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Here is the Changelog for the VRUAME7 Update for Verizon’s Galaxy S4

gs4 update1

Verizon pushed out a substantial update  as build VRUAME7 to its variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the last couple of days, but seems to have forgotten to post the changelog, which they almost always do well before the update goes live. Well, that changelog is now live, though I’m sure many of you already installed the update. But in case you were curious as to what it fixed, enhanced, or improved, feel free to check it out both parts of the support document that we have included in this post. 

In terms of additions, the list claims that they added a WiFi quick toggle to the notification area, but I’m not seeing it. All I’m able to find is the same obnoxious permanent notification that wants me to turn WiFi on. They also added a new version of S Health, because we know how much you are all using it.

The rest of the update is filled with items that were “improved,” “resolved,” and “enhanced” like battery consumption in Group Play, hovering in email, Bluetooth connectivity with Ford Sync, screen not waking during calls, etc.

There is no mention of apps-to-SD, even though we know it’s included. They also do not mention much in terms of security, but we can assure you that this patches all sorts of bootloader and root exploits.

gs4 update2

Cheers Noah!

  • Randy Henson

    The OTA messed up my Foxfi anybody have an alternative?

    • Kev

      Foxfi still works. Try starting up Foxfi and when VZN pop up appears, hit the home button, not cancel. It’s been working for me.

  • Trevor H

    For those who got the update, and do not have the wifi toggle — it seems that a factory reset/wipe will enable it. I have absolutely no idea what the deal is, but some are getting the toggle after the update, others are not (myself included). I was bored, had an hour to kill (and not much installed on my device to begin with), so I did a hard reset, and sure enough the toggle is there now. Seems ultra stupid to have to go that far to get it but who knows, maybe the reset enabled other things (highly highly unlikely, but who knows).

    • Jettaguy2003

      will that completely wipe out my phone like I get it outta the box?

      • Brian Hyun Hurh


  • James Hill

    Looks like Verizon really cares about it’s customers.

    • Gnex

      You forgot the /s

  • Snikt

    My battery life seems much worse after the update, anyone else?

    • ozyman666

      My battery consumption seems to have roughly doubled – from 3% an hour to over 6%.

    • mnclayshooter

      yes, my battery drains way faster. I used to go at least a full day with light/moderate use and now it gives me battery warnings after about 9 hours.

  • coldhardtruth

    Looks like Verizon duped all you non-rooted suckers AGAIN! They say the update is full of fixes and enhancements to get your dumba$$e$ to download it. All they really want is to lock down your phones bootloader. Idiots think root for a phone is just to have pretty UI colors. **ROLLS EYES**

  • slik101

    Does this fix the overheating problem?

  • waterninja21

    Does anyone actually have the WiFi toggle on the notification bar?

    • Brian Hyun Hurh

      i think no one did. only option is to factory reset (for me)

  • Firesun07

    Still didn’t get the Optical Reader or Blocking mode… and when are we going to be able to use Google Wallet? Verizon – I paid for a phone that should have these ability per Samsung! so I would like to claim FALSE Advertising! .. Please listen to your customers!!!

  • argeebee99

    I didn’t get the Wi-Fi notification panel change either…

  • Bionic_Pags

    Dear Verizon – STAY THE F*CK AWAY FROM MY PHONE! I paid full price, and didn’t buy it from you. Just give me the service that i pay for. Also, give me back the Blocking Mode that was supposed to come this phone! I Hate you.

    • EC8CH

      Have you tried out VZNavigator yet on your new Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy S4?

      • Bionic_Pags

        Haha… that’s all i use man… i even walk around with it on at all times…. What a P.O.S!

    • Verizon

      Dear Bionic_Pags – No.

      Maniacal laugh maniacal laugh maniacal laugh

  • Thomas

    I still haven’t gotten this via OTA 🙁

  • Jeremy Johns

    This updated made my phone worse. Since update one day Maps(never even opened app) used 76% of my battery in a day with light use. Turned off Google Now and today Google Services has used 82% of my phone battery. Plus my phone is not connecting to saved wifi spots automatically like it used to. I not have to go into wifi settings and connect. wtf and NO WIFI TOGGLE IN QUICK SETTINGS.

  • Murph

    Can anyone confirm the addition of the HDR video? I’m not seeing a difference.

  • AndrewScardino

    I may have been missing it before but has it always had a driving mode toggle in the settings menu and a increase text legibility setting check box option before?

    • Splendor Thought

      No, those are new.

  • markswoods

    Is there a good way to block OTA updates from Verizon? Is the method the same across carriers and devices?

  • ozyman666

    It’s early, but it seems the update has resolved my “the SD card has been unexpectedly removed” problem. I used to be able to trigger it by just scrolling through the gallery, but have yet to see it since updating.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    All I read was Secured Bootloader…. Going back to work now..

    • Jared

      You have to remember that if they don’t secure that bootloader and one person bypasses it, they could cause the WHOLE NETWORK to come crashing down, ruining the experience of many, many Verizon customers. Won’t you think about the children!?!

      • EC8CH

        It’s about time the NSA starts surveillance on all these dangerous Bootloader unlockers.

        • michael arazan

          Unlocking your phone and Deleting Verizon Bloatware apps is terrorizing to Verizon

  • Jared

    Woohoo! Touch recognition updated in VZ Navigator! I’ve been waiting for that to be fixed… Said no one. Ever.

    • Adam Kortan

      I would love to see some actual stats on how many people use that app over Google Maps. Unfortunately, they probably have a large market share from people who don’t know/don’t care and it would look something like that really unfortunate IE topped internet browser graph. At least the IE thing has enterprise issues behind it…

      • Alexander H

        One has a monthly charge…one doesn’t. People can’t be that dumb to go VZ and pay more for something free just an icon away…

  • JimmyHACK

    Well at least they added that wifi toggle huh? /s

    • Greg Chason

      It didn’t on mine 🙁

      • JimmyHACK

        Changelog says so, you can edit whats in yours.. you couldn’t edit the wifi in before. Check the settings maybe?

        • Greg Chason

          went to settings > display > notification panel and do not see wifi as an option

          • Mitchman

            This has to be a mistake in the changelog. They didn’t add Wifi toggle, they added Smart pause toggle.

          • Greg Chason

            great, add something else useless compared to what they should have

      • Brian Hyun Hurh

        do factory reset. only option that worked for me

  • KleenDroid


  • Ian

    ….and we c*ck-blocked your root path, – Verizon