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Android Nearly Hits 80% Global Smartphone Market Share in Q2

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New numbers for Q2 of 2013 are in from IDC (International Data Corporation), ranking Android still as the world’s most widely-used mobile operating system, capturing 79.3% of the global market share. In a separate report from Q4 of ’12, Android was rocking a solid 70%, so to see a continued growth of almost 10%, we’d say Android’s growth is healthy for the time being. As for Apple’s iOS market share across the globe, its numbers have dropped slightly to 13.2%. 

Market Share Q2

I was asked recently when I thought Android would finally lose its edge and basically implode on itself from growing so big in such a short time. It’s a good question to ask ourselves – like all things, what comes up, must eventually come down. As for when Android will start losing market share, we will have to wait and see if Apple plans on doing more than just a revamp of their UI to bring in more users. Then there is Windows (3.7% market share) and other OS makers (BlackBerry 2.9% market share), but with their recent performances and nothing wow’ing anybody in the mobile game (40MP cameras don’t count), who really knows what their plans are for competing against Google and Apple.

If you had to put a timeframe on it, when would you say that Android could start its decline from absolute world OS domination? 5 years from now? 10? Let’s get some conversation going down below.

Via: IDC

  • Josh Oberg

    Does it look like the bugdroids are doing a kick line? to anyone else?

  • tianzhen126


  • Mobile User
  • Kisuk3

    Wall Street Journal ran an article a few days back, something about how the Moto X being the next iPhone killer and failing…The iPhone is so out of date if feels like a toy when I hold it.

    Its a complete joke and they are going to continue to lose market share until they release a decent phone.


    There is such contrast between global Android domination, and domestic market share. Can you please do a side-by-side of domestic vs global?

  • CreeDiddy

    I have been a long Android user. This a great discussion, but as I discuss with many people that market share alone does not address the factual position of where every Android manufacturer stands long term. I believe that Android is the dominant platform, but not the most used, in terms of web usage, downloads, app and music store, etc…

    If you break the Android pie out, Samsung owns a majority of that pie. There is not one Android company that is even close to them, in terms of revenue generated, phones shipped, overall profitability. These numbers mean more than 80% market share. What this means is that Android carries choice and variety, but in return diminishes opportunity, profitability, and revenue from other Android manufacturers.

    I hate to say it, but Android right now reminds me of today’s housing market. Everyone wants to get in on the action, make a quick buck, and leave, but will soon realize that it’s not as sexy and profitable as “Samsung” makes it look like.

  • LameCarrot

    Proud of you android

  • RoadsterHD1

    The X8 Computing System will change the way Cell phone
    Motorola will have an advantage over others because Google owns them, don’t let anyone tell you different

  • Ibrick

    Next.. The moon!

  • Jeff C

    Apple doesn’t care as long as they can keep marking up their products 300% and the money keep flowing in from those out there who are disenchanted about their products being the end all be all.

  • yummy

    Matrix baby

  • CasperTFG

    Interesting…nearly 40 posts and no anti BB jokes involving the terms ‘RIM’ and ‘job’. Good day for maturity, bad day for them internets.

  • Tyler Durden

    You guys need to change your tampons. That is all.

  • EC8CH

    80% marketshare… Android should be ingrained enough for Google to just take over blatant control of Motorola and start producing their own hardware. Just do it already.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Android will remain #1. Unless it doesnt follow the moto x.

  • Yet lots of applications are still released on iOS first…

  • mtaylor924

    My guess is that as Android matures, OEMs (looking at Samsung first) will finally reach a point where they want more control over the OS and licensing agreements, and they will formally fork from AOSP and rename their versions to remove association with Android and Google. It may start small, with almost all apps still being compatible like with Kindle Fire but just different app markets and content ecosystems. But I think eventually we will measure market share by OEM variant and not just generic android.


      If they fork from AOSP, they’ll lose Google’s services. That would make a huge mess that no one wants.

    • Higher_Ground

      I’ve heard plenty of isheep bleat on about how Samsung wants to move forward with Tinzen instead of android…. I guess whatever helps them sleep at night, because there’s no way Sammy would give up the death grip it has on android right now.

  • Tyler Durden

    Suck on that iOS. I mean….Ron!

    • Ian

      Stop toolin’.

      • Tyler Durden

        Its the hipster thing. Gotta do it

        • tomn1ce

          I thought people with ios devices where the hipster ones -_-

          • Tyler Durden

            You didn’t get it. It’s okay.

          • tomn1ce


  • Patrick Flanigan

    I think Android will stay pretty dominant until there is a fundamental change in the computing industry. Microsoft is still dominant in the PC field but fewer people are buying PCs now because they have smartphones and tablets. When the next computing leap is made, I think Android will probably be at risk but hopefully will be able to adapt and stay a major player.

    • Oscar

      Android has planted itself well with the business plan and “open source.” But I believe is looking like the future of mobile OS are phones like Ubuntu edge! dual-booting devices. competing with desktops and laptops! I can’t wait for Ubuntu Edge!!!!

      • ERIFNOMI

        If Ubuntu’s mobile OS is anything like their desktop OS, it’ll look great in a ll the press shots and be riddled with bugs when you get your hands on it.

    • Alex Goings

      I think Microsoft will have the edge with the next computing leap.

      • tomn1ce

        Don’t they have the edge already by charging some of the OEMs who use Android on their hardware a percentage. Don’t they make more money through this then what WP8 brings in -_-

      • Rick Conard

        Maybe just maybe, Ubuntu Edge will have the edge. 🙂 Hey, just would be cool really. Sweet idea though, convergence, lose all of your stuff all at once. 🙂 We need home clouds.


        • Alex Goings

          Upvote for pun

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    Chart or it didn’t happen!

    • Ian

      ya, charts or BS.

    • Chart added for you.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        Thank you sir, you are very kind.

  • Matthew Yourchisin

    Right Meow.

    • Jonathan Williams

      Meow that’s the spirit.

  • I think that Android will be the dominant mobile OS until someone successfully convinces consumers that they have something better. Who knows when that’ll be, but nothing lasts forever.

  • Shaunwin

    Andrew Bell must be doing well… oh wait..

  • Shane Redman

    I’m guessing the majority of that 13% is America…

    • Jérôme Besnard

      Yep. And Japan too.

  • rfranken

    impressive numbers Android!! But something new is always around the corner. I’d say only another couple years before the numbers dip a bit. I mean you can’t go up much from 80%

  • Jérôme Besnard

    20 years later, Windows still hold 90% of the PC OS. Why would Android market share go down in the near or mid future?

    • You have a point.

      • Jérôme Besnard

        My humble opinion: BB is out in 1 year or two and Android gets to 90%. As for MS and Apple I can’t grasp what is going to happen to them.

        • EdubE24

          All Apple is doing is making record profits. I think they will be okay next year. Their Mac line isn’t the leader in the PC market, but they have their core consumers that keeps on buying!

          • Tyler Durden

            What people are doing is buying Windows PCs then installing Mac OS.

          • EdubE24

            No not really…the Mac line sells just fine!

          • Tyler Durden

            But the less fortunate buy PCs then install it. Or build their own computer and install Mac os

          • mustbepbs

            Oh you mean all those people buying Macbook Pros and putting Windows on it once they realize that they can’t do any work on it without Windows?

          • Spider210


          • EdubE24

            Really? I’ve yet to meet one those people!

          • CoreRooted

            I’m one. 🙂 I put Bootcamp and Win8 on an old MBP that we have here in the office. Pissed my boss off a bit when he went to use it. LOL

          • CoreRooted

            LOL! Hackintoshes! Yeah… I suspect you are right.

          • /s

            i’m sure of this.

          • Justin

            This is very untrue! It is a part of apples incredibly locked down terms and conditions that you CANNOT and by no permission of Apple put any form of Mac OS on anything that is not branded by Apple. It is yet another reason why Apple is not much more than a prison to your own devices.

          • disqus_OiXbQXy3Tu

            Their quarterly profits were down Y/Y and if you look at earnings growth rate, it’s essentially 0. Have you ever seen the top of a parabola? It basically looks like apple’s profits right now, just past the peak.

          • EdubE24

            Okay you’re right. I would hate to own a company in Apples position right now!!

          • David Narada Brown

            its gonna be interesting to see how the new IOS 7 shakes things up. for the iphone users that want more they will welcome this, but those that like the simplicity may be a lil upset. apple may have to win its loyal followers over again. this is a dangerous move with android pushing forward. The phone competition for apple is gonna get even tougher. Windows need to stop restricting their phones so much, and make it dock into a desktop mode for crying out loud.

          • CoreRooted

            I agree about the Windows move. They need to stop copying Apple’s walled garden approach and start opening things up a bit more.

            As for iOS7… A lot of my friends are avid Mac/iDevice users. Even they have said that what Apple is bringing with iOS7 is not only confusing but also direct rips of what Android has done for years. The reasoning is sound; Apple knows that they need to get closer to Android’s core features to stop losing users to Android, but at the same time, if they make it too much like Android, they risk losing loyal users. I’ve been watching people do side by side comparisons between iOS7b5 and 4.2.2 and the results are almost always the same; “What is Apple doing?!”

    • Not a bad point at all!

    • duke69111

      That’s always been my thinking. Why does it have to decline. As long as the os keeps getting better, there’s no blatant reason for decline.

    • jose

      It won’t. It never will.

    • JonathonFlores

      Just keep doing the opposite of Apple and Android will continue to grow.

      EDIT: LMAO! someone just came in an downvoted everyone on here. I think we should disable the “guest” privelages.

      • Steven Berger

        I sense the presence of Steve Jobs….just ban the afterlife’s IP 😛

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Guests can’t downvote posts.

        • JonathonFlores

          We have traitors amongst us!! =O

          • JoshGroff

            I bet they weigh as much as a duck.

          • NexusPhan69

            Clever witch joke.

          • vyduxawanuxe

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            I wouldn’t say that most
            ‘consumers’ use mac OS… However, you could definitely say that a lot
            of developers use Mac OS though (most maybe). It actually surprised me
            when I started hearing more & more devs saying they use a mac, but
            it does make sense. Mac is built on Linux, just like Android. So it
            would make sense for devs to either use a Linux OS or a Mac OS over
            Windows and Mac definitely has a little more manufacturer/software
            support than Linux.

        • JoshGroff

          I didn’t know that. O-o

      • T4rd

        Someone has been downvoting almost every post in almost every article for the past week or so. I’ve noticed most people have at least one downvote in pretty much every article this week.

        It’s like a very passive form of trolling, lol. I’ve been trying to cancel them out by upvoting everyone who has at least one downvote, hah.

        • JonathonFlores

          RAK? I’ll pass it on 🙂 KCCO!

          • jpxa

            chivers and droid lifers fug yez

      • Guestavo

        There are 2 types of android users so please reply stating whether you are: A. contrarian nerd or B. just poor. Doing a study, thanks in advance.

        • James Hill

          C. None of the Above.^_^

    • Tyler Durden

      I don’t know how. Windows blows.

      • Jérôme Besnard

        People stick with what they are familiar with. And most of us can not / do not want to pay premium for Apple products.

        • Tyler Durden

          the Macbook Air is the only product I’d recommend. You can’t get specs better than that. For the price.

          • mustbepbs

            Surface Pro. And it doubles as a tablet. And you’ve got all your x86 support. Battery life sucks, though.

          • Tyler Durden

            Doesn’t have Haswell. And doesn’t have HD 5000. And limited to 128gb.

          • mustbepbs

            And the Macbook does? What’s your point? Do you think that Microsoft won’t refresh the Surface Pro once Haswell hits? Oh and the Surface Pro allows for expandable storage.

          • Tyler Durden

            Yes. The Macbook has 4th gen i7 Haswell. HD5000. Expandable storage. 12 hours battery life.

            While the surface is cowering down in a corner. Microsoft will refresh it and charge a higher premium for less specs. And Windows 8 takes up nearly 30gb of storage

          • mustbepbs

            But does it convert into a tablet? Wacom enabled digitizer? You can shrink the Windows 8 footprint by offloading the recovery partition onto removable storage. You can still get the 128GB model of the Surface Pro for $100 less than the absolute cheapest Macbook Air.

          • Alanis


          • mustbepbs

            Not only that, but you can do actual work with real programs on a Windows machine.

        • tomn1ce

          I hate itunes so I just try to stay away as far as possible from ios and apple period. I have the most expensive alarm clock that I have ever seen…

      • Mitch Joa

        Android’s really not made on Mac OS…they both have roots in *nix systems sure, but Android isn’t made on Mac OS, it’s a Java VM running with a *nix kernel and toolchain.

        • Tyler Durden

          What I should have said….*Most android people use Mac OS

          • JoshGroff

            If most people use Android, and most people use Windows, one can assume most Android users use Windows. I, however, dual boot Ubuntu and Win 7. (Win 7 is only for gaming) >.>

          • JonathonFlores

            That’s not true either..

      • T4rd

        They don’t make many games for Mac, therefor it’s garbage to me. =p

        Then there’s also this:


        • brkshr

          I seriously doubt they are using Windows 8 though

          • jpxa

            7 more than likely, but hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see XP.

      • brkshr

        I wouldn’t say that most ‘consumers’ use mac OS… However, you could definitely say that a lot of developers use Mac OS though (most maybe). It actually surprised me when I started hearing more & more devs saying they use a mac, but it does make sense. Mac is built on Linux, just like Android. So it would make sense for devs to either use a Linux OS or a Mac OS over Windows and Mac definitely has a little more manufacturer/software support than Linux.

    • mustbepbs

      Because there are no good alternatives for a PC OS. Microsoft has the enterprise and consumer base, OS X has the hippy art students who think they can only use graphics programs on Macs, and Linux has the dorks.

      With the Mobile OS things are a little different because they all basically do the same thing, it’s just Android was the first to the bottom and thus caught the consumer base who just wants a smartphone. They’re abundant, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and bells and whistles, much like PCs vs Macs.

      There’s still room for someone to do something revolutionary in the market, and if Microsoft can tie in their enterprise customers with their handsets, that would be a huge wedge against the competition. Their Windows 8 tablets are already going in that direction.

      • CoreRooted

        I have 2 Win8 PCs and one RT tablet. I hardly ever touch the tablet simply because I can’t do everything I need to on it. The build quality is amazing but the software support has been lackluster at best. I don’t really think MSFT is going to win any tablet share with the current iteration of the RT tablets that are out there. Were they able to blend the Pro with the RT (much like Win7 starter), I think they would have a better chance of upping their market share.

        • mustbepbs

          Of course you’re not using the RT much, it’s freakin’ Windows RT. You bought a hamstrung, first generation product that relies on a brand new app ecosystem. What were you thinking?

          • CoreRooted

            Shhhh… I didn’t buy it. Work did. 🙂 Hell, I know better to buy anything first-gen from Microsoft!!! But I’ll always take it from work. 😉

      • michael arazan

        Linux has the Nerds, not dorks, thank you

        • mustbepbs

          Are you joking? How could Android possibly replace Windows? People depend on their x86 software, and no matter how many “apps” Android has, it’ll never replace a standard Windows laptop or Desktop. You just can’t do productive things on an Android device.

          • vbkun

            The comment says clearly ‘I could actually see a decline in windows os to android starting in about 5 years’.
            I agree with you, *today* the software in android is no match at all to a desktop computer. Neither the possibilities and neither the pricing.
            But the tendency is to android grow more serious as a software plataform, better software (and more expansive) to come out, and eventually (maybe in 5 years or maybe more) become as productive as x86 computer.

  • Greg Morgan


  • paul_cus

    So that’s where the Bugdroid spiting rainbows comes from.

  • KleenDroid