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New Google Play Web Store Now Live!

new play

The new Google Play web store that was first announced at Google I/O back in May is now live! The update introduces the familiar card style design that we have seen in the current Google Play 4.0+ Android app, and all of its accompanying Play Movies, Music, Books, Magazines, solo apps. Most importantly, the new Play store is reactive, so it will adjust as it needs to depending on your screen size.

To navigate, you’ll now find a navigation panel on the left top corner with tabs for Apps, Movies & TV, Music, Books, Magazines, and Devices. To jump into each section, a simple click will take you there. Once in a section, that navigation area will change with specific links that pertain to that section, like “My Apps” and “Shop” in the Apps section. To quickly jump to another area, you should also see a white bar with arrow to the left that can be hovered over to show additional sections.

new play4

In app listings, you’ll see big beautiful cards for apps, along with a variety of clickable items in each card. One tip we’ll already offer, is clicking on the link that says “FREE” or a price, as it will launch directly into the install box where you can choose which device you’d like the app installed on.

In individual app pages, you’ll see massive images (depending on your screen size), cleaner sections for comments and reviews, related apps, easier to spot “What’s new” area, and more. Wishlists buttons too!

It’s incredibly good looking, to say the least.

new play2new play14

New Stuff:

  • Wishlists added to the web store!

Couple of things missing though:

  • Can no longer uninstall apps from the web? I can’t seem to find the option.
  • Can no longer see which apps are installed on specific devices.

If you find any secrets, have tips, or notice anything missing, be sure to share them in the comments!

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Via:  Google Play

  • Dan Moldover

    It’s slow and doesn’t work well if you’re not in Chrome. Chrome itself has considerably slowed in the past few releases (at least compared to Firefox). What happened to all the innovation Google?

  • Soon to be ex-Android user

    The new Google Play store is unusably awful. Search is useless, lots of wasted space, cant find anything. Giant icons and microscopic text makes it impossible to read. It’s like Google is trying to follow Microsoft over the cliff with Metro. All they need to do is add a few farting apps to the front page and their downhill slide will be complete.

  • Kathleen Baber

    This is awful — I’ve done a factory reset on my phone several times — and the only thing that made it easy was the fact that google play differentiated between the things I tried “in my library” and what was installed — and that I could reinstall from the web site — I HOPE they fix this ASAP!!

  • yordan popov

    And the like stole the hole look from Windows 8 :):):)

  • Quarterback

    What a terrible design. PERMISSIONS ARE GONE! Nada. Zip. Scary, scary Google, hiding permissions.

    Google: “Your Privacy and Security are our Dog’s Chew Toys”

    • Not gone just hidden. Click install or purchase and they then pop up.

  • Eric Cartman

    They don’t need to make the web look like the app, just use the app if you’re stupid. They need to fire the market droids who are dumbing down Android.

  • Jason Kahn

    How is the best way to let Google know how absolutely Horrible the redesign is. The loss of functionality for the sake of trying to look pretty is really annoying, I just got done tellign my friend how great it was to be able to email developers directly through the playstore and solve bug, it’s Ironic that will all of Androids openness, it’s very hard to talk to Google itself.

  • Kane

    I for one think it looks excellent. Of course I don’t really buy stuff there or use it for anything. I’ll likely be with my SG3 for the fore seeable future

  • Tony James

    The problem with the new design/functionality is the Reviews section. Previously the user was able to sort the Reviews by date, ratings, etc. So if the user wanted to read the negative reviews first to determine if they wanted to buy/install the app all they had to do was click on the lower rated stars. Now there’s no rhyme-or-reason as to how the reviews are sorted.

  • Maldrich487

    It won’t let me remove items from my wish list, this is very buggy. It looks nice but it is far from smooth & I’m feeling disappointed. I had high expectations for this, considering they announced the update 2 months ago.

  • Frenkling

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  • mustbepbs

    I picture Google as this psychopathic jittering wacko who builds a house of blocks and can’t help but tweak out and dash everything off the table in a fit of rage.

  • PSU_DI

    worst update EVER!… wait that was Google Maps v7.0 Come on Google get your act together and stop releasing half baked updates.

  • rfranken

    I came here to trash talk the new market but see enough people have already. cuz yeah…its TURRIBLE

  • enigmaco

    My apps is horrible now, plus it takes longer to load.

  • Mallahet

    Well that looks and operates terrible now. Hooray wishlist! Boo to goddamn everything else they did. No sort? Apps that I had on my OG Droid?

    Are they just pushing us away from the web and wanting us to use the app store on our devices?

  • CJ

    “Play store is reactive”, i think you mean responsive!

  • Corey Foltman

    I’d still like to see a seperate “Accessories” section. Instead of the old “here are some accessories on the bottom of the specific device page” look.

  • Carl

    Why are Google trying to be Apple FFS!!! They have their own audience which isn’t full of people wanting it to be all white and cool and yummy. Android users want functionality before design!!! It all went wrong from the moment they changed the name to Google Play.

  • Jason

    As a developer …. Google have banged on for ever how important feature graphics are and they allow us to set apart our applications from others. This has now been removed and we are left with an icon and some screenshots to get across our message. Thanks Google….sigh

  • Fido Dido

    no change language option, no review shorting option, even can’t see all the review. it sucks >_<

  • Jason

    Now it shows all my uninstalled apps as installed. Dozens of them, some of which were only installed years ago for evaluation purposes then immediately uninstalled. What possible benefit is there in this? Plus the other features like sorting/filtering reviews etc mentioned below are now missing. It’s like they are treating their users as idiots who don’t need any useful features other than colourful tiles. What on earth are they doing at Google?

  • DanSan

    this thing is a complete mess… dont get me wrong i love it but it has poor design. the navigation boxes on the left are a pain in the butt. Also there are design conflicts on certain pages when scrolling down especially on the devices page. seems like a disorganized mess to me right now.

    under “my apps” there are apps which i havent installed in years yet somehow are at the top of my list. complete disarray.

    also the one thing they cannot seem to do is ALLOW ME TO REMOVE OLD DEVICES FROM THE MY DEVICES PAGE!!! UGHHHHHHHH!!!

    • go to the main Google Play page, on the top right there is a Gear then go to Settings, uncheck Show in menus on the devices you do not want.

      Unless you are talking about totally delete then yeah cant do that lol

      • DanSan

        of course im talking about deleting them, hence why i said remove. we all know about the hiding from menus option..

  • Julian Coronado

    Recommended for you: Get naked and find the love of your life. What.

  • wampdog29

    Great changes, but the my purchased movies section is all out of order and seems to randomly change order as well….

  • mendy817

    am i crazy or were we not able to read magazines online before? there’s a button to “read” now, which takes you to a new tab with the magazine. its not interactive like on a tablet, but just the straight mag as if you’re reading it on a phone. very cool

    • Nothing new here… we’ve had this for a while.

  • Joe

    What a joke. Can’t see which apps are installed. Even if you installed an app for five minutes to evaluate it some time in the past it now appears in the list along with installed apps. There is no way to filter reviews by device, star rating, or newest/most helpful etc. It’s quite extraordinary that these important features have been removed. Talk about form over substance. Pathetic.

  • Superdroid


  • Sharkh20

    Just hope it lets me download updates that it “thinks” i have.

  • dancingcrab

    So… where’s the new Nexus 7?

    • Corey Foltman

      Where’s the new 32gb Nexus phone…

  • Kie

    I have a 13in laptop monitor and honestly this update is really aggravating to use. I have to expand my browser window to near the entire desktop just to see whats going on now that the left side of the screen is a giant white bar. What is google’s problem with huge white space on the left side of the screen? It is such wasted space.

  • Ben Udkow

    Make it go away!!! Bleh, so useless now!

  • hahs

    More crap from google. Fire the entire management team. They suck!

  • Capt. Crunch

    Flat, simple and colorful is definitely the way to go. I personally like the UI, it just needs more functionality.

  • IncCo

    They fucked up again? Of course they did.

    No way to sort reviews.
    No way to uninstall apps from the web.
    No way to see which apps need to be updated through the web.
    No way to change which language you want to see reviews in.
    No way to only see your currently installed apps.

    • thijser

      Have you tried AppBrain? We keep a list of all your active apps per device, and on the web you can line up uninstalls to execute on your device.

      • IncCo

        Google might just push me to third parties like AppBrain with their incompetence.

  • The web version of Play Music shows i’m NOT a subscriber and wants me to pay the non promo price, even though I have paid & am in good standing. Meanwhile, S4 is not affected.

  • ewww, put it back lol

  • john

    The +1 buttons don’t work within the individual app pages.
    Didn’t see a report an issue option that is on many other Google product pages.

  • Detonation

    Here’s a nice bug: At any point while you’re in the play store, click the Play link on the top black nav bar. Now you have two nav bars. And as an added bonus, your side nav bar is now broken.

  • Blue Sun

    The new Google Play store is great if you only have one Google device. I’ve lost even more functionality. I would love to beta test for features like this. I can’t believe that this was overlooked.

  • Linda Mitchell

    It’s a beautiful and clean layout. I like the ability to view and add to wishlist. Hopefully, the function to uninstall comes back.

  • zurginator

    Am I the only one having major issues with the roboto font? Chrome, W8, 1080p.

    • George Davis

      I’m having the same issue. Chrome on W7 here. But Google+ still looks fine, it’s just the new Play Store. Very frustrating. 🙁

    • Metal_Link

      Chrome struggles at rendering fonts in Windows for whatever silly reason. 🙁

  • Detonation

    How do you sort app reviews? I prefer to read them newest first to see reviews based on the latest update.

    So far not impressed…looks like they went form over function. Lots of features missing.

    • Alfredo

      How do you sort them by ‘star’. I like to read the one star reviews first. How do you sort them AT ALL. They F up again.

  • idkwhatiexpected

    Oh joy. Another month, another UI overhaul. When will Google actually do something useful, like add filters? I miss the OG market where I could actually browse new apps, not this “top trending” annoyance.

    • michael arazan

      Would like for Google to bring back original filters for Google browser search of “Off, moderate, and safe.” Google censorship of the interweb search with mandatory safe search is complete BS.

  • PLL

    Boo for not being able to manage devices anymore. Seeing what was installed and uninstalling was one of the best features. Any possibility that’s a feature they’ll put back in?

  • Tony Byatt

    Wow, not bad…

  • David Eaton

    I’m not sure I like it. I miss the ability to see what’s on each device. And I especially miss the ability to uninstall from the web store. Not an improvement for me.

  • jmlares


  • Simon Belmont

    Interesting. You can finally add items to your wishlist now.

    They took away the graph that shows the app install activity over the last 30 days, it seems. I like the new look, but this is going to take some getting used to.

    • Justin W

      Wish they would have left it. It really didn’t serve much of a purpose to most people, but I liked seeing the curve and how it reacted to updates and whatnot.

    • Simon Belmont

      Wow. They really dumbed down the ability to see what device has which apps installed.

      That, and the not being able to see permissions until you’re signed in is kind of annoying. Oh well.

  • Justin W

    Why is the “Reading 2.0” section stylized completely differently?

  • Matthew

    Google Play don’t work in poland now(Music and Magazines maybe is near?)

  • Tyler Durden

    If only they learn how to create a smooth checkout. Every single device launch has been a nightmare.

    • Justin W

      I sort of wonder if that was included on the back-end of this redesign, but then I remember that’s all through Wallet, so the answer is no.

  • Dillon Brown

    whoa, they got snazzy with the animations

  • Matt

    Wishlists added and “Add to Wishlist button” added! Very needed improvement.

    • Ray

      Definitely a much needed feature.

  • yahyoh

    its not fully loading here 🙁

  • nsnsmj

    Finally. It looks amazing.

  • Pandalero

    The My Apps section is pretty much useless now. Can’t sort by device. Looks like you can’t sort at all.

    • Correct. 🙁

    • Flat_Stanley

      It also incorrectly lists dozens of apps as installed when they’ve been uninstalled ages ago.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        It’s been doing that for me. There a couple apps that used to be installed to the system partition on my phone that it thinks are still there. Not sure if wiping data on those devices would fix it.

      • Nadora

        Same here. Very frustrating….

        • Andrew Remmers

          I noticed this a long time ago even with the old play store, apps you have installed previously from other devices. I just cleaned out my list. Had stuff from when I owned a Droid X still on that list. Now I’ve got it down to 80 apps that I’ve either purchased at one point in time or have currently installed.

          • Abe Lincoln

            I’m already familiar with the method of deleting uninstalled apps using the little “x” button from the play store on a phone, is that what you did or is there an easier way?

            Side note: when you remove an app like this and it scrolls the list back up to the top each time… that is the absolute worst and pretty much the whole reason I can’t stand to go through my entire list.

          • Ben Post

            Abe, you can LONG press one of the apps you want to remove. This allows you to then choose (short press) any number of other apps and then uninstall them all at once.

          • JoyJoy

            Ben, THANK YOU for this tip. I’ve been trying to clean out my old apps and I hated the way it took me up to the top after deleting each one. This is a major lifesaver and not sure why I never tried this before. So awesome!

          • Abe Lincoln

            Nice, thanks Ben… totally forgot you could do that, so much easier now!

      • Mike

        Same here. I hate this. It shows every app I have ever used on old phones as well as my newest. Over half of these apps I do not have installed on my current phone. This is a mess.

    • Hopefully it ends up being like the Maps update and they eventually start working all the features for the “power users” back into the interface.

  • Qbancelli

    What number is it?
    I have version 4.1.10

    • Pandalero

      Website, not the app.

  • KraYzeE

    stop playing with it and go check out the play store. you’ll go blind!

  • UncleFan

    Best thing about the new design is that it no longer tries to trick you into looking at paid apps when you wanted to look at free apps.

  • I like the new style of the Play Store.