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Temple Run 2 Updated, Play as Usain Bolt and Google Play Games Services Added

Temple Run 2

Temple Runners can go grab the latest update for Temple Run 2 through Google Play, featuring the game’s first-ever guest appearance. The developers balled out and got Usain Bolt to appear in the game, allowing players to buy Bolt as a playable character for a limited time. And you can bet that he has a pretty sweet “Bolt” power according to the changelog. 

On top of the world’s fastest man, Temple Run 2 now features Google Play Game Services, allowing players to stack their scores up against their friends through Google+. It was unclear if it will now feature cloud saves too, but my guess is no. That would be a nice future update.

What’s New:

Announcing the first guest star in Temple Run history – Usain Bolt! That’s right, you can now run as the fastest man on Earth to escape from your favorite Evil Demon Monkey! And you’re going to love your unique Bolt powerup! You can buy Bolt for a limited time, but hurry, he goes fast!

We also added Google Play Game Services, sign in under the settings menu and see how you compare to your friends!

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  • bungadudu


    have you seen the leaderboards ?


    what’s the point of the game can be so easily hacked?

  • chaoslimits

    Fail, I’d rather play as Insane Bolt.

  • mustbepbs

    Sorry, Temple Run 2, but I’m too busy trying to beat my family’s scores in Candy Crush Saga.

    • EvanTheGamer

      That game is just too damn addicting.


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  • AMPthe13th

    From what I’ve been told, the “Bolt powerup” is super speed + magnet at the same time… for anyone who cares.

  • zarxic

    Does the Google Play Game Services support game saves?

    • JamesU513

      The article says, “It was unclear if it will now feature cloud saves too, but my guess is no. That would be a nice future update.”

      • zarxic

        D’oh! Thanks, missed that.

        • JamesU513

          I did also, had to read it again.

        • JamesU513

          Thinking about this some more, your question was not about this game only. I believe Google game Services does provide cloud saving, but the developer has to implement it into the game.

    • zarxic

      I’d love to see a list of games that do offer the game saves feature. Any of the games I’ve used that incorporate any of the Game Services it seems to only be the leaderboards.

    • JimmyHACK

      From the play store app on your device. If the game support play store features you will see a “game features” actually section. You can press it to see all like leader boards, multiplayer, cloud saves, achievements. Sadly Temple run doesn’t have the save support added.