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DROID DNA and HTC One S-OFF Tools Available

DNA buttons

On Friday, both the HTC One and DROID DNA received tools that provided each device with S-OFF. Yes, finally after all these months, the DROID DNA has been conquered. There are a couple of tools available, one called Moonshine that requires Linux, and another called Revone that can be used on any operating system. Revone is still being pushed as a “developer early access preview,” so there are likely going to be bugs or issues along the way. If you don’t want to deal with potential issues, feel free to try Moonshine. If you don’t have Linux, know that we had a reader toss Ubuntu on a USB drive to use the tool and was able to finish the entire process in under 30 minutes. You can do it, young one.

Plenty of links below for each, so get to unlocking. 

Moonshine Links:  Moonshine | XDA [2]

Revone Links:  XDA (DNA) | XDA (One)

Cheers Ben, Owen, Max, Freddie, Nick and Greggles!

  • jamilack

    Welp. I’m a doofus.. but checking if anyone can help. I used the moonshine method.. everything went great..
    installed clockwork mod..
    downloaded the new Sense Rom I found here on Droid-Life..
    installed it from SD card inside of clockwork mod..
    and now I’m stuck it a recovery boot loop.. It just reboots to recovery over and over.

    Anyone run into this? Or am I just completely clueless.

  • SharingSmoke

    N00b question, after using Revone to get s-off how do I achieve root?

    • Blink1st

      If you install team win recovery, boot into recovery and then choose reboot system. When you do this twrp will notify you that you don’t have superuser binaries installed and will offer to install them for you. The directions on how to adb install twrp are on the twrp website.

  • skinja99

    I have said it before and I will say it again, the DNA was an awesome phone. The build is top notch. The case feels great. The screen was way ahead of its time and sort of wraps around the front of the phone. It was waaay ahead of its time on so many fronts. But the lack of memory is a killer. Only 11GB were available to the user.

    I would have bought the DNA and it would have sold like crazy if it had an SD slot.

    The DNA was 6 months or more ahead of the competition.

    • Consider all the people who looked at the DNA and ask yourself, would an SD slot have really swayed those people? Most people who own that phone, or any phone for that matter, don’t even know what an SD card is. Don’t kid yourself, man.

      • Ray

        If the DNA would have had a SD slot AND a removable battery, I’d have taken one…

        • PTCS

          Only 16gb and no SD slot is the only reason I never bought one.

  • Humberto

    great and i just sold my DNA 🙁

  • Drome

    used revone on my HTC one and it worked like a charm in under 5 min. tampered flag gone!

  • T4rd

    Good thing they got this phone unlocked because after this next update, you probably won’t see any more official support for the DNA anymore. After seeing how Verizon/HTC ditched the Rezound after its ICS update that was 8-9 months late, there’s no way I could consider getting another Verizon exclusive phone again, at least from HTC. There’s no reason why the Rezound shouldn’t get 4.1 or 4.2 when the friggin Bionic (that came out months before it) has it already. I’m sorry I ever got my wife that phone, it has got the worst support of any other Verizon flagship phone and battery life on it is pretty much Thunderbolt bad (it might last 2 hours on 3G/4G if you use it at all). I would expect the same support for the DNA since they are both Verizon exclusives despite the bleeding edge hardware (both phones debuted HD displays in the US) they launched with.

    I’ll consider the HTC One for my wife’s next phone though since that’s not a carrier exclusive and I know it won’t be hard for HTC to support the same phone across all carriers. I’m sure Verizon will sit on the updates for a month or two longer than the other carriers though.

    • This is why HTC is dead in the water.

      • Drome

        or just another reason to leave verizon. my HTC One is running 4.2.2

    • Brandon Golway

      I agree with everything you said! I had the Rezound for a year, I had to use the extended battery if I wasn’t going to be close to an outlet within about 3 hours.

  • big007hed

    Anyone using a good ROM or Root method for the DNA?

    • gregmr

      If you use Moonshine, it will install Superuser and the binaries for you without wiping the device.

      I’m using the unofficial CM 10.1 nightlies. Very smooth, only bug is no audio over Bluetooth

  • Ben Myton

    Moonshine worked great for me. Downloaded a fresh 32-Bit version of Linux to a USB drive and needed no additional drivers.

    As an added bonus, this does not wipe your data, perform a factory reset, or anything. The phone finishes exactly the way you started, with the addition of the SuperUser app.

    It took me a minute or two to figure out that I should do the steps from a terminal, but after that it was easy.

    1. Search terminal in Ubuntu and open it

    2. cd Downloads

    3. tar -zxf moonshine_dlx_2.06.605.1.tgz

    4. sudo ./distiller

    5. Type “Yes” a few times

    6. Don’t lick your phone for 10 minutes

    7. Done (Root, Unlock, S-Off)

    Optional next steps:

    8. Install Goo.IM manager, or Rom Manager from the market

    9. Flash a recovery (TWRP from Goo.IM, or Clockwork from Rom Manager)

    10. Backup and Start Flashing Roms

    • Finire

      Great set of instructions, but why would we be licking our phones in the first place?

      • Ben Myton

        Ha ha ha, who knows, it’s in the instructions built into Moonshine so it must be important. I will admit that it was tempting to unlock and fiddle with the thing in between reboots.

    • Instructions unclear; dick super-glued to phone.

      • Ben Myton

        Try wiping Davlik Cache and then flashing a new recovery.

  • Greg Morgan

    DNA is still a great device. I think development could get better now that Soff is accomplished on latest update. It’s also a great hold me over until the One on Red drops.

  • Fiorta

    I used RevOne this morning on my DNA. Took not even 5 minutes, no issues. Easy.

    • big007hed

      I apologize for my n00bness with this question but with S-Off you dont receive root correct? If not, what is the purpose of S-Off?

      Or am I horribly mistaken?

      • S-off is HTC’s bootloader “unlocked” state. S stands for “security”. With S-off, the bootloader doesn’t check for signed boot or recovery images, so it will boot custom ROMs without needing further workarounds or hacks. With S-on (the default locked mode), it won’t boot any unauthorized firmware.

        • Fiorta

          Not true. You can have an unlocked bootloader and NOT be S-Off and still flash a custom recovery and flash ROMs, but you have to flash the boot.img in the bootloader. S-Off allows you to flash ENG hboots and flash ROMs in recovery with kernels packaged in them.

          • Ah, good points. I just went back and re-checked my facts. You’re right. Mahbad!

      • Fiorta

        Technically no, you don’t receive root. But being S-Off and unlocked you can flash a custom recovery and using that recovery install SU binaries.