good performance, but it’s not any better than the latest flagship Android phones.

      • chris125

        I was starting to have issues with my 5 with apps force closing and just overall slowdowns which made me go back to using android as my daily driver. To each their own I guess.

        • Christian

          Interesting! I don’t have any iPhones personally but I’ve used my sister’s 5 and I just noticed that it was definitely a lot nicer than the 4S.

          All I have to say about the performance argument overall is try the new Nexus 7. Even though it’s a tablet and not a phone, its performance out of the box is phenomenal. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and every time I use it, it just blows my mind. Even with that beautiful 1080p screen it flies through everything. I’d like to see anyone argue against Android’s performance when using it.

          • chris125

            Believe me I own a new nexus 7 and I feel that should be the benchmark in terms of performance(not benchmarks) of how a device should function. I wish these manufacturers would aim for the most fluid experience rather than loading essentially an entire other OS on top of android in the form of their skins. Or at least allow an option to choose stock or the skin from the start up.

          • Christian

            Couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s hope manufacturers either do that or spend some serious time optimizing their skins. Enjoy your N7!

          • chris125

            I mean come on Samsung you really wanna copy apple refine your skin and make it super smooth. They are making a killing just getting lazy it seems and rather than fix it, they just throw specs at it which even those don’t seem to make it as fluid as similar spec phones.

          • mustbepbs

            Agreed. The new Nexus 7 is a beast. They really knocked it out of the park.

      • DainLaguna

        unless your talking the gpu. i dont think any android flagship, save the s4, finally eclipsed it in that specific instance until recently.

      • Mike

        I have an iPhone 5 for work and can’t vouch for performance. Swiping through home screens and around a webpage, yea it’s smooth. But if I take a picture and attempt to attach it to an email and the whole animation freezes for ~30 seconds before it finishes. Locks up the whole mail app. Same for the other iPhone 5’s my colleagues have. It might be something with our corporate settings, but really shouldn’t ever happen.

        Not to mention I tend to send around big attachments. I have to wait for the attachment to download when hitting forward where I think that I want to compose the message, and then before I can even compose the message I say to include attachments, it re-downloads the massive attachment! If I hop out and try to do something else during this process things get pretty laggy. Same with app updates/downloads.

        I fully expected to see what everyone was raving about and instead find it slower to do work with the random stops where I have to wait for redownloads, original downloads, attachments to get added, etc. It really makes the whole experience very non-fluid.

        • ButterSmooth

          I just tried to recreate your problem on my iPhone 5 and the five pictures I attached to the email I sent to myself went out instantaneously. You and “your colleagues” need to take your phones to the apple store because I certainly can’t recreate this 30 second freeze you’re referring to.

          • Mike

            Actually it’s a known issue with the way iOS handles certain types of encrypted enterprise email servers. Thanks for assuming that my work config is exactly the same as your personal config though.

            We’re hoping that iOS7 fixes it.

    • chris125

      Same. My friend is so frustrated with how his 4s slowed down and lags Noe he’s getting an android in a few weeks when he upgrades. And he’s a die hard apple fanboy so that says a lot. All phones slow down over time

  • jh123416

    Majority of iPhone owners I know hate Safari and revert to Chrome.

    • Leroy1983

      Most don’t care dude. Must be a geek thing but most really don’t.

      • jh123416

        How do you know most? I’m just saying the ones I know

      • Jeff C

        most dont care because they dont know. on multiple occasions ive showed friends apps in either the app store or google play and theyre amazed that apps outside the stock ones exists. some people are just merely complacent with what is put in front of them

        • SparkysShocker

          Which was Opera’s (I think) argument in the case against Microsoft for including only IE with Windows in the EU

        • Nicholassss


          I go nuts and nerd out completely. But then there are people like my fiancee who just uses stock apps+ instagram and facebook.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Unfortunately, Chrome on iOS is (like all iOS browsers) a shell with Safari running in it. Using your own web-page rendering code is forbidden by the App Store T&C. However, I can see why those whose use Chrome on their desktop would prefer to use it since it still syncs all their data.

      • Cory_S

        Without app defaults, using apps that duplicate system app functionality is just an exercise in frustration.

    • yeah the majority of users I know use Chrome because of the whole cross device syncing and the interface has looked a lot cleaner (Apple is stealing a lot of the design elements with the new Safari but thats beside the point).

  • j

    So you like a couple apps better, and you like the simplicity.. makes sense. not sure it needed a whole article though πŸ˜‰

    • Fozzybare

      it did since so many people were complaining about him using ios.

      • j

        Probably won’t help too much.. someone will parse out this as a quote and go buck wild πŸ˜›
        “I think the iPhone is better and Android users are stupid”

      • zionlion02

        Exactly right. He wrote this because all those people completely flipped their gourds about his last article – which was pretty non-biased and honestly written. They pretty much demanded it before they through him in the water to see if he floats.

        Can’t win with this crowd!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Feeling he wrote the article becuase he didn’t know how to react to the backlash from his Moto X post

      • I’ve had plenty of people get upset over my opinions in the past. I wrote this because some readers specifically asked for an article about why I use iOS.

  • Leroy1983

    Why should people effing care what choice of whatever os they use. In my opinion you can give better perspective on both mobile os’s. geez christ people need to chill

    • Ian

      Ron may at one time have been able to provide valuable insights on Android related material but when you hardly use the tools especially in day-to-day operations, your opinion holds less weight.

  • Munchma Quchi

    Just came here for the comments xD

    • Bionic_Pags

      Haha… This! I saw the a title, looked at the author – skipped the article and straight to the comments!

      • T4rd

        Lol, same here. I fully expected the top comment to me something like: “…….. so I should get the Moto X, right?”

      • EC8CH

        I think I’ll wait until the comments get to 200. Then after reading all of them I’ll read the actual article. HA!

      • DainLaguna

        which proves we have one of the most trollish communities of the better known specialty/focused blogs.

        I’m sure ron/tim/kellen/eric love their readers, but when the vast majority of them are nothing but fanboy trolls… it makes me feel bad for them, because this site is great and receives multiple visits from me daily.

        We as android users scream ‘CHOICE! OPEN SOURCE!’…but then we flip out when someone’s opinion is different than ours? Nice guys. Way to confirm the ‘phandroid’ stereotype.

        Its sad Ron even had to write this.

        • calum wilper

          i think you misunderstood other people’s intentions. These readers came here to read something about android, so they hop on droid life and the first article is about an ios device. I think it’s fine for them to express their disinterest in this, and if i’m honest the reasons for why ron likes ios are all the reasons we’ve all heard from every ios user ever. So it seems less like troll, more like disappointment, added with some humor because it’s not really what any of us expected to find coming here.

          • DainLaguna

            so when an article like this gets posted, people are required to read it? they cant skip ahead to other articles? dont be so modest. people are just douchebags sometimes and the web is the best place to hide behind their cowardice.

            if you REALLY only wanted to read about android, aside from the bazillions of other sites to do it on, you COULD just skip said article. thats it.

            bear in mind, there is a part one to this story, and it involves an article that talked exclusively about an upcoming android handset and where the authors personal choice was revealed…and…people…lost…it.

          • calum wilper

            it has nothing to do with being required to read, it has to do with the content people expect, and being dissatisfied with it. Although honestly i haven’t even seen many people that are upset by it. I guess what i really don’t understand is why you’re trying to chastise people on the internet for being upset about content they don’t want? i mean whatever floats your boat man but i’d just as soon leave it alone. anyway, knock yourself out.

          • Bionic_Pags

            Exactly…Well said

        • Mike Hilal

          You’ve clearly never read Apple Insider.

          • DainLaguna

            i have, i was just hoping we were actually better than the ‘sheep’, instead of just saying we are.

          • Mike Hilal

            You wouldnt have even thought to make that statement if you really read there with any frequency. They’re 2000x more bigoted against anything not apple than we are against anything apple. They also believe apple invented air, water, the earth, etc..

          • DainLaguna

            Again the reason I don’t frequent that place. But I’m not content that we seem to be in a rush to meet parity with them.

            Have you read the comments? People are literally flaming him for having a different opinion; for exercising his choice.

            If Ron’s article was as inflammatory as the stuff posted on apple insider, I’d understand Some of the attitudes here.

            But it isn’t.

          • zwade

            The problem is that he’s saying a lot of bad things about Android and the last Android device he owned was released in 2010. He currently uses an iPhone released more than a year later and is making comparisons more than 2 years old. How can you write for an Android website and have no intentions on ever owning one? I don’t care what he likes, but he’s clearly saying iOS is better in this article and DROIDLIFE isn’t the place to be posting this.

          • JD_26

            THIS ^^^^ thanks zwade .. saved me a long comment ! πŸ™‚

          • Jimmy Martin

            He clearly says in the article that iOS is better FOR HIM, not that it’s better outright.

          • zwade

            I didn’t say he said outright, did I?

          • feres13

            The Droid Razr was released AFTER the iPhone 4S

          • zwade

            Yeah I was thinking of his Droid 2. I forgot about his Razr.

          • Mike Hilal

            Hardly parity…rather a step in that direction on a staircase thats 20000 steps high. I see your point, but it’s a candle in the sun by comparison.

        • TheRealCBONE

          Meh. If the big Apple blogs had easy commenting, you would see the same thing. Fanboy = Fanboy. Apple just has more of them, so the douchebags on team Android feel they have to kick it up a notch.

        • PhoenixPath

          “which proves we have one of the most trollish communities of the better known specialty/focused blogs.”

          I think you mis-spelled “good-humored”. I’ve never seen it spelled as “trollish” before. You should really proofread more often. πŸ™‚

          • Higher_Ground

            yeah if he thinks this is trollish I’d hate for him to read cnn or even his local news. This is literally the only blog I can go to and not have politics derail every other conversation.

    • Sirx

      Darn! I can’t downvote you cause I haven’t confirmed my account yet. But rest assured, that you are my motivation to finally follow my email link so I can confirm my account, all for the SOLE purpose of downvoting your post. It’s THAT bad.

      Everyone bashed Ron for iPhoneGate, and demanded that he explain himself. Now he explains himself, and now you guys are like “Lalalalala I’m gonna go bash more I’m not lissenan.”

      Well kudos to the people who are taking the time to read Ron’s viewpoint.

      • Sirx

        Promised you a downvote. *click* Enjoy!

        • CasperTFG

          For him or you?

          • New_Guy

            Looks like it’s for Sirx more than anything…

          • Sirx

            Indeed! lol. But no, I reserved mine for good ol’ Munchma up there. Just wanted to make sure I followed up on my original post.
            And yes, the people who came here “just for the comments” or “just to comment” (where ‘just’ = ‘only’) are still a pack of morons.

          • New_Guy

            I’ll give you that. But I think most people are simply getting a kick out of ribbing Ron a little for the hilarious way he started his Moto X opinion post :).

            I know I thought it was pretty funny.

          • Sirx

            I did too! And more than a tad hypocritical, at that. But some of the comments/commentors here would have you think they are ready to drive to Ron’s house and set fire to a big wooden iPhone on his lawn.

            There’s less “ribbing” and more “attempted stabbing” going on.

  • Derek Duncan

    omg. who cares.

    • elvisgp

      You guys bitched about him using an iPhone, and now he’s telling you why. If you don’t like it, GTFO.

      • We felt it was only right for Ron to have a chance to explain himself. πŸ™‚

        • Derek Duncan

          I’ll be your Ron. πŸ˜‰

          • Cory_S

            But you don’t look nearly as cute with little white earbuds

        • EC8CH

          …that seems to be going well.

        • Chris King

          He shouldn’t really have to. For those of us here since the beginning know one thing, yes its android site first but had always reported on similar technology. Plus remember when people used to complain about you doing articles non verizon phone’s

    • DroidzFX

      A man using OMG.WTF.

  • Ryan Powell

    Coming over from the tweet and I’d like to suggest that all future articles from Ron include #roninthebuilding in the headline in place of [OPINION]. Laughed out load when I read that tweet.

  • trixnkix637

    Be nice Android community.. and by that I mean fanboys & fangirls.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      girl? what is this “girl” u speak of?

      • trixnkix637

        You win all the prizes!

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          *looks are trixnkix637’s comments”

          “…your mother should’ve swallowed you like she did your brothers and sisters”

          NO!!! you are my hero.