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T-Mobile Posts Q2 Earnings, Shows Strongest Growth in Four Years

t-mobile girl

With the announcement of their UN-carrier plans behind them, T-Mobile posted its Q2 earnings this morning, showing off a lot of revenue growth and big boosts in customer numbers. In total, T-Mobile picked up 1.1 million new customers, with more than half of them signing up for postpaid service. Just a year ago, T-Mo lost 205,000 customers, so these new plans (and the iPhone) could represent a big turnaround for the network. 

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier approach has clearly resonated with consumers. By fixing the things that drive them mad, like contracts and upgrades, and freeing them from the two-year sentences imposed on them by our competitors, they are choosing the new T-Mobile in unprecedented numbers.

In terms of financials, revenue is also up 27.5% year-over-year, with apparent thanks going to the company’s acquisition of MetroPCS. The company’s ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is down though, dropping 6.5% year-over-year to $53.60.

Any thoughts on the recent moves that T-Mobile has been making? It’s clear that the other carriers are watching them like hawks.

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  • tianzhen126


  • flosserelli

    Carly used to be a little hottie, but that photo makes her look like The Joker’s tomboy niece.

  • Ruel Smith

    Thanks to the iPhone!

  • Robbie

    Yep and Im one of the 1.1 million new customers, broke my contract with Verizon to get more freedom from T Mo, and im loving the much improved coverage and phone selection!

  • Strangely Washington coverage or specifically where Tmo HQ is not so great, but I can’t complain with what my plan gets me…. I just wish I had the patience to get LTE Nexus 7…. xP

  • TrevorKai

    Good job T-Mobile!!!

  • mrz4587

    Males experience the biggest growth when T-mobile displays their spokeswoman.

  • punkroyale

    That picture is the best…

    • jessica702

      just as Randy said I didnt know that a mom can get paid $7279 in a few weeks on the internet. did you look at this site w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  • CraigBoyte

    I’ll be making the jump once the Nexus 5 is out

    • John

      … said no ever.

      • CraigBoyte

        I just said it… right there – see, right above your words.

  • Croq

    My wife and I are not part of the Q2 numbers, but signed up in late July. Pretty happy with the service so far.

  • tomn1ce

    My family have mostly tmobile and one has sprint, when we drive out of NYC I’m the only one with service on my device. Until tmobile makes their network better I guess I’ll be sticking with vzw. I keeping reading on hear about people having bad experience with the G-Nexus and their connection but I haven’t had that problem and LTE is always on my G-Nexus.

  • Sjschwar

    I’d like to T her mobile…

  • CivilDroid

    Time for a caption contest with that photo! I’ll go first

    “I farted and no one will know…cuz its the internet”

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Proud to say I’ve been Verizon free since May 🙂

  • Bryan

    The unfortunate thing is that they still lost $16 million for the quarter. I really like what they are doing, but they need to show that they can be profitable doing what they are doing. The other carriers will sit back and say “See all the PROFIT we are raking in? Why would we do what TMobile is doing if they are gaining customers, but losing money.”
    I really hope TMo can do it, because I would love for Verizon to be forced into doing similar stuff.

  • YourFriend

    For a second, I thought the TMo girl was Anita Sarkeesian and worried that she was attacking Android because of how sexist it was and promoted “patriarchy” and other buzzwords she uses. God, I hate that feminazi so much.

    • ToddAwesome

      filthy Canajun, she is!

  • xXAaronSXx

    I made the switch from Vzw to T-mo and loving it. Saving $90+ a month for three smartphones. My data speeds are actually tons better in my house although Verizon’s data coverage was quite a bit better when I’m traveling in rural areas.

  • Now that you have more money, how about upgrading that 2G network of yours 🙂

  • Daistaar

    This question may be a bit late but here it goes: GS4 on T-Mobile or GS4 with Verizon? Have Verizon but really looking to switch and since the devices are near identical and T-Mo has LTE in NYC It’s becoming too prominent a thought in my head. Anyone with a T-Mo GS4 care to chime in? Wasn’t there something that made the Verizon GS4 different or slightly better from the others?

    • Pedro

      The bootloader.

  • Chippah

    “Wrong Hole” AKA “Dolphin Face – eh eh eh eheheheh!”

  • MikeSaver


    • Chippah

      ya, get her all zoooted or somthin.

    • Cory_S

      Just remember, the drinks are free.

  • Justin Kos

    Proud to be apart of this

  • Ej McCarty

    I think they’d get a lot more money if they thought about hiring a better looking girl for their ads.

  • Freddy Oxford III

    Hey Tim whats up with the bad photo of the t mobile babe?..you know you would date that chick in a heartbeat if she worked with you.

    • ToddAwesome

      ps, guilty.

  • kyle

    I just switched from Verizon to t-mobile last weekend, I live in southern Rhode Island and there is coverage everywhere! I abandoned wait for the moto x and got the nexus 4. I immediately regret not getting a nexus sooner lol but as for the hspa+ it’s plenty fast for me (15-20 mbps) and unlimited uncapped data. I’m 100% happy with t-mobile so far and hope they continue to grow

    • starnovsky

      Almost exactly my story. Except for I live is SoCal. Coverage is great here.

      • hans wee

        my building actually has a t-mobile tower on it. but im on verizon since t-mobile was poor when i lived in the bay area. considering moving back once my contract is up

    • andrew

      I live in East Providence and am thinking about doing the same. I can’t take Verizon’s Nazi like control anymore.

      • kyle

        I got fed up as well, kept hitting my data cap and just wanted out, opened up a second line on my girlfriends t-mobile account and off I went. 30$ for the line, 20$ for unlimited data, 10$ for the jump/insurance program and 13$ for the nexus 4 bill payment deal. I was worried about the service more than anything but down near URI I honestly get full signal hspa+ downstairs where half the floor is underground. I’m a tiny bit more excited than I should be over a mobile phone service lol

  • George Fayad

    No comment yet about T-Mo girl giving someone the strongest growth in 2 years? Okay then.

    • ToddAwesome

      Catherine was better. Just sayin’

      • George Fayad

        I won’t disagree with that!

    • mustbepbs

      The only growth I get from that picture is in my gut from the vomit being shot up my esophagus.

      • Tyler Durden

        So. Much. Detail.

    • Ej McCarty

      If you think this girl is attractive you may want to consider dating men.

      • jose

        She might not be the hottest girl on the planet, but she does seem like a better alternative than dating men. Just sayin’

  • ssl48

    How about they update coverage along the I-95? That is a major highway. I’m tired of T-Mobile, switching to AT&T prepaid.

    • NexusPhan69

      I-95 is a massively long road. My part of I-95 is all LTE goodness.

      • ssl48

        I travel down to DC weekly and Southern NJ and Maryland are covered in EDGE

  • Good. Maybe they’ll start using that extra cash to do network upgrades so that 75% of their network isn’t 2G/EDGE.

    • ssl48

      They won’t. They’ll just keep talking about 4G coverage, but ignore the elephant in the room known as EDGE.

  • EC8CH

    Off contract plans that actually save customers money on their monthly service instead of the carrier pocketing the cost of the phone subsidy….. BRILLIANT!

    • mustbepbs

      I like your new icon.

      • EC8CH

        New icon same as the old icon, just less pink.

        As a trek fan I’ve always approved of yours, but I’m more of a TNG’er

  • mustbepbs

    I’m with T-Mobile, and I’m gonna stay with T-Mobile in the future…

    But you should buy a Moto X.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Which is great because you can buy it direct from Motorola and ignore JUMP!

      • Cory_S

        Couldn’t he ignore JUMP! even if he bought it from T-Mobile..?

        • JoshGroff


        • EC8CH

          Maybe we’re still holding onto false hope direct from Moto retail pricing will be reduced???

          Keep hope alive!

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          T-Mobile won’t be selling it in-store for an undetermined period of time.

          • Cory_S

            My point was I don’t see what ignoring Jump had to do with anything…seemed a little petty 🙂

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Oh, it absolutely was petty….but so are all these comments that are referencing Ron’s article.

            Or, I just have a stick up my rear this morning, and I owe someone an apology.

            Either way, thanks for the reality check 🙂

  • ChuckG73

    If someone could tell me that had good service and I would not notice much of a change from VZW, I would switch right now…

    • Eric Hare

      Have you checked the coverage map?

      • Weber

        I have, but I don’t like the “ok coverage” they have for my area. Then again, if I take a step back, I’m in the Gulf of Mexico. I guess I can’t expect great service.

    • ToddAwesome

      A friend of mine has the S4 on T-mo, he lives 5 miles away and rocks a solid 4G signal. He comes to visit me and he’s stuck on Edge. Meanwhile, I’m fully immersed in VZW 4G coverage. Sorry T-mo, you have some work to do.

      • ssl48

        This is exactly why I’m leaving T-Mobile. You never know when you’re gonna drop to Edge, even in a big city like NYC.

        • guest

          What borough? I live in BK, go to school on UWS, and have never seen EDGE on my Nexus4…

    • jbdan

      Only way to find out is try it (obviously not cost effective if it doesn’t work out as you’ll have restock fee…). I bought an N4 while still with big red to test the waters. In my location this isn’t 2003 anymore in which tmo coverage was beyond abysmal. It’s excellent now and even surpassed vzw in and around my location.

  • jbdan

    My family of 3 along with several family friends all left vzw this year (spring) for tmo. Knock on wood, all are happy since that decision!

    • JoshGroff

      I was with them for 7 years before jumping to Verizon, and I went back. Coverage isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good where I live.

      • hans wee

        im still on verizon , but was on t-mobile for around 8 years previously. coverage was not so good in the bay area when i lived there, but im in LA again which has great t-mobile coverage. only thing holding me back is my verizon corporate discount from my last job still works and im on unlimited. if i lose either i’m probably going back to t-mobile.

  • Stephen

    Wish I could use them, but service in my area is terrible.

    • marko358


    • ToddAwesome

      Exactly, I’m stuck in EDGE-ville with them, guess I’ll be giving Verizon my monies for a little longer.

      • NexusPhan69

        I’m in HSPA+ and LTE terrirory at work, home, girlfriends and parents. I’m stunned how good their coverage has been in my area.

        • ToddAwesome

          lucky fella, you are!

          • NexusPhan69

            Being in the most densely populated part of the US (NYC metro) helps my situation.

  • EC8CH

    Go T-Mo! I’m not your customer cause you have no coverage where I am…

    but I’m rooting for you.

    • Al-Burrit0

      Im in the same boat with T-mo. I am rooting for them, but they don’t have good coverage in my area. If they keep up the good work they could catch up to the top carriers in a yr or less.

      • DroidFTW

        You guys know this is because they got the iPhone right? I mean, you do know that? I thought this was an Android site.

        • Sal

          iPhone accounted only for 21% of their phone consist for their Q2 – so your statement isn’t factually corret.

          • DroidFTW

            Of their total phones which includes all their customers still on old phones. Not 21% of phones sold in q2. Try again. The influx of new customers is because of the iPhone, check their sales numbers clown.

          • Destroythanet

            DroidFTW, the press release says: Since the April 12th launch, iPhone sales have accounted for approximately 29% of T-Mobile’s branded gross customer additions and upgrade smartphone sales, excluding MetroPCS. Additionally, T-Mobile also benefitted from strong sales of other smartphones, in particular the Samsung Galaxy S4.

    • T4rd

      Unfortunately, I think that’s the case for about 80% of us here.

      • Tyler Durden

        Y’all must live in BFE

        • jose

          No, but we don’t like the idea of being confined to a corner of our house just to get LTE, or have to turn your head a certain way to get service.

          • vyduxawanuxe

            мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

            Off contract plans that actually
            save customers money on their monthly service instead of the carrier
            pocketing the cost of the phone subsidy….. BRILLIANT!

          • Adam Elghor

            See I’m on Verizon and I still have that issue

        • T4rd

          Not quite. I live just on the outskirt of the largest city in my state, where T-Mobile has barely enough HSPA+ coverage to cover half of the city once you’re inside of it.

          • botop

            At least you have hspa. I had to move for work and am stuck on contract in an area with “2g”… Last speed test was 800ms latency and 12kbps. I’ve had dial up faster than this. Tmo’s answer, use Wi-Fi. Also, my “rural” town has 60,000 people and an official Tmo store that advertises nationwide 4g

    • sagisarius

      They have great coverage where I am, I’m pretty happy I switched from VZW. Coverage in some rural and vacation areas has been a bit inconsistent… but 99% of the time, it works amazing.

    • jose

      Now if they could just figure out how to grow their network coverage as fast as their revenues…

    • MichaelFranz

      I had a bad experience with tmobile customer service. My GF had them while she live in NYC and service is great just in suburban area its spotty. it was tough but we got out of an ETF because of it, it was just a pain process, i had to physically mail a letter. couldnt talk on the phone to anyone.

      I will say though, if they came to my area, beefed up their network, i would probably JUMP on the bandwagon (hahaha pun intended).

    • monkey082506

      Me and my unlocked Moto X will be joining them very soon…as soon as I can pick my own dam colors!

      • Robbie

        I think you can pivk your own colors, you just have order it from Moto directly and get a sim card from T Mo…im assuming how that works.

  • Greg Morgan

    Soon they will be adding my money to their bottom line.

  • Mike Aurin

    T-Mobile lady not exactly looking her best right now…

    • Jordan Webb

      Somehow DL always seems to have the most unflattering pictures.

      • Mike Aurin

        “Quick she’s about to sneeze….SCREENSHOT IT! It’ll be perfect for when we post something positive about T-Mobile.”

        This is why I love this site. Good sense of humor, wether intentional or not.

    • Jonathan Williams

      They need Catherine Zeta-Jones back.

      • paul_cus

        Lol, yeah, she was one of the reasons I went with T-Mobile back in the day.

    • Tyler Durden

      Probably worse without the cake

    • deadpenguins

      She’s really rockin’ that “clown-who-just-bit-a-lemon” face. It’s hot.

    • michael arazan

      Looks like she just passed gas in front of a group of strangers, but she knows she’s hot so she can get away with it