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Flixster Updated on Android With New Navigation Drawer


Flixster, probably my favorite movie listing app on Android, received an update this morning that gives it the new slideout navigation drawer that has become an Android design guideline standard over the last month or so. The app used to employ a paneled or tabbed UI, but with the navigation drawer, you no longer have a row of tabs taking up precious screen real estate. A simple swipe from the left side of the app gives you options for Box Office, Theaters, and DVD. You can also login to your account this way.

The update is technically live, but Flixster appears to joined the staged rollout of updates party that Google has hosted since I/O, so there is no telling when everyone will have access to it.

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Cheers Damian!

  • L’enfoiray

    It’s Not the new sliding drawer seen on Google I/O !

  • Droid_Junky

    Been using this app for a while now due to the ultraviolet option but lately on rooted device I can’t seem to hide the fact that my phone is rooted.

  • Paul Hansen

    Mine actually got pushed to me yesterday afternoon but the layout is definitely nicer

  • Hungry Hamburger

    I’ve got the update and it wasn’t even installed on my device. I hate this new roll out updates. It took days for me to get the Play music, Calendar, and the Gmail update. Luckily I was the first one to get the update for the hangouts update.

  • JamesU513

    Went to the movies one time relying on the showtimes from Flixster….showtimes were wrong…believe they did not update for daylight savings time…now i have to check another source before I go….LOVE the app still


    • JamesU513

      May i haz cheezeburger?

    • EC8CH

      I’ll gladly pay you tuesday….

  • Jeff Tycz

    Lets get something right because it seems there is a big misunderstand with this sliding drawer now that google has made their own. This one appears to be a third party sliding drawer because the menu is “behind” the content. Google had made their own sliding drawer called “Navigation Drawer” that slides over the content like you see in Gmail, music and other apps. There is also a “Sliding Pane” like you see in the hangouts app where the content slides out to show more of the app. They look similar but should not be used in the same way.

  • john

    Now, if they would just provide a pro-option to remove the ads.

  • EC8CH

    It’s not full on Holo… but it’s damn good. Makes navigating through the app much faster and intuitive.

  • Lando Rex M’Masi

    That navigation drawer doesn’t even follow Android guidelines.

    • Jeff Tycz

      because it is not the android sliding drawer

  • TeeJay1100

    Android apps are looking better and better!! Google i/o 2013 was really a step up in app requirement area. Thanks Google