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AT&T’s Galaxy S4 Also Receiving 357MB Update (Updated: Includes Apps to SD)

att galaxy s4 update

This appears to be the week of updates for U.S. variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sprint kicked things off with an update yesterday that included apps-to-SD along with Samsung’s KNOX security solution. Then today, Verizon’s variant of the phone is showing an update as well, which we were able to install via PC software installer. It too includes apps-to-SD support and what we can only assume is KNOX, since the update was substantial in size.

We’re still downloading the update, but are assuming it’s similar to both those that hit Sprint and Verizon’s Galaxy S4 models. We’ll update this post as we have more.

To grab the update, head into Settings>More>About device>Software update.

We were told that the Verizon update from earlier patches root and swaps out the bootloader, so proceed with caution.

Update:  It does indeed include apps-to-SD and more than likely prepares it for KNOX use. 


  • Bill

    How about Google realized they couldn’t sell you too much if you ran out of space. Since you can’t move music something had to be moved. The rest of the update is dubious for such a large size.

  • Bryan

    I haven’t got the update either

  • Michael Hickman

    I updated my Verizon Galaxy S4 yesterday and now it’s getting hot and the battery last half a day. Anyone else having the same problems?

    • denbo68

      I am updating mine now will let u know if it happens to me or not.

  • Mike

    Litterally rooted my ATT version of the S4 last night woke up and downloaded this update so I was rooted for like 4 hours, I did root my US Cellular before I changed back to ATT but I broke it lol…. Anyways this is the first phone where I actually prefer bloat touchwiz of pure android… Great job sammy I’m very happy I don’t really even care to root… I might be alone in the though.

    • DevoRiEr

      Not alone… I rooted my GNex but I haven’t had the desire to root my S4.

  • Ghost

    Doing my update right now !!!

  • jaydub110

    Does this include the GS4 Active too ?

    • No, completely different phone with different software.

  • BRIM

    So AT&T is OTA and Verizon isn’t?

  • Nw_adventure

    And in other news AT&T’s Galaxy S3 remains on 4.1 probably until the end of time- What a joke.

    • T4rd

      Highly doubt it. All the S3s will get updated in due time. Just expect it to be several weeks or months after the international S3 gets updated.

      • Nw_adventure

        Every carrier EXCEPT ATT has updated with the premium suite package and security patch- Come on already-

        • a.c. slater

          quick someone call the wahmbulance lulz

          • Nw_adventure

            don’t get run over by the wahmbulance- just saying

  • Just did a check and no update for me yet.

  • Detonation

    Wow…could it be that Samsung is actually making all the carriers roll out an update at the same time?

    • Certainly looks that way. Kind of refreshing.

      • Didn’t T-Mobile already get this update a week or two ago? Or was that the unlocked version?

        • hkklife

          Unlocked. AFAIK, T-Mo is the only branded version that hasn’t been updated so far.

  • Bill Hill

    Any word on the bootloader? Did they fix the exploit?

    • I’ve been told that they did on the Verizon version, not sure about AT&T.

      • DanSan

        always trying to ruin our fun!

    • Bill Hill

      “Well guys, I have very unfortunate news for those of you whom updated and wanted to get root again. It is no longer possible. The new locked bootloader prevents your from flashing the prerelease kernel and even prevents you from downgrading the bootloader its or flashing back to VRUAMDK build so then you could flash the prerelease kernel. At this point anyone who updated is sort of “screwed” (as they say), including my own device. Unfortunatly until someone is able to find a new exploit we are seriously in trouble here as I don’t have the knowledge to work on that level.” -open1your1eyes0