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Rumor Suggests the Galaxy Note 3 From Samsung Will Feature 3GB of RAM

Galaxy Note 3

As reported in an article through a Korean news outlet, the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung could feature a cellphone first – 3GB of RAM. From what we have posted before, the Note 3 is said to boast a massive 1080p 5.99″ display and be powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip or Samsung’s in-house Exynos 5 Octa processor. The chip will all depend on which market you purchase the device. 

The same report suggests that LG’s upcoming Optimus G2 will also feature 3GB of RAM, a device that we caught a glimpse of through a few video slides last month. The G2 is another superphone that many will want to keep their eyes on, reportedly featuring a nearly bezel-less display, as well as the Snapdragon 800 inside.

This beefing up of RAM is something we look very forward to. Excited yet?

Via: SamMobile | Korea Economic Daily

  • yankeesusa

    Oh yeah. I love my note 2 and I can’t wait to see what the note 3 brings. I hope they are able to keep the physical size the same but make screen bigger. Right now I can use my note 2 with one hand about 85 to 90% of the time and i love using the stylus when I don’t wish to leave fingerprints on screen. Everything about the note 2 is awesome!

  • Tony S

    I’ll stick to my Xperia Z Ultra and bluetooth handset.

  • Panos

    After 5.5 it gets too big for me.If the screen gets bigger people won’t buy. The note II already feels big in my pocket!

    • Jason Bittner

      They will update it the same way they did with the s4, same size case, larger screen, less bezel…..

  • Douglas DoNascimento

    As an owner of a Note 2, in my opinion the best phone ever made, I have to say I would much rather if they added an unbreakable class, a week long battery and sweeten the deal with a waterproof body.

  • subjeffrey

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  • Jason B

    Easy for Samsung. They make NAND flash and DRAM chips. I’d say they get favorable pricing for in-house components.

  • Jon

    This means nothing to me.

  • Kenton Douglas

    with 3GB you can dual boot Andriod and ChromeOS (when docked to a screen, keyboard, and mouse). That’s what I’m waiting for anyway.

  • Luisito Mercado

    still ugly… looks like an iphone from the side, kinda neat! still, hate the front 🙁

  • XvierX

    Oh my, yes.

  • roberthenderson

    *1080p screen
    *3gb ram
    *at least 32gb memory (would buy 64)
    *much better low light/indoor camera performance
    *big battery
    *quad core (would love octa)
    *100% must have front facing speakers (sure, the GS4 speaker is loud, but the sound quality on the Nexus 10 and the HTC One are outstanding)
    *would prefer all disappearing capacitive buttons (please none of the current uglier than sun onscreen buttons)

  • 1charles_bye1

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  • Jared Tau

    That looks beautiful, if only the S4 looked as good.

  • dannyWHITE

    Dont need a 6 inch phone….but I am interested in the Optimus G2!

  • I’m excited as I would love to see how it performs. I do however think the screen is just a little too big. Then again, it might not be so we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • n11

    I’d prefer a 5.5″ really.

  • Butt Crack

    I am throwing my wallet at my screen right now. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! I WANT A RELEASE DATE!

  • master94

    Some laptops don’t even come with that. I want. Seems every year they boost by a gig. Maybe I should wait for 4Gb.

  • Vandara Peou

    Why is no one else alarmed at how iPhone 4/5 like this new design is?

    Don’t get me wrong I’m an Android user but man you’re blind if you deny it’s not a blatant rip off.

  • John

    By the time the Note 4 comes out it will be 4 or 5 gigs. And on n on..

  • mike

    Hopefully that silver stuff is metal and not plastic


    That phone actually looks pretty nice!!

  • TylerChappell

    It will have 3GB of RAM. And only 16GB of internal storage, 8GB usable after Samsung’s JunkWhiz. I’d choose 32GB/2GB over 16GB/3GB any day of the week.

  • XphoneTroll

    Looks like I have to do this again, sell my S4 to get this beast!

  • JoshGroff

    Seeing as how they were the first with 2GB, I wouldn’t be surprised. That would certainly sway me towards one over another device.

  • trwb

    It’s probably because the software will be memory intensive on the note 3. 1 gig use to be enough, but touchwiz and sense can eat up over a gig at times now.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Reading through the comments makes me a little baffled that, 4 years on, people still don’t understand that Android’s high RAM usage is intentional and a good thing. Even with 3GB, it will still be filled to near-capacity at all times.

    • SamsungFTW

      Why is it a good thing? I’m not disagreeing, I’m actually asking because I’m curious. I understand software a bit better than hardware, but am interested in knowing how that would benefit the OS. I have used Android and many other mobile operating systems, and IMO Android is by far the best experience, so I don’t doubt that what you are saying is true – they know what they’re doing. I just can’t wrap my head around how that would help.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson
        • SamsungFTW


          Thanks for the link. That makes sense, loading apps from RAM is more efficient because it’s faster than internal storage, and it’s better for the functionality of the phone (if I am accurately paraphrasing it). I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I can definitely see how that would be beneficial. Thanks again.

  • sith77

    OH MAN !! upgrade ………… either note3 or HTC ONE Maxx

    • roberthenderson

      I wanted to stay with Samsung, but I’ve got to have those front facing speakers :-[

  • coldhardtruth

    LMFAO! This should come with a man purse to carry it. Nice internals tho

    • Brandon Haines

      relly its not that big…u actually appreciate the size. and although you get a lotta people that say your phone is huge…their really just hating because the screen is freaking gorgeous

  • This wil be just to accommodate all the crazy amount of programs like the S4 now has. Imagine what the Note 2 has now + the S4 features + any other amped up Note features

  • Bigwavedave25

    Oh jeez… ok, I guess I’ll be saving my Vz upgrade workaround for this instead of the S4 or Moto X whatever. Do want a massive beautiful screen with a Wacom digitizer for sketching on the go or in meetings at the drop of a hat.
    Oh this would be great, Netbook replacement for sure with that Ram!! 😀

  • David

    It’ll get investigated my MLB for performance enhacement drugs 😛

    • Blue Sun

      I’m sure we should expect prompt results from a “Blue Ribbon Panel”?

      • David

        Absolutely. Once they announce the Arod marketing deal

  • Vantucky

    As an Ingress player I cannot wait for this. Even the Note 2 is taxed by running 2 apps in the back ground right now. For me the best case scenario right now is a Note 3 with Snapdragon 800. 32 gb of RAM, 3 gb of memory and at least 4000 maH battery. With that I would probably only have to charge my battery twice a day 😉

    • Blue Sun

      Did you mean “32 gb of storage, 3 gb of memory (RAM)”?

      • Stevedub40

        32 ROM, 3 RAM

        • hkklife

          Don’t worry, Verizon and Samsung will still gimp it with 16Gb of internal storage (with <8Gb available for user storage, most likely),

          • roberthenderson

            Gotta push that inexpensive cloud storage (cough cough)

        • user311

          ROM is read only. Storage or nand would work in this case.

      • Vantucky

        Yep, my fingers weren’t quite engaged with my brain.

    • Brandon Haines

      i think you should think about rooting your phone and actually gettin some use out of it. sounds like you having kernel issues if you are maxing out ram with this beast

  • Trent Russell

    Please don’t make the screen bigger Samsung. There’s going to be a lot of people sighing and buying a GS4 they would have otherwise bought months ago. 🙁

  • iduntwanttoregister

    I love the specs, but the Notes are just to big for me.

    Seems like the LG G2 will have similar specs in a 5 inch phone, thats a size I prefer.

    so right now my next phone will be the G2 of this Moto X.

    • rutgersjaffo

      It’s ok to admit that one’s delicate, feminine hands just can’t handle six inches. It’s gonna be alright, bro…

      • iduntwanttoregister

        You’re right your Mom’s mouth does a lot better with 6 inches than my hands.

        • justin

          Keep it classy.

          • Blue Sun

            … San Diego.”

        • Jesus


        • rutgersjaffo

          You mad?

      • hoosiercub88

        It’s like the people saying tablets and laptops are just too heavy.. limp wristed, pathetic wastes of oxygen. “Oh my gawd, my new tablet is just two heavy, it weighs almost two pounds, can you believe it?”

        • rutgersjaffo

          ^ THIS

      • Greyhame

        It’s more about how ridiculous it looks when you talk into it. But keep using an anonymous forum to brag about your manhood bud. Yawn.

        • rutgersjaffo

          Dude. It was just a good-natured joke. Try not to get your panties so bunched up, little fella. And as to holding the phone to my ear, I fail to see how any one phone looks more or less “ridiculous” than any other due to its size, big OR small. That said…”Bluetooth.” Maybe you’ve heard of it…tiny?

          • Greyhame

            My panties bunched up? Haha, you’re super hilarious and cool. Blue tooth? Never heard of it. Please enlighten me.

  • Note3freak

    Can’t wait Wooooooooo! Hopefully it comes with 32gb internal memory.

    • tomn1ce

      It would be nice that the flagship devices come with at least 32GB because 16GB is not cutting it anymore..

  • rals

    Don’t get too excited, this is more to accommodate the touchwiz features that will utilize quite a bit of memory.

    • Anthony Lee

      Err…so you unlock/root/flash a custom rom to free it up?

      • KOBALT

        JellyBeans ROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Richard Yarrell

      So when the Lg G2 lands with 3gb of ram will it to be for its UI features. Face the facts Samsung bought 2gb of ram to market in the S3 then everybody followed. They will now bring 3gb of ram to market and again all will follow. 2014 devices will have 4gb of ram by June 2014. It will never stop.

      • squiddy20

        1. If you took even 10 seconds to google “Galaxy S3 specs”, you’d find that none of the variants had 2GB of RAM. They all had only 1 GB. Good job at failing so hard on such a simple fact. Moron.

        2. Again, if you took 10 seconds to do a simple google search of “first smartphone to have 2 GB of RAM”, you would find that Samsung was not the first. LG’s Optimus LTE2 was. Why don’t you try facing those facts, hmmm? Stupid fanboy.

        • Michael Wegehaupt

          My Verizon s3 with 2gb of RAM says hello

      • cb2000a

        They should just put in 8 gb and be done with it.

  • T4rd

    I’m in as long as the phsical dimensions of the phone aren’t any larger than the Note 2. I know I said this about the Gnex, but there’s no way I can go any larger than my Note 2. It’s awkward enough to handle with one hand as it is sometimes. Any larger will just be unuseable for me, I think.

    • Alix8821

      I’m assuming (hoping) they follow the same steps that they took from S3 – – – > S4.

      Bigger screen, same body, smaller bezel


  • s4

    its like a big iphone :s

    • The back is more like a big HTC One with a Samsung logo…

  • duke69111

    Do I need 3gb of RAM. I don’t know, but I want it.

    • Trevor

      Haha that’s awesome. That’s often how I feel about this kind of stuff too.

      • jboogie1289


    • Scottyb112

      Lol, I do too.. But with my Galaxy S3. the 2 Gigs gets close to eaten up. So 3 is nice. But 6″ screen is too big

      • Gamblor77

        TOTALLY agree about the S3 RAM and being nearly maxxed most days. Since SwiftKey seems to be a RAM hog it would be nice to type without lagging EVER!

        • MHinvallover4706

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          i think you should think about
          rooting your phone and actually gettin some use out of it. sounds like
          you having kernel issues if you are maxing out ram with this beast

        • michael arazan

          Swiftkey lags so bad that it takes 3-5 seconds to just load up when I need to type something out then after its on screen it lags up a few more seconds after typing, on my GNex though

          • the greenator

            the biggest reason i found that swiftkey lags is because of “flow”, if you disable that, it works so much faster!

        • zeth006

          Swiftkey was great in 2012.

          But these days, Android’s keyboard is a lot better. It’s like Swype/Swiftkey, but with better word predictions.

      • S2556

        The day I switched to AOKP was a great day.

    • Kanaga Deepan N

      With AOKP, 2GB is surplus… With TopuchWiz+ bloat 3GB will be good enough…

    • pearlhum

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    • SamsungFTW

      That’s the thing, everyone thinks “I don’t need that much RAM” because nothing their phone does would use that much RAM. And as long as phones aren’t built with 3 Gb of RAM, there will never be an application that requires that much because there would be no device that would be able to use it. Developers would not waste time developing a RAM-intensive application that would be incompatible with every phone on the market. It’s a “chicken or egg” situation. The hardware has to come first, the software will follow.

      Now as far as what types of applications hypothetically *would* need that much RAM, that would depend on the application, but I imagine it would certainly help the advancement of mobile games, and could also have an impact on the operating system itself. Before I rooted my S4 and flashed a custom ROM, I must say that there were times when it was quite laggy, which given 2 Gb of RAM and a quad-core processor came as a bit of a surprise. I’m not sure what it is about TouchWiz that makes it hang up here and there, so I can’t say for sure that having more RAM would help that, but I would hypothesize that it is likely.

  • Lucas Johnson

    Well it definitely doesn’t hurt to have more i suppose. I think the power of these new chips and all this RAM is being lost on phones though. I’m excited to see more ARM based computers and other large devices. I’m typing this on an ARM powered samsung chromebook… It’s the future!

  • Trevor

    Do current cell phones even need three GB of RAM? Or is this going to turn into a marketing numbers thing like cameras and megapixels?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Of course they do! This is THE FUTURE! In the future we all must have very POWERFUL phones to keep us going! lol

    • Android Telegraph

      Considering OS like Symbian and MeeGo could have up to 40/50 apps in the background in 512MB/1GB RAM (including two HD games), yeah, if we compare to those, then we do need 3GB of RAM as Android’s RAM usage is sky-high. But otherwise not, unless you want 30-40 apps open in background ready for instant resume. 😛

      • Ryan Stewart

        And windows 3.1 could run on 1/1000th of what the modern systems run on. Being said i dont know if we really need more, a good 30% goes largely unused on my N4.

        But just running around with the chicken little attitude regarding RAM is pointless and misguided. You likely don’t even understand how the OS and applications even use memory. You’d probably crap rocks at a SQL server too, since that service soaks up all of the available ram whether it needs it or not.

        Android works largely the same way, its not actively utilizing it more than just a large cache but that is the point of memory. Having it empty is just useless to begin with.

        • Android Telegraph

          God, why does everyone play the “having it empty is useless card?” Android’s problem is that a single app takes more memory than other OS, so, you know, i open 8 apps and send them to background, I have no idea if one of them will resume or will Android start killing as RAM starts filling up. It’s great that Android uses all the RAM to not waste it, but it’s not great that it can’t run too many processes and services without needing to kill.

          This thing about these OS being modern and hence damn high on RAM usage is idiotic, even Ubuntu clearly mentions that despite using Android’s kernel, the apps will run with a lower memory footprint due to the lack of a java virtual machine, so there’s clearly something wrong. MeeGo was as modern as it could get, this is just fanboyism that Android is modern or uses RAM more effectively. It doesn’t.

          One guy once said that Android’s deliberately uses more RAM for a single app so it runs faster and resumes quicker, yet performance on Android is nothing to write home about unless you’re using a high-end device. Don’t get me wrong, I love ANdorid, but it clearly has problems that need to be fixed. (like every other OS.)

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            The Android OS is a modern OS that uses RAM in the exact same manner as Ubuntu and other Linux distros. And Ubuntu is exactly right that it will take more memory to run an app in Android due to its sandboxing of the Dalvik VM. However, it also ensures that a single app can’t cripple and/or compromise the entire system, so they are sacrificing a few MB of RAM usage for system stability and security, which in general is an acceptable tradeoff.

            The overall high RAM usage of the system (keeping RAM @~80-85% capacity) is indeed a good, healthy practice for any Linux-based OS, due to how it handles RAM in general. High app RAM usage, on the other hand, is completely controlled by the developer, who should be using Google’s dev tools and best coding practices to keep RAM usage to the minimum necessary, especially when running in the background. That is what will determine how many apps can be held in memory at any given time, as system apps will almost always have priority over user apps. The system records app usage and orders app killing based on a combination of that and most recently used app, which is the exact same way it is handled in other mobile OS.

            TL;DR: Android’s overall “high” RAM usage is based on holding as many apps in memory as possible to improve multitasking speed, and is desirable behavior. High app RAM usage is undesirable, and good developers will optimize their RAM usage to the minimum necessary, especially when the app is in the background, thus allowing a higher number of user apps to be held in memory.

          • Android Telegraph

            “Android’s overall “high” RAM usage is based on holding as many apps in memory as possible to improve multitasking speed, and is desirable behavior. ”

            That’s what I don’t understand, despite those techniques the multitasking speed on Android isn’t any better than other true multitasking OS (it’s worse many times, despite such high-end hardware), while allowing a lesser number of apps to be held in the background. MeeGo had a number of apps, and I’m sure not every dev optimized there apps that well, yet it could hold a high amount of apps in the background in the background, including an HD game or two (like Need for Speed). That’s what I don’t like, that despite all these measures Android has lag, poor multitasking capability despite 2GB of RAM and whatnot, though I do agree with keeping as many apps in memory as possible, that’s something I do understand.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Ah, I think I can see the cognitive disconnect. Android’s multitasking does not simply hold apps in memory, it also allows apps to run full-bore in the background, which can have a detrimental effect on the foreground app. That, imo at least, is the primary cause of the lag and stuttering so often attributed to Android, especially with slower processors. MeeGo and iOS limit background process CPU usage (or, what processes can be run in the background period, I’m not quite sure which) so that it doesn’t have a significant effect on the foreground process, but it also means that the background apps are resource starved or can only perform certain functions. It is a trade-off made at the OS level, and rather than let the OS take control of things, Android lets the apps run as their developers have coded them, which is why good developers are so very important to Android. It is also the primary reason people have such wildly different experiences, even on the same device.
            That is not to say that developers are the cause of lag, as there are certainly system services that have their own bugs and issues such as inefficient redraws and excessive data calls, which waste system resources as well.

          • Android Telegraph

            But that’s the thing, MeeGo (and Symbian) allowed background apps (they had “true multitasking”) to do what they want if they wanted to, only pausing if the app doesn’t want to do anything (they did not even have the concept of services, the apps themselves just got sent to the background like on a desktop, at least on Symbian that’s the case). Even games can continue to load in the background on MeeGo, something Android doesn’t allow. So I’m not really sure Android is doing anything better or unique that is providing any benefits, except offering background multitasking in an age where iOS and WP offer limited, locked down functionality.
            It’s rather shameful that 1GB of RAM isn’t enough to provide a great multitasking experience, and even 2GB fails to do it for foreground apps/apps that I’ve sent to the background (all the persistent apps running services never seem to get killed though, so that is an advantage of 2GB).

            But I guess I can only hope Google will get around to optimizing before things like 3GB RAM become a necessity.

    • Sirx

      Cameras and megapixels. Definitely cameras and megapixels.

      Yet, the GN3 will still feature copious amounts of, as Tim put it, “jank”. smh

    • benz

      They aren’t just cell phones anymore…

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Considering that Android is based on the Linux kernel, more RAM = better. However, it will likely only speed up app switching since it can keep more large programs in RAM. Loading/processing time and in-app fluidity will likely remain unaffected.

      • Jason Brown

        “Loading/processing time and in-app fluidity will likely remain unaffected.” *sad panda* =(

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          It depends on if they use a similar type of RAM at a larger capacity, or if they use a faster and larger RAM chip. If they use a larger RAM chip that is slower to save costs, then it actually may be a hair slower.

          However, with the Sd800, I doubt anyone will notice the RAM hike unless they do swap between large apps.

    • BCoils

      No, yes. It’s like the att commercial. More is a good thing so i’ll take it.

    • JasonIvers

      You could relatively easily make the argument that a 6″ screen makes this not a “phone”, even if it has that ability as well. Plus, with that amount of power, Samsung could relatively easily provide a means of having this function as a laptop replacement (if they wanted to).

    • Leeroy Waddermelon

      They need more ram to help out with their sluggish touch wiz.

    • Considering how much I HATE the “Low on storage space” icon popping up on my phone, I have to go with YES. {{-_-}}

      • Ryan Stewart

        RAM /= Storage.

  • Android Telegraph

    Yay, throw more hardware at Android’s high RAM usage! This isn’t exciting, it’s a sad sign of how unoptimized the OS is. Come on Google, make that rumor of Android 5.0 reducing RAM usage come true! 😛

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The rumor has changed to 4.3 being a huge under-the-hood update with respect to optimizations, which I very much believe considering the way they were talking at I/O in some of the panels. 4.3 is looking more and more like it is targeting reducing system resource use, i.e. massive optimization of the system app code.

      • Greyhame

        That would be awesome. Are these just rumblings you’re hearing, or would you happen to have a link to share?

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Rumblings based on a number of leaks combined with the near-laser focus at I/O on app optimization, and a heaping helping of reasonable guesses.

    • Vandara Peou

      What a lot of people fail to realize is that Android will utilize ALL the RAM possible. Whether it be 512MB or 12GB if you open up a lot of apps they all reside in memory until closed out. It’s not an indication of Android being a “memory hog.” If anything it’s smart memory use.

      So it’s actually a good thing that your RAM usage is always near full. It will shut down apps as needed.

      • Android Telegraph

        No, the problem is that these apps are “cached to resume quickly.” Even with 2GB RAM, I’m never sure if that game I backgrounded or an app I sent to background will resume after I open another 5-7 apps, that’s the issue I have. If Android’s RAM usage wasn’t so high, for a particular app that is, then it wouldn’t need to kill so often. This “Android uses all RAM as free RAM is wasted RAM” has nothing to do with how I shouldn’t see apps get killed so quickly as RAM fills up. Stop defending the insane RAM usage (even Ubuntu points out how they won’t be using Java so how apps will have a low memory footprint), I have no problem with Android not letting RAM fill up by killing stuff, but if it gets killed so soon, then it’s an issue.

      • Ross Parker

        This!!! How many times has this been discussed and then almost immediately forgotten?

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to see Verizon’s branding all over the Note 3! /s

  • Blue Sun

    I’m hoping this device will be a multitasking beast.

    • gregmr

      It needs at least 1.5GB just to run the TouchJizz bloatware

      • Tyler Durden

        Cough android cough

        • boobs

          My nexus runs 4.2.2 at 500 MB. Over 100 apps installed.

          • Jase Mase

            My Note 2 runs 4.2.2 and uses 1.2GB with 250+ Apps. No lag.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            # of apps installed is not indicative of RAM usage. Unopened apps are held in ROM until they are loaded into RAM, either by the system anticipating their use due to app usage history, or when you open the app yourself.

  • Blue Sun


  • DerrDerrHERPPPPP

    Makes no sense considering the Snapdragon 800 memory bus size.

    • Your name is intriguing 🙂

    • Vandara Peou

      Care explaining how the two relate? Or are you just throwing out technical jargon in hopes to sound smart?

  • EvanTheGamer

    3GB of RAM? Holy WHAT?! Now we’re talkin’ POWER! Damn.