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Sliding Messaging Finally Loses the Beta Tag in Google Play


Over the weekend, Sliding Messaging, a replacement SMS/MMS application that we have discussed on numerous occasions, finally lost its beta tag. Reaching version 6.50, the developer feels that most of the features and bugs have been added/fixed, so the app is finally ready to be called 100% ready. 

Included in the newest update is large list of new features, ones that we will list out from the changelog down below. If you have yet to try this app out or gave it a whirl back when it was first launched, definitely give it a try now. Months of work have gone into making it a solid texting app replacement.

What’s New:

  • Scheduling SMS support
  • Draft support
  • Pattern unlock added as a security option
  • Pull to load more messages
  • Ability to cache conversations for smoother sliding
  • Performance enhancements
  • MMS fixes and option to receive through stock
  • New themeing options

The developer states that the price will be increasing up from $0.99, so grab it for cheap while you still can.

Play Link ($0.99)

Cheers Damian!

  • Ryan

    I thought the title said “finally loses the beta LAG” and I got really excited. I love this app. But ridiculous lag, coupled with the fact that the notifications/new message highlight disappear even when there are new messages, make it totally unusable.

  • too bad sliding messaging

    i bought this app back in its beginning stages. this app is still reallllllly laggy. not just for me, for a lot of people. just go look at the comments as well as the xda thread. its come a long way but it should not have come out of beta because it is unstable. i still get force closes every now and then and the conversation list takes forever to load. MMS is a hit or miss. trust me, i really wanted to like this but its just not what it is hyped up to be. i have since returned to the stock text messaging app but i found “GLOWFLY” popup app to replace SMS popup. this is what i was really looking for anyways in the first place, a replacement for SMS popup….

  • Anthony Tyson

    Can’t get MMS working no matter what I do.

  • I use this now, but if google integrates SMS into Hangouts I would give it up in a heartbeat.

    • Margaret J. Ngo

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    • Jack Holt

      I feel this same way. Once Hangouts has SMS support. I’m out.

  • Brian Walker

    The dev for this app is a real solid dude. Answers questions really quickly. I paid for it before talking to him, then I had a problem with it, and within 20 minutes of emailing him I had a fix. Definitely glad I chose to support his development efforts.

  • Ryan B

    Nice to see that its 2013 and we are still perfecting the text message.

    • Steve Schneider

      It’s called…embellishing…

  • I made a post on the Google Community Page and this is some feedback I got. https://plus.google.com/109654560847909075331/posts/44CkoX813hP

    • Bessie Arino

      So did you get MMS to work?

      • Each update gets closer to it working perfectly. But I am rooted using a stock Google android message app that works and looks like what I want. So I don’t use sliding message pro unless I’m using a touch wiz rom

  • Jordan

    I gave in. I finally paid for Pro.

  • ianflo

    I really wanted to like this. And I keep it installed on my phone and update it every time hoping for the one thing that would get me to switch over. (I’d even deal with the “Send MMS through Stock Messaging App), but what I reaaaally want is MightyText support.

    At very random times it will work, but most of the time it wont.

    • Shawn Pourhosseini

      Same problem im having…it never shows my responses

      • michael arazan

        Tried it out, didn’t work well, will try it again now that it’s polished, as long as its not a polished turd

  • coolsilver

    Group Messages are wonky with this app.

    • j

      That’s a big downer, but considering Google JUST got it right themselves in 4.2..

  • JamesU513

    Been using from the beginning…it is my daily driver…MMS works flawlessly (love that it turns the Wifi on and off for me)…every so often the app hangs up trying to load the conversation list, etc. (possibly because of my GNEX)

  • I used it just a couple weeks ago, and it seemed pretty buggy… I’ll give it another go.

  • Android Telegraph

    It has, the initial opening time has gone up considerably with the non-beta update, was quite surprised by that.

    • yes… just took a good 5-10 seconds to open…

  • HerroMoto

    I want to try this so bad but the MMS is really flaky Anyone know if this update helped it?

  • BRIM

    I tried to love SM but it was always jittery. Great idea; terrible execution.

    Luckily I’ve found TEXTRA.

    • Greg Morgan

      I’m trying textra out. So far very nice. thanks for the tip!

      • Bobby

        I’m loving Textra, simple, fast, and not bloated. Works with Avast and SeekDroid!

    • I checked it out for a few min…but personally I think its ugly and pixelated. I’m using a GS4

    • DeAnna Sowder

      Thanks for the tip! I’m liking Textra so far!

    • THANKS

      thanks! i just tried TEXTRA as well. but i uninstalled because i need the popup to pop up OVER the lockscreen so that i do not have to unlock before i read/reply to the text. thats all i really wanted was a popup that can pop OVER the lock screen.

  • Dan

    Very cool app. Just replaced my stock sms/mms with this.

  • Justin Barrett

    Unless he fixed it with this latest update, then no. I switched back to the stock messaging app a week ago for this very reason.

  • Alix8821

    I’ve been using it for a long time. YES, every update makes it faster, easier, more reliable, etc…
    It’s become a must have for whatever ROM I flash on my S3.

  • Wondering this too, i used it not that long ago and it was quite laggy at times and took a while to open. I liked it but had to uninstall as I’m not going to wait for text to load.