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Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 Spotted Running Android Build KRS36B, First Sign of Key Lime Pie?

key lime pie

The Chromium bug tracker has long been a great destination for unreleased Android version spotting. Like Glacier Park is for grizzly bear appearances or Hawaii for whale watching, wild, untamed beasts are always lurking in the bowels of Chromium. The members of the Chromium Project seem to regularly have devices running new builds of our favorite mobile OS, which appears to be the case again today. Spotted in a posting of bug 267659, a Chromium user was reporting on an issue with Cloud Print by listing out his devices. The Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 both made appearances running Android build KRS36B. Why is that significant? The “K,” my friends. 

The “K” in KRS36B is for “Key” in Key Lime Pie, the expected next release of Android.

All previous releases for Jelly Bean start with a “J,” just like Ice Cream Sandwich releases started with an “I” and Gingerbread builds with a “G.” For example, the most recent Android 4.3 update that rolled out to the original Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 is JWR66V. And since Google continues to push forward with this alphabetical naming scheme, “K” can only mean the new version of Android.

Most of us are assuming we’ll see some major UI refinements or changes in Key Lime Pie, and that there is a good chance it’ll be Android 5.0. However, the numbering scheme won’t be confirmed until Google decides to make it official.For all we know, Android 4.4 could end up as KLP.

Rumors suggest that Google will unveil the new version of Android this fall during an event that will feature a new Nexus 10, new Nexus 4 (or other new Nexus phone), and maybe even a watch. October 15 could be a date to circle on your calendars.

Via:  Chromium Project | Ausdroid

Cheers Hector!

  • The experienced android guy

    Actually, the ”K” stands for kit kat, the android 4.4

  • googlyeyedfrog

    I bet Key Lime Pie is going to have the same features that the Moto X has standard…just a guess though.

  • Dan

    I vote for them unveiling a Nexus 5.

  • Gnex

    Seeing Key Lime Pie news makes me want to watch the android 4.0 unveiling again. Looks like I’m staying up late tonight..

  • Kevin

    What’s going to be after KLP? I can’t think of anything other than licorice… maybe lemon meringue but they wouldn’t do two pies back to back would they?

    • Higher_Ground


  • josedaniel86

    Falabella Colombia product page for the Motorola Razr D1 (a latam version) says this device is ‘KLP ready’: http://www.falabella.com.co/falabella-co/product/prod630064/Razr-D1-XT914-Prepago-CLARO-Negro?skuId=sku790078&_requestid=1603620

  • Bill Newman

    Confirmed: Verizon says at least 10% of their current phones will see this update starting in August 2017.

    • Frettfreak

      You are being way to generous…. 😉 Thats when their gnex will get it!! lol

  • Dain Fordell

    Yet another date I have circled that pushes back my already available Verizon upgrade. I am such a sucker

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      you’re not the only one man. My contract has expired, but i cant leave the sweet deal i have for another carrier. but if i could bounce i would. VZW has us!

  • Bhoola

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  • Asmodai

    I’m hoping they hold the 5.0 release for the 64bit capable version of Android. There should be 64bit SoCs available by next years Google I/O. If not ARMv8 based then at least Intel. Until then I’d like to see them just continue with the 4.x numbering.

    • Kenton Douglas


    • Frettfreak

      why cant that just be 6??

      • Asmodai

        It can of course, I was just stating my preference. Whole numbers have been rather big jumps with 2.x, 3.x being tablet, and 4.x being the new unified OS. The next major jump in my mind is the move to 64bit a new launcher UI design doesn’t cut it (just my opinion). Of course I have no idea what’s in the next version so maybe it will be something huge. Heck it might be a bit amusing if they make the first 64bit capable version the one they number 6.4, rofl.

  • Wait to see something cool….

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Contextually aware or i’m leaving stock android.

  • Joshua Bailey

    KRS36B=Key Lime Pie
    Best Key Lime Pie ever made=Basking Ridge Pie Company in Basking Ridge, NJ
    Basking Ridge, NJ=Verizon Wireless Headquarters

    Verizon Nexus 5 confirmed

    • Ian

      Undeniable logic right there!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I don’t know what just happened there… but I’m ok with it.

    • Jersey

      I’m from Union, NJ and never heard of this place but can’t find them on Google Maps. Do you have their address? I love Key Lime Pie

    • Steven Berger

      KRS36B also has B and an S….the word BaSking also has a B and an S…..mind blown

    • beez1717

      What if there is a better pie somewhere in the world that you haven’t tried yet?

      • Joshua Bailey

        Second best Key Lime Pie is located at “Aunt Sally’s” in Key West, FL. Aunt Sally’s was named after Sally Kline Mead. Verizon Wireless’ CEO is Daniel Mead…bingo.

    • joejoe5709

      “KRS” is a reference to a Jaguar XKRS. The Jaguar XKRS has a 5.0L V8 engine. The X in XKRS is a reference to Moto X and the 5.0L engine is a reference to Android 5.0 and/or the Nexus5. The 36 is a reference to the 36th week of the year which is September 2nd-8th. B refers to the second day of the week.

      A Nexus5 based off of the Moto X sporting Android 5.0 being announced on September 2nd/3rd 2013 – practically confirmed my friends. 😉

      • Joshua Bailey

        If I could up vote you more than once, I would 🙂

      • jboogie1289

        I thought KRS was in reference to the rapper from the Boogie Down Bronx aka “KRS-1”. Lol, old school rap!!

    • dcdttu

      Verizon and Nexus in the same sentence. I see what you did there.


      still gonna lag

      sad really

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I’m ready to see the Nexus 5. LG’s G2 is going to be a beast.

    • Ryan Stewart

      People love to dog them and i admit their software is crap but this Nexus is the best phone I have owned so far, better than the GNex prior, the Evo before that, the Hero before that, etc.

      • phathands

        It’s tech. It’s SUPPOSED to get better.

        • Chris Hannan

          Better in its time. The Nexus One was the second best Nexus of its time IMO. The Nexus S last, Galaxy Nexus third, and Nexus 4 first. So, while the Galaxy Nexus obviously has better hardware than the Nexus One, I consider the Nexus One to be the better phone.

  • Gab

    The K…
    Half-Life 3 confirmed!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I think you mean the 3.

    • Jeralmac

      Oh my, if that were indeed true, I’d go out right now and build a brand new gaming PC that would only be used to play Half-Life 3.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Hopefully this version of Android doesn’t bring a glass backed nexus.

    • EC8CH

      Hopefully this version of Android brings a Verizon supported Nexus.

      • Weber

        Don’t say hurtful things like that

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Wait, that would mean I could replace my Gnex? Hmmmm Don’t tell my Gnex, but I’d upgrade in a heartbeat if this happened. Provided it doesn’t have a glass back.

        • Patrick Crumpler

          The glass back on the N4 is pretty sweet though. Delicate yes, but gorgeous too. Will be getting the Moto X when the unlocked customizable version hits the play store as my backup though.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            You can make a gorgeous back to a phone without using Glass. Plus, the back doesn’t look quite so gorgeous when the glass breaks.

          • Chris Hannan

            I’m going to miss glass backed phones. I sold my iPhone 4 for a Nexus 4, so I’ve been able to enjoy it for a while, but I don’t see OEMs using glass on the back again for a long time. :/

            It looks and feels the best IMO. Such a shame.

      • Asmodai

        I suspect you’re going to have to wait for Verizon to deploy VoLTE before you see a well supported Verizon Nexus device. No one wants to put the old CDMA radios in their bleeding edge phones to support voice on Verizon.

        • phathands

          The whole benefit of VZW is their very broad network. By getting rid of the CDMA bands you’re also getting rid of the reason that many people want (or are stuck with) Verizon. Having a phone that can only range through LTE won’t benefit anyone over what GSM phones already offer.

          • Asmodai

            Verizon’s LTE network covers 99% of their CDMA network right now. Calls can’t move back and fourth from CDMA to LTE so even if a phone has both you’d still get disconnected if you had to switch from one to the other. Once VoLTE goes live across the whole Verizon LTE network CDMA will be for older devices only.

          • phathands

            Whoa there, son. How do you think that LTE covers 99% of the VZW CDMA network? Perhaps by population density covered it is higher (still not near 99%), but usually why people want Verizon is the geographic range that they cover. And LTE is NOT EVEN CLOSE to 99% of network coverage.

            Go drive a little outside city limits and you’ll find that theory quickly disproven.

          • Chris Hannan

            Verizon’s LTE covers 99% of the population that their CDMA network covers. If you had two cities of equal size, one city covered in CDMA with a population of one, while the other was covered in CDMA and LTE with a population of 99, Verizon would say they have 99% of their CDMA network covered in LTE when only 50% of the area CDMA covers has LTE.

            This became apparent when I took a road trip to Texas two weeks ago. They have an impressive amount of LTE coverage already, but I wouldn’t want an LTE-only phone just yet.

          • michael arazan

            Just VZW LTE doesn’t cover highways or any other place that is sparsely populated like their cdma does, which sucks if there is an emergency and you have an lte only phone.

          • Chris Hannan

            Verizon and AT&T need to start getting some roaming agreements into place, though AT&T wouldn’t have much to gain from it. A Verizon CDMA/GSM phone could roam on AT&T’s 3G network but an AT&T phone couldn’t roam on Verizon’s 3G network.

      • Ryan Stewart

        Id bet against it, not until its 100% LTE with VOLTE. Google isnt going to mess with those proprietary CDMA networks again.

        • michael arazan

          Sucks, but probably the truest reason

        • Higher_Ground

          If they did come out with a LTE only Nexus on Verizon, how impractical would it be to keep an old phone in your glove box for an emergency? The only thing I see going wrong with that is maybe the battery not holding up over time, but then again I haven’t tried to use an old phone since moving to a 4G sim…
          I don’t even get 4G at my house, which is in a neighborhood right outside of city limits (but very much within the metro area) and within a mile of the interstate. I would hate to have to rely on 4G right now but I also blame that on the Gnex (as my gf’s ip5 gets LTE all over the place, though on ATT)

          • Ryan Stewart

            They wont release one though until it makes sense to have an LTE only phone. That means complete coverage, voice over LTE, etc. Essentially not until CDMA becomes a legacy network, which wont be for some time.

            And then the only reason Google will do it would be because of the SIM and the rules the govt put on the spectrum, preventing Verizon from screwing up the Nexus again.

    • Ryan Stewart

      Lucky or careful I havent had an issue with it yet.

  • Steve B

    I guess this gives Moto fanboys a reason not to slit their wrists.

    • EC8CH

      Droids and Moto X will probably skip over 4.3 and jump straight to this.

  • EC8CH

    I wonder what UI improvements KLP will bring?

    • I’m with this guy. I mean, Google has already updated a lot of their big time apps with the new Android guidelines. I’m not really sure what else there is to do. To be quite honest, I think stock Android right now is damn near perfect at 4.3.

      • EC8CH

        At either the launch of ICS or JB Matias said they were only 30% done with the Android UI overhaul… so they must still have a lot in store, it’s just hard to imagine what it could be.

        • KRS_Won

          Maybe it will fix the duel notification shade on my N7. Lol.
          Also, it’s hard to imagine what’s left to do to Holo? The only thing I can imagine for the next UI is adding wearable support at the base level. And maybe more use of the sensors as seen in the Moto X.
          And if it is Key Lime I hope Google goes with 5.0.0. At this point, Google is doing a great job with updates and smaller 4.X upgrades. Really leaps and bounds from where I bought my OG Droid. If they keep it up with constant improvements and apps that aren’t built in, there’s really no need for Key Lime yet. Except for egos. Apple get a new number every year, and it still feels like Android improves more with “slight bumps” while still in Jelly Bean.

          • elvisgp

            Card ui my friends. Prepare to see the from like ui go away, and for a light card ui to take over. Then again I could be totally wrong, I’m just basing this on the play app redesigns.

          • Frettfreak

            I would guess you have to be at least somewhat right. Most Major apps are getting that treatment and has to be a sign of things to come. I know i am going to get flamed to hell for this.. but i think the stock android ui is just OK. Its just a little blah IMO. Dont get me wrong, i love the performance, and have never been to impressed with OEM skins, HOWEVER, sense 5 ont eh One has yet to let me down in any way. Super fast, beautiful, i have zero issues with it and think google could do a lot for the UI on stock android (and fix the crappy camera app / processing so i can actually be happy with a stock camera!!)

          • XvierX

            The dual notification shade on the N7 makes no sense to me at all. One of the few native features that I dislike.

        • roberto.elena

          That is just what Matias wants Larry to believe so he can keep his job for a long time.

      • Ryan Stewart

        There is some room for notification improvements and additional baked in services but otherwise Id love to see API enhancements and making the OS more efficient. It can ALWAYS be more efficient.

    • joejoe5709

      I’m betting it’ll be refinements mostly. For the most part I think Android will finally plateau a bit – and that’s kind of a good thing. Android already looks great, runs great, and has most of the goodies we’ve been begging for. So now it’s time to tighten everything up. A nip here, a tuck there – you get the idea. Android needs to hide away all the background stuff because no one except enthusiasts need to see every single option and the average consumer isn’t as terrified by Android as they currently are. It can be quite a daunting OS compared to iOS. My parents ask me more questions about their Android tablet than they do their PC computer or their iPod touch combined – and that’s a bad thing. For me, it seems all the features of ICS/JB seem disjointed afterthoughts they keep cramming in with each new release. Integration and a more fluid navigation will be a big deal for me.

      I think it’ll look mostly similar to ICS/JB but with more gesture based inputs. Google Now will undoubtedly take center stage for navigation, search, etc.I expect a major emphasis upon Google Services and cloud storage.

      Where ICS/JB finally brought Android into the spotlight as a legitimate OS, Key Lime Pie needs to assert its dominance over all others. This version will be clincher. ICS/JB are good, but Key Lime Pie needs to REALLY good. iOS7 might have some surprises and we need to be ready for that.

  • Tony G.

    mmmm k

  • duoexo

    K…? The Moto K confirmed.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    OK now I’m officially excited for fall!

  • NYCHitman1

    Nexus phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee… take my moneeeeeyyyy!

  • ToddAwesome

    “K is for Kellex, that’s good enough for me”

    • Love the Sesame Street reference!

  • cheese

    KRS ONE!

    • ddpacino

      First thing I thought! lol

    • KRS_Won

      So close!

  • Travis Erickson

    Is this a build that won’t leave Asia? Key Rime?