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Samsung Hennessy Flip Phone is Official, Rocks Dual 3.3″ Touch Displays and Quad-Core CPU


Earlier this month, pictures leaked of a Samsung-made Android flip phone, known as the Galaxy Folder. Today, the Folder name goes out the window and we are left with Samsung’s newest device, the Hennessy. The Hennessy is quite interesting, features dual 3.3″ 320×480 touchscreen displays, Android 4.1 and a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.2GHz. 

The phone also features a 5MP back-facing camera, a 1,500mAh battery, as well as dual-SIM support. As far as it ever making it to the US, the dual-SIM for GSM networks could give some folks hope (if they actually want it), but there is no official word from Samsung on availability and pricing.


Well, considering that it is just an Android-powered flip phone with semi-interesting specs, you can expect this to be the last time we talk about the Hennessy. Unless something crazy happens.


Via: Engadget

  • BAllen

    I would much rather they think about a slider over something like this. I don’t see it selling half as well as a well made slider like the Epic was. The S4 is thin enough that they could make it a slider without too much increased thickness.

  • Blue Sun

    This would be a great gift for my mom. She can’t get enough of those flip phones.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    If the screen resolution was qHD on 3.3″, it will be a decent phone…. But Sammy is crazy to use qHD in 5.8″ Mega phones only…

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    Idk why, but I want this. I think its the nostalgia. This might be my new work phone if it comes state side. I have to carry two phones and my work one needs to be small and easy to make phone calls. This would be quite appropriate. Plus can you imagine the conversation starter!! With all the same big screen phones out there people would be like what phone is that? Lol.

  • Imma sound crazy. But I want one!

  • CookieMonster

    Blackberry flip phone copy……

  • RoadsterHD1

    What a waste of time!!!

  • Lucky Armpit

    The first two things I think of when I hear “Hennessy”
    1. The liquor
    2. The car
    I do NOT think of a flip phone. What brilliant mind at Samsung came up with that name?

  • trixnkix637

    Thing is this is rumored to be launching in China first. And believe me, I think this phone could sell huge there.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Samsung and their phonearreha.

  • paul_cus

    First Samsung smartphone I actually want.

  • Ian

    ….AAAAANND a gentle purple hue. How can we say no?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Or this.

    • THEBAZ67

      If they are going to build this they should at least use the hinge from the Alias/alias2 series so you could open it in portrait and landscape

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Would have preferred this.

  • Stephen Cox

    No decent top-spec slider phone, but we can get a flip phone. WTF?

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      I’d still buy it. It’s pretty cool, a flip phone…

    • bigdav1178

      My thoughts exactly! They can create these Android flip phones with limited utility, but they can release a worthwhile qwerty slider anymore; it doesn’t make sense.

  • WyattEpp

    Aww, I was excited that there might finally be a new handset with a proper keyboard. Touchscreen keyboards suck, and no amount of forcing them on me has managed to convince me otherwise.

  • Al-Burrit0

    How about Samsung Alias III?

  • Christian

    These types of touchscreen smart flip phones are really popular in Japan I think. Not my cup of tea but still interesting. Really don’t think this will sell well in the US market but could be totally wrong. Samsung might be creating a new segment for smart phones.

  • Brian Cohen

    If the death of the keyboard is solidified and this comes to the US, I would get this as my next phone coming from the Droid 4. Why not bring it back to the classics.

  • Michael Suriel

    Quad core and flip phone don’t belong in the same sentence.

  • Flip this

    That phone is awesome said the year 2001 !

    • Tyler Durden

      Good thing it’s not marketed to you!

  • chris420o

    look back in the day when phones were just phones this made sense…now its just silly…now if they made a phone similar to the alias i used to have that was flip but flipped the other way with full keyboard…THAT would make sense…and would be pretty nifty and prob sell good in states…i do miss talking on a flip phone like my old nextel…but when texting and browsing became more important the phone design had to change…and a alias like design would make sense

  • John Jenness

    The flip phone is already retro! Shhhh…listen…that’s a 1000 hipsters scrambling for their velcro wallets.

  • Downtoearth2

    Fail.Nobody wants Querty phones.lit’s loss of investiment.

    • Kamesen

      bro, dat aint even a qwerty

  • Jordan Webb

    Needs a case with a cosmetic retractable antennae.

  • OreoMan

    I can see this getting released for TracFone or some other prepaid cell phone service.

  • Detonation

    Quad core flip phone!?

  • chris

    This is actually pretty neat. Id never buy it, but it’s a form factor that hasn’t really been hit on. Everyone bitching should just be glad it’s not another Note/MEGA size phone. I mean how many of those devices do we really need?

  • Tweekex

    While it may not be great specs or anything, it is still a fresh idea.. Personally, there is part of me that still misses flip phones. Maybe it’s just me.

    • Fred

      Fresh idea? Did you miss the whole flip phone era?

      • Tweekex

        There always has to be this guy. Yes, I missed the flip phone era which is why I said I missed them. Logic must evade you.

        When was the last time a flip phone was featured on this site?

        The fusion of these amazing smartphones but with the functionality and convenience of a flip phone is very intriguing to me.

        • mustbepbs

          I think he meant “miss” as in “not alive during” or “didn’t have a cell phone during”.

          • Tweekex

            Again, if I didn’t have a cell phone, or I had not yet been born, how could I miss the phones?

          • T4rd

            I fear this is evidence that our world is moving closer to our future depicted in the movie “Idiocracy.” =(

          • trixnkix637

            As if Justin Beiber didn’t already solidify that.

          • blackmagick20

            BEST. MOVIE. EVER. It’s becoming more and more a documentary!

          • Jarvis

            Simply put, it’s not a fresh idea.

  • LiterofCola


    • Kanaga Deepan N

      Because Sammy is looking for each and every corner to fill with their galaxies… Next may be a keypad-slider (not a side KeyBOARD slider like epic)…

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Locked down mandatory Verizon logo with 4G LTE animated wallpaper on outside screen when folded open. Yay! Lol

    • middlehead

      You make bad posts and you should feel bad about them.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Why so angry? Now I do feel bad…

  • Nashdroid

    I’m seriously excited about this phone! My grandparents, who are both in their 80s, have to have a flip phone for answering and ending calls. This device will be their next phone if it comes stateside

  • Mitch Joa

    I’m so sick of Samsung…they’ve become Apple that uses a million screen sizes…I can’t stand hearing people think that the only android phones are Galaxy phones or, my personal favorite, that Galaxy phones are the third competitor in the market. iOS v Galaxy v Android. I always hoped that one day android phones would be used more, but not just because they’re “cool” /endrant

    • T4rd

      This is more than just another screen size. This is a completely different form factor. But I’m not sure why you would complain about having more options; more sizes = more appeal = more market share. Other OEMs are doing the same thing with their “mini” phones, so I don’t know why you’re singling Samsung out. At least in this case, it’s a totally different type of phone, not just smaller.

      • Mitch Joa

        I was waiting for a Samsung post to leave my “I can’t stand Samsung” rant, so the screen size part didn’t make much sense. The problem isn’t that they’re putting so much out there, the problem is that it’s the only thing people are willing to buy and it’s such a polluted version of android people just aren’t getting what it should be. Many non geeks that I know hardly recognize Galaxy devices as android devices, they think Samsung is its own ecosystem, a third competitor. People aren’t thinking about switching to android, they’re thinking about switching to Samsung because it’s the cool thing to do now.

        • T4rd

          That’s somewhat understandable. Samsung is actually trying to create their own OS with Tizen, so they’re doing as much as they can to differentiate themselves from everyone else. But I hope they realize that even as big as they are; if they try to introduce a whole new mobile OS to the market, it will be an almost guaranteed failure. No developer wants to develop for more than one or two platforms and iOS and Android are too big right now to even consider taking on. The only (partial) solution would be to make it compatible with Android apps like BB 10 did (though it was implemeted pretty poorly).
          But I still don’t think that’s a good reason to hate Samsung; it’s Android whether people want to recognize it or not and you can still do anything on their hardware as you can on any other phone. They’re pretty developer friendly compared to everyone else, have the best software support for their devices outside of the Nexus devices, and they strive to have the best hardware on the market. I can appreciate all of these qualities. But I’m glad HTC and Moto are finally giving the Galaxy phones a run for their money with their One and Moto X phones. Competition is always good.

    • chris420o

      Thank you for speaking logic…look at the 2 sammy fan boys who downvoted you…god i hate samsung as much as apple now i hate anything with galaxy in it like lets make a toaster and call it the galaxy toaster…what

  • Shane Redman

    Next they’ll call their smart watch the Samsung Hypnotic…then the world can walk around like Incredible Hulks -_-

    • Pedro

      Next version is the Samsung Zombie…war between Zombies and iPhones. Who wins?

      • Shane Redman


  • Christian

    “Unless something crazy happens.” Samsung Hennessy….Google Play Edition

    • qivucuzusywa

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      THAT would make sense…and would be pretty nifty and prob sell good in
      states…i do miss talking on a flip phone like my old nextel…but when
      texting and browsing became more important the phone design had to
      change…and a alias like design would make sense

  • jer85008

    Good lord – is Samsung having some kind of contest to see how many different phones they can launch? This is their worst idea yet.

    • T4rd

      I don’t think so. A lot of people said the same thing about the Note. I think it’s a cool idea and could be a great phone if executed well enough.

      It’s never a good thing for someone to get complacent and stop trying to innovate. If I had Samsung’s money, I would be coming out with crazy stuff like this too, because if just one or two new things stick, it can lead to a huge market and tremendous success.

    • geedee82

      Good Laaaaaaawd datsalotta phones!

    • Intellectua1

      This is definitely for the older generations and maybe some younger folks.. You gotta understand Samsung is smart, what they’re doing is trying to tackle all markets. You’ll be surprised how many people prefer these phones over smart phones. Especially the older generations that just want something up to date but simple..

      • jer85008

        I see your point, but if that’s the case two screens are unnecessary. One nice touch sensitive screen and a traditional keypad makes sense for that type of market, but two?

  • Damian

    I just need a mixer to go with it;)