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Android 5.0 “Key Lime Pie” UI Concepts Hitting the Web, Give Us Very High Hopes

Android KLP

As we approach the rumored date for Android 4.3’s launch on June 20 (at least, that’s what our sources say), many have already come to the realization that we should not expect Google to introduce a new interface for the OS. It will still be called Jelly Bean and nothing too crazy will happen. What most in the business have their money on is that we can expect to see Google change up Android’s look in the iteration after next, being Android 5.0 “Key Lime Pie.” That’s when we will see some new colors, icons, wallpapers, etc. take place. 

Graphic designers appear to be already creating their very own concepts for what they would like to see in Android 5.0, playing more with lockscreen widgets and revising the Android homescreen look. Artist Jinesh Shah took to his Google+ page recently to post up a few pictures of his own ideas, some of which we have become big fans of. While it comes off as minimal and clean, there is enough information on any given homescreen and the lockscreen to give off the sense that this concept would be highly functional and practical for users.

The lockscreen widget shows a comprehensive look at this user’s upcoming meeting, even showing a map preview of its location. Below that, we can see upcoming flight details, all of which would be able to be customized under new settings that would come with KLP. As for the homescreen changes, what sets this concept apart from others is the idea of “hidden” widgets. With swipes and other gestures, you could reveal other widgets that don’t necessarily have to be on your homescreen when not being used. It’s a fantastic concept, one that we probably wouldn’t mind seeing implemented.

Android 5.0 Music WidgetAndroid 5.0 Music Widget Closed

Android 5.0 HomescreenAndroid 5.0 Lockscreen

Share your thoughts on the Android 5.0 concept below!

Via: +Jinesh Shah | Reddit

  • chan-chan™ relevant

    Amazing. .
    Simply But Stylish !!

  • tjubb

    Nice! So looking forward to late 2014 when VZW releases this for the Note2!


  • Adam Schadt

    Boss or what?

    • Steve Benson

      If KLP looks like that I’ll switch to iOS.

      • Adam Schadt

        how do like android, like this?

        • Steve Benson

          I’ll take Gingerbread over your mock up any day of the week. Sorry, your concept looks like complete garbage. Looks like my little brother made it. Did you create it in MS Paint?

          Your concept is the exact opposite of boss…

          • Adam Schadt

            Please tell me why, right now I have no idea what you hate about it. And no sir, I use Adobe programs. How old is your little brother about?

          • Steve Benson

            It looks like a cheap rip off of Jelly Bean. Everything looks unpolished.

            – The lock on your lock screen looks terrible.
            – All your icons look ugly.
            – Gmail, Keep, Movie editor, and Youtube all look terrible. Why even change them? They look like early rough concepts.
            – The camera? pretty much the same except for the ugly box in the middle
            – The nav bar? horribly ugly icons.
            – The best part about this whole thing is your wallpaper and even that isn’t hi-res.

            Above all, you could have at least attempted to make this hi-res like the concept in this article.

            Oh, and my little brother is five.

          • Adam Schadt

            Sorry, but you are probably going to be disappointed when i say this, the reason it looks like JB knockoff is because it IS android. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here, and many things are borrowed from Google to make an accurate concept. The icons are from Chrome OS and Google Web services, like in the one above. A lot of the design aspects, like cards (see Google now widget) are being slowly added to android. And I’m sorry if this bothers you, but you are just going to have to face, or skin it.
            P.s. The low res thing happens when I upload it to a comment. For your information, if you check out the link under, it is a detailed picture. And I’m about as young as I can be on the internet, just saying.

          • Steve Benson
          • Adam Schadt

            Sorry you didn’t like it… here is the background http://thetechnikstudios.deviantart.com/art/Key-Lime-Pie-Wallpaper-378863374

  • Adam Schadt
  • Neelay Shah

    Nice job jinu

  • John

    Omg hideous. Why do all these “graphic designers” make things worse with each new version? I hope it doesn’t end up looking like what is shown there. I find it funny all the iPhone people refusing to upgrade to iOS 7 because it’s so ugly. Man did they screw up that. Hope that doesn’t happen here.

    • Adam Schadt

      hey you, shuddup and show me something better

  • Marcis Buhholcs

    For Android 5: Get rid of that annoying blue tone in notification bar mobile, wifi and battery level indicators. It’s disgusting.

    • Steve Benson

      Yes, it’s time to move on from ICS and JB blue.

  • Chris

    kind of scary hard core android users are into design now…..

    and don’t worry kids. I own an android phone. I’m just not all crazy and goo goo gaa gaa over it. I don’t get an erection over Google announcing new stuff for Android.

  • Babs Oyed

    Looks beautiful.
    I think in Key Lime pie Google should put a major focus on making the whole OS incredibly more beautiful, intuitive, smother running and more battery friendly.

    Already I think it’s bar none the most advanced and intuitive mobile OS and I can’t wait to see it just get better by leaps and bounds.

  • Konshu

    Wasn’t this a concept art off someone on Reddit? Could have sworn I saw this before.

  • docbro

    does anyone know where i can get the wallpaper?

  • zurginator

    Decided to play around with settings and the notification tray using Google’s current design language: http://i.imgur.com/0MH713g.png

  • Upside-down signal bars bothers my OCD

  • jk69

    I wonder how soon galaxy S4 will get it :/

  • chris420o

    that lockscreen is a fannnnntasticcc idea….if google did that…thad be greatttt

  • iMowLawns4Cheap

    Wow that is just amazing, out of this world, almost supernatural!! NOT…

  • Rex

    Why don’t you wait for it to release first instead of vapid speculation – this is no different from Apple fanboys fapping over photoshopped ‘leaks’ of the next product release.

    • LewisSD

      its a concept…they are not claiming it as a leak.

      • Rex

        It’s baseless speculation over an unreleased product. It’s not endorsed by Google in any way, so what’s the point?

        • Steve Benson

          It’s just for fun you A-hole.

  • Clayton Murray

    I need to find this wallpaper haha

  • Nathaniel Webb

    Big fan of minimalist stuff. This looks great! Ever thought of making a rom?

  • LewisSD

    Anyone else looking for the wallpaper??? Here is the link:


  • Just write 1 word “Epic”

  • Martin S Shepherd

    They need to get rid of those horizontal lines and leave the little flat “v” to indicate hide/show widget… Besides that – I can change all the colors back to blue… So, I like it. I don’t really use Google Now as I rarely have to go somewhere or have a meeting I’m not THOROUGHLY aware of…. But, I do use the “voice activated search” and activity/app activation frequently.

  • RoachDBug

    I’m not sure how I feel about the homescreen widget idea but the lock screen is awesome!

  • Tanuj Chokshi

    i dont like the status bar

  • klc

    Oh my gosh. That looks heavily borrowed from iOS7. HAHAHAHA.

    • Anon

      Lawsuits! Lawsuits everywhere…

  • Anon

    The “search, or say Google” part scares me, doesn’t that mean it’s always listening? Kinda like the Xbox One’s always on Kinnect… They’re both listening, both have deals with the NSA…

    • I can say “Google” now and it’ll search for me.

  • TeamNexus

    Not sure I dig the widget behavior or the clock widget look, but man oh man is this a beautiful concept!

  • Eric

    Wow 70+ thumbs up? Someone better start working. 😛

    • Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan

      Actually #Google is working on it :p

      • Elliot Kotis

        It is a concept…..but hopefully #Google do! Looks amazing.

      • Eric

        But they aren’t working on it….not like this anyways I can guarantee that.

  • Quareatunto9511

    Well assuming they make the hands
    different sizes of course. But in it’s current state you just look for
    the one closest to the last hour notch (it falls apart when they’re
    really close together of course).

  • Alexander Garcia

    Nice! Loving the Chrome style icons. =)

  • Julian

    Where can I find the wallpaper from the concept please?

  • Joseph Palma

    Can a brother get some god dammed contrast? Light text on a light background is the worst design decesion possible.

  • julian

    Where can I find that wallpaper from the concept please?

  • ryan f

    Alright who can make a render of that wallpaper?

  • ddevito

    This would be a nice UI for a custom ROM, but none of this matches Google’s design language in their new apps, particularly the white card design.

  • NexusEnthusiast

    I concur!

  • NexusEnthusiast

    Can someone make this please?? Like a theme or launcher? Something!

  • Bionic

    X phone 4.3 on 7/8/13

    • Kurt Caldwell

      are you talking about the xfon coming with 4.3

      • Bionic

        Yeah. I think motorola /google may surprise us.

        • Kurt Caldwell

          I hope so cause its a new rumor that the Moto X will come with the same specs as the xfon i hope that’s not true

  • Linda Mitchell

    Beautiful concept. I really like the Google Now cards widgets on the lockscreen and the semi transparent status bar.

  • Now we just need a Google Edition Note 3 to run this on…pleeeeezzz

  • Michael Harrison

    Guessing I’m the only one who thinks this doesn’t look very good at all. Everything looks too faded and washed out. Seriously, I’d be screaming for a Black theme really fast over this.

  • Danny

    Here i was … So excited … Sucks that i missed the word “concept” until i re-read it

    • Linda Mitchell

      So, I wasn’t the only one with selective reading. 🙂

  • quiro91

    Android 4.3 on 20 june? Interesting, is your source reliable?

    • mechapathy

      I’ll just spare them the trouble and go ahead and say no.

  • ricardo_r21

    I wonder why they placed the Hangouts App in the spot where the SMS app is usually at. Does this mean hangouts will now finally be in the same app as SMS??

    • kashtrey

      I’m sure that’s what the designer thinks will happen but in case you missed it this is pretty much just fan-art and has nothing to do with Google or what KLP will actually look like.

  • Brandon Haines

    Not to boast, but I really like what I have done with my phone button and app far button in the pic below. It would give android a different feel rather than the drawer button down the middle. They should also try to apply hybrid now as the standard to get more screen resolution on phones today with the bigger screens. That’s part of the reason my idea works with the offset app drawer, phone and settings icon.

    • J

      nice !! …. can u share ur source for the icons and which launcher u use to achieve this

      • Fattie McDoogles

        The icons are the Stark icon set from Kover.

        • suprkain

          The icons from Kovdev are all squared icons.

      • Brandon Haines


        They are the paid version of metro inspired icons.

        The launcher is lightning launcher, which allows you to resize and place icons anywhere without a grid. The solid white icons are minimalist.

  • HitokiriX

    Dame lo!!!!!

  • Adam Outler

    Those designs do not match the Google design styles recently released.

  • Percentage % battery please!

    • Gamblor77

      Get a Galaxy S4 it’s built in 😉

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • joejoe5709

    Not bad! I like it! I really like the Google Now-esque feel of everything.

  • bob

    Once again, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT ANDROID WILL ACTUALLY CREATE. Please change the title to match the content of the post

    • Which is why they are called “concepts.”

      • bob

        No, the phrase “give us very high hopes” in the title implies they may have been created by google.

  • Carter0108

    They’d better not have transparent notification bar. Worst thing about GS4 and HTC One.

    • Stocklone

      I have a completely transparent bar on my phone’s ROM. I hope the next version goes back to black. It’s driving me nuts. It severely limits what wallpapers I can actually use and not make the notification bar completely unreadable.

      • LionStone

        I got rid of the notification bar, for now, I don’t really miss it. Got rid of the App drawer too, everything is swipe gestures, for Apps, Settings, G Now… I’m using a dual dock for the apps I use most. I put my Search bar down low so it’s easier to thumb tap rather than reaching all the way at the top and same for pulling down the shade, I can pull down from midway, rather than pulling down from the top edge, much easier with one hand, on the DNA anyway. As for KLP, I’m all for more swipe gestures, obviously 🙂

  • mechapathy

    I kinda hope it doesn’t look like that. A lot of these changes don’t actually accomplish anything, and instead are changes for changes sake.

    • Eric

      Idk that whole widget thin seems awesome and the lockscreen would be sweet too.

      • mechapathy

        Yeah, the widget thing might be cool. But then again, I’d rather that stuff stay out of the way, in the notification shade. Same with the lockscreen. I like the way widgets work now. It’s obviously all a preference thing. The Google search widget above the dock seems like a mistap waiting to happen, though. Also, the swipe path on the lockscreen is too small, and would require precision. Which would be obnoxious. And the translucent navbar is cool when you’re in the launcher, but then what does it do when you go into an app?

        Don’t get me wrong. It’s a cool, creative concept. But I don’t want to use it.

        • Eric

          It would go black in an app. Also I don’t think there would be any issues with the lock screen button. It looks to be the same as it is currently just moved. After all we have 5″ screen phones I don’t think it would be an issue.

          • mechapathy

            I guess, as far as the lockscreen is concerned, you wouldn’t necessarily have to swipe on the perceived path. But the issue is that there is one. That empty space below the widget and to the left of the lock icon indicates to me a path.
            In the current lockscreen, you turn the screen on and you get this great little visual cue. Concentric dotted circles radiate from the lock, indicating that you can swipe in any direction, on any path, outward from center.
            Unfortunately, this decision was made because unlocking via swipe on a pre-determined path is lawsuit material.

        • Lynton

          You make some good points. A lot of these concepts features look cool, but might actually end up being annoying and not even improve on the functionality.

          • mechapathy

            Exactly. To me, android is a great combination of pretty and utilitarian. I don’t want pretty things just because.

  • starnovsky

    What’s up with pastel colors? iOS7, then this…

  • BHuber

    Errrrmahgawd this is perfect

  • Dave S.

    Can’t stand the thick/thin (digital) clock readout. Should always be the same font weight and have the colon between the hours and minutes.

    • Lynton

      I feel the exact opposite. I have my time widget pretty much exactly as shown in the concept.

  • Sebastian Lundgren


  • Want!

  • daniel123450

    CANT A MAN GET A PROPER TRANSPARENT STATUS BAR? seriously that looks sweet though.

    • epps720

      Check out the HTC One , it has the transparent task bar

      • Adam Schadt

        you mean gs4

        • epps720

          No I mean the One

          • Adam Schadt

            last time i checked, the status bar on that was black.. send me a screenshot if i am wrong (i could be)

          • Guest

            It is on the home page, here’s a generic wallpaper I put on to show

          • Hans Pedersen

            Though the GS4 is transparent all over, including behind the static shortcuts in the bottom.

          • epps720

            Here’s a screenprint, just applied a generic wallpaper

    • Hans Pedersen

      Get a GS4. 🙂

      Sent from my GS4 with a transparent status bar.

  • Chris Schmucker

    Take notes, John Ive

    • carlisimo

      I was actually thinking that the gradient in the wallpaper reminded me of this: http://jonyiveredesignsthings.tumblr.com/. Not as neon, but still suspiciously reminiscent…

      • Larizard

        That Tumblr was a joy to read lol.

        I just noticed: Is it just me or does anyone else think the new iOS look is eerily similar to Google I/O 2013’s look?

        • JonBurm

          I thought that too. The graphic design for both google products and apple products is going in the same direction – colourful, flat and thin!

  • jaylanPHNX

    That hidden widgets concept has been implemented. Action Launcher Pro lets you swipe on an icon to get that app’s widget on the screen.

  • Where do others stand on these? Because I find them little more than a tease. Sometimes these concepts are great, and therefore depressing because they’ll never actually happen, and other times they’re utterly inept and clueless about what’s actually feasible, and therefore just annoying. Either way, I find I’m better off ignoring them.

  • Raj Bhatt

    Upside down signal bars?

    • msnight04

      Better than 5 white dots!

      • Raj Bhatt

        Hahaha very true!

      • cas_e

        Not really.

  • Matthew

    <3 i love it!

  • possomcrast1

    Dat signal bar. I love the lockscreen, too.

  • Josh Shaw

    OMG OMG, please have Parallax wallpapers!

    • starnovsky

      That’s a gimmick.

      • Josh Shaw

        That’s a joke.

    • Matt

      Get the app? Same thing but with customization!

      • ERIFNOMI

        I’ve used the space one by that dev (I think it’s the same dev). I thought it was awesome, showed it off to people with iPhones and Androids, they thought it was awesome, then the novelty wore off in a month or less. How many years do you think iPhone users will go on about how awesome their wallpapers are?

        • Matt

          Novelty wears off yeah but I find it better than the standard static wallpaper with the scroll parallax which we’ve (and other os’s?) have always had. It double’s it up the scroll parallax with the gyro parallax and makes my static wallpaper from getting stale 🙂

          Probably a long time. I’ll just lie and say I got tired of it last year to shut them up, while they look in confusion as they’ll believe it’s the latest thing lol.

          • Michael Anderson

            With the new iOS 7 there are no static wallpapers. As you tilt the phone the wallpaper moves to giving a 3D effect view.

          • De Naja’ Handy

            That’s a nice looking wallpaper. What phone is this one for?

          • ERIFNOMI

            Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but that’s iOS 5. Looks a lot like Android with a light skin, doesn’t it?

          • Michael Anderson

            If that didn’t convince you maybe this screenshot will. . .

          • waf4545

            Look up OPOTECH from the play store. Nothing new!!!

          • Michael Anderson

            I really wouldn’t know because I’m a real Apple fan. My wife and I have T-Mobile iPhone 5’s, my youngest daughter (12) has an iPod Touch 5, and our oldest has a T-Mobile iPhone 4S

          • flava

            android has had apps to do this for years

        • Josh Shaw

          Well… They still go on about how awesome iOS is as a whole… so I think years.

        • chan-chan™ relevant

          Everything have a price. .

    • mldi

      Then download one?

  • Adam Neighbors

    I like that you can “Say Google” to get into voice search from the home screen.

    • Pengwn

      I like that as well! I’m only wondering what kind of hit the battery will take from having a mic being always on when you’re browsing the home screens.

  • Michael

    I don’t like the notification bar, but love the rest.

  • Thomas

    Happy Father’s Day to me. Very nice.

  • Michael G

    Apple will sue.

    • Azzoth

      Why? Looks very android 4.0+ to me.

      • Michael G

        It was a joke.

  • breadable

    This is a fun post. Android news has been kinda dull lately. I’m excited though to see more KLP rumors

    • XCMeathead

      There were no KLP rumours in this post. They’re just fan art

      • Frawlz

        yup… must be a slow news day.

  • Shane Redman

    Bra-flippin-vo *over enthusiastic applause*

    • Pedro

      Put yer bra back on!

      • Shane Redman

        but……..my man-boobs need to air out.

  • daJudge805

    Thursday, June 14? Hmmmm.

    • nxtfari

      Ha! Nice catch!

  • kashtrey

    Not bad, but that title is so misleading. I thought these we’re Google design concepts. It really should say something about “Fan UI Concepts” or something.

    • Josh Shaw

      The only time a “Concept” is from the company making the product is usually with hardware, such as cars. Never seen a Windows * concept from MSFT….

      • She_Beast

        Well, betas and RCs, kind of… but no, not “concepts” as such.

      • kashtrey

        There’s been tons of leaks of concept of new Microsoft logos, mock ups of what new UI elements would be, the infamous Courier video was both a UI/Software and Hardware concept. We’re talking about design and if you think that Google doesn’t have high level design concepts floating around than you’re kidding yourself.

      • Mariano Corzo

        You should search for “Longhorn”. There were plenty of concepts of Windows redesign.

    • You chose to read it that way. These are KLP concepts. Nothing mentions they are Google’s or Google designer concepts.

      • Stocklone

        Yep. I read it the way it was intended. Nothing made me think Google was going to be behind the concepts.

      • kashtrey

        I’m not really going to argue interpretation here but when your title is ambiguous and you could have clarified it with a single word, blaming your reader for misinterpretation is disingenuous. You don’t even mention that it’s “fan-art” in your intro/snippet that appears on the main page. I don’t think your intention was to mislead but I don’t think you can deny it’s ambiguous. Generally speaking, a good article or essay has a title and introduction that both succinctly and clearly outline what is to be expected which I don’t believe is the case here.

        • Django

          Still running on the five paragraph format, eh? Ask any serious journalist about that. Or just read the NY Times or the Washington Post. Journalists rarely begin with a traditional “this is what you’re going to read” intro.

        • No worries. Sorry for any confusion on my part!

      • I ended up reading it as Google’s design concepts for KLP as well. Kashtrey is right: it’s an ambiguous title, and it’s juvenile to blame the reader for such an easy misinterpretation.

      • Manthas

        Sorry, Tim, but you’re not going to win this one; the chosen title of this article is misleading, and I’m guessing intentionally so – the link to it from the weekly roundup is more accurate:
        Artist concepts of Android 5.0 “Key Lime Pie” are popping up.

        • michael arazan

          Thought it was leaked Google concepts as well

        • Not trying to win anything, just explaining where I was coming from at the time of the post. Sorry for any confusion!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    moving the search bar to the dock can get interesting. WIdgets looking how the google search bar looks now? A+

  • I agree with Leif that I’m not sold on all the transparency (I do like it on the status and navigation bars though), but definitely love the lock screen being expanded (I have that featured already enabled in Paranoid Android) by default and Google Now being better integrated. Also, it would be great to have voice search enabled everywhere just by saying Google (I could see that being a real feature in KLP).

  • breadable

    I have not been a fan of the analog clock widget, but this concept one looks pretty cool

    • Agree, it’s actually readable when done this way.

      • Ian Smith

        how is that readable? both hands are the same length.

        • Well assuming they make the hands different sizes of course. But in it’s current state you just look for the one closest to the last hour notch (it falls apart when they’re really close together of course).

          • Calen Burne

            It is also just smashing looking.

        • nate

          Its just a concept

      • Josh Shaw

        Dude I over think it too much when I go to read an analog clock #Spoiled digital age baby.

  • squrel23

    Mother of god…

  • Menger40

    Looks pretty flat!

    • n900mixalot

      Soooo flat.

    • uzo ufondu

      It’s super flat…art is a bang

  • At this point I’m happy with the phone UI but I wish the tablet UI took ideas from Blackberry OS and allowed more uses for gestures.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      this. I used to have an ipad retina and i never touched the home button. Pinching out with 5 fingers brought me home and swiping with 4 fingers up to “multitaking”.

    • freedomspopular

      If you’re ok with rooting, check out GMD Gesture Control.

    • Ben Kapferer

      Also, I wish Google didn’t switch back to an “upscaled phone”-style interface for Android tablets.

      I never really got to try the Android 3.0-4.0 tablet interface, though I hear it was well done for its form factor.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I don’t like such kind of transparency. It can be very hard to read in some light conditions.