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Google Play Version 4.3.10 Rolling Out to Most, Includes New Update Features

new google play

A couple of days ago, Google started pushing out an update to Google Play as version 4.3.10. The file was originally posted to a pirated app site (which we were made aware of), grabbed, and then distributed across the Android world, so we chose to ignore it and wait until the mass rollout began to be ultimately safe. That rollout has now begun. Should you open your Google Play store this morning, you’ll likely see an extra long loading time as the update automatically takes place and bumps you to 4.3.10. 

The update is significant in that it makes the app update process a little more informative and less obnoxious. If you have apps that are set to automatically update or have recently updated them, a new area in your My Apps section will show “Recently updated” apps. Also, if you update a handful of apps all at once, rather than having them listed out individually in your notification bar, Google is now combining them into a counter. See, more informative and less obnoxious.

They also made some UI tweaks to Play Books and to purchase buttons, but that doesn’t really affect you.

If you haven’t already received the update, you can grab it below.

Download Link

Cheers Planklongbeard and everyone else!

  • Cory

    it says “package file invalid” when I try to download instagram. wtf

  • xAndr0iDx

    What about an option to hide updates you don’t (yet) want to install? (reply do this post if you agree)

  • BrianS

    I have a fly touch 9 tablet android 4.2.2
    and am finding things like ITV player not compatible, Skype version2.0.0.45 loaded and will not update also Skype WiFi not compatible. I have only just got it so I don’t know what else I will find. Anyone else experienced it

  • Guest

    I have this update, but apps that need updates only say “update,’ and not recently updated. Why am I feeling left out here?

  • Just want my “Manual Updates” (permission changes) separate from my other updates like it use to be.

  • Droid Ronin

    I wish that the Play Store could download updates for multiple apps simultaneously instead of updating each one by one. The Windows 8 app store allows you to do this.

    • Tim242

      It used to work that way. I’m not sure why they changed it.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    It also includes the new feature called “Package file was invalid” to encourage you to update your apps 90 times before the damn thing installs. Terrible update to the store.

  • sc0rch3d

    why can’t i click INSTALL on the screen? i am rooted and unlocked on my S3

    • sc0rch3d

      nevermind….read the thread on disabling HALO. ugh…annoying…

  • Jason Brown

    woah, first time I see a post and I already have the update. nice to be up to date as soon as dl blogs about it.

  • Hoffman

    I wish we could swipe away the recently updated in the Play Store list. It gets annoying seeing it constantly there every time I go to my Apps list. I keep forgetting if I have seen that update before or is it a new one.

    • Capt. Crunch

      Exactly, if we already looked at the update notes the recently updated section is annoying.

  • CHRIS42060

    I just noticed the update this morning. I could not update any apps last night because I kept getting a “Package File is Invalid” error every time I tried. This morning it worked and I saw the recently update apps section.

    • bkosh84

      I’ve been getting that the past two days.. Facebook Messenger/1Weather and now Netflix won’t update.. Even with the new Play Store update.. This is getting annoying..

      • CHRIS42060

        One thing I did do this morning that may have helped was I went into the app settings for the Play Store and cleared the data. I figured it was worth a shot, and the other day when I kept getting unable to download errors in the Play Store on my Nexus 7 clearing the data in the app worked.

        • bkosh84

          Nope tried that and it didn’t work.. If you read the reviews on some of the apps I’ve noted above, other people are having the same issue.. I wonder if it’s a backend problem on Google’s end?

  • Ben

    Are the frst two digits related to your OS version? I’m on 4.1.10, but my phone is a One S and it’s running 4.1. So if that’s normal then I guess I got the update and don’t really see anything different.

    • KanishkSingh

      Its rolling out so might take sometime to get it on every device. I got it on my Android 4.3 device as well as 4.1 device. So you will get it on HTC S

      • Ben

        Thanks for the clarification. 😀

  • fallsgable

    My OG didn’t get the update….should I wait, or try to grab it manually?

  • Eric

    I’m still on 4.1.6….I never get the updates.

    • CasperTFG

      Me too, on my toro. However, my N10 was already up to date. Hope I don’t get in trouble like Ray.

  • EC8CH

    Checks for Purchased tab under My Apps…

    COME ON!

    • GoBlue

      COME ALL!

      • EC8CH

        thanks… fixed!

  • Allen Yates

    For those of us that manually update apps, I wish there was a way to batch select just the apps you want to update. I don’t always want to install all the available updates, and selecting update manually on each one is time consuming.

    • Alex Rieck

      While not a great solution, what I would do to prevent certain apps from updating is hit update all, then quickly cancel the ones I don’t want to update.

      • Big_EZ

        I do this, but be careful because they don’t update in order and sometimes the one app you don’t want to update will be the first.

        • Adam Elghor

          Update roulette

    • Deez

      i coulda sworn there’s a button in App Info for “Keep this app updated automatically”

      • KLy

        Just go to that app in the Play Store, then click on the menu, then check off Auto Update

    • EvanTheGamer

      Gotta agree. A batch update option is a must.

    • jessica702

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    • Raven

      I wish there was a check box on apps like “Auto-update” where you could select “Never auto update”. There are some apps that I never want to update when I hit “UPDATE ALL” and because of that I am force to do them all one at a time. For example, apps like Maps which Google has gimped with there 7.x update and I refuse to update to until they return features like “My places” and “My maps” which I depend on.

  • Buckoman

    Anyone know if this finally fixes Google Services taking up so much of my battery? I’m so ready for this bug to be over.

    • dragonthc

      you mean feature! there ftfy.

      • Buckoman

        I hate to sound like a complete idiot, but what does ftfy mean?

    • tyguy829

      Wait I thought it was just me. I’ve been trying to fix it for days. Are you getting tons of nlp wake locks? (I mean like thousands over the course of a day)

      • Buckoman

        Yep. Keep your GPS on constantly with all locations services checked. And if that doesn’t work, turn you GPS on constantly but uncheck Google Location Services.

        Tons of NLP wakelocks. 4000+ a day. I’ve actually installed the Snapdragon battery app just to see if I can get more than 9 hours out of S3 anymore.

        I’m on a custom ROM, too, so it’s not like it’s specific to a certain version or ROM.

        • tyguy829

          Yeah, happening on my stock new nexus 7, paranoid android gnex, and stock rooted 4.1.2 S3. The only way to fix it is to turn off network location services, but then Google now doesn’t work. It’s like it’s polling your location every 10 seconds for Google now or otherwise, when it should be doing it like every half hour or so.

          • Buckoman

            Do you have this Market version? I’m grabbing it right now and seeing if it fixes it.

          • tyguy829

            I don’t. I’ll try that now too. I think it’s more of a bug in the new Google play services though.

    • Big_EZ

      I thought that was fixed a while ago. I had that issue but it didn’t last that long.

  • Jason Kahn

    I noticed this on my OG Nexus 7 about ten minutes ago, and have to say it’s a huge improvement.

  • rals

    My S4 for whatever reason is still showing Google Services as the main trigger for my battery depletion. I still get at 14-16 hours of use, but the wake time is still high, even after this update. Anyone has an idea what else is doing this?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Google Services includes all of their Framework stuff as well. So, it keeps tabs on your current location in case an app (such as Google Now) want to access it. You can turn that off by unchecking “Google Wi-Fi & mobile network location” under your location settings.

      However, if it isn’t having a massive affect on your battery life, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

      • rals

        Thanks, yeah I saw that too. But just wanted to know if anyone else is seeing this service as the main portion of the depletion. Usually sitting anywhere from 65%-70%, and on the Nexus 7 (old) it sits at 3% at most.

  • Ray Gray

    Got this update over the weekend!

    • Don’t forget to let us know about these things. 😛

      • OreoMan

        Yeah, come on Ray!!

      • Ray Gray

        Slaps head ohhhtaaayy

      • palomosan

        Actually the N7 2013 had this update when it updated to 4.3 out of the box, I should have noticed it too.

      • brkshr

        Ya, but then you get all the “I hate staged roll outs” posts

      • Shaunwin

        I thought this was already released, I got the update last Thursday or Friday.

    • T4rd

      I think I got it a few days ago. I noticed the recent apps section and actually tried to find a way to disable it since I like to manually update my apps anyway.
      I wish they could smooth out scrolling in the Play Store though, it’s not near as smooth on my Note 2 as it was before the last UI update. It was pretty buttery before.

      • Ray Gray

        Yeah I always like to read change logs on updated apps before updating them. I wish the updates showed the picture of that app in the notification pull down when it’s updated like it does when you install a new app

      • ScoobySnack

        Yep noticed it yesterday when the “Accounts” menu item was missing. You have to go to the top of the “All” tab and switch accounts there.

        I don’t like the new account switching interface.

        I was just thinking about how my battery life was better this morning! Hope this app did it!