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Verizon to Introduce “VZ Edge” Upgrade Plan, Upgrade to New Phones Once 50% of Previous is Paid Off

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Back in April, after extending upgrade periods to a full 24 months, Verizon introduced a new device payment that would allow customers to upgrade phones by purchasing them at full prices with the payments spread out over a 12-month period. According to sources of ours, Verizon will introduce a new upgrade initiative on August 25 called “VZ Edge” that will allow customers to upgrade their phones much more frequently to “stay on the leading edge of technology.” 

In an training slide detailing the new plan, we can see that Verizon is offering up VZ Edge as a way for customers to avoid signing contracts and upgrade fees, while remaining on the “best network” and with the latest devices. All of the specifics are not yet available, but this slide does mention that if customers are on the previously mentioned monthly payment plan, that they can upgrade to a new device at any time once they have paid off 50% of their current phone. The document doesn’t say specifically, but we would assume that this new VZ Edge plan is for those who participate in the device payment plan only.

While the pricing of Verizon’s plans may not be the cheapest in the land, this is at least a move in the right direction in terms of offering customers upgrade options, especially after they raised upgrade periods to 24 months. With this new VZ Edge plan, you could upgrade quite often and still never have to sign a new contract. Isn’t that what you all want?

Note:  We’re seeing early comments wonder about keeping unlimited data. While we don’t have 100% confirmation, we do know that Verizon lets you keep unlimited data if you participate in the current device payment plan. Since VZ Edge appears to be an extension of that plan, I would assume this would also allow you to keep your unlimited. The slide specifically mentions “no service contract,” which is like buying a phone at full retail or through the payment plan.

Update:  Verizon has confirmed with the announcement of Edge that you cannot keep unlimited data.

In a way, VZ Edge is like T-Mobile’s new JUMP! program, which allows their customers to upgrade twice per 12 months. In theory though, one could upgrade more often through Verizon’s new program, however, there is going to be a difference in the voice/text/data plan pricing from carrier to carrier.

verizon plan

We’ll see what other details we can dig up, but from what we can tell, this new upgrade plan will go live on August 25.

  • jcal1

    I really wish that, instead of all these plans and gimmicks, the phone companies would price the phones with “reasonable” mark-up – and then allow people to buy them – no contracts, no extra fees.

    These companies are making money at both ends. They make money on the phone side and they make money on the carrier side. They act like it’s an imposition to sell you a discounted phone. If it is, then why can’t they get real about it? There are so many competing phones these days – it must be incredibly profitable to make and sell them.

  • Michael E Zehr

    Okay so a lot of negative comments about Verizon, I get that, you can’t please everyone. Verizon is the ONLY provider that I know of that no matter where I go I get a good signal, my dad has AT&T and when he comes to visit me his phone won’t work in our area, even on roaming. So say all you want about Verizon but when it comes to their service I am 100% content with my plan and the customer service that I receive. I have been with quite a few other providers including Sprint, Cingular which became AT&T, AT&T, and a couple of local providers which eventually got eaten up by the bigger companies. I will admit that Verizon charges more than other providers for their plans but I believe you get what you pay for, at least that’s my opinion.

  • Verizon13

    Just bring back unlimited data so I don’t have to deal with sprint

  • So basically this is a 12 month lease agreement with the option to buy or trade-in at the end.

  • tommariner

    I had to give up my unlimited data to get the S4. Frankly, I never use more than a tiny fraction, but that “unlimited” and feeling that I was special to Verizon has helped keep me there. But now that AT&T has their “upgrade every year” thing and offers the same phones, if i am not that special to Verizon any more, maybe they are not that special to me either!

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  • Joe Martinson

    This really is just a bonus for people looking to keep unlimited data and have to pay full price or do the 12 month payment plan anyways. Or those who lose/break a phone and can’t find a suitable used one. Anyone not in those groups wouldn’t be smart to do this. T-Mobile’s Jump plan is much better since it is part of the insurance many pay for anyways.

  • nathan1465

    This is a trap. You are basically paying full price for the device. even if you only pay 50% you have to trade in the current device which they will resell to cover the other 50% just as you could do without Verizon. your not getting any deal.

    • joejoe5709

      True. Less hassle, I suppose?

  • SUMmaro400ex

    What a devious way to get people to effectively pay twice for their phone. All the plans have the subsidy built into the contract which is why the ETF lessens over time. As the subsidy is paid back via expensive monthly service rates, Verizon gets the money back they fronted for your phone. Now they are offering the same expensive plans (with the built in subsidy repayment) plus a financing charge for the phone on top of it. Paying twice for the same phone. No wonder they allow you to trade it in after paying back 50% since you really paid back all of it anyway, just now you give it back to them for free.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Big Red customers should thank Small-Pink…

  • cb2000a

    Contract mobile phone plans will be a thing of the past soon. We will see lots of cheaper and quite adequate phones available very soon. You will buy your phone when you want to and choose which phone company is best suited for you.

  • noname

    Device payment plan? When I got my VZW GS3, I paid something resembling retail price for it (i.e. the subsidized price they put in the ads). My monthly cost is just for the usage of the plan, nothing extra for the phone.

    So, I would have to be on a payment plan first, for a phone I already own, in order to join this new plan. I think. Sure, I’d love to upgrade to an S4 or whenever the next new thing comes out but …

    Yes, I know VZW costs more. You know what, it works deep in the building where I work. Nobody else does. That matters to me. I am fine paying extra to have superior service.

  • UMA_Fan

    Verizon is really shooting themselves in the foot by letting them be compared to Tmobile.

    First of all your phone is paid off with Tmobile by simply bringing it back.

    Tmobile ‘s new plans are discounted from the old plans where you get a subsidized phone. This compensates you from having to pay full price for it.

    If you are okay with continually paying your interest free phone payment on your bill you pay less for phones twice a year that Verizon customers can only get once every 24 months.

    If Verizon isn’t discounting your plan for making you pay full price on a phone then they are asanine.

  • Brandon Golway

    Just enrolled in Jump! today!

  • Bobd

    I would love to been in that conference room when the subject of keeping UL data came up:> “ARE you ffn kidding me!?”..

  • SwampyNutz

    I could care less about phone upgrades, especially after having crap for 3g service. Oh and supposedly having 4g service, according to an email I received from them 2 months ago. I’ve had it with phone companies, especially Verizon.

    • Diablo81588

      You must live in the hills of Arkansas.

  • jackie moore

    i must say, whats the purpose of having a new phone to just listen to music on…….when you dont have a signal most of the time with att sprint tmobile….i had to. lol just having fun

  • Frank512

    I’d rather just buy a phone at full retail every 6 months and sell the old one on Swappa. Probably come out ahead vs. this plan. You would really have to trade in and upgrade right after 50% of the payments are made to really take advantage, unless if you make more payments over the 50%, they give you some kind of prorated discount on the new phone price.

  • Annoying

    “an” training slide?

    • Guest

      “an harmonica” – name that show

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmmm… Interesting. I don’t necessarily see myself taking advantage of this, but if the stars aligned correctly this could be a useful option I suppose.

    Here’s an example:
    Let’s say that Verizon doesn’t get the Nexus this year so I end up getting Verizon’s “version” of it or at least the next best thing like an OEM flagship phone. Then in 2014, Verizon gets the next next Nexus and I’ve got the phone halfway paid off. Bingo, got myself the new Nexus and my monthly bill remains about the same. And at that point I could care less if I need to give them the old phone back. I’d have a brand new Nexus!

    Does this make sense?

  • Kane Desousa

    C’mon your move AT&T

    • Knlegend1

      I’m waiting lol

  • Greg Tataryn

    So here’s my question, if I am buying a phone at the subsidized price it is assumed that part of the cost of the monthly plan is to cover said subsidy. If I buy a phone at full price, does it not make sense that the rates should be lower? I mean for what I pay Verizon (maybe a little less even) I can go to T-mobile and get unlimited everything. Big Red might have the most customers and dole out the best coverage but if they don’t start taking care of their customers that could all change. Especially if T-Mobile ever decides to roll out better coverage.

    • King Lo

      “if I am buying a phone at the subsidized price it is assumed that part of the cost of the monthly plan is to cover said subsidy”

      No because even if you bought your phone at full price your monthly bill would remain the same.

  • everettedl

    I already have to pay full price for my phones because I have unlimited data. How will this help me at all other than making it easier to pay-oooooooohhh I get it now….

    But really, Big Red is just trying to capitalize on a habit people have that they’re not making money off of. “Don’t pay the credit card company and stay off contract. Stay with us and we’ll make paying full price easier!” But they won’t change the price of their plans…. Not really thrilled just yet.

    Then there’s the whole, limited phone selection/late release deal.

  • umbrellacorp

    They aren’t selling you phones or service, they’re selling you debt.

  • What’s the point of this? Whats the difference between buying off contract

    • King Lo

      It’s hard to drop $600 at once, but paying in installments is aalot easier. Especially interest-free

      • Ah ok, I guess that’s nice but not nice enough. Rather wait 2 years paying around 200 a year instead of 1200 every two years

        • King Lo

          You don’t have unlimited data I’m guessing. It’s worth it to not have to worry about data charges.

          • I do on VZW. Galaxy Nexus, dunno if tiered data is worth the extra 400 for the unsubsidized phone

          • Nicholassss

            definitely not worth it. i’ve bought my last 3 phones outright jsut to keep it.

  • sk3litor

    Don’t for one second think that anything vzw does is for the customer. They’re a business and their job is to make money and I get that but they will NEVER have the customers best interest at heart. Verizon is the “apple” of android

  • DaFishZero

    I went to like 4 different Verizon stores in an attempt to use the device payment plan. Not a single one knew how to apply it to a phone. I gave up in the end.

    • Rob Schoenfeld

      First mistake ” I went to a Verizon Store” Verizon Stores have the worst deals and even worse sales/customer service reps. Stay away from Verizon Stores it’s like getting punched in the nuts.

      • DaFishZero

        lol I agree. Unfortunately you have to go to a Verizon Wireless store if you want the device payment plan. Not a premium retailer or third party.

  • BA_Carroll

    I just used the Verizon payment plan but, the Verizon employee told me that it was not supposed to be used as a way to get around giving up your unlimited data. She said it was a way for people to pay for phones if there was no other option and didn’t have insurance to let them pay for a phone that way. It was not to be used as a way for me to circumvent getting around upgrading to a shared plan. She was surprised that i had known about this plan for smartphones. She told me it was for tablets only. It was was a way for people to get into tablets without having to pay the whole cost of a tablet upfront. It was so serious that she had to ask her boss for approval and she was gone for 20 minutes. She came back and told me I had been pre-approved for the payment plan and that it was a credit check. She kept asking if I was sure I wanted to do this because if I wasn’t approved and still wanted to upgrade the only way was to then give up my unlimited plan. She said it is a big decision for me because I used 12 GB of data last month. She ran my credit and needless to say I have an S4 now on the payment plan but man it was such an ordeal to get them to do the payment plan I just wonder how hard it will be to actually get them to do this when I pay 50% of this phone off and upgrade again.

    Has anybody else encountered this when along about the payment plan?

    • Geoff Johnson

      It’s not going around your unlimited data plan as you are still paying full price for the phone (and then some with the added fees for the payment plan). Verizon just doesn’t give you the subsidized cost anymore if you want to keep unlimited.

      • BA_Carroll

        Geoff I have had an upgrade since January so I told her I wanted a new phone and she said I had to use my upgrade and had to get onto a shared plan. I told her I wasn’t giving up my unlimited data. She kept trying to tell me I couldn’t get around giving up my unlimited plan.

        • Geoff Johnson

          Yeah, that’s BS. I’d go to a different rep, I’ve upgraded my phone at full retail several times without any issues.

    • airplane

      Did they actually run your credit? Was it a Hard pull on your report?

      • BA_Carroll

        Yeah they said they pulled it. I haven’t check my score to see if they actually did.

    • airplane

      Not worth it if it’s a hard pull for 600$ phone.

  • hineydawg

    Sounds like a lease to me. I do not see them allowing us to keep the phone since it’s not paid off.

  • Knlegend1

    I’ll take T-Mobile jump plan. This sounds like a rip off.

    • Tim242

      It’s exactly the same.

      • Knlegend1

        In that case I’ll take T-Mobile rip off then Verizon rip off.

  • teejaycard

    Why is it so hard for them to just let you upgrade whenever you want? If you’re still in your 2 year contract what does it matter? They act like they’re doing us all a huge favor but in the end we pay out the ass for it. Like you said this seems to only be for those in a payment plan. No matter the technology I wouldn’t want to pay $600 for a new phone, make payments on it, then get another $600 phone with $300 left on the original one. Verizon should try to make us feel special and act like they actually give a crap about their customers. Just let us upgrade whenever we want. They have us for 2 years, it should be 2 years of enjoyment not 2 years of having a pit in your stomach every time you have to pay the bill or desperately need a new phone.

    • Tim242

      Are you serious? Please say you are not. It takes 18 of the 24 months of your contract, before they even make a profit. The reason? Phone subsidies. They can’t just let you upgrade at any point. They would go out of business. You can’t have something for nothing. Your sense of entitlement is sickening

      • tommariner

        Are YOU serious — we pay Verizon $2,000 per year for two phones and normal service. When I inquired if I bought my S4 if the monthly charges would be any lower … Nope! Aha, but there was an incentive — if I laid out the $700, I could keep my unlimited data plan!

  • sean carey

    sooo…..i bought my phone for $200 (OG Razr Maxx) when it first came out, does that mean i can upgrade any time?

    • joejoe5709

      This was my thought. My phone is 100% paid off (never mind old version of subsidies) so does that mean I can upgrade?

  • dgarra

    Haha wtf? So the first year you sign up for a $600 phone, pay off 50% so you now owe $300 and get a new $600 phone, so you owe $900. Do you get your next phone when you’re at $450 or when you’re at $300?

    • Ajmcnicol

      Sigh..wen you pay the half off and then want to upgrade, you dont keep the phone..u turn it back in to get the new one. And the previous 50% is now not payed.

      this is a way that they can then turn around and sell the device used since being used, at least half the value is gone and not lose money.

  • rutgersjaffo

    –obligatory jack ass complaint here–

  • Scott Tilney

    If I upgrade once 50% is paid off, do they waive the other 50%…?

  • duke69111

    “With this new VZ Edge plan, you could upgrade quite often and still never have to sign a new contract. Isn’t that what you all want?”

    What we want is to be able to upgade and not lose our unlimited data plan. 🙂

    • King Lo

      Using this you can. You’re paying full price for the phone so no contract re-newal hence no change in contract > unlimitied data still.

      • Justin W

        Still have to pay 50 or so bucks a month on top of your monthly plan. I think what @duke69111:disqus means is to get the subsidized price without giving up unlimited data.

        • Tim242

          You can’t have something for nothing

          • Justin W

            I know, but what I mean is it’s more expensive than the T-Mo option by far because not only are you paying for a subsidized device’s price (already included in the plan and no alternative option), you are also paying for the device itself through a secondary payment. If you think about it this way, you just bought two of the same device, and you only have one device.

          • Tim242

            By the time you add the $10 monthly fee, $20 phone payment, and the fact you lose what you already paid when you upgrade ..you get Verizon prices, T-Mobile network.

          • Justin W

            And with Verizon, you get a $50 increase in payment for the same network. Neither is a win-win, but T-Mo’s option is cheaper in all respects. With T-Mo, you pay a for a “plan” ($70/mo, estimated), for a “device” ($20/mo or so, depending on the device), and for the “JUMP!” upgrade (which includes insurance, $10/month). With VZW, you pay for the plan ($90/mo, which includes paying for a subsidized device you won’t have), the device you are purchasing “outright” ($50/mo), and likely (though there’s no mention here) a fee for the opportunity to use the VZ Edge upgrade. T-Mo price: $100. Vzw price: $140.

          • Tim242

            You are speaking in terms of individual plans. Most people are on family plans. Sprint’s individual plans are also less expensive than those of Verizon. However, Verizon’s family plans are less. In the end, even if it costs $40 more on Verizon, the network is worth it. I tried T-Mobile out for a few weeks. Without my Verizon phone, I would’ve been stranded many times per day.

          • Justin W

            I completely agree that Vzw’s network is worth it, but I don’t see the point in paying for a device twice if I only get one. I would go with Vzw over T-Mo because I don’t have T-Mo coverage in my area, but those that do have T-Mo have a luxury available, and as long as they don’t travel much, they have a better option in T-Mo’s plan than in Vzw’s price-wise (and, if they are in an HSPA+ area, potentially a speedier option as well, for now).

            Also, I live in an area covered by AT&T, Vzw, and in some rare spots, Sprint. I switched to a prepaid MVNO under AT&T because of prices, but I’m regretting dropping my LTE coverage, and I would love to go back to Vzw, but I won’t because they aren’t as flexible or easy to work with as a prepaid carrier. Once AT&T gets LTE in my area, I’ll be hopping on their GoPhone plan for the LTE. LTE is worth it, IMO, and I’m getting the same coverage- and plan-wise.

        • duke69111

          Yep! That’s exactly what I meant.

      • ekyle

        Thing is that you won’t be in contract. There is nothing saying VZW couldn’t drop the unlimited data from your account without asking. Without a contract they can do whatever they want. That’s what I think this is most likely about.

        • King Lo

          There is nothing stopping Verizon from dropping unlimited data from people on contract either. The same way they changed the upgrade policy to a full 2 years and messed with the pricing of device replacement.
          But from the way I understand it your contact with Verizon extends past your 2 year commitment. You agree that Verizon will give you X service until you decide to leave Verizon. Verizon holds you to a 2 year service requirement before you can leave.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    I’ll just use my 3rd line (ghost line) upgrade in Dec of this year to get the Ultra Maxx.

    • gmx

      called Droid Maxx no ultra

  • florious80

    I think the other question that’s really important is the amount of monthly fee. Can’t assess the program without knowing how much $ we’d need to pay. If the fee is outrageous (which is quite possible with VZ), then the program may not be worth it at all, even with the unlimited data intact.

    • BA_Carroll

      Usually with Verizon everything is around 30 bucks. Your unlimited data $30, the “upgrade fee” $30. So since T-Mobile is $10 Verizon will charge $30.

      • florious80

        That to me, would be considered outrageous….

  • Drew Thompson

    I am not sure why people think this is such a benefit. It is exactly the same as buying the phone for full retail price, except you are financing the phone. No subsidy. And, if you decide to cancel your Verizon during the phone payment period, you will still be required to pay off the rest of the phone, much like paying an early termination fee if you had signed a contract.

    • DCABuckeye

      However, you’d be paying off the phone you currently have, not the one(s) you have traded up for.

    • Eddie Jr

      OH you mean like what Tmobile does?

  • I-Troll-U

    Give me the equivalent of T-Mos $30 plan for say $45-$50 bucks and I’ll go back to Vzw.

  • htowngtr

    I’d go with that

  • RoadsterHD1

    So I can get my new Droid MAXX on a payment plan for 12 months, and keep my unlimited data plan, and after I’ve paid off half on the Droid Maxx upgrade? So am I paying full pop on the Droid Maxx or at a “upgrade” cost and putting it on a payment plan?

    • TheRobotCow

      Its at retail pricing

      • RoadsterHD1

        So I can buy another phone “at full cost” and add it to my payment plan?

        • King Lo

          No you turn your Droid Maxx in after paying half of the price for it, you then you get another phone at full price.

          It’s similar to GameStop’s buisness model.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Cool, but I don’t have to pay the rest of the first phone, right?

          • King Lo


          • RoadsterHD1

            Awesome!!! I love that. Thank you for clarifying that for me. Much appreciated.

  • Minh Ly

    I think the biggest question will be if they are going to lower their prices if someone does this because subsidizing the phone is a part of your monthly bill?

    • d-rock

      negative! They want to move from subsidizing without lowering your bill.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Still going to be a rip off and knowing Verizon there’s going to be a catch somewhere

  • Anthony Celli

    Just switch to SOLAVEI and upgrade your phone whenever you want. Its easy when you dont have a cell phone bill anymore!!!! $49 dollars a month unlimited talk, text and DATA Solavei.Com/ACELLI

  • CasperTFG

    Was worried for a second, thought it was another app.

  • Alex

    First they need to reduce the price of their plans! $90/mo for “limited” data, contract-free or not, is a complete rip-off!

  • Josh

    So what if you pay full retail? Does that mean you can get one or two upgrades a year @50% off?

    • Pete

      If you pay full-retail, you can buy all the phones you want (depends where you get ’em) and it doesn’t change your plan at all.. If you’re going from 3G to 4G, you may have issues (anyone still on 3G?)..

  • Detonation

    Unfortunately upgrading once 50% is paid off probably just means you’re able to start payments on a new phone, and you still have to pay off the other phone too. If they drop that remaining balance, this would be too good to be true. At 50%, you’ve only paid $300-350, which isn’t much more than the subsidized price. And a 6 month old phone can easily be resold for that amount. Unless of course they require you to trade the phone back in.

  • Michael Tate

    I’ve still got my unlimited plan … so this plan sounds like I’d be able to keep my unlimited plan and still get a discounted new device?

    • Pete

      Not discounted, just full-retail spread out in installments.

      • Michael Tate

        Well that blows! 🙁

        • Pete

          Indeed, but it does help when there’s no interest in losing unlimited data.

  • droidrazredge

    I find this funny that this is similar to T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Program (EIP) twice every 12 months after you have been a part of “JUMP” for six months except with a few minor Verizon twist. Instead of not paying if you still have remaining payments on that phone you’ll have to continue paying with Verizon “VZ edge” which kind of sucks. Also instead of saying twice every twelve months it says once you reach 50% of the payment plan, but I guess 50% and 100% is the same as twice every twelve months. In the end it still sounds like T-mobiles “JUMP” plan is better. As long as I can keep my unlimited data plan it would make this plan a little better, but this is Verizon we’re talking about so they’ll find a way to take it away with this!

  • Something tells me that somewhere down the line upgrading to this plan with take away unlimited data for those who still have it.

  • Will P

    this might entice me to stick with my gnex a little longer til my actual upgrade. hmm

  • EC8CH

    I really wish we would just get to the point where phones weren’t purchased through carriers in the first place.

    • Brian Utne

      I know right? You should just be able to buy your phone and then choose which carrier to go to. :/ That would mean they’d have to make a CDMA and GSM version of everything though.

      • EC8CH

        Or require network compatibility for leased airspace.

        • MyStroPro

          Or move away from traditional cell towers – in concept, VOLTE coverage

          • Weber

            That’s why all my friends and I have telegraphs. Dots and dashes, bitches.

          • Trevon Gonzales

            best comment ever

          • TylerCameron

            LTE uses cell towers….

          • MyStroPro

            Fine, I’ll be more specific – Move away from traditional 3G cell tower communications (although even this is incorrect in some sense)

          • TylerCameron

            Oh, you mean not having a dedicated voice network for calls and SMS.
            Interesting enough, SMS is already going through the LTE network on Verizon. I know cause I had a RAZR M on Verizon once and the CDMA radios were completely nonfunctional. But SMS worked just fine.

          • MyStroPro

            Indeed – and about SMS, that’s not as surprising to hear as I thought it would be. SMS is really data driven today, especially given the MMS system placed upon it.

        • TylerCameron

          Oh, you mean.. kinda like… the rest of the world? -.-

          The reason T-Mobile’s 3G network is so abysmal is because of how stupid spectrum works here. The FCC is all “Oh, AT&T has PCS spectrum and is using it for 3G. Since AT&T is using it, you can’t. Oh, but we have some AWS spectrum that’s almost as good. But we need to stop using it first. Come back to us in a year.”

          This is also why T-Mobile has no 850MHz spectrum whatsoever.

          • EC8CH

            The FCC really should be doing a better job of ensuring the US wireless spectrum is utilized in a way that better encourages competition between wireless providers. That would be in the best interest of the american people, you know the people they are supposed to be serving.

          • James dean

            Yes Government should be doing a better job but people keep electing Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi so that just not going to happen ….

          • None of this is true at all. In fact, Verizon’s new LTE-A network is running on AWS 1700Mhz. You need an S4 or 928 to access it, not sure if the “One” will be able to, that may be the hold up.

          • TylerCameron

            What relevance does Verizon’s LTE have with this?

            If none of this is true, why couldn’t T-Mobile deploy a 3G network sooner? They HAD to start late. Why couldn’t they use PCS spectrum? What made it so hard for them to buy some PCS spectrum? Yeah, now they have some. Only 1900/2100 though. No 850MHz spectrum whatsoever. AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are apparently only allowed to use those prime bands.

      • Justin W

        Once the big four transition to a VoLTE network, we should be able to mix and match as long as devices have all bands the carriers utilize, since LTE is a modified version of GSM.

        • Diablo81588

          That will be years away. Gsm and CDMA will be around for another 5 minimum.

          • arlhokie

            I’d bet 10, but VoLTE is coming soon. The big turning point will be whenever phones don’t have to carry a CDMA radio. GSM/UMTS will pretty much be required for global compatibility.

          • Justin W

            True, but Vzw is planning to launch it’s VoLTE network late 2014/early 2015, so when that begins, you’ll be able to purchase VoLTE devices without having to be tied to a carrier, as long as everything goes through LTE.

          • Diablo81588

            That’s my point though, Verizon won’t sell devices without CDMA radios until they blanket the entire CDMA footprint with VoLTE. It will be a very long time before you’re able to buy a VoLTE only phone on Verizon, or any carrier for that matter. Think about how many towers they have to upgrade to cover that amount of area. Even the LTE rollout, as impressive as it may seem, doesn’t compare. You may get an LTE signal, but it won’t be as strong as a CDMA signal because not all towers were upgraded.

  • parker

    So with VZ Edge, if you start paying a certain price extra per month, you can upgrade once device is 50% paid off?

  • hoosiercub88

    I have a feeling that this isn’t good for those of us with unlimited data still though. Proceed as you were.

    • CrimsonBlur

      How so? If anything, this “supposedly” should just sweeten the pot for those who use the device payment plan (i.e. works with unlimited plans).

      I’d still like to see details though…like if the old device needs to be traded in and if the other half of the payment goes away with the upgrade, like TMO’s JUMP.

      • hoosiercub88

        I will wait for more details, the word upgrade used here makes me uneasy about it. With T-Mobile it doesn’t matter.. since they offer unlimited.

  • bananatroll

    if I can keep my unlimited data, then I’ll totally go along with this idea

    • You can keep it with the device payment plan, and since this appears to be an extension of that, you should be fine.

      • Jason Downing

        Is the device payment plan something that’s already in place? I haven’t been keeping up on Verizon’s policies.

  • drklahn

    If you go with the installment plan, shouldn’t the plan cost decrease?

    • I don’t think Verizon does it that way unfortunately.

      • drklahn

        So, with installment plans, you’re actually giving Verizon even more $$$ just for being non-contract.

        This is a bad deal.

        • EC8CH

          welcome to verizon

        • King Lo

          I don’t think you understand the fundamentals of the contract system.

          When you sign a contract and receive a subsidized phone, you’re telling Verizon that for 2 years they can count on you being a customer and paying your bill every month. The phone isn’t part of that billing process. Verizon pays the manufacturer full retail and makes their money back on the phone though profits made off of you being there for 2 years. If you have the potential to leave whenever you want, why should they foot the bill for a phone for you?

          The only difference between on contract and off contract is you get to leave Verizon whenever you want with no penalty.

          • Marsg

            Exactly but if you are paying full price for a device then none of that money is coming out of Verizons pocket so why should they charge you the same amount on contract as if you were buying a subsidized device than charge you again for a unsubsidized device. It’s really not the same thing cause that an extra 10-20 dollars they are taking out-of your wallet

          • EC8CH

            off contract pricing should have lower monthly service charges just like T-Mo’s plans otherwise carriers are pocketing more money every month. Plan and simple.

          • King Lo

            They shouldn’t but that’s a whole other issue and part of the reason why Verizon is so profitable and why they’re so hated at times.

    • NAM37

      It SHOULD but it doesn’t.

  • shecalledmejay

    I just have a feeling Verizon isn’t telling us everything lol

    • br_hermon

      I have a feeling Verizon hasn’t told us anything (officially). Sorry, couldn’t resist 😉

  • MichaelFranz

    Good…Good….(emperor palpatine’s voice)

  • Guest

    How can Verizon “stay on the leading edge of technology” when you are releasing phones months after everyone else?

    • paul_cus

      Comment of the day.

      • Chris Schmucker

        Id be willing to say comment of the month.

        • Mike Ampaabeng

          Of all time maybe?

          • Payom Ilkhanipour

            It is called having the best coverage and most extensively developed 4G LTE network – 500 markets. Thats how.

          • Geoff Johnson

            Now how about they advance their LTE so people can actually get speeds above 5Mbps? And no, I don’t mean the occasional 30Mbps+ you get when you and 50 cows are the only ones on that tower.

          • Kyle Daniels

            I average 25-30Mbps everyday, not just once in a while.

          • ThatsHowISeeIt

            Aw… a VSheep 🙂

            Seems you like love getting violated by Verizon every way possible 🙂

          • browne81

            Perhaps the best comment that will be ever made

        • michael arazan

          “Comment of the year” and this comment still came out before the HTC One

    • Scottyb112

      lol, yea like the “HTC One”.. Still no where in sight. When it comes out on Verizon, the “HTC Two” will be ready to drop on At&t..

      • deemoff

        It’s called the Droid DNA…

    • That’s why they want your device to be 50% paid off before you can upgrade to ‘their’ latest available devices.

    • AT&T Verge plan will be announced tomorrow morning and launches 8/26/2013

    • Jon

      Yeah this is pointless on Verizon because they are so behind on hardware, you wouldn’t have anything new to upgrade to in 6 months.

      • Weber

        You could always upgrade to the phone that you wanted when it came out on AT&T 6 months ago.

    • Mikey Styles


    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon is totally useless and extremely overrated period. Tmobile paces this industry and everyone else follows. Verizon sucks monkey balls period.

      • James dean

        You must work for Tmobile to say that.

        • Carl

          i live in southern illinois and according to their coverage map i would have 2g coverage for 100 miles radius at least and sometimes worse…verizon 4g lte all day and at&t isn’t much better than tmobile

    • cybercruiser

      That was my first thought exactly!!! How can VZ keep us consumers on leading edge, when by the time they offer a “new” phone, it’s already almost obsolete!?!?!?!

  • kjaggy

    seems to coincide with the presumed launch date of the moto x…?

  • TheRobotCow

    If we can keep the old phone and drop the remaining 50% and pick up the new phone this is something that definitely interests me.

    • That’s my understanding, but we still don’t have all the details.

      • DanSan

        do you give them the old phone or hold onto it? I’d assume you have to turn it in or else you could just resell it and maybe your money back

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Is this how it works on Tmo with Jump too? Or is that a trade in type deal?

      • Travis Sorenson

        At tmo you have to trade in the device. I doubt vzw will let you keep it.

    • Weber

      There’s no way they’d just waive the other 50% you have left to pay AND allow you to keep the phone. This is Verizon we’re talking about here.

      • King Lo

        It’s the GameStop model, they refurbish the phone you turn in and either sell it to someone else or use it as an insurance/warranty phone.

  • Diablo81588

    Wonder if you can keep your unlimited data because you’re not signing a new contract. That would be AWESOME!

    • Mike Cox

      yea, i would consider this if that is possible

    • imns

      I can see it now: We’re sorry, this feature is not compatible with your existing plan. Please upgrade to our share everything plans so that we may continue to bend you over and f*ck you.

      • bananatroll

        Yeah, likely written in the tiny .5 font fine print at the bottom of the agreement.

        • SkylaC90

          I seriously wouldn’t put it past them to write in something like that. but they’d instead use a laser to write a .0001 font at the fine print and since they wrote it in there it’s all legal but hey please man, they probably read this site and your giving them ideas…

  • wsnydes

    so do you trade in your old device in order to upgrade? or would you end up paying for multiple devices at once?

    • Frettfreak

      knowing Verizon, would it surprise you to learn you would have to pay for both? I wouldnt be surprised at ALL

      • wsnydes

        not at all. that’s why i asked. i half expect it.

        • Bigwavedave25

          So then it’s all a ruse as expected. No different than buying the phone at full retail somewhere else… All it allows for is to use Big Red’s deep cash pockets to borrow against to pay off that shiny new phone… Boo.

  • Ramana

    Wow, verizon is actually doing something which benefits the customer?
    Thanks TMobile.

    • Mike

      Unless this means you have to pay for both devices at the same time. Which in the end would keep the money rolling into Verizon’s pockets while keeping their customers “Happy”.

      See wsnydes post.

      • Marsg

        That’s how their current early upgrade plan works, they don’t remove the subsidized price from your contract + you have to pay full price for your new phone with the payments split over a 12 month period. You’re basically paying for two phones, a subsidized and unsubsidized device.

        • Bigwavedave25

          OK, that makes sense. Disregard my previous reply to you!

          • Marsg

            Too late, disregard my last comment lol

    • TSY87

      Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

      • bananatroll


        • EC8CH

          That’s latin darlin’

          Apparently Mr. TSY87 is an educated man.

          • Tom Luley

            Oui Oui!


          • Nathaniel Webb

            I know, let’s have a spelling contest.

          • EC8CH

            Go home Ike, you’re drunk.

          • violator702

            How I hate ’em…how I really hate ’em.

          • Guy Pierce

            I’ll be your huckleberry!

          • fauxshizzl

            You have no idea how much that comment just made my day. Well played sir.

          • BA_Carroll

            That is the best movie ever! Thank you for making my day Doc EC8HC.

          • EC8CH

            That is a hell of a thing for you to say to me.

            Tombstone is Epic.

          • BA_Carroll

            You’re no Daisy! It is EPIC

        • TSY87


          • bananatroll

            ahhh… Should have known, grad school was long ago.

          • TSY87

            Grad school? I learned this phrase from one of my favorite movies… the rock! lol!

    • DanSan

      dont let them fool you…

      • punkroyale

        I agree seems like a trap. I plan on leaving Verizon once my contract is up. Great reception generally but the pricing really stings. (currently have the Note 2).

        • Frettfreak

          its not a trap, its smoke and mirrors…. Lets see… at MOST you will be getting $150 off (and i could see VZW saying that you only get half off of what you paid as long as the new phone your buying is the same price) so lets just say you pay another $150 for a phone that would have been $300 (cause we all know verizon loves that $300 mark). Your going to be signing ANOTHER CONTRACT. Its just a way to keep you thinking they are doing something for you, but really, ur just signing another 2 year commitment to be butt raped every month.

          • David Narada Brown


          • punkroyale

            I think you are yelling about the photo and not the text of the article. The ‘Whats in it for the Customer’ section.

          • David Narada Brown

            Third paragraph last sentence. Or am i reading it wrong?

          • punkroyale

            Oy! You could be right. It’s all very confusing until they announce for real I guess.

            It seems like the main plus would be that there is no contract BUT if you leave before the phone is paid off they will have some recourse to get full payment.

          • David Narada Brown

            yea thats what im getting out of it also.

        • Brandon Golway

          I just left Verizon 2 months ago, my contract wasn’t over until like November. I only had to pay a $168 ETF fee. A little pricey, but better than the $300 I thought it was going to be.

          • punkroyale

            I have to use my Note 2 for a bit longer before I jump ship. Being Verizon I cant take the phone to another carrier!

          • Guest

            I don’t know who ever told you that you couldn’t port your number from Verizon to another carrier because you definitely can! I just did it when I switched.

      • michael arazan

        If Verizon had a large number of Customers offf contract they would be rate jacking every other month and gouging more money out of their data plan

        May the Force Be With Us

    • I wouldn’t call this something to benefit the customer just yet. Right now I see this as basically you having a credit card that owes $600 but once you pay half of that they will give you another credit card to spend $600 again and once you pay half of that they will then again give you another and the cycle continues. Now for those that are very diligent in paying things off on or before the time they are due then yes it may be beneficial to them but for the majority of users they will just see that they are available for an upgrade and take the upgrade without even realizing they still owe almost $300 on their previous device.

      • decidedtochangename

        If it doesn’t wipe out the previous debt and just reset you to $600 I can’t see it working.

        • Bigwavedave25

          I guess that is the part where you need to “trade in” your current device on payment to be able to start a new device payment.

          I assume similar to the T-mo plan as mentioned.

          • The big difference between this and T-Mobile’s plan is that T-Mobile’s plan costs you ~$30/mo for your “phone lease” and that includes insurance. This costs you ~$60/mo and does not include insurance. PLUS you have Verizon prices to pay on top of that!

          • Diablo81588

            But you get Verizon service. That’s what you’re paying for.

          • cb2000a

            I am going back to T-Mobile (after a brief stint with ATT). I miss the wifi calling which gave me service (through wifi) in areas where no cell service was available.

          • Diablo81588

            I’ve never been in an area where there was no voice service on Verizon. I’ve been all over the US, and through many backwoods rural areas. No one compares to Verizon in terms of coverage.

          • TourGuide

            I know a lot of people have great results with Verizon but there IS another side to their network too. Where I live their network NEEDS towers, so it BLOWS where I live. I get in my car and drive 3 miles in any direction and I’m fine, but at home my signal really STINKS. Add to this their 4G signal penetration problems and it is practically a joke. Not helping matters is my S3 which is typical Samsung radio reception. NOT buying another Sammy.

          • Diablo81588

            Actually, Verizon is on the 700Mhz LTE band, which penetrates walls better than any other band. It seems your problem is signal strength. It could be miles between your house and the next tower.

          • That’s great and all. Except for me, in the places I care most about, T-Mobile is more reliable. I can pull 1-3 mbps with T-Mobile in places where VZW dropped to 1x (specifically my desk at work and at my chiropractor’s office). Nowhere that I care about most does VZW provide better service than T-Mobile.
            When I was on VZW (Droid X – Galaxy Nexus days), they seemed to have one 48-72-hr LTE outage per month. Now that I’m on T-Mobile, they seem to have ~5 10-minute HSPA+ outages per month.
            So getting Verizon service isn’t exactly a selling point for me at all. I understand it’s critical for some but don’t think this is the case for everybody.

          • Brandon Golway

            Exactly! You can destroy the phone and then be like “I want the newest phone out!” and they’ll give it to you as long as you pay the deductible. I cancelled my “premium insurance” that was $12 and was tacked onto my tmo bill and replaced it with Jump! considering I save $24/year and get way more protection. How do you get the $30/month estimate? I just enrolled in it yesterday and it’s $10/month.

          • $30/mo = $10 (ins) + $20 (ph lease)

          • Brandon Golway

            Ahh I get what you mean.

      • Trueblue711

        Exactly. There’s no mention of what happens to your phone and its remaining balance once you upgrade.

        • RF9

          That’s the big question. If I have to trade in my phone, I don’t think I’ll go for this.

      • RF9

        Or put another way, you get phones for 1/2 price. Or put another way, you get about a $300 subsidy per year without signing a contract (but you’ll have the remaining balance effectively be your ETF.)
        Considering that at some point in time you have to actually pay off a full phone, that $300 subsidy erodes to about $200/year, which is what you basically get with a contract subsidy.

        All they’re doing is shifting the buckets of cost. When you compare it to upgrading on contract every 2 years, it’s factors out to be in the same ballpark with essentially a pro-rated subsidy.

        I kind of like this plan. I like to upgrade about ever year.

    • Marsg

      Lol they still haven’t said what’s it’s going to cost us, I’m thinking probably a arm and a leg

      • Bigwavedave25

        …or your current device on payment?? (turn it in)

        • Marsg

          Yeah but you do realize they still have a subsidized device fee built into their contracts, and they want you to pay off that 50% from the new device on top of that so your paying for 2 subsidized devices which equals one unsubsidized device at full price, same ship different strategy lol

          • Bigwavedave25

            Yeah, I get the subsidy fee is inherent. For me it’s the case of a legacy unlimited data plan… where buying at full retail [or used] is basically your only option to not signing a new contract and loose the only thing keeping us with Vz.

          • Marsg

            I’m in the same situation but it’s not much of a incentive since it’s like 50-60 bucks a month on top of what I’m already paying, my galaxy nexus only last like an hour on 4g anyway, so most of the time I’m on wifi or 3g

    • uniquename72

      “Wow, verizon is actually doing something which benefits the customer?”

      No, they’re not — unless you consider “costing way more than just paying the normal early upgrade fee” a benefit.

      Android Police does the math: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/07/16/fun-fact-att-and-vzws-new-jump-like-upgrades-will-actually-make-leaving-your-carrier-early-more-expensive/