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Google Play Music App Updated, Brings Chromecast Improvements

google music

Google Play Music lovers that also have a Chromecast should attempt (don’t forget about staged rollouts) to pick up the newest update that brings improvements for the streaming service. We haven’t been able to try the update out yet, but the service already works decently well with Chromecast, so who knows what “improvements” could mean exactly.

If the update is live for you and you are able to try out streaming to Chromecast, let us know how well it goes.

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Cheers K!

  • Jaggari
  • sagisarius

    I’m kinda hoping they set it up so you can have multiple people just add to a playlist on it, wasn’t that a feature of the Nexus Q?

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    I downgraded the app to the old UI …

  • I am a music lover so I’m very interested in it

  • Lucky Armpit

    I wish Google would update the Play Music app so you could turn off that weird zoomed-in artwork thing so I can update to this version… I’m still running the dark-background version.

  • gnico

    Best Buy have more in stock in some places as of today. People have been posting pictures of being inside the store with multiple units stocked on shelves. I already have mine for about a week and love it. Thinking of going back tomorrow to pick up another one.

  • dmgdroid

    Honestly I hope the improvements are that I can start playing something from my phone and then pause or skip it on my tablet.
    This functionality is there for all of the other chromecast supported apps but just not Google Play Music. Is it some kind of DRM thing or am I just doing it wrong?

    • Kie

      How do you get this done in the YouTube app?

      • dmgdroid

        Well the first time I tried it it crashed. But after that it was fine. I just started playing a Netflix/YouTube video on my phone then got out of the app and put my phone to sleep.
        Then on my Nexus 7(2012) I just went to Netflix/YouTube and instead of going to a video just hit the cast button and it brought up the controls for the current video. No extra configuration needed
        I just wish this worked on Play Music

        • sirmeili

          ^ This. I also wish that if I left the house with my phone that it didn’t turn off the Google Music Cast (which I noticed it did the other day when I ran to the store).

          I thought the point was that you could start casting and leave and the casting would continue. It works that way with YouTube and I believe Netflix.

          • dmgdroid

            Ya the only reason I can think of it not working for Play Music would be some DRM issue but even that doesn’t really make much sense.
            Hope it works once this update hits

    • sagisarius

      I have the same problem. Since they’re connected to the same play account, it’s a little bit on the lame side.

      • dmgdroid

        I couldn’t agree more

  • Michael

    please let this be the fix for the razr/razr maxx

    • ETPhoneHomeT

      Yes, fingers crossed! Keep checking for update, but nothing yet on my RAZR Maxx.

      • Michael

        You can uncross. Still does not work on my maxx.

        • ETPhoneHomeT

          Bummer! Still haven’t received the update on mine.

    • Raven

      And the Droid 4 which also suffers from the same problem.

  • Mike

    Best $35 I’ve spent in a while. I plugged mine into a receiver and can stream Google Music right out to the pool area. Not exactly using it to it’s full potential but this Chromecast is filling a much needed void. Cool device!

    • JamesU513

      Are there any monitors in your setup? Just the receiver? I’ve only used mine so far with the TV on. I’ve got the Chromecast plugged into my Sony sound system subwoofer/router which is hooked up to the TV.

      • Mike

        No TV. I used a TV for setup, then pulled it out and plugged it into the receiver. works great. I found it odd that I can control the volume right from the G Music web page. When I watched Youtube videos the volume control on the web page didn’t do anything.

        • JamesU513

          It works without my TV on! Slick… Thanks Bender

      • AndroGnome

        Great. I have a question… does it stream Netflix with HD Audio or is it just stereo?

    • Daniel Tifft

      This is exactly what I wanted to know. I have a Pioneer receiver and was hoping this would work without a TV, thanks!

  • mrjayviper

    does it support streaming locally stored music now? Somehow I doubt it as it seems google seems to be more aggresive in pushing their own services compared to the close ecosystem that is apple.

    • Stephen

      To Google’s defense, if you have locally stored music, Google Music Manager should be able to scan your computers library and automatically add it to your Google Music account. Therefore, even if you don’t like using Google Music as a daily driver app, you can still use it to play the music that you already owned.

      • DroidJ

        Funny enough, I have music that I originally downloaded from Amazon onto my phone, then uploaded to Google Music later on my desktop. So it is in my Gmusic library, and also local on my phone, but still won’t play on the Chromecast.

        • Stephen

          Well damn, I dunno then. All of my music successfully uploaded and is usable :-/

        • Sean Bello

          have you tried switching to All Music instead of On Device? might make a difference

          • DroidJ

            Yeah…I never do anything else other than All Music.

        • Justin W

          I don’t feel so weird for doing this. I always would buy my music from Amazon, download to my desktop, upload to Play Music, and there you have it. It was a very short process, but it was what I needed to do prior to getting All Access. And it was usually cheaper than buying directly from Play.

        • RCinMaryland

          I had the same problem. Try unmounting your SD card and then using Chromecast with your music that is in the cloud. It is a pain in the butt, but it was the only way I could get it to play my music (SD card unmounted). After finishing, I have to remember to Mount the SD card again. I really hope they fix this. It is a pain but it works for me now.

      • mrjayviper

        only on my PC? I don’t think google has officially opened the google music library to 3rd party UNLIKE apple. Seems itunes match was very quickly available soon after launch when using 3rd party apps. I know my fave iOS music player has that feature but I never used it.

        • Stephen

          I’m not really sure what you’re saying…but the google music app should be able to recognize locally stored music on your phone, but because chromecast pulls from the Google Music “Cloud”, I would suggest using the music manager to scan your computer’s music library too, which will basically earmark all the songs you already “own” when accessing Google’s Music “cloud”.

          And I’m not suggesting pulling the Google Music Library to a 3rd party app. But if you download a hard copy of music you bought from Google, you absolutely can use a 3rd party app.

    • Jon

      There are several developers working on apps that will stream content from a local device to the Chrome Cast. Give it a week…literally.

      • mrjayviper

        but I wanna use google play music. I’ve replace pro versions of playerpro/poweramp and various other pro audio players with google play music.

        I just think the Google provided apps should be setting examples on how things should be done.

        • Jon

          OK then someone above already has a solution for you. You need to use the Google Music manager on your PC to upload all of your music to Google Music. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to use Google Music to play all of your tracks. Or, you could pay for the Google Music subscription service and have access to everything that way which would also work. That’s two options for you.

          The third being what I said before, which is just wait a week and someone will have made an app, or updated an existing app to allow it to share files directly to Google Cast.

          A fourth option is to use the browser on a PC to stream music to the Chrome cast device.

          That’s 4 options you have there to solve your problem.

          • mrjayviper

            I’ve already uploaded my library to the cloud. I don’t want to play all access if all I want is to listen to music I already have. And why do I want to download music from the cloud when I have them stored locally already?

            Having 3rd party developers doesn’t change the fact that Google should be setting examples on how to do it right. They are suppose to be more open than Apple. It doesn’t seemed so at least in this case

          • Jon

            So I don’t get what your problem is then. Your music is in the cloud, which means that the Chromecast device will work great and play all of your music without problems. So what’s the ish?

            What difference does it make if the content comes from the cloud directly to your device as long as it works? This really is a forward thinking feature that Google has implemented.

          • mrjayviper

            It’s good to be forward thinking but you also need to consider the reality in other countries. But since Google is only selling chromecast in the US at the moment (unlike Apple whose products are often available in multiple countries at launch), I guess Google is tagetting the right country with the right infrastructure. 🙂

          • Justin W

            “I’ve already uploaded my library to the cloud. I don’t want to play all access if all I want is to listen to music I already have. And why do I want to download music from the cloud when I have them stored locally already?”

            Because this device is used for your “Online Entertainment”, not locally stored info. Google is pushing their Cloud services, so why would they update a device to utilize locally stored media when that directly contradicts what they are clearly pushing for?

          • mrjayviper

            seems that’s close minded for what is supposedly a more open alternative to Apple ecosystem.

          • Justin W

            Or it’s just Google pushing it’s online business.

          • Terry Cameron

            Because the Google Music interface is great?

            I haven’t touched my local music files since I uploaded everything to Google Music. Everything is available on all my devices and the search is awesome.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    I gave up on Google Play All Access music already! Too buggy and poor SQ. Went back to Rhapsody. Wonder how seemless it (Google Play Music) will be with Chromecast.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      100% seamless, that’s how much. You should try it out bro.

    • I’ve not had one issue with songs from All Access having bad SQ. Are you sure it wasn’t the files you uploaded via the PC client? Some of mine weren’t matched for whatever reason and there was a clear difference when one of the songs would play but once I replaced those with All Access provided songs it’s perfect!

    • Daniel Tifft

      I’m not entirely sure how 320 kbps audio sounds poor? Try adjusting your mobile networks stream quality to “High” in the app and see if that makes a difference for you.

  • For me, if left on for long periods of time the chromecast will revert to the “Press play to play a song screen” and stop streaming music.

    Also, and this is a problem for Netflix as well, the Music app will get killed and have to be restarted meaning I can’t control playback until it is.

    • Ajmcnicol

      Thats an issue with your phone..not chromecast..your phones memory management is killing apps to recliam system resources. Nothing google can do about that. A phone with more ram wont do that

      • Are there a lot of phones/tablets with 4gb of ram yet? Because, until there are I think the 2GB in the Nexus 10 should be more than enough…

      • Justin W

        I disagree with that. I’ve never had issues playing songs through BT or aux cables that causes this (plus, the app is still synced with the cloud, hence the scrubbing still working). This shouldn’t cause that – likely this should fix that issue.

  • coolsilver

    I’d be happy if the queue syncs between desktop and phone app.

  • cabbiebot

    Hmm haven’t noticed any Play Music oddities in my limited usage but haven’t been trying to do anything fancy.

    What I’d really love to be able to do is cast Music from my phone to the TV then back to my tablet if I wish, right now you can only retrieve the cast back to the device it came from.

  • Jon Kruse

    Had an issue where it would error out when trying to play Google Play Music songs on first startup of Chromecast yesterday. Switched over to youtube and then back to Google Play Music and it seems to work fine now.

  • Verizon

    Every time you use chromecast over wifi a Verizon rep dies.

    • JamesU513

      Does it work on a phones hot spot?

      • Andy Stetson

        You can play content from your PC that is stored on your hard drive. just navigate to it through Chrome, then cast it with the Chrome Extension.

        • michael arazan

          Google needs a Nexus or Android Dongle so we can do everything our phones and Tablets do but on our HDTV.

          I use my GNex hmi/hdmi adapter to mirror my phone to play games, browse the interweb, watch videos and use my apps, but they seem to break after 4-6 months of use, would love a wireless one with a keyboard and controller like the Archos TV Connect that Never came out.

    • juanwilson325

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  • mechapathy

    Hopefully this fixes the issue I was having where my chromecast would occasionally go idle for a moment with songs in the queue.

  • Jason Downing

    Chromecast out for delivery right now. Can’t wait to try it!

    • EC8CH

      for $35… it’s pretty awesome

      • Jason Downing

        I have no doubts…. however, I’m really not sure it’ll be up to par with my Smart TV 🙂

        • EC8CH

          content wise… no (not yet)

          ease of use… hell yeah.

          • Jason Downing

            haha. joking good sir.

          • Justin W

            In all seriousness, though, this device, even with it’s limited content (that’s really not so limited if you have a computer with Chrome), it beats my LG SmartTV out of the water (and now I’m wishing I went with the dumb version for a bit less).

        • mike dunham

          I have a LG SmartTV and I have found YouTube is night and day better on Chromecast. It seems like YouTube app on the LG takes forever to start and play content.