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Motorola Plans to Hand Out Free Moto X Phones to Friends and Family Willing to Test MotoMaker

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According to AllThingsD, Motorola is in the process of offering friends and family of employees a chance to test out their MotoMaker program and receive a free Moto X. We’ve actually received similar information from sources of ours, but this report claims to have seen the program details. Those program details include a $200 offer to test the online customization software. But if testers are interested in earning extra perks, Moto is offering $250 in incentives by providing additional info through an interview.Β 

The program was announced to employees yesterday, and includes a $100 discount on a custom MotoMaker-made Moto X during checkout for friends and family, along with an additional $100 if they provide feedback within two days of getting the phone. Since the phone is running $199 on-contract, you are essentially getting the phone for free.

Moto spokesperson William Moss said that the MotoMaker configurator is an “important part” of the Moto X experience, so this program ensures that everything is “working absolutely smoothly” before the big end of August launch.

We took a tour of MotoMaker during our press slot last week at the Moto X unveiling. It’s worth a look, as is the video below.


Via: Β AllThingsD

  • GoogleMeNow

    Google should make android exclusive to Motorola since they own it. It would increase their sales, and it would force competitors to adapt. We will see a new phone OS, i’m waiting for the Ubuntu mobileOS.

  • HotwingCindy

    I’ll blow a moto worker if I can get a free phone.

  • lynn bailey

    Retired from Verizon. There since it was GTE. Have used droid system only. Motorola has been favorite choice. Due an upgrade. Looking for a phone.

  • Garret Godfrey

    I’m looking to switch to ATT. Anyone want me to try the Moto x?


    PRO TIP: “Essentially free” is not the same thing as “FREE”

  • Keith Sumner

    Ah ,this is what I emailed you about yesterday Kellex. Don’t worry, I’m working on getting you signed up for this since you’re friend/family πŸ˜‰

  • Chase Chick

    So can we get this on Verizon now. Moto needs to send ATT their damn money back. Otherwise I’m just going to wait and see what else is on the horizon. Nexus?

    • j973

      NEXUS 5

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    haha kellex just officially started the weeks first piss and moan thread!

    Why do reputable companies bend over backwards for the carriers and say “give me all of it, no crisco please!” every single time?

  • Mitchman

    Is this offer only good for those who want to go on AT&T? If I could do the offer on Verizon, I know who to contact!

  • capecodcarl

    Another day, another batch of Motorola X advertisements disguised as stories. I hope Droid Life is getting paid decently by Motorola to post this junk and you get it out of the system so we can move on to more important things like when the next Nexus 4 refresh or Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out.

    • chihova

      why is everyone saying they are getting paid. They are spending just as much time hypebeasting this phone as any other phone. Once the next phone of the month comes out then you will complain about that one…..the cycle just continues.

  • xfon contest

    I have the ability to hand out an invite for this, if you can guess the number im thinking of between 1 and 2000, I will contact you and get you signed up. This will probably get a lot of downvotes but its no joke

    • Anthony_Armando


    • xfon contest

      Oh and no listing out numbers 1 through 2000, one person per entry πŸ˜€

    • Charles Hobbs

      529 -one of the rumored, crazy high, off-contract prices of the moto-x

      • Anthony_Armando

        Best Buy has it listed as $700 off contract. They normally price off contract phones high because they want to push people to buy on contract, so I am guessing it will be in the $550 16GB/$600 32GB ballpark off contract.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I thought you were gonna do 1 to 10,000?

      You know I’m on big red anyway so I’m out.

      • xfon contest

        10,000 lends to less credability

    • MrBigFeathers


    • Matt Owens


    • James Potter


      • xfon contest

        good one, but no πŸ™‚

        • James Potter

          damn. You sure you don’t want to change what number your thinking?

    • xfon contest

      I will give a single hint. It is not a completely random number. It has appeared in a common tv show or movie.

      • Devin


      • Garret Godfrey


    • GuestofaGuest

      Don’t get your “contact” in trouble and have this end up on Slickdeals. πŸ˜‰

    • Rob Fontelera


  • Tim242

    Why is this a story?

    • SmokeNMirrors

      It helps us justify why we’re pissed at Moto’s pricing on the X of course!

  • Tyler

    “Moto spokesperson William Moss said that the MotoMaker configurator is an β€œimportant part” of the Moto X experience…”

    So important we are only putting it on 1 out our 5 carriers at launch.

    • Moto X Forum

      I think the reason they are only putting it on one carrier at launch is precisely so they can make sure all the bugs are worked out before going to the other carriers with it. Better to fix any glitches first with AT&T than to have to trouble shoot 5 different Motomaker vertical order processes at once. Makes sense.

    • michael arazan

      As an avid fan of Motorola, i found the exclusivity for a single carrier quite moot.

      Way to go Motorola in relaunching your brand, guess you still need to clean house more because this sounds like the brain child of one of the old executives that ran Moto into the ground

  • Sequence of Sound…

    employees of Motorola or employees of carriers (if so, for Verizon?)?

    • JoshGroff

      Motorola employees.

  • Ned Danov

    Haha! Yes if nobody want to buy them better way to get rid of something useless is to give it to your friend and relatives as present :))))))

  • eronious

    Got an invite for this. ATT only and must be due for upgrade. Sadly on T-Mobile.

    • corgimas

      i am on att and ready for an upgrade! want to share?

    • Garret Godfrey

      How out new customers?

    • Svelt

      How did you manage that? I’m trying to find any info I can for this offer!

  • Paul Hansen

    Why are all my friends at Moto Solutions instead of Mobility these days… Lol.

  • Chad

    Who cares?!?! Nice “rub it in” post to us 99% that aren’t friends or family. Idea: post another article about an android phone that’s written by a die hard iPhone user, so I have more of a reason to start visiting a different android blog several times a day. Your site’s really slipping lately, Kellen!

    • EvanJ2462


    • jose

      Buh-bye now.

      • Chad

        Great thinker! Do you still have to use flash cards?

  • Kelly OBrien

    Keep trying Moto !

  • CHRIS42060

    Well now I know what I will be doing with my evening….. Scouring Linkedin looking for people who work for Motorola that might be looking for friends haha.

  • Inez_carroll325

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  • They ought to be offering free a Moto X to owners of Bionic (who got a ‘raw deal’ according to Punit Soni) and to owners of other Moto phones that weren’t upgraded to Jelly Bean.

  • Shane Redman

    Anyone still using an OG Droid as a daily driver should qualify…

    • shehippie

      LOL…One of my sons is using my old one. That old phone is still kickin’.

    • Jeremy Gross

      How bout anyone still stuck on blackberry cause old phone broke and upgrade isnt for months….i know someone πŸ˜€

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’d be happy to be one of Motorola’s friends. Can I be your friend, M? But first, can I call you M?


  • Kyle Wilkins

    This is stupid. Hand these custom phones out to tech enthusiasts and people who frequent and are active on sites like this and allow them 1 or 2 friend invites. If you do it like that you will see less hate and I’m sure most people here are the “go to guy (or gal)” for questions about different phones and which to buy. I will never buy this phone but if I got a free one (custom one at that) I would know about the phone and probably recommend it. I’m a little let down by the price, which ultimately is the reason I won’t get it when I see nice SGS4’s on craigslist for $400 off contract. That is how to really promote your product.

  • Detonation

    “Since the phone is running $199 on-contract, you are essentially getting the phone for free.”

    Plus a two year contract…

    • jose

      On AT&T

      • aDROIDfreeworld

        and with no reception, and heavily limited data usage

  • XphoneTroll

    I have the iPhone 5, and also testing the new iPhone 5S, maybe I should test this motor X too?

    • SmokeNMirrors

      If you’ve got deep pockets, sure test away!

    • JonathonFlores

      for some reason, it wasn’t funny this time.

      • Ian

        it wasn’t the same joke though…

        • tomn1ce

          Still wasn’t funny -_-

  • trixnkix637

    No new friends. That’s how I wound up on Verizon in the first place.

    • EricRees

      This is gold. This needs upvoted straight to the top.

      • Tirionfive

        I did my part πŸ™‚

      • Ian Smith

        this isn’t reddit, neckbeard.

    • Long time fan…

      I honestly don’t get the humor or reference attempting to be made here, but what I do get is the pointless and distasteful promotion made by the moderator below…

      • chihova

        i honestly dont get why it was a pointless and distasteful promotion made by the moderator, but what i do get is the humor and reference being made here!

        • deadpenguins

          I don’t. Care to explain? πŸ™‚

          • Charles Hobbs

            Don’t mean to sound thick-headed, but I don’t get it either…?

    • master94

      Hi, I work for Motorola in Nigera. If you would pay the taxes required I can give you a free moto X. Just leave me your social security number and credit card and I will get back to you :p.

      Please note this is a joke.

  • SmokeNMirrors

    Does anybody actually have a friend or family member planning to get the X? Somebody’s gotta buy this thing…

    • JonathonFlores

      Probably not becuase nobody has heard of it yet.

      • SmokeNMirrors

        Everybody I know has heard of it. Problem is, nobody wants to spend that kind of money for it!

        • JonathonFlores

          Let me rephrase. People who don’t read tech blogs hasn’t heard of it.

          • SmokeNMirrors

            Half a billion dollars later and they will. I’d rather Moto dropped the price $100 for the first 5 million phones though… we’ll sell it for them!

          • Warwick

            Why aren’t you working for Moto’s marketing? Pure genius :p

          • SmokeNMirrors

            Hey yeah! Maybe they’ll at least let me test this thing!

          • Raj Bhatt

            People that don’t read are Moto’s target with this one.

    • Warwick

      My brother and cousin actually want it. They were sold by Motomaker. But they are iPhone users, not hard to sell them pretty colors.

      • SmokeNMirrors

        Your brother and cousin are just the type of folks Moto is looking for!

  • Xious

    So is this friends and family that are on AT&T only? What if all of their friends and family are on Verizon or T-Mobile? Tough luck?

  • drose0

    I’m looking for a new friend right now…

  • JonathonFlores

    MotoMaker is so “important” to the Moto X that they decided to give AT&T the exclusive on it. Okay! Because that makes so much sense.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I’m fairly certain that “exclusive” is more or less code for “we’re working on pushing this to everyone but it ridiculously hard, AT&T is the only (or quickest agreeing) one willing to pony up the cash to help us out with the first phase rollout and we’ll push it out to every carrier as soon as we possibly can”.

      • SmokeNMirrors

        Good point. VZW takes forever to approve anything… AT&T is happy to have beta testers on their network.

    • WickedToby741

      It actually makes perfect sense. This is new territory. Nobody has done this before. Inevitably there are going to be some kinks and crashes. It’s just like rolling software out in stages. It’s easier to manage and fix issues when you don’t open the floodgates.

      • jose

        Kinks and crashes with painting custom colors and engraving penises on the case?

        • Stevedub40

          One penis is fine, it’s those crazy bastards that need two. It really holds up production.

          • jose

            I think it’s the ballsacks. Gotta have them ballsacks.

    • jose

      This would be so much easier if Moto just made the back case removable. Then you can order as many colors as you want.

      I’d love a Moto X in Baby Vomit Green with Pink Zebra stripes but I’m not sure how I’d feel about it 2yrs from now.

  • Mark

    I am willing to be anybody’s friend for this!!!!

  • MichaelFranz

    Sign me up. Hey i bought a xoom and a razr hd, i think loyal customers should qualify to some extent. πŸ™‚

    • Brian Cohen

      How about OG Droid, Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid 4, before that Motorola Q, before that Motorola ZN4, before that Motorola StarTac

      Loyalty means nothing these days….

      • jstew182

        They don’t have to do anything to please you cause they know you are going to keep buying their products! Haha…

      • MichaelFranz

        i had a motorola beeper….that should count for something

    • Big_EZ

      4 of my 6 smart phones were Motorola, and many more will be. Motorola always has great reception, Samsung is hit or miss, and HTC is ok. I’d love to see a “Hero” device that to have a 5-5.5″ 1080p screen, a microSD slot, and the customizations this phone has.

  • Omer

    So you have to sign a two year contract or no? Doesn’t seem clear from the article.

  • Zeph

    We all want Moto friends now! Unfortunatly this would be the only way many people would consider getting this device

  • Matt Isaacs

    500 mil in advertising, free phones to friends and family… I’m starting to understand why the price point is so high.

    • Tyler Durden

      Idk, Google spends a lot on their employees and can still sell their products cheap.

      • Matt Isaacs

        This phone is not cheap though. I do agree Google takes care of the employees though.

        • JonathonFlores

          This, however, is not a Google Phone. It’s a Motorola phone.

          • michael arazan

            Which is still owned by Google

          • JonathonFlores

            Which is run seperately.

    • Anthony_Armando

      500 million USD is nothing when compared to what Apple and Samsung spend on marketing. Apple, if I recall correctly, spends about 1 billion USD, and Samsung, spends upwards of 10 billion USD across all of its products. But, if done right, they don’t need a huge budget.

    • Bbob

      free phones to friends and family…and to bloggers

  • It’s only free if they decide to buy ON contract. For those looking to buy off contract it would still be around $350-$400.

    • JonathonFlores

      I’d pay that mcuh for it off contract.

      • Bill Newman


      • I guess I’m just cheap when I say that I still can’t justify paying anywhere over $300 for a phone especially if it isn’t some type of Nexus device (Yeah the Moto X is really close to a Nexus but its still got the carrier bloat on VZW!).

        • Tyler

          Verizon galaxy nexus has 2 Verizon apps yet is still a nexus.

  • Matt Hodson

    I need to make more friends…

  • Patrick Chapman

    Anybody that works at Motorola… Wanna be my friend?

    • S2556

      Bionic come hook us up!
      Sarge where you at?

      • kixofmyg0t

        Neither of them are even close to friends of Moto employees.

      • tomn1ce

        Bionic disappeared right before the Moto X was announced….It looks like Sarge locked him up somewhere for sharing info on the Moto X…o/

        • I am pretty sure Bionic is pissed at all of us and he bid farewell to the site. At least that is how i read his last post but i cant remember what he posted it on.

          • tomn1ce

            I know I think I read it, he actually gave some good info about the Moto X. He seem deppressed when he found out that the Moto X was sporting a S4 Pro and that’s why he bought himself a GS4.

        • Moto X Forum

          Bionic is over at MotoXforum.net

          • Gnex

            O RLY?