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Chromecast Receiving First Update – Improves Performance, Reliability, and Security


Google’s Chromecast is set to receive its first update just days after launching and taking the tech world by storm. The update doesn’t include any new features, but will improve performance, reliability, and security for the $35 dongle. That’s it.

Chromecast updates automatically since it’s attached to WiFi, so you don’t need to do anything to receive it. You probably can’t even force it, to tell you the truth. In fact, you probably won’t even know when it updates, unless you happen to have your TV turned to the input for your Chromecast and are staring blindly at it.

Via: Β Chrome Releases

  • BOB Dudek


    Shipped notification today. Ordered mine from the GPS @ 2 pm on the 24th.. included the 3 month comp Netflix .

    WAS sold out by 215.


  • Skittlez

    saw mine update last night. pretty sweet since i just got mine yesterday

  • Butler House

    Loving my chromecast so far. I have figured out how to get local content to play through my chromecast device but my only issue now is the when I want it to go full screen, I cant use the rest of my computer. Is there any way to make a video go full screen but stay in the specific tab it is in? I would like to be able to do other things on my computer while this runs.

  • Marco Mendoza

    Good hopefully they fixed an issue I have where the sound seems to fade in and out

  • I will also update on my device

  • Mvasquez

    Hey dumb question..I know chrome cast needs to be connected to a USB in order to charge correct? And many people have a USB port on their TV but what about the people that don’t have one ,how do u charge it while its being used?

    • Matt-Ex

      The Chromecast also ships with a piece you plug into the wall that the USB cable can plug into. The same type most phones come with nowadays.

      • Raven

        The model number is MST3K-US. If you don’t get it, Google MST3K.

    • pizzaparties

      I plugged mine into my router since my TV doesn’t have any USB drives.

  • Christopher Moore

    Yes, I just got my email from Amazon that’s telling me that I will receive another email for the Nexflix code after 5 days my chromecast ships. Only problem is when does my chromecast ship?

  • mgamerz

    Mine just picked it up. I don’t use the power adapter since my TV doesn’t support CEC, so having it always plugged in is pointless. It applied the update when it rebooted. I assume it’s safe to do it whenever it wants, because there’s a way to reflash the OS right? If there’s a power loss in the middle of the install?

    Or I guess it could be like Chrome OS where there’s two different bios/bootloader sequences, if one fails, fall back to the other.

    • using the Chromecast app you can go into the settings and choose Factory Reset, i would assume that would erase any update but maybe not.

  • michoski

    Unless the Moto X tops this, this will officially stand as the best purchase i’ve made this year

  • Javelin_Jack

    I took a closer look at the release notes. NSA tracking added. Bummer.

  • Still waiting on Koush to release his CC app. There is already another Remotecast (Beta) on the store so i dont see why he cant release his. Oh well.

    • d-rock

      You can probably release free apps, but not paid apps? You know this one is going to cost you a few dollars πŸ™‚

  • ßen Murphy

    Got mine today! This thing is amazing!

  • Kelly OBrien

    Just bought mine at almost double the price ! Guess if you want something bad enough you will pay the price. UGGGGGHHH Oh well

    • Mike

      Honestly I thought these could have cost more anyway. We sure can’t complain about Google price gouging us.

      • Skittlez

        Google’s not price gouging. other people reselling them are

    • Christopher Moore

      Don’t feed the scalpers.

  • JamesU513

    To those that are not happy with this device not being able to play locally stored content, Google is marketing this as “easily enjoy your favorite ONLINE entertainment “. Your best option for now is to connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable. I know you want to play locally stored music from your phone, but that is not what this device was made for.

    • DanSan

      you can play locally stored content..

  • Brock Dawkins

    Sucks I was on vacation and unable to pick one up. Calling bestbuy every damn day now, haha. Everyone just bought them trying to turn profits, lol.

  • Booyabobby


  • patrick

    i’d update my chromecast…IF I HAD ONE

  • cmbeid

    Debating on if I should sell mine on Ebay for a nice profit. Second TV can wait…

    • Jeremy Martin

      don’t be one of the tools. If you don’t want it sell it to someone on here.

  • Jon

    I ordered mine on Amazon the day of announcement. Amazon initially said it wouldn’t ship till well into first week of August. A day or two later and they updated my order saying it was shipping. So it should be here today or tomorrow. So Amazon obviously got another quick shipment of these after initially being back-ordered within hours after product announcement. I have no clue if I made it through the Netflix promo deadline.

    • ßen Murphy

      Check your mailbox, mine just came today! πŸ™‚

    • steve james

      Likewise! Said it will take 5 days after delivery. Must be trying to stop scammers.

  • Mike Hilal

    Cant wait till they’re back in stock

    • Michael

      keep checking the BB site for your local store..i randomly did monday and saw most in my area got a new shipment in

    • LP @ThisisEther

      just picked one up yesterday in Florence, SC… came with the Netflix too..dont ask the best buy reps, because they have no idea….You have to visually check every best buy…

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I should have bought one on Best Buy before they sold out. (Bangs head on wall)

    • I have several… And am willing to part with them for the low low price of $105!

      • cmbeid

        I’ll sell mine for $103. FREE MARKET.

        • Adrynalyne

          I’ll sell mine for 35 + 9.1% sales tax to recoup my money. Oh and you have to pay shipping.

          Non-dbag FREE MARKET.

          • joder

            Wtf you are still alive?

          • Adrynalyne

            No. I am reanimated corpse, surviving off a diet of Red Bull and geek brains.

          • joder

            IRC misses you

          • Adrynalyne

            I came onto IRC to bash you and you didn’t even answer.

          • michael arazan

            Glad I’m a Nerd and not a geek

          • DanSan

            9.1% sales tax, dear god i thought new york was the biggest $hith0le…

          • Adrynalyne

            I hear ya. But…

            New York (City anyway) has a much higher cost of living.

          • DanSan

            its 8.625 here on the long island, so im not that far behind..

    • Adrynalyne

      I walked in last weekend and figured that the average Tusconan was daft and that because Best Buy didn’t show them available in store they wouldn’t bother looking.

      Got one right off the shelf. The only one left, in fact. No Netflix deal though. Which is ok because the second one I ordered had a code.

      • gabravo2005

        I went in day of release to Best Buy, in Tucson, most of the blue shirts had no idea what Chromecast was, or what it did. Another said it would not be released for another month…… Man those people are dumb…..

        • Adrynalyne

          Yes, yes they are.

          The guy who cashed me out just looked at it blankly. Had no clue what it was.

          • Project Mayhem

            Tucson in the house! I was an idiot who didn’t find out about Chromecast till after I got back from my vacation…now I’m in the waiting game πŸ™

          • Adrynalyne

            By the time more apps support it and they improve the performance of tab casting, it will be available again.

            IMO, the only reason to jump on it early was the Netflix promo.

    • You are not the only one I walked in the day they announced it looking to purchase a Roku and they had 5 in stock sitting on the shelf. I decided to not buy the Roku and do some research on the Chromecast went in the next day and they were all gone πŸ™

    • juanwilson325

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  • coolsilver

    Just like chrome, won’t know it happened until something looks or acts different.

  • EC8CH


    • Jason Downing

      So mine has been sitting in my mailbox. Tracking number said it was still out for delivery… just hooked it up and started using it

    • KleenDroid

      I tend to agree with you.