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New Google Play Web Store Now Live!

new play

The new Google Play web store that was first announced at Google I/O back in May is now live! The update introduces the familiar card style design that we have seen in the current Google Play 4.0+ Android app, and all of its accompanying Play Movies, Music, Books, Magazines, solo apps. Most importantly, the new Play store is reactive, so it will adjust as it needs to depending on your screen size.

To navigate, you’ll now find a navigation panel on the left top corner with tabs for Apps, Movies & TV, Music, Books, Magazines, and Devices. To jump into each section, a simple click will take you there. Once in a section, that navigation area will change with specific links that pertain to that section, like “My Apps” and “Shop” in the Apps section. To quickly jump to another area, you should also see a white bar with arrow to the left that can be hovered over to show additional sections.

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In app listings, you’ll see big beautiful cards for apps, along with a variety of clickable items in each card. One tip we’ll already offer, is clicking on the link that says “FREE” or a price, as it will launch directly into the install box where you can choose which device you’d like the app installed on.

In individual app pages, you’ll see massive images (depending on your screen size), cleaner sections for comments and reviews, related apps, easier to spot “What’s new” area, and more. Wishlists buttons too!

It’s incredibly good looking, to say the least.

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New Stuff:

  • Wishlists added to the web store!

Couple of things missing though:

  • Can no longer uninstall apps from the web? I can’t seem to find the option.
  • Can no longer see which apps are installed on specific devices.

If you find any secrets, have tips, or notice anything missing, be sure to share them in the comments!

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Via:  Google Play

  • Dan Moldover

    It’s slow and doesn’t work well if you’re not in Chrome. Chrome itself has considerably slowed in the past few releases (at least compared to Firefox). What happened to all the innovation Google?

  • Soon to be ex-Android user

    The new Google Play store is unusably awful. Search is useless, lots of wasted space, cant find anything. Giant icons and microscopic text makes it impossible to read. It’s like Google is trying to follow Microsoft over the cliff with Metro. All they need to do is add a few farting apps to the front page and their downhill slide will be complete.

  • Kathleen Baber

    This is awful — I’ve done a factory reset on my phone several times — and the only thing that made it easy was the fact that google play differentiated between the things I tried “in my library” and what was installed — and that I could reinstall from the web site — I HOPE they fix this ASAP!!

  • yordan popov

    And the like stole the hole look from Windows 8 :):):)

  • Quarterback

    What a terrible design. PERMISSIONS ARE GONE! Nada. Zip. Scary, scary Google, hiding permissions.

    Google: “Your Privacy and Security are our Dog’s Chew Toys”

    • Not gone just hidden. Click install or purchase and they then pop up.

  • Eric Cartman

    They don’t need to make the web look like the app, just use the app if you’re stupid. They need to fire the market droids who are dumbing down Android.

  • Jason Kahn

    How is the best way to let Google know how absolutely Horrible the redesign is. The loss of functionality for the sake of trying to look pretty is really annoying, I just got done tellign my friend how great it was to be able to email developers directly through the playstore and solve bug, it’s Ironic that will all of Androids openness, it’s very hard to talk to Google itself.

  • Kane

    I for one think it looks excellent. Of course I don’t really buy stuff there or use it for anything. I’ll likely be with my SG3 for the fore seeable future

  • Tony James

    The problem with the new design/functionality is the Reviews section. Previously the user was able to sort the Reviews by date, ratings, etc. So if the user wanted to read the negative reviews first to determine if they wanted to buy/install the app all they had to do was click on the lower rated stars. Now there’s no rhyme-or-reason as to how the reviews are sorted.

  • Maldrich487

    It won’t let me remove items from my wish list, this is very buggy. It looks nice but it is far from smooth & I’m feeling disappointed. I had high expectations for this, considering they announced the update 2 months ago.

  • Frenkling

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