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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Finally Launches, Although It’s a Soft Launch in Australia and New Zealand

Plants vs Zombies 2

Could Plants vs. Zombies 2 be the next Duke Nukem Forever? Sure, they haven’t been developing the game for more than a decade or anything, but with all of these delays and soft launches, it sort of feels like it. Today, PopCap’s Sr. Producer Allen Murray, took to the company’s blog to announce the availability or lack thereof of their upcoming mega title.

The game has technically launched, but it’s a soft launch that is taking place in only Australia and New Zealand. Yeah, that’s kind of a bummer for anyone who has been waiting for this sequel since earlier this year. 

What gives, PopCap? Why no U.S. love yet?

The goals of this focused launch are twofold: First, it’s to test our back-end server capacity to make sure we are ready and capable of handling the traffic of our players worldwide. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be connected to play, we just want to make sure everyone can get the game.) Second, it’s an opportunity for us to test at scale how our players play the game as well as how they interact with our store.

Oh, well I guess that makes sense. We will do our best to keep you posted on the game’s launch here in America.

Via: PopCap

  • rfdtrtdf

    The core gameplay hasn’t changed. Starting your journey from Ancient Egypt, you choose from a selection of plants with unique abilities, and place them on your lawn in an ingenious layout to wipe out huge swarms of zombies before they enter your house and eat your brains. AppsGoer’s review is right on time and superb on ideas.

  • indianajo883

    It looks like they made PVZ2 almost like Angry Birds, where you have themed levels and a 3 star rating system based on how well you did the level. I for one enjoyed the original PVZ and so far am not too thrilled by its new design. It seems more and more games have this 3 star rating system per level and a “pay for premium” features. I’d prefer to pay $5 off the bat for a better designed game rather than the new Social Media built games with facebook integration and “friends”. I’m sure it will be a fun game, but i just don’t think it will be the same sadly.

  • rfdtrtdf

    The new version is free to play, but some premium items should be purchased via IAP. It will also support multiple accounts on one single device and these accounts are allowed to share the items you purchase.Plants vs Zombies 2 is out for NZ and AU. Search AppsGoer to get a full review!!

  • John Burke

    EA often soft-launches in Australia.

  • Pedro Alvizu

    yup, this is only for iOS.. there is no Android release yet. The guy who posted this should delete this post.

    • TheCheapGamer

      by: Tim-o-tato

    • guvofosariwy

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      DNF is in its own league, when you take that long to come out with a game and its that bad.. ultimate fail

  • Derek Duncan

    again, iOS ONLY

  • j boner

    yeah lets find this .apk i don’t even care if it’s in Australian…

  • veRdiKt

    Where is the APK???

  • Dominic Powell

    I thought that PvsZ 2 was going to be iOS exclusive?

    • Derek Duncan

      it is. I am not sure why this site has continued the updates from this game which has no android release date and is an iOS exclusive. My only qualm.

      • Dominic Powell

        this is precisely what i was thinking as well, this isnt android news until it gets announced for android?

    • King Lo

      The only iOS exclusive is the July 18 release date. It’s coming to Android, PC, and Xbox

  • “we just want to make sure everyone can get the game”

    Does this mean that it’s going to be another game with a 1-2mb download on Google Play while the rest has to be downloaded from their servers?

    Google has to stop letting the developers do this NOW. Downloads are slow and constantly fail whenever I try to use these apps.

  • Stewie

    Pop Cap also announces Half Life 3: Coming Soon! What a way to stiff most of your consumer base.

  • Bill Hill

    DNF is in its own league, when you take that long to come out with a game and its that bad.. ultimate fail