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Verizon Drops the DROID DNA to $50

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Even with the HTC One appearing today in its first press render, we still don’t have a firm date on its launch at Verizon stores other than “later this summer.” What we do have are a few signs that the DROID DNA is on its way out the door, which as you know, is the phone that most expect the One to replace. A couple of weeks ago we received a tip that authorized Verizon resellers had moved the DNA to “closeout” status, and that once stores ran out of inventory, that they wouldn’t receive new stock. The point – to clear out remaining inventory to make room for the One. 

This morning, Verizon dropped the price of the DNA down to $49.99 on new 2-year contract. They are calling it a limited time offer, but if any of the previous signs mean anything, this could be Verizon’s move to clear out inventory from their online shop and in official stores. It could also just be a 4th of July sale.

If you were interested in the DNA, now would be the best time to buy the phone that was one of the first in the industry with a 1080p display. It still packs some of the best specs in the business, even if it is seven or so months old. It really has been the last “DROID” deserving of the name.

And if $50 is still too much, you can find it for a penny at Amazon.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Chris!

  • Too bad they don’t run specials or drop the price for their customers who don’t wanna sign contracts ie unlimited users!

  • Mark

    ROM support is garbage for carrier exclusives, and that is why Verizon is garbage. Three months ago the One came out and they’re just now getting it. Best coverage, worst selection of phones. A terrible trade-off that I hate to live with. If you do have the DNA and want something that is lean as lean can get, pick up CM 10.1. It’s obviously an unofficial build, but it’s 4.2.2 and the battery life is insane as is the speed and cleanliness.

  • rutgersjaffo

    Jesus. And I was soooo close to buying this thing when it came out. Whew…dodged a bullet there.

  • Deylune

    got the Droid DNA for very cheap online and i love the device and don’t regret buying it at all. i am most likely going to skip out on the One for Verizon. the DNA is getting Sense 5 this summer as well as 4.2.2.

    • mustbepbs

      Source on the update?

      • Deylune

        LlabTooFer on twitter. he said the Droid DNA will have Sense 5 and 4.2.2 before summer is over. he is very reliable.

      • Deylune

        LlabTooFer also stated that the Butterfly S, which is available in Taiwan right now, will be available on Verizon at somepoint so probably in the fall.

        • LionStone

          Now that will be worth upgrading to from the DNA! 🙂

          • Deylune

            yea but i may not upgrade to it. i may try something else, not sure.

  • Dominick White

    I have had mines, since day one and i am still loving it.. S off and rooted with jellybeer rom

  • T4rd

    Death to carrier exclusives. Thunderbolt and Rezound = garbage. DNA is the next Rezound; great hardware at launch and no support after 9 months and one major software update, then you’re forced to root/ROM if you want to stay somewhat current.

    • mustbepbs

      Eh. It works well out of the box so I really don’t care what happens to it. I’ve got a Nexus 10 so I get my “Oooh new Android version” out with that, and use my smartphone for texting and calling and occasional browsing. It works, that’s all I care about.

    • flosserelli

      I agree but you just described every phone on VZW. So your complaint is misdirected. The problem is not carrier exclusives per se, but the *carrier*.

      • T4rd

        The Gnex, Galaxy S3, and all Razr variants didn’t stop getting software support after 9 months. None of those were carrier exlusives (the Razr’s are available GSM unlocked and I think Moto is better for updates since they’re owned by Google). In fact, they’re all still supposed to be getting more updates soon. The Rezound was pretty much dropped after its ISC update 9 months after it launched. I would expect the same amount of support for the DNA. The S3, S4, One and Razr line should still be getting updates for a while now.

        • JoshGroff

          Thunderbolt also received ICS, unlike the Charge and Revolution. Also, that was back when everyone was spitting out countless carrier exclusives.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, theTB got ICS, but it was almost 2 years after its launch. Too late to matter to anyone since 95% of their owners had already upgraded from that abomination.

          • JoshGroff

            The point is it was the only device of its generation to get it, not the fact that it took so long. Better late than never, right.

    • JoshGroff

      This is why I buy the best phone available and worry about the dev community getting me the updates I need.

  • Scott LaRue

    What is the point of getting this from Verizon when you can get it from a 3rd Party (Amazon, Best Buy ) for 1 cent? Is there an advantage to spending 50 bucks more and tax on top of that?

    • hkklife

      Was at BB this morning and it’s no longer free on contract. It’s back up to $100. So now the best “free” VZW Phones at BB are the OG Droid RAZR or the RAZR M.

  • fauxshizzl

    Just picked one up last week. Brand new off contract for $200. Not a fan of sense but I will do away with that soon enough. Kills my Gnex if every facet, soon as it is running stock JellyBean all will be right with the universe once more.

    • James

      you mind letting me know where you got it off contract for that price? I wouldn’t mind picking one up until something new comes out. My GNex is getting a little long in the tooth….

      • fauxshizzl

        Sorry guys I got mine off Craigslist from a guy who worked at Verizon, so I can’t really point you in the direction of the same deal. My only suggestion would be to keep an eye on that site and offer people what you’re willing to pay rather then what they are asking. You would probably be surprised how many are willing to take much less than they were asking for. He was asking $350, I offered $200. Picked it up for $225 with the brand new OtterBox.

    • Brandon

      Got to echo James about that; how’d you manage to score it? My Galaxy Nexus is definitely ready to sunset..

  • Eric R.

    I got mine for $200 in December.

  • flosserelli

    VZW will probably give them away for free next month.

  • JoshGroff

    Had mine since April, S-off and what not. Great phone, and for the current price, it’s a winner.

    • Isabel Herron

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  • mustbepbs

    I got mine free the other day at Best Buy! I absolutely love this thing. My wife has the GS3 and this is head and shoulders above it.

    • possomcrast1

      The ONLY problem I have with mine is that the 3D and game performance doesn’t seem to match what the processor and GPU are capable of. It’s still crazy fast and smooth but I’ve seen it stutter a bit (probably because it’s rendering in 1080p and at a really high pixel density).

      • eli

        noticed the same thing when I still had mine, my s4 blazes through 3d games….with a little heat though…lol

        • michael arazan

          The DNA on Verizon is still $600 full retail

          • JoshGroff

            I just grabbed mine used a few months ago for 300.

      • JoshGroff

        Have you tried forcing gpu rendering? I haven’t had a chance to try it myself, but it may help.

  • Kyle

    Loving mine even more now that it’s got S-OFF and rooted! Got mine during the free promo deal a month ago. Can’t beat a Quad Core for free, with 1080p

    • What method did you use to S-OFF and root?

      • mustbepbs

        I don’t know what he used, but I used Moonshine. You can find it over at XDA. There’s also RevOne if Moonshine isn’t working for you.

      • Dominick White

        I use revone, but moonshine is the best cause you can use it to s off snd root at the sametime

      • Kyle

        Moonshine, then loaded TWRP 2.5 custom recovery