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Could This be the First Look at a Galaxy Note 3 Prototype From Samsung?

Galaxy Note 3

According to TechTastic, the device pictured above could be the first glimpse we are seeing of Samsung’s upcoming device, the Galaxy Note 3. While the design is being labeled as a prototype, it is mentioned that the final design will not deviate much from what we see here, so I suppose it is time to analyze. 

Along the bottom we have the standard Samsung home button, along with the “back” and “menu” buttons. The bezel looks pretty thin, but it is sort of difficult to get a great feel for the device’s look with these poor photos. Blurry cam strikes again. The Galaxy Note 3 is listed to come with a 5.99″ 1080p display, be powered by a Snapdragon 800 or Exynos Octa (probably both for different markets), feature a 13MP back-facing camera and come running the next version of Android.

We are currently waiting on official details, but fingers are pointing to Samsung on unveiling the next Note at this year’s IFA.

Thoughts on this “prototype” design?

Note 3Note 3Note 3Note 3

Via: TechTastic

Cheers Eloise!

  • Sanjay kumar negi

    Galaxy Note 3, the third generation note by Samsung is rumored to arrive with 13MP camera and new design. May be this time Samsung is ready to launch a metal phone or it might only have plastic body.


  • Dominick_7

    Ooh lala! I like it. Wonder if they couldn’t add front facing speakers on the top bezel, under smaller sensors and front facing camera?

  • dmagicp

    Btw I know this is off topic, but I just switched to Nova Prime from ADW EX and all I can say is WOW! The way you can customize this launcher is just incredible. I can swipe, assign gestures, and create custom shortcuts to make my phone do practically anything right from the home screen without even going into a single menu. Well worth the 4 bucks they are charging.

  • john

    This isn’t the Note 3. What’s with egos of those wanting to have “excusive first look”. These leaks are boring and usually wrong. Just have some friggin patience.

  • Jeff

    This phone looks strikingly similar to the GS2. Or is this just me?

  • gregmr

    Shopped! There’s no way Verizon can fit their logo on that Home button!

  • flosserelli

    No FF speakers? Cmon Samsung, get with the program.

  • Deylune

    hopefully the final design has more curved edges kind of like the Note 2

  • dmagicp

    if they put an octa core in this thing, I think I will be able
    to live with my note 2 until the note 4 comes out. It would be nice if they wouwould round the corners off on this a little. But still looks nice. Also I like having my buttons sepeseparated from the actual screen unless Google makes them disappear entirely, black strip and all. I have a feeling that is coming with android 5 though.

    • Blue Sun

      What are your concerns regarding the Note 3 having an Octa-core?

      • dmagicp

        I like the octa core that’s in my note 2. It does get a little warm sometimes but it doesn’t bother me. I love how powerful it is, my phone never seems to slow down. When I said that I would probably keep my note 2 if the 3 has an octa core, I meant that it wouldn’t be enough of a jump for me to get rid of my phone and waste an upgrade. (I hate setting up new phones lol!) now if it has the snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3 ghz that may be a different story!

  • rutgersjaffo

    Jesus, so much crying over a home button. Really?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      You’re new here, right? Or at least, new to the internet? :p

      • ToddAwesome

        Verizon logo. Verizon logo. Verizon logo. haha

      • rutgersjaffo

        Nah dude. I just can’t believe the perpetual crying about on screen buttons as opposed to hard keys. I mean…really, lol?!

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          lol indeed… also: crying about carrier logo branding in 3… 2…

          • rutgersjaffo

            Ha ha ha…exactly. No one cries about the “Ford” logo on their car, but a Verizon logo is somehow the end of the World. SMH…

  • aishaque808

    Kinda looks like an iPad but with their buttons slapped on it.. Terribly sorry for mentioning that Crapple product, lol

  • Jason Nguyen

    I actually like having a physical home button. Going from the GNex to the S3, the screen looked SO much bigger just because the S3’s screen real estate went directly to screen real estate instead of having a portion of it blacked out for the navigation buttons.

    • 213ninja


  • roberthenderson

    PS- Samsung, if you’re watching these threads, please please please do some stereo front facing or wraparound speakers (like you know who) and pack a better optical sensor to blow the competitions lowlight/indoor shooting out of the water.

  • roberthenderson

    Only technoposers want want technology that is less efficient than what it is replacing. The permanent onscreen buttons are ugly as crap and take up screen space. And it is completely illogical and inefficient to have to tap your screen to bring up buttons in order to actuate them when they could already be there and at the ready 100 percent of the time. If any of these knucklehead designers want to see how to do onscreen buttons, have a look at an application called Wave Launcher. It is logical fast and flexible. Anything else is ugly inefficient crap

  • Butters619

    Soon they will release the Samsung Galaxy Note…book…

  • eli

    honestly..I don’t mind the home button on the s4…I thought it would have to be something I would have to live with. But now that I have it, I actually like it. It’s slim and has a nice design, Looks sweet with my spigen aluminum home button cover on it too.

  • schoat333

    maybe the moto X took the picture? That would fit in perfect with the picture quality from recent moto phones.

    • nvitone23

      upcoming moto phones will have much better camera…I have seen a pic taken by the Moto X and it looked very good…maybe not as great as the S4 but still great

  • 213ninja

    i like the small home button. why are leaked pics ALWAYS so blurry…….

    • EC8CH

      ok now smaller


      keep going

      almost there

      What do you mean it’s so small now that it’s gone?


      • 213ninja

        i like the clean look and flow of on-screen keys but i also hate giving up that screen real-estate. i want my screen to be as massive as possible. also, i want the TW features for the note so AOSP roms with nav hiding features are not an option for me. to each their own, but for me to be satisfied i would need a TW rom with the ability to hide or shrink the on screen nav.

        • I mean, they can just add that extra space for the physical buttons into the screen and then give it on screen buttons. Then you get an even bigger screen and they can hide during videos.

          • 213ninja

            I hear that and if they constructed it in that way it would probably be fine but at a certain point I would get the itch to use the whole screen at all times…and then go looking for ROMs….

          • Oh yeah totally, and then you have an even bigger screen.

  • T4rd

    I loved the soft-keys on my Gnex, but I also love waking my Note 2 with the home button instead of awkwardly grabbing my phone every time I want to wake it. They both have their trade-offs and I don’t particularly like one method over the other by a great difference. If I had to choose though, I guess I’d rather have on-screen keys, esp. for the Note since it would work so much better with the S-Pen (can’t beleive Samsung messed that up on the Note 2).

    • Prizmatik

      I hear you. However at the rate that technology is moving, particularly with cell phones, it’s time to advance forward. I know home buttons aren’t dead across the other OS’ but for android, once ICS intro’d those onscreen keys, it would have been nice to see the majority of the top manufacturers follow suit.

  • r0lct

    Looks like Note 2 with shorter top/bottom bezel. But judging from all the other comparisons I guess everything Samsung makes is starting to look similar.

    • JoshGroff

      Looks more like the DNA with a Physical home button.

  • jguttierez

    over-sized droid x much?

  • eli

    Samsung still uses the gingerbread battery icon,..

  • Bionicman

    kinda looks like a Note 1. i hope its just a dummy box because its not that impressive design-wise. of course thats not all i’ll care about but at least make it look nicer than the Note 2 like what they did with going from the GS3 to GS4.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m all for the screen size though hope HTC swoops in with same screen size and camera. I can live with out all the wacky Samsung features and Spen. It also been a pleasure to see HTC phones don’t cost as much and are fairly simplistic! (Time will tell)

  • Jonathan Bunch

    looks to me like one of those dummy test box things, where it is just an ugly outside and they are essentially just testing the internal hardware at this point.
    At least I hope this is what is going on.
    That thins is u g l y.

  • TechTitan

    At first glance, the bezel doesn’t look like a significant reduction from the Note 2. It looks like we might be in for a larger form factor unlike the change the S4 experienced….and that’s not a good thing. I love my Note 2 and I have large hands, but it still can seem big at times. Just drop the home button Sammy…that fixes it all.

  • Jason.K

    What the hell is wrong with Samsung this year?

    Releasing so many version of GALAXY models… And worse, the look, design and software almost exactly the same… It’s just only the “enlarge” and “smaller” version of it.

    I’m kinda bored with Samsung and touchwiz already.

    Never owned a Moto phone, maybe I shall give it a try!

    • Dave

      They’re too busy raking in money, and Moto hasn’t launched a device out of the box on JB yet…

    • Shane Redman

      Same thing Motorola did after the D1. They got excited, started releasing massive amounts of phones, and then their mobility section is up for sale. I see a trend in the mobile space…

    • Dominick_7

      I’ve had mostly many Motorola’s because I thought the phone radios were the best… believe me, it’s a big step down compared to a Samsung. The phone radios in Samsungs caught up as well.

  • nina

    it looks like an lg phone, probably even like my old droid x, albeit the buttons.

  • That was my first reaction, too. Is that Gingerbread?!

  • Chris Hannan

    One inch away from a Nexus 7…

    • Blue Sun

      Correction: 1.01″ away from a Nexus 7…

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i suppose it’s sammy, but it looks like moto.

  • hexodat64

    Looks like a big GS2

    • FAL_Fan

      That is exactly what I was thinking!

  • Steve Benson

    Luckily we have AOSP Roms and mods for that.

    It’s not ideal, but it works. Especially if Samsung continues to make the menu and back buttons invisible when they’re not lit up.

    • Prizmatik

      True enough.

      • Steve Benson

        We can only hope for the day that all OEMs switch over to on-screen keys…

        Maybe if Moto makes a big splash in the fall they can spread some influence…

        • Prizmatik

          Agreed. Somebody worthy needs to heard the cattle.

          • Steve Benson

            or sheep, haha

        • roberthenderson

          Yep, give me a big black bar to take up part of my screen permanently.

  • EC8CH

    singed: the internets

    • Derrderr

      I’m not much of a singer.

      • EC8CH

        and internets no good at spelling

  • As a Note 2 user, I don’t think I can go back to a “traditional” smartphone screen size, so the Note 3 and HTC One Max seem appealing. I just wish Samsung would incorporate a different “style” (no physical buttons, metal body, etc.)

    • Minh Ly

      I’m actually the opposite. I didn’t realize how much I used a phone one-handed until I used the Note 2. I’m ready to go to a smaller phone. I played w/ my cousin’s GS4 the other day it it was okay – screen was still a little big but it definitely feels cheaper than the N2 for some reason.

      • Totally respectable opinion… and that’s the beauty of our Android environment – users have a choice!

        • michael arazan

          I hope this will be the last year for the stupid home button

    • I’ll take it. Feel like the Note isn’t big enough (for me anyway) just yet. I don’t use mine for calls, I use it for notes. Writing is still a little awkward even on flat surfaces . As a Note user ( and to anyone else out there who uses a Note / N2) how many of you actually use the phone for voice calls over writing, SMS, gaming, video, reading etc? The general impression I got from when the Note when it was first released was that it was a phone second. Am I wrong on this one?

      • dmagicp

        I don’t know that I feel that it’s a phone second so much as it maximizes my android experience. If I’m paying for a data plan, I want to be able to enjoy surfing the Web, watching videos, and playing games as well as I can with the device that is with me the most. Sure I can grab my tablet for those things, but I don’t carry my tablet with me on the go. I always use my jawbone era when I’m on the phone no matter what size phone I’m using because the call quality is phenomenal. So I’m never holding a phone up to my head anyway. These larger phones are the best way to get the most bang for your buck when you are immersed in this wonderful, ever improving, world of android. If more people would just ignore the noise from bloggers and media parroting the same nonsense about people laughing at you for talking on it, you’ll need a backpack to carry it, etc, and just try one, I doubt that they would want to go back to a smaller device. But again maybe I’m wrong. I have always found it frustrating trying to use smaller phones for surfing the Web and watching videos and now, thanks to android and the open world that it represents, I don’t have to. I keep thinking that the note 2 is probably as big as I want my phone to be, but if Samsung can pack a larger screen in the same size case, I say go for it!

    • Glen

      I just hope that when I hold it I’m not pressing the power or the volume buttons every time I turn it sideways(Put the power button on top)

    • I had the Note 2 for a few months and fell in love. The screen size and great battery life got me saying it’ll be nearly impossible to go back down in size, but I took the jump and got an HTC One. Not going to lie, it was tough for the first day or so to get used to the size, but it didn’t take long for it too feel right again. I DO miss that battery though…

  • EC8CH

    Really boxy looking for a Samsung… looks more like LG phones.

    • T4rd

      Well the Optimus G Pro looks like a Note 2 clone. So does that mean Samsung is copying themselves..? =p

      • EC8CH

        It does… so sad.