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First Look: Moto X With Custom Wood Backs

moto x wood

Motorola is trying to change the smartphone game a bit by allowing customers to customize the entire look of their phone. But outside of flashy colors from MotoMaker, Moto is ready to experiment with different types of materials on its Moto X, one of those being wood.  

During our time with the device today, we were told that Motorola is currently testing Bamboo, Teak, Ebony, and Rosewood wood backs with availability happening later this year. When you pick up a device with a wood back, you can actually tell from the texture that it’s wood. We’re not talking about a heavily laminated skin on top of plastic – Motorola actually means to put wood on the back of a smartphone.

And wood could be just the beginning. The wood back option should rollout some time in Q4 of this year. Here is a first look wood on a smartphone.


moto x woodmoto x woodmoto x woodmoto x wood

  • Hothfox

    Man. I wanted to upgrade my GNex so badly, but all the phones out recently have been disappointments or Verizon’s botched their launch somehow. The S4 is a nice phone, but I hate TouchWiz, and the touch button setup really pisses me off. I wanted the HTC One, but by the time Verizon gets it, I’ll have less than half a year to use it before my contract is up (switching to AT&T prepaid). The DROID line is okay, but I’m not interested in spending $700 on a new phone this late in my contract. This Moto X was one of my last hopes, but the price point just isn’t there versus the specs.

  • ScottDooley

    How about everyone stops pissing and moaning about the price point. If we all remember motorola isn’t doing that great and it’s made in America, which without questions brings the price point higher.

  • Jordan

    Great. Wood would help me burn this phone quicker for being one of the biggest disappointments since my Thunderbolt! So glad I got an S4 2 months ago

  • Brandon Golway

    The Moto X has wood… hahaha

  • BOB Dudek

    ..Or just get give a Samsung Galaxy S4..with old fashioned SD card and removable juice.!


    Question is: does it float? Anyway a nice hipster post.

  • Jacob Buys

    No longer will we call are phones bricks, instead we’ll call them planks, unfortunately this plank is going to flop

  • Chris

    Okay. So if customization isn’t coming to Verizon for a while, will you be able to customize it later (by replacing the back cover)? I guess my question is more or less… if there’s no customization now, what’s the point? If you aren’t going to purchase the Moto X towards release, why would you wait to purchase a “customized” version several months down the road?

  • ChucksInCharge

    For some reason Monty Python comes to mind.
    And why do witches burn?

  • mgamerz

    I am enjoying reading all these comments about people feeling entitled to a lower price point.

    • Joe

      Entitled? They just won’t sell and after all, we are the customers, stupid.

      • zurginator

        We are an extremely elitist minority though. If you asked us, the iPhone wouldn’t sell at all. If you asked us, a bunch of phones that have sold incredibly well wouldn’t have sold.

    • cizzlen

      I’m lovin’ it myself. This is a good opportunity for Android to steal away a lot of those legacy iPhone users.

      • mgamerz

        The comments on the blogs are reinforcing that android is about specs. Without high specs it implies android runs pretty bad. The iPhone seems to do pretty damn well without the specs. Yes, I’ve used one. For the majority of tasks it seems to run smoother than android. It doesn’t age that well.

        • cizzlen

          Exactly. This phone was never meant to be about specs. It was to provide a highly optimized and custom user experience for Android. The hate on this phone by people who haven’t even used it yet is ridiculous.

          Edit: And this is coming from an HTC One user who happens to like Sense 5 quite a bit.

  • Pimp

    No thanks Motorola, you can play with your own wood

  • Kevintw

    Gross. It looks like it’s covered in contact paper.

  • Tyler

    Stainless steel please

  • CharlesJorgenson

    The ebony is awesome, i just worry about wear on it though, like how thick is the wood, will the speaker grille break? over time will it splinter into my hand? Im hoping it has a heavy lacquer coating or something.

  • Eduardo Cruz

    Haha Here comes all the bitchin and whining

  • BOB Dudek

    Think the wood option is the Contractor only V.

  • Detonation

    Sweet, so now if you set you phone down on a damp spot or leave it in a sweaty pocket all day, it can start to rot!

  • Shssael Perez

    They had a great opportuninty to change the market they blew it, once again. Thanks but no thanks, keep your wood.

  • RoboCop

    The colors look great…but no way am I forking over that much money on something less powerful with less space, and less features than the GS4…especially when this is $250 for 32GB and the S4 is $200 after tax on sale at a lot of places WITH a 16GB card inside making it 32GB

  • jmsbwmn

    I guess I’ll post the only positive Moto X comment on Droid-Life today. I think the customization options are incredible, the pricing is fair (let’s be realistic, guys – this phone is tied to how many carriers?), and the wood backs, especially the dark one, look SICK! Here’s hoping I can unload my GS3!

    • jose

      BUT, all the cool stuff and 32gb version are going to ATT only. In usual fashion, Verizon customers get the crappiest phones.

      • mike dunham

        Leave Verizon?

        • jose

          I’d love to, but I sure wouldn’t do it for this phone.

        • T4rd

          If there’s a carrier worse than Verizon, it’s AT&T.

          • A.Miller

            In what way?

          • T4rd

            Worse coverage and same plans/policies for the same price as Verizon..?

          • Hothfox

            Their pre-paid plan is far and above Verizon’s. LTE availability to pre-paid users and 2GB of data a month (with unlimited text and talk) for $65 is pretty damn good. Their LTE is expanding (it’s everywhere I travel, actually). Most people that would leave Verizon for a phone would probably go pre-paid these days.

          • T4rd

            We’re not talking pre-paid though.

            Unlimited data or bust.

          • Hothfox

            Ah, that wasn’t clear. I used to be very attached to my unlimited, but when my dad upgraded a line on our family plan, I lost unlimited and realized I was only using less than 2GB a month anyway, including heavy Netflix and Google Play music use. I’m pretty well trained for when I leave Verizon for AT&T prepaid in March.

          • Nothavingit

            So very true

    • Michael

      give you $20 for your gs3

      • Justin W

        I’ll give you $21. Free market 😛

        • Jacob Buys

          How about $23 upping the stakes here

          • imnotmikal

            I’ll go $23.50.

          • zurginator

            $23.50 and a half.

          • Justin W

            $23.50 and a whole.

        • loch ness monster

          tree fiddy give or take

  • Shaunwin

    I wonder if there will be aftermarket back plates?

  • Ian

    So what’s retail(off contract) on this thing? 15 Moto X posts and no-mention whatsoever.

  • Chris Bailey

    ..we’re gonna change the game! Yep $199 for two year contract. But MADE IN ‘MURICA. ..and AND WOOD. YES WOOD.


  • patrick

    a wood cover to remind us of the dick in the ass we all just got

  • Want the wood. Not the price and contract.

  • Velmeran

    How much more are they going to charge for wanting a wood back?

    • jose

      $99 + extra year on your contract.

      • Jackson


      • Velmeran

        Not sure if that’s game changing enough though? I mean it’s a wood back!
        Probably $99 plus TWO years on contract
        or $150 + the extra year on your contract.

  • ToddAwesome

    this will look great with an Otter box on it.

  • richkoos

    That dark wood looks amazing!

    • jose

      obligatory “That’s what she said”

  • anezarati

    “out later this year” so if you want a wood one dont get one now…lame

  • Silverman

    Leave it in that grass. It’s a better tree than a phone.

  • Aaron H

    If they’re trying to change the smartphone game, they’re doing it in completely the wrong way.

  • Silverman

    meh and double meh …

  • jose


  • Will

    I can’t wait to chuckle when i see the first hipster with one of these in Portland.

    • BOB Dudek

      Then they will put a “BIRD on it”

    • tyguy829

      it will probably be kellen….

  • If this was priced <$400 off contract they could be giving more people wood

    • michael arazan

      If Motorola sold this for $350-400 on their own and cut out the carriers middleman price this would of been the best selling phone of the year.

      • Nicholassss

        I’d buy it outright for 450. but at its actual price range i could probably haggle and get the new droid do-hicky.

        I’m a huge fan of the wood back too.

  • BigWormBigPerm

    My wood went away when I saw the price and AT&T exclusivity

    • brkshr

      I think we need to wait for off-contract pricing until we come to conclusions. Did anyone really expect the carriers to not want their cut for a phone?

      I don’t think we’ll be seeing $300 pricing off contract, like everyone thinks they deserve. I think we will be seeing $400 – $500, compared to other phones that are $600 – $700.

      (Crawling in my bunker meow…)

      • Jacob Buys

        Yeah it got announced, i think the 16gb one is $575

        • jathak

          That’s AT&T off contract. I’m waiting for the price direct from Motorola or the Play Store.

  • Christian Trevor Clauss

    Can I carve ‘Fail’ on that wood?

    • mw630

      Yep. For $200 on contract. . . . .