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Revolv Home Automation Team Shows Off What Google Glass Can Do For Your Home


Many developers and enthusiasts alike have been getting their hands on Google Glass thanks to the #ifihadglass competition. With units going out all around the world, it’s nice that the public is starting to see some of the work these people have been putting in. The development team over at Revolv, a company that specializes in home automation, just posted the above video, giving us a peek as to what we can expect Glass to help us with in the world of automation. 

We can see that will some easy swipes and spoken phrases, we can lock our doors, turn on the lights and play some tunes through Sonos. Yep, it’s a bright looking future.

Sweet stunner shades, bro.

Via: BGR

  • revolv

    We just published a blog post about how our engineer built his Google Glass + Revolv project! Check it out here: http://revolv.com/revolv-google-glass-home-automation-how-we-built-it/

  • Spencer

    Seriously, why do people come here to post hate comments on Google Glass?

  • TeeJay1100

    Google Glass is the FUTURE!!

  • I C U

    I am interested in glasses that transmit personal information Google and then the government. Will these fugly specs do the job?

  • valapsp

    Anything about home automation and google glass then count me in…

  • br_hermon

    Hey revolv, any chance you can build recognition software so all you have to do is look at a light, it recognizes it and turns it on? Or look at it and simply say “on” ? THAT would be sweet!

    • revolv

      That could certainly be an option! The possibilities with Glass technology are really endless. Since this project was completed in just a few days by our engineer, it would take a little more time for that feature, but we believe it’s possible!

  • Never

    Not interested, never will be interested in Google Glass garbage

    • drathos

      And yet, you’re interested enough to click the link to the article, then post your worthless comment..

      • Never

        Yea well just because you don’t like my opinion does not make it worthless idiot!

  • Lauro Teixeira

    It seems that this all could be done with some tweaks in Moto X. Hope so.

    • michael arazan

      I can do this right now in my room, clap clap

  • picaso86

    He was not doing that at all… It was the guys sitting around the office.

    • revolv

      Our next blog post is actually the technology behind how we made this possible. Stay tuned 🙂

  • SpeakWithYouAndMe

    The glasses aren’t dorky at all! Love the frame and the lenses!

    • michael arazan

      Remind me of Oakley’s Sunglasses from 1988, the most sought after glasses on the market then