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Tendere Icon Pack Goes Minimal Rectangles, Wallpapers Easily Worth the Price

tendere icons android

From the creator of the increasing popular icon pack known as Flatro, we present to you Tendere. As you know, we’re always on the hunt for the next hot set of icons, and Tendere with its rectangles, minimal color palette, and retro angles, might be it. The pack contains 350 icons at this point (will certainly grow), along with nine “abstract/minimal” wallpapers. The entire set screams flat and old school, while still carrying that new school minimal design. It’s a solid mix, but I’m really liking the idea of moving to rectangles instead of following the trend of every icon pack using perfect squares.

Tendere works with all of the popular launchers like Nova, Apex, Action, TSF, and more. 

Play Link ($1.59)


  • michael arazan

    Can’t wait for the day they make icon packs that run on stock android without the need for a launcher

  • Ankur Singh
    • Ooh that is hot. It’s like Flatro meets iOS 7. 😛

      • Ankur Singh

        Yeah, and they cover just about everything also! Also, if anyone wants the apk file for it, feel free to ask 🙂

        • turdbogls

          thats just not right. make them pay for it man. its a buck fifty.

          • Ankur Singh

            If it makes you feel any better, no one has asked haha. A buck fifty for an icon pack is still pretty pricey, especially since you can’t really preview all the icons it comes with. I’m sure many people believe in “try before you buy,” or at least “try, and if you like it, support the devs by paying for the next update.”

          • Koneesha

            Ooo I wouldn’t mind the apk

          • turdbogls

            google play gives you 15 minutes to see all the apps supported. you can then ask for a refund. this is still Piracy and i am surprised Droid-Life hasn’t deleted your comment by now.

            and a dollar fifty is expensive? c’mon man. thats like the cost of a soda from a vending machine. thats nothing compared to all the work the dev put into his app.

            put yourself in their shoes. what if you spent HOURS on a project and then people just put your hard work out for the public to use and you don’t see a penny of that work….you’d be pissed right?
            pay the money, dont give out others work without their permission.

          • Ankur Singh

            Okay dude, chill the hell out. I don’t need a lecture about switching places or being patronized for being conscience free about my decision to want more than 15 minutes to try things out. I’ve purchased plenty of apps and supported many dev startups. Just downvote and carry on with your life.

          • turdbogls

            seems to me that your “moral compass” is not pointed in the right direction. only reason I am “flipping out” is because i know a developer who’s only job is developing apps…its the only way he feeds his family. if you are willing to do this to this developer, you are willing to do it to another….and yes, that irks me. sorry for having SOME morals.

          • Ankur Singh

            It’s not a domino effect. I literally just tried it with one apk, that I happened to mention since I saw the topic of this post. As I said, carry on.

  • Tyler Casilio

    This looks similar, flat color wise, to Sense 5.0 icons. Not saying it is, just saying it reminds me of it

  • Quick question – How does one “clear” an icon pack? After applying a theme, say flatro, I’ve edited a few icons to other icons I liked better within flatro. When I apply another theme, say Tendere, it applys to all icons except the ones I manually changed. How do I get back to default on all icons so they ALL change with a new theme?

    • Firelight

      Not sure if you are referring to the launcher icon or the desktop? If on the desktop long-press, edit, select default. If this is a App Drawer icon issue … I’m not sure.

      Be aware some app-apps like SwipePad or Car Home Ultra sometimes don’t reflect app icon changes at all until you replace the app within their respective … apps.

      • I’m talking about the desktop. Any app that I have changed after applying a theme, like I didn’t like the gmail icon so I changed it to another icon I liked, doesn’t change after applying a new theme, whereas icons I haven’t changed on the desktop will automatically change with the new theme applied. Is there a way to “clear” that because I’m stuck with changing 6 or 7 app icons manually after I apply a new theme.

    • Sergio

      I had to uninstall then reinstall the app that the icon was changed.

  • Mitch Joa

    …I just bought flatro last night…

    • Sean Plantz

      Flatro is awesome, I literally have no apps it doesn’t cover.

      • If you like flatro, you may love Click UI theme. It’s extremely polished.

    • joseph barrientos

      hexicon for me

  • Jason Downing

    While nice and all, a lot of these icon packs look VERY similar.

    • BenderBendingRodriguez0101001

      Ditto. There are a lot of minimal icon packs now and other than their respective shapes, there is very little differentiating their design. Best thing to do is to buy one that gets regular updates.

      • Jason Downing

        Yeah. I am currently using Stark and I’m happy with it. Will stick with it for now

        • Jonathan Isenberg

          I like this one, but I think that I will stick with Stark too.

  • Bi0nic

    I have an addiction to buying icon packs and this article is not helping. :p

  • Joseph A. Yager

    I’m digging this – kind of refreshing to see something different.

  • Ryan


  • Zach B.

    I can’t decide if the rectangles are awesome or annoying… Does it take time to get used to them?

  • JDHokie

    Minor c/x: $1.59 on Play Store (not $1.29 as indicated in your post)