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Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Coming to Verizon as the SCH-I435?

galaxy s4 mini

A Samsung device with the model number SCH-435 stopped by Bluetooth SIG this week, likely on its way to Verizon. In the past, all of Big Red’s Samsung device model numbers start with SCH, and since this phone is headed to North America, we would be shocked if it went elsewhere. So what is it? It could be the Galaxy S4 Mini

The Galaxy S4 falls under model number SCH-I545 and the Galaxy S3 through Verizon is SCH-I535. One could assume that the 500-level is saved for top tier devices, while the 400-level would then be saved for mid-to-low range devices. The Samsung Stratosphere (which was low-to-mid range when it launched) carries the model number SCH-I405, while its follow-up (Stratosphere 2) goes by model number SCH-i425. The Galaxy Note 2 through Verizon is SCH-I605.

With this new phone showing as the SCH-I435, it would make sense for it to be the Galaxy S4 Mini. It’s an affordable, smaller version of this year’s flagship from Samsung. Unless of course, Samsung has a Stratosphere 3 in the works, to keep the keyboard alive.

Either way, a low-to-mid range device from Sammy is headed to Verizon. I’m not sure it deserved 184 words, though.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 9.21.53 AM

Via:  Bluetooth | Blog of Mobile

  • Tmobile Specialist

    I don’t know why it’s coming to Verizon, it should of came to tmobile because of UK has it for tmobile .

  • Quint

    I guess USCellular isn’t in the running for this device LOL

  • john

    This is wear samsung seems to keep it redundant. Why make a S4 mini. If people don’t like the original size then buy a different phone. I love Samsung but why have the same style throughout your products. Its time for a change hopefully your S5 will do that. No need to keep making the same phone with the same OS. Lets move on…..

  • Ryan

    The S3 mini is going to Metro lol

  • flosserelli

    I would much rather see the HTC One on Verizon.

    • michael arazan

      The new HTC Butterfly has been shown off, it looks like the DNA, I’m afraid this is coming back to verizon instead of the One

  • bigdav1178

    I’d like to see it be a keyboarded phone, like the Stratosphere line, but I have a feeling it will be the S4 Mini or similar. It might even get the Stratosphere name, but I think the qwerty days are done. (And I seem to think I recall hearing that the Strat 3 was not going to have the qwerty a while back.)

  • Where the #%!!% is the VZW Galaxy S4 32GB version? That’s what I want to know! Any news on that for us Kellex? Try impatiently to hold out…

  • JustReboot

    4series approx 4″ screen; 5series approx 5″ screen; 6series approx 6″ screen? just sayin’

  • tomn1ce

    I am so looking forward to the mini coming to vzw o_0 ….Maybe its the follow up to the Droid Charge, since Motorola hasn’t released any Droids lately they decided to have samsung make them a 2nd Droid Charge….

    • phoneman67

      Hey dont pick on my phone. I have had it for 2 years and going strong!

  • FAL_Fan

    I’m thinking it’s the stratosphere 3, I don’t see why Verizon would go for the mini line…

    • Justin W

      They gotta have something for a Droid line – maybe this will be rebranded into a Droid device?

      • r0lct

        I think DROID is dying. HTC, Samsung and Moto aren’t going to make their flagship devices DROID branded so all that’s left is low/mid level phones which will kill the brand if the OEMs don’t pull out themselves.

        • Justin W

          Agreed. It was a nice brand recognition that vzw had going for them, but from other rumors, the S3 Mini might end up as a Stratosphere 3 or something like that.

  • Albert Reyna

    haha miss out on every other phone and decide to bring this POS XD

  • LaLa

    Of course they are Kellex, I thought you would have learned by now that if it has sh*t specs it’s coming to Verizon.

  • chris125

    So this is why Verizon won’t release any other phones. They sold their soul to Samsung

    • Tyler Durden

      Yeah, biggest money maker for them besides apple. Why not.

  • Illinipoke

    Take THAT AT&T! /s

  • Eric Soriano

    Jesus Christ Verizon! ATT gets the LTE Note 8 exclusive, first to launch the S4 active, late to the HTC One party and this is what you guys have coming.

    • flosserelli

      Don’t forget the Pantech Perception!

      • michael arazan

        And the Casio Commander, yay!? Comes with a free calculator watch

  • Shane Redman

    Doesn’t anyone other than Samsung or HTC make phones??? No? Not this year you say?……….c’mon Moto, show me something, anything.

    • tu3218

      Less than just a year ago, everyone was complaining about moto releasing too many phones in a certain time period. Now people are complaining that they aren’t releasing anything.

      • Shane Redman

        I wasn’t one of those people complaining. I enjoyed my D1. I’d just like that experience again, though my GNex has been good to me. I’m fine with these variants of phone, maybe not so much a maxx and what not, since I believe that they should have just made the maxx the standard version. I just want to see some different stuff.

        • tu3218

          Yeah I understand. I was just getting that out there cause I know it’s the case for a lot of people. Didn’t try to single you out. I wish they would come out with something. It’s bound to happen soon though. Hopefully they’ve been working on something good.

  • mediocreatmath

    probably not